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Ellen DeGeneres Tries To Impose Marxist Agenda!

Ok, first we had those people trying to impose Safe Schools on our children. If God had meant schools to be safe, he wouldn’t have invented bullies. While that was bad enough, today I read a story about an overseas celebrity trying to impose a radical Marxist philosophy on all of us.

Apparently, Ellen DeGeneres was speaking out, urging us to “save” the Great Barrier Reef. And we all know what that’s about. The Great Barrier Reef is a veritable rainbow of colour. And we all know that rainbows have been appropriated as a symbol by the gay movement. Bleaching is clearly God’s way of showing us that we shouldn’t follow the Marxist agenda and we should insist that every child has the right to a mother and father. Obviously, Malcolm Turnbull’s republican tendencies stem from the fact that he was raised by his father, and if he can control himself and ignore his desires, why can’t so-called gay people…

Mm, nup, my friend was right: There’s just no way that I can satirise the Christian Lobby. After Lyle Shelton’s suggestion that the Safe Schools program was just the sort of tolerance that allowed Hitler to kill six million Jews – not to mention the gays, gypsies and dissidents – I realise that there’s no way that I won’t be mistaken for a more articulate version of the man himself.

Maybe I should have concentrated on whether Malcolm agrees with the members of his own party who’ve suggested that kids have the right to a mother AND a father so that they don’t grow up with a warped set of values. Which, of course, he doesn’t. Why he’s even got an ad out telling us how well he was raised in spite of being raised by a single dad. Why he feels that this is of any concern of ours, I don’t know, but apparently he felt the need to explain how his father wasn’t well off and how Malcolm understands the struggle we all have to live within our means. Of course, it must have been a struggle for the poor man to send him to Sydney Grammar. These days Sydney Grammar’s fees are $32,644, so it’s lucky that Malcolm went when a struggling single father could afford them. And it’s lucky that they lived in Vaucluse and not a more expensive suburb.

Ah, yes, politics of envy and all that…

Still it’s good that the Liberals plan for jobs and growth is working so well. I suppose most of you saw the article about the Chinese workers being flown in with little oversight and suggestions that they’re being paid less than the award rates as well as there being various other dodgy aspects of their employment. It’s all part of the free trade agreement with China and the thousands of opportunities (19,000 according to the Liberals) being created under the various trade agreements. Yep, it certainly looks like there’ll be plenty of opportunities to introduce a form of Work Choices, just not for Australians who rather ungratefully showed that they weren’t as ripe for exploitation as people from overseas countries. Thank God we’ve got strong borders… Oh wait, that’s just when it comes to people fleeing persecution. Ok, not all those arriving by boat are fleeing persecution; some of them are just trying to come here for economic reasons and if they’re going to do that, then they should do it properly and be exploited by someone, rather than trying to take our jobs and go on the dole, as Peter Dutton warns.

Yep, the Liberals have promised jobs and growth. They never promised that they’d be jobs for Australians.

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  1. etnorb

    Poor old Jobson Growth, looks like he may be out of a job with all the imported workers coming in now! And “poor” (?) old Malcolm Talkbull, he had such a “hard” obviously (not!) upbringing! Just imagine having to go to Sydney Grammer, what a shock that must have been considering his “very poor” (?) young life. And as for that “Marxist philosophy” trying to be imposed on our way of life, by an overseas celebrity, well….words fail me! Good on you Ellen!

  2. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I want to know if we can nullify ChAFTA and every other trade agreement Robb-er signed before running away onto his cushy public funded pension.

    I want job security and job creation with reasonable pay and conditions for Australians. I also want a reduction to 457’s and migration generally while opening our borders to fair numbers of legitimate asylum seekers.

    Sorry Rossleigh, I can’t think of anything amusing to say. Only malicious glee imagining the abominable avalanche awaiting the LNP on 2 July.

  3. Anomander

    Malcom’s is one of those reliable old riches-to-riches tales.

    You know they one, where a destitute young man is orphaned on the streets in Dickensian London and finds himself caught-up in a criminal underworld… ahhh, no… Not that one.

    Oh! I know… The one where a wealthy young boy whose parents are shipwrecked in Africa and and he is raised by gorillas before meeting a beautiful young heiress called … ummm… no. That’s not the one, either.

    Yep – the one where a wealthy young boy is sent to an exclusive private school and where through good fortune and connections, and a considerable family fortune, somehow manages to make himself even more money, and who then uses the influence that money provides to wheedle his way to become the Prime Minister. A story of pluck and luck.

  4. Annie B

    Rossleigh …. as always, the great hitter of nails on heads. …. ‘Ouch’ and ‘acidic’ comes to mind, but you put it out there with thought and reason.

    As for Talkbull ( I like that nomenclature from etnorb ) …. he tried one on to make peoples weep at his single parent status. Didn’t work. Silly bastard. Even shed a few tears himself. If he was genuine, I would have to apologise about that, but I do think there was a lot of crocodile in those little tears that appeared.

    Would be so nice to say that I had my education at a similar school as Sydney Grammar. !!!! But my (two) parents were very much middle class.

    He shot himself in the foot with that ploy.

    As for Ellen deGeneres …. she should keep her mouth shut, and concentrate on the incredible mess that is in her own country. According to the Guardian ( ??? ) …. “The video is part of the Remember the Reef campaign that coincides with the release of her latest film, Finding Dory. DeGeneres provides the voice of Dory in the sequel to 2003’s critically acclaimed Finding Nemo.” ….

    Funny that. Just promoting herself – ( as most of the big wigs on TV, do ) …. by using our Great Barrier Reef for fodder. She probably knows absolutely nothing about it … yet spruiks as though she does. ……. Bah bloody humbug.

    Not saying our Reef must not be protected – it must …. but to have that curve put on it —- Yuck.


  5. mark delmege

    You make as much sense as SBS running White Helmets emotionalist propaganda for al Nusra – aka al Qaeda from al Jazeera rescuing burning babies from rubble in Syria, with screaming women in the background – or was that burning building, rubble and men screaming rescuing babies – whatever they will run it next time. These variations of a theme get confusing. Geez Bush invaded Afghanistan claiming it was to rid the world of al Qaeda – and there on our TV they run al qaeda propagnada. See what I mean – Confusing yes? Now what was that about a Marxist agenda, who what where when?

  6. Adrianne Haddow

    Annie B, while I normally feel the same as you regarding the famous, who because they are famous seem to be regarded as wise also, the deGeneres’ defence of the Great Barrier Reef was in response to a petition raised by a twelve year old Australian girl. She reasoned because deGeneres had starred in the Nemo movie, her advocating for it’s survival would reach, and influence, a greater number of people around the world.
    At this point in the Reef’s destruction, does it matter who speaks for it?

  7. Carol Taylor

    I know that the bleats from the government do insist that only where there is a ‘skills shortage’ will Chinese (and other) workers be allowed to replace Australian workers. I am yet to see how the government is enforcing 457 Visas – tourist visas – those on student visas being exploited, so would the Australian government stand up for Australian workers against the wishes of Chinese multi-nationals? I won’t say I’m sceptical, just a plain no they won’t, is the answer.

  8. Andreas Bimba

    Brilliant again Rossleigh and so true like all good satire.

    Especially “Yep, the Liberals have promised jobs and growth. They never promised that they’d be jobs for Australians.”

    On the current course of neo-liberalism as put in place by the LNP (and only ever partially deflected by the ALP) I am sure that Australia is heading toward corporate feudalism with a dysfunctional and irrelevant democracy but with secure borders and well equipped anti terrorist police to enforce the police state. General Augusto Pinochet would be proud of Australia’s achievement and the new AFP uniforms would probably have given him an erection.

    I wonder when the concentration camps for the leftists, homosexuals, muslims, refugees, dole bludgers, union leaders, bikies, independent journalists, environmentalists, animal lovers and their bleeding heart sympathisers will be built?

    Shit they’ve already been built for the refugees and sort of for the bikies…………….who’s next Malcolm, the last remnants of our free mass media?

    Further on Pinochet, does everyone here know that the so called Chicago school economists and the right faction of the CIA and well known Bilderberg Group luminary Henry Kissinger were instrumental in the drive to topple the popular democratically elected Chilean government that led to the killing of the Democratic Socialist Chilean President Salvador Allende, most of his government and probably by design or by default the later killing of over 3,000 so called leftists and their sympathisers and the horrible torture of another 30,000 to 40,000? People like us I suppose.

    Does everyone here also know that the Chicago school economists were the main drivers behind what we know as monetarism, libertarianism, small government, globalisation and unrestrained free trade and poverty for the majority and protected, unrestrained and socialised crony capitalism for the corporate elite, collectively known as neo-liberalism or corporate feudalism?

    No wonder Margaret Thatcher got on so well with Pinochet, economic and ideological allies I guess.

    I’ve always considered myself to be an anti communist of the centre but as Australia has blindly continued its march to the right I’ve become one of the left by default just like good old Malcolm Fraser. In this fight I’m with the left and the hard right corporate elite can go f….. themselves.

    Well done Rupert Murdoch, you are no doubt a brilliant man, but I think you deserve to die a natural death in jail for conspiracy to undermine the worlds democracies and seize most of the world’s wealth, along with all your cohorts of course. They must be guilty and in the internet age the evidence must be in abundance. Will Australia’s judiciary and police perform their duty or just keep on cracking the heads of protesting leftists, workers, farmers and greenies? Will our constitution be enforced or was it just for toilet paper?

    Strange how the old lefties and the peaceful, non violent, tree hugging, dread locked hippies are probably going to lead the global fight to roll back neo-liberalism and reclaim democracy for the worlds citizens. Strange indeed.

    Never vote for the Liberals, Nationals and yes, stop and think, don’t vote for the ALP until they cast off the corrupt neo-liberal right.

  9. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Spot on

  10. Salstarat

    Ellen DeGeneres has EVERY right to make comments about the Great Barrier Reef! Why? Because The Great Barrier Reef belongs to the WORLD! Just in case her critics do not understand, the Great Barrier Reef is a rare, irreplaceable WORLD Heritage listed area … and if you notice the first word: “WORLD” – that is the KEY to understanding that this magnificent, unique structure — the largest LIVING thing on the planet – belongs to us ALL, not just to parochial Australians who cannot stand being justifiably criticised for our government’s APPALLING neglect and environmental vandalism overseeing the destructive and wanton damage caused by climate change and the further possible destruction by the horrific Carmichael mine! It is puerile, short-sighted and parochial nonsense to criticise DeGenerers for her sensible views and comments about saving the Reef for future generations to enjoy! Australians – especially the head-in-the-sand, regressive, unconscionably greedy moronic BOGANS in the LNP – should WAKE UP and take international condemnation and criticism on the chin – the Australian government DESERVE to be criticised; in fact they thoroughly DESERVE the widespread, international condemnation that they are receiving for this and other issues, like the callously inhumane treatment of innocent asylum seekers being locked up INDEFINITELY in what amounts to off-shore concentration camps run by LNP’s hired thugs and sadistic bullies!

    DeGenerers is absolutely SPOT ON … if we do not act NOW, all will be lost and once it is lost, it is gone FOREVER! Get rid of the LNP at Federal level and put pressure on the very, very disappointing Queensland Labor government who have also folded to rapacious greed, rolling over to the mining obsessed bastards and allowing the Carmichael mine to go ahead DESPITE the fact that the overwhelming majority of Australians want it STOPPED NOW!!!! Ardani is a notoriously unreliable corporation who has a long history of environmental chaos behind it. It only takes ONE of their unreliable, non-maintained ships coming and going through the Reef to have an accident, then we will have an oil spill that will absolutely DEVASTATE what is left of the Great Barrier Reef. For God’s sake, Queensland, WAKE UP!

    Instead of cowering and hitting back at Hollywood stars (or other celebrities) who are using their fame in the correct way, ie to ENCOURAGE the protection of our rare and truly beautiful world heritage listed areas, fawna and flora! These are the ONLY things that matter in the end. We, all of us, have an absolute DUTY to protect these things for the enjoyment of our grandchildren and our descendants. We, all of us, have an absolute DUTY to stand up against the short-sighted, dumbed down policies of reckless governments (like the greedy, profit worshipping federal LNP and Queensland Labor governments) who are sacrificing EVERYTHING we love for the sake of a short-sighted, transient profit!

  11. Andreas Bimba

    Salstarat, you misinterpreted Rossleigh’s sarcasm, he was supporting the preservation of the reef and actions taken by people such as Ellen DeGeneres, he just presented it in his own unique way. Your comments about the reef are spot on.

  12. Annie B

    @ Adrianne Haddow …

    I take your point – and because it was the Guardian, and not a Murdoch rag that I landed on – who printed a somewhat obtuse message about Ellen deGeneres’ involvement, without mentioning a 12 year old Australian girls plea – I tended to read it as self serving by deGeneres, and at the end of the video there ( repeated by other media outlets ) it showed advertisements for Disney and the new film “Finding Dory”.

    Still and all, as we have been reminded here – the Great Barrier Reef is a WORLD wonder and belongs to the WORLD …. and as you said Adrianne, “Does it matter who speaks for it” …. no it doesn’t matter at all.

    I repeat my own final sentence in my post that you kindly replied to, that being : “Not saying our Reef must not be protected – it must” , to which I added …. “but to have that curve put on it —- Yuck.” …. The final ‘curve’ comment was probably not necessary, considering the whole deGeneres thing initially began with a plea from a young Aussie girl, which at no time was mentioned. ….( I did not know of the young girls petition when I first wrote. )

    Perhaps the deGeneres timing was off – as it certainly co-incided with the upcoming release of the film. Movie makers are after all, opportunists – well, many would be I suspect.

    Greg Hunt must have the longest arms possible. ( knuckle dragger ) … He keeps patting himself on the back over all this – tweeting continuously to deGeneres and all others – how great the LNP is doing in looking after the Reef. …….. He too of course is an opportunist. …. And he begins his tweets with a full stop, which makes sure his ‘followers’ see the tweets as well as deGeneres fans.


    It is of the utmost importance that the Great Barrier Reef be protected, and nurtured by all of us, including authorities, particularly governments – it is a truly wonderful and unique World Heritage site ( for anyone here who thinks I might think otherwise ) !! 😉

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