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Elective surgery

For six years the country has been feeling unwell.

A few of us, particularly some older people, have been on such a high sugar diet for years that they have become addicted to injections from the government to satisfy their craving for more.

Most of us are too exhausted to have anything left over beyond survival. Every dollar earned is passed. We are not putting on any weight because we spend every waking moment making sugar for the few.

Even worse, in a country of such abundance, far too many are starving – malnourished of dignity, of opportunity and choice, neglected and denied the life-giving water of hope.

Bio-indicators are showing terminal symptoms. Our animals, our rivers, our reefs and our fish are dying as our temperature rises.

The team of doctors in charge keep telling us that we are fine and congratulating themselves that we haven’t died yet.

They say the cost of any treatment would be too much anyway even if there is something wrong and that elective surgery is too risky.

Time for a second opinion.

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  1. ajogrady

    Very well put Kaye. We may have a Canberra bubble but the L/NP bubble has caused an epidemic of misery for the majority of Australians.

  2. New England Cocky

    It’s time! ….. again!!

  3. whatever

    Scotty doing the campaign launch on TV now, Lars von Trier absurdist-style.

  4. Jon Chesterson

    Time for a new health care system, built for purpose!

  5. RomeoCharlie29

    Doctor Google’s friend, Siri, offers a story on Sportsbet’s odds, when asked who will win the election. So perhaps we elderly, especially those of us with dental issues, or cancer, can look forward to some relief when Labor wins. Chris Kenny’s attempt at sarcasm demonstrates not only the lowest form of wit, but the lowest in political commentary. After being unable to lay a glove on Labor’s costing, and all of its attempts to kill Bill having resulted in bulletwounds to the foot, it’s hard to see what the Lying Nasty Party could come up with that would even save a few deckchairs, but I do expect something out of the Tampa playbook. By now, however, I think the Murdoch rags are so discredited anything they offer will be kicked into the shrubbery. Labor’s biggest threat is The Greens who have a real Climate Change policy when everyone is saying it’s a CC election. Bill has done himself no favours by equivocating on Adani — he won’t even say it’s a company which should not have any business here — but also for his tacit approval of NT and Queensland fracking.

  6. Kaye Lee


    Sportsbet has suspended betting on both Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton losing their seats. It seems they think cutting out that cancer and its secondary is a foregone necessity

  7. David Bruce

    I am not so sure about labour winning after seeing how the tradies reacted to the BS from Bill Shorten.

    Neither party has Australia’s nor Australians long term interests at heart. We are being lied to by experts and it was the labour party under Gough Whitlam which started the rot.

    Our Commonwealth of Australia constitution has been bastardized and we are becoming a Republic by stealth.

    Gough learned well from Abraham Lincoln and started the process of following the US model before we ditched the British model.

    Next year we could end up with GFC 2 or a raging bull market in commodities, again. Trump has already asked for access to Australian coltan. Tantalum from coltan is used to manufacture batteries for electric cars and, in tantalum capacitors, it is used in electronic products. Coltan mining has helped to finance serious conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for example the Ituri conflict and the Second Congo War


    Whistle a happy tune?

  8. Keitha Granville

    Chris Kenny is a poor excuse for a journalist. He will be laughing on the other side of his face if all those sarcastic comments were to become the norm !

    We have this one chance – another 3 years of LNP means the end of a lot of things forever.

  9. Florence Howarth

    I notice Morrison stood in the front of a blue wall with no Liberal signage or slogans. Not even the Modern Liberal many candidates have on their advertising.

  10. ChristopherJ

    Florence, I hear some of the LNP candidates have taken the logo and Liberal bit off their signage. Not that I blame them, it’s just expected behaviour of pretend people who’ve been caught out doing nothing but mischief

    It’s blogging time

  11. Adrianne Haddow

    I’m pushing for radical surgery.
    The entitled need to have their cataracts removed so they can see the unsustainability of their greed… for all of us.

    They need to see that life achievements cannot be measured by how much money they’ve got stored away, or how many trinkets they can afford to surround themselves.

    They need to see that life on a remarkable rarity in the universe cannot sustain infinite growth and infinite exploitation in their pursuit of more, more, more.

    If we are to halt the juggernaut of species extinction, we all need to have our comfy cataracts removed.

  12. Miriam English

    A vote for the LNP is a vote for Murdoch, because in reality they work for him, not for us.

    Here is why Murdoch absolutely MUST be stopped:

    I don’t have much hope for Labor, but I gave them preferences after the Greens. Labor sided with the LNP far too many times to really trust them. The Greens have been steadfast in standing up for us.

    The LNP reek of corruption, and Labor are tainted too. The Greens, in refusing corporate money remain clean.

    The LNP are entirely wrapped in a tangle of lies and corruption:

  13. Alcibiades

    Liberal campaign launch a slow leak of air from a balloon. A hiss presaging deflation – The Graund

    The ask on Sunday was, please voters – forget the fact that we have been more preoccupied with tearing each other down than we have with building you or the country up. Forget the fact we have, in large degree, wasted our two terms in government – wasted the loyalty of our supporters – because we treated the privilege of government as a seminar and a sinecure.

    Forget all the disappointments we actually delivered, forget that we have been self-absorbed and rudderless, and imagine what we could deliver if only you are generous enough to send us back for a third go.

    Morrison’s Liberal launch mostly about him – SBS

    The contrast with Labor’s launch was stark.

    Labor had arch-enemies Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd walk in together to show the party’s unity. There were no former Liberal prime ministers willing to bury the hatchet in Melbourne.

    The entire Labor front bench was on stage in Brisbane last Sunday to show off Bill Shorten’s united team, but Morrison’s team were firmly planted in their front-row seats.

    Oh well, maybe their ABC & NewsCorpse(who pay no tax), will have nice things to say, about the Coalition … Murdoch’s/IPA’s political party wing ?

  14. wam

    Surely everyone knows that the god of Abraham head of the bible group jews, christians, muslims and their sects, made the earth and only he will destroy his creation and should men do it is his will. So with religious logic, f#ck of fclimate changers leave it to god.
    We atheists are on a hiding to nothing. We have watched papists kill protestants, sunni kill shia and vice versa wars and the Americans kill anyone. We tolerate jews killing palestinians and stealing land all for economic reason couched in religious terms.
    So come on god settle for one of the religions and stop the killing.
    Shout all you want loonies if you had not voted with the rabbott who knows where we would be now. Talk is cheap when you have no responsibility

  15. Adrianne Haddow

    Why is there so much fear and loathing of Greens from you, wam?

    Again and again, ad nauseam, the Labour party voted with the LN/IPA far more than the Greens ever have.
    Your sniping and sprinkling of misinformation against the Greens is par for the course.

    A million species extinct and still you’re blaming the Greens for voting against an inadequate emissions trading scheme which would have been locked in still.

    By all means don’t vote Greens, but stop attempting to belittle people who vote with a conscience, not in their own self interest.

    How about Labor and their nod to fracking in the NT? Their silence on Adani, their silence on oil drilling on the Great Australian Bight, their silence on seismic testing along the NSW coast, destroying and disrupting commercial fishing grounds and in the habitual migration path of whales? What about the silence in the face of the inhumane treatment of those poor bastards still on Nauru?

    While I see Labor, as the only means of shifting the Lib/Nat/IPA from their cosy seats, only radical change in the dig it up/sell it off mindset of this country will bring about a slowing of the degeneration of the ability of this planet to sustain life.

  16. Miriam English

    Adrianne Haddow, well said. (Though I don’t see where wam said anything against the Greens above. Perhaps on another thread?)

  17. Kaye Lee


    The Labor candidate here in Robertson, Ann Charlton, has called for a review of the seismic testing which Bill said would go ahead when he was here.

    “We’re pleased to announce that we’re going to do a review in seismic testing offshore because this is a fantastic marine landscape and Ann Charlton, we’ll call it the Ann Charlton Review of Seismic Testing because she’s been so fantastic, we’ll do a review.

    People mightn’t know, this is one of the most beautiful parts of Australia’s coastline for whale movements.”

  18. corvus boreus

    Miriam English,
    I’ll admit it can be difficult to decode some of the garbled manglish spouted by wam.
    For future reference, when wam types ‘loonies’ (or ‘Dixbransims’), wam is referring to the Greens political party.
    Wam does so routinely, displaying far less courtesy towards the Greens than wam shows when referencing One Nation.
    It is a tiresome and childish habitual sledge which, combined with wam’s tendency to cite false claims and statistics, displays prejudicial bias bordering on irrational hatred, and adds absolutely nothing constructive to serious political discussions.
    The fact that wam’s only contribution to conversations about the anthropogenic induced global climate emergency is some pedantic quibbling over terminology (CC vs GW) also shows that environmental concerns don’t really seem to be a wam priority.
    A shame really, because when wam devotes mental faculties to better purposes than slinging stale sledges and weaving patent falsehoods, wam can actually make some reasonable sense.

    Ps There are legitimate criticisms to be made regarding the policies and conduct of the Greens party and it’s politicians (past and present), but such are much better made without resorting to the braying of cheap insults and lazy slogans.

  19. Miriam English

    Corvus, thanks for the explanation. I have noticed the mention of those kinds of unintelligible insulting names, but I tend to stop reading a comment when someone does that and don’t really note who wrote it. I figure it’s not worth my energy to try to decipher such childish names when there are much more serious things to read and so little time, and the author of such a comment is not worth devoting brainspace to — I’m already having enough difficulty retaining all the info I think is essential.

    This also goes for insults aimed at LNP people. I know many people feel a great temptation to insult them by perverting their names, but if we do that we can hardly blame politicians for acting like children.

    Our politicians are NOT leaders; they are followers.
    It’s up to us to set a good example for them.

  20. Kaye Lee


    I do agree with you about the name-calling but I have lowered my standards for the PM who calls himself ScoMo.

  21. Joseph Carli

    Ah, yes…..I see..it’s the old predictable path of ..; once the “common enemy ” is vanquished, the wounded viper has “nought else to vent its bile upon and doth then turn upon itself”…
    Well…to save the good folk here from self-destructing in a cage-fight of its own making, I will offer you a ; “Simple love affair” story for all to just relax and indulge yourselves in a moment of desire…just like when we were all “wearing a younger person’s clothes”…and , if you be one of those who see a desire toward romantic love being little else but a sense of abuse and betrayal…then I have to say…you are already lost…
    But say!…let us, as the writer requests…”imagine”..

    A Simple Love Affair.

  22. Kaye Lee

    I thought di Natale did well on Q&A on Monday night.

  23. Joseph Carli

    ” . . . I thought di Natale did well on Q&A on Monday night.”….she casually commented as she stops in her knitting to pick up a dropped stitch.. “Mind you”…she says between pinched lips and downcast eyes…” I DO know the family…..if you get my drift”….and many in the little group of the “South Kew Knitters Klub” nodded in agreeance and the only conversation in the room resumed to the staccatto’d hum of knitting needles….

  24. Kaye Lee


    Let me think how I should say this…..

    F*ck off.

    Now, back to more important things.

  25. Paul Davis

    Golly, Robertson is a huge electorate if it takes in South Kew…. do whales get that far up the Yarra?

  26. DrakeN

    Kaye, May 14, 2019 at 11:13 am

    Well said.

  27. Kronomex


    Only, technically speaking, two comments in and you just can’t resist baiting Kaye Lee can you. That’s a new and low record even for you. For the moment you might want to consider keeping your yap shut.


  28. corvus boreus

    Kaye Lee,
    Personally, I reckon the best retort to the colloquially confected blokeyness surrounding ‘ScoMo the Sharkie’ is to refer to him as ‘Scott Morrison MP/PM (professional advertising-agent turned career politician)’.
    Bill Shorten, for all his perceived shortcomings, has a resume of working from an organisational position that has the potential to protect and nurture the less privelidged.
    Scott Morrison has a boardroom background based upon peddling crap for personal profit.

  29. Josephus

    wam keeps talking about the long noses- what the heck is he on about? Please ban this sad person.

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