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Election year – are we ready? Let’s Go (updated 6 Jan)

No great victory has ever been won by sitting back patiently and waiting.

Democracy is in the hands of those who show up.

UPDATE (6 Jan) – Building A New Independent Powerful Left (video)
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UPDATE (5 Jan) – Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals – Community Disorganisation.
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My name is Alison, I do social media as “Turnleft” and prior to 2012 I was an activist. Human rights, animal rights, environment, feminism – people who didn’t really know me said I tend to flit from one cause to another like a butterfly on cocaine. To me, I was fighting injustice no matter what form it took. I gave that up to concentrate on fighting Tony Abbott and the Liberal National Party. We didn’t win that fight, but I never stopped trying, right up until the polls closed in Western Australia, I was still fighting.

This year we are again in the fight for our lives – if that sounds like hyperbole, think about cuts to health care and pensions.

If anyone would like to join me, we can use social media to make a difference in the election (and even if we can’t, we will know we never gave up fighting).

Too often the dinosaurs in old media sneer at social media as nothing more than an echo-chamber of outrage and clicktivism – but it can be so much more.

So, now I am going back to my activist roots. With AIMN’s owner’s permission I am staking my claim in this little corner of AIMN for activism.
[edited to add: Since this sentence seems to have annoyed many people, and I thought it would go without saying, I mean MY activism, as opposed to MY opinion pieces writing]

I would like this space to be for anyone who wants to join me.

What kind of activism? You ask.

Maybe you have a petition that needs signatures, post details here.

Maybe you know a corporation that are committing some horrendous outrage or are BFF’s with Liberal Party mates, post details here, and let the boycotting commence.

Maybe someone is being targeted on social media by right-wing trolls and need support, post details here (with their knowledge).

Maybe a politician has said something outrageously sexist, if they have a history of sexism, we can collect them in one place.

Is there a protest, march, picket line, sit-in, pray-in, die-in, speech happening some place near you, post details here, and afterwards share photos.

Do you live in a very safe electorate, so safe that nothing you do will change that – online adopt a marginal seat and become a champion for that seat or dig up the publicly available dirt.

Do you have a piece of information that you feel should get into the wider public but aren’t a blog writer – submit it to AIMN, either in the comments or submit it anonymously.

If there is a politician whose gross incompetence makes them vulnerable, turn up the heat until they step down.

Maybe you have lost your social media account – and as the election gets closer, trolls will form a posse and report, report, report until accounts get suspended – and you create a new one, post details here and people can find you again.

Links to great positive left, left-ish, centrey blogs and news articles, leave them here.

This would not need to be time-consuming, we all lead busy lives – participating could take as little time as signing a petition and adding someone new on Facebook or Twitter, or as long as writing a letter to the Editor or sending an email to a corporation. There is no signing up, no joining. Information would be here for You to dip in to and out of as you choose to, or not.

These are some of the ideas off the top of my head, and I have only scratched the surface of how a community can Connect via a blog like AIMN.

On the other hand, this might be a little too ambitious, but I am putting the idea out there, there might be some people who want to join in.

If this is something you would be interested in, or have other suggestions on ways to get more activism in #Auspol social media, leave a comment in the reply section below – all comments appreciated.

This is not me asking for your help, this is me asking you: tell me how can I help you in your fight to end the LNP tyranny.

For anyone who thinks it is too early to start the fight to take back government, be assured the Liberal party strategist have never taken a day off since the last election.



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  1. Carol Taylor

    TurnLeft and, “If anyone would like to join me, we can use social media to make a difference in the election (and even if we can’t, we will know we never gave up fighting).”. It would be my privilege to join you if I may.

  2. Sir ScotchMistery

    Please miss, can I play too?

  3. Keitha Granville

    Me too please, it is never too late or too early to fight the LNP. We are on the fast track to disaster if we let them stay on in government. It matters not whether the Labor party leader is any good, it only matters that we don’t have LNP after this year. We have to wake up the apathetic in our communities to what is going to happen if they do nothing.

  4. king1394

    I like your ideas. Particularly about adopting an electorate that needs extra help

  5. Loz

    I agree Keitha!

  6. jagman48

    Welcome and thank you for setting up this page. Hope to hear more how I can help. I am only a small voice.

  7. SueD

    Yes please. More please.

  8. moooveon

    Count me in. I was active, empowered and interested in politics when JG was our PM. Happy to be back.

  9. TurnLeft2016

    thanks all those who said they were in, but Kaye Lee tells me AIMN already does this, so there is no need for me to do this, thank you for the kind comments and sorry that I wasted your time

  10. LOVO

    Great idea Alison 🙂 …… something I have been doing, for a while now, is to print out posts and comments I find interesting and shove them into mags at my Dr’s or at my local laundro-mat or etc. Many people ‘out there’ don’t use social media or have an interest in the political scene. I laughingly call it my -“…..and print”- campaign….. at the very least I hope to inform people about ‘things’ they never would have come across in their usual daily doings.

  11. Sen Nearly Ile

    You are indomitable, Kaye.
    Unfortunately my writing is so unintelligent that I got one reply, from bernie ripoli, despite almost daily emails, in the 6 years since the independents gave gillard and labor the chance to destroy the rabbott and his cronies.
    One reply and a myriad of facebook insults have broken my hope that labor will retake the right side of the speaker.
    Indeed it seems the labor pollies are too rich to understand the consequences of robb’s FTAs or cash’s pay attack or sussan’s medicare and only visit the ABC to show they even care about the coalition’s excesses.
    ps remember a canberra student’s facebook series of pages about abbott ‘won’t be around long’, I loved them but they have gone.
    Hope you have better luck, turn left 2016, but the pollies are a long way from the worker’s whose votes get the LNP elected and, until little billy retires, fight’ is not in the labor vocabulary.

  12. TurnLeft2016


    I trashed this piece after being informed that AIMN does these things I offered. I restored it bc Michael asked me. However at this point I am so humiliated, Im so embarassed I just want to hide my face – or my @ and never come out again.

    I came from an activist background with decades of activism behind me. I thought that is something I can offer AIMN. I write blogs posts as a form of activism – the goal is to alert people of an injustice, get them to care and inspire people to take action to change it.

    To be honest, Im sick of writing opinion pieces, for me they mostly consist of “this is an outrage, its so NOT FAIR, someone should do something about it”, well I am someone, I can do something and not just write about it.

    I thought this would be my offer to add something to the AIMN community, something from me to you guys…. how embarrassing that I thought my gift of my activism, time, experience would be welcomed with open arms. I thought I could make a difference, I thought if I can change even one little thing its worth it. My ego, my lack of humility, my self centredness got in the way of realising you guys already do this, as has been pointed out. I guess I thought I had something to offer, my ego has taken a battering, I dont have anything to offer, I am
    useless, I cant change anything – so its back to posting cat photos on twitter, my cat peeps love me.


    great big thanks to most of you who responded, it was appreciated

  13. Sir ScotchMistery

    AIMN does not go out into the street, it just supports such action.

    What WE as voters and citizens need to do, is have as many conversations as possible that make people actually think before they vote. That means having as many means as possible to start conversations. The one I use with best effect, is this T-Shirt that just says “Over 50 and still voting LNP? Why for heavens sake?

    People will challenge it, but dyed in the wool LNP persons have no argument for the basic reason to vote LNP. They just do. They have to be the targets, particularly older female voters.

    We need to have our ducks lined up.

    About the economy – “LNP are the better financial managers” –
    Oh – so why has debt doubled in the time the LNP have been in power?
    Why is unemployment higher than it has been for the last 14 years.
    Why are pensioners and the disadvantaged hit so hard in the race to “savings”?
    Why are big business not pursued for their tax debts?
    Why do LNP ministers travel to India for weddings?
    Why do LNP speakers use helicopters for $5,600 instead of driving 70 km?
    Why do LNP feel it’s okay to give Indian miners (not the birds) $800 million?

    About their idea of entitlements:
    Why do male LNP ministers think it’s okay to treat women as objects placed there for their gratification?
    Why, when one minister is outed for being a prick, do the rest excuse his outrageous behaviour by suggesting the person doing the outing was a mad fu****g witch?
    Why don’t female LNP “representatives” think it isn’t okay to only have 1 woman in cabinet when half the bloody country is women?
    Same for female LNP voters.
    Why do old people vote LNP since ALP were the only party to EVER give them a pay rise? (The first act of the Rudd Gov. $33 increase in the pension – Day 1 of that parliament.
    Why don’t LNP “representatives” ever get an IQ test?

    Let’s just add to this and start the process of the AIMN on the street. Tomorrow.

    And TurnLeft2016 – you haven’t wasted my time.

  14. Kaye Lee

    I have removed the comments you found offensive and I wish you well.

  15. TurnLeft2016

    I wasnt offended, i was embarrassed.

    Kaye Lee: And you shouldnt feel you have to remove your comment about how tirelessly you work and how committed you are activism just to spare my humiliation. It is a valid comment. people should know these things, they dont just happen, people work hard to make them happen.

  16. Kaye Lee

    You should not have been embarrassed because I phrased something badly. Let’s not derail this important thread.

  17. margcal

    Alison, do you have another site, e.g. FB, blog? I use Twitter in my volunteer job but TBH I find it too limiting in terms of getting much of a message across. And the volume of tweets from others is such that I rarely read any :-/

    However, if you mean you will be writing regular or occasional articles for AIMN then I have to agree with Kaye (who doth apologise too much, IMHO). AIMN “is” activism as far as I can see. To say “… I am staking my claim in this little corner of AIMN for activism.”, as though activism isn’t here already, is simply wrong …. or poor wording.
    That you want to “join with” AIMN, as a partner or as part of, is great. This AIMN reader wants as much volume as can be mustered, right across the board, in support of good governance. People voted for Tony Abbott – in spite of everything about the creature, so I have no confidence at all that they won’t vote LNP again. there is so much work to do.

    Since starting to write this I note additional comments have come in. I won’t change what I’ve written but will urge you, Alison, to give a link to your blog and anything else that you’re working on.

  18. TurnLeft2016


    you quoted me “I am staking my claim in this little corner of AIMN for activism”

    my intention was “for MY activism, as opposed to writing opinion pieces and posting quirky news videos”
    and silly me, since I wrote the piece I assumed it was obvious I was speaking on my behalf, MY ACTIVISM

    I mean, its fairly obvious I dont speak on behalf of any other writers, why would I claim their activism as my own

  19. TurnLeft2016


    I do have other blogs – one for button collecting (not bragging or anything but i have one of the best button collections in Australia, if you would like the link, im more than happy to share) and another for full natty, clean eating, low fat, high carb, vegan recipes – and I dont see much of a cross over with AIMN readers on either of those

  20. margcal

    Sigh … your wording open to a different interpretation to what you intended, if not to you at least to some others.

  21. Kaye Lee

    ok I didn’t want to divert….but turnleft….I have so many buttons inherited in big sewing kit from grandmother. Do you want them?

    margcal, turnleft was contributing here before I was. She is always worth listening to. I know I was trying to show solidarity with what I wrote but when I reread it after tl’s reaction (which shocked me) I understood how it made her feel regardless of my intentions. One of the hazards of typing as a means of communication is that we often hit send and then read what we have written. It leads to misunderstanding.

  22. TurnLeft2016

    my wording wasnt “poor”, and youre right, I dont think you would enjoy my button blog or my vegan blog, I mean, pictures of buttons and recipes, maybe they would be confusing

  23. jim

    Here I commend LOVO but as printer ink is not cheap I would also like to leave printed “blogs” around town so please steer me to the most effective blogs for the doctors office or even peoples post boxes I agree alot do not have this internet thingy. Great work turnleft2016.

  24. lawrencewinder

    Good on you.. and yes, it’s time to turn the heat up on this ruling rabble who have started another year so abysmally. Every single, stupid ideological and anti social utterance from them and their right-wing IPA masters should be blowtorched so that Australians never forget how badly managed this country has been since2013.

  25. Sir ScotchMistery

    @ Turn Left – we ALL have posted things we wished later we hadn’t. ALL of us. It’s no big deal unless it’s just plain wrong. Your posts aren’t wrong, but they challenge me, to get up in the coffee shop and go out of my way to upset conservatives. It remains one of life’s simple pleasures.

    Now to buttons. I need an olive green, 4 hole, around 3/4″ in diameter for my favourite shorts for going n the bush on landcare jobs. It’s hidden so the colour isn’t that important. In fact a bright yellow might be better, but the same diameter. Or orange.

    🙂 Have a nice day.

  26. TurnLeft2016

    jim – good idea, loving it

    posts that a designed to be printed and shared

  27. Sir ScotchMistery

    That would be as near as damn it to perfect TL2016. Just the size is big at 3/4″, but I like that green. Lovely.

    Also, on Redbubble, you can grow your own t-shirt. You can get only one printed for $20 inc delivery, and tell your friends and get heaps printed. And get a dollar for each one. To spend on more3 designs.


  28. PopsieJ

    Allison I have just looked at House of Cards again and it is so like Australia at present. Francis Underwood the scheming, lying unprincipled POTUS brings several of our PMs past and present to mind, specifically his views on “entitlements” Party donations etc. If you really want to get your teeth into something use Face Book. A few starters, why do we still have troops in Afghanistan?, what exactly is happening on Christmas Island and the holy cow of “things not to mention” Israels actions in Gaza. Best of luck

  29. ranterulze

    Turnleft2016/Alison your initial idea and suggestion is gre8. Stick with it. Kaye Lee your posts are great, I look forward to reading them, esp re economic issues. We’re all on same side – Australia and our democracy.

  30. Kyran

    Wonderful thought’s about activism. We only seem to find out how inactive our government is at all the wrong times and over the most insignificant of their personal (or collective) misdemeanours. By using the word ‘misdemeanours’, I’m being unbelievably polite.
    As both of the ‘major party’s’ don’t want ICAC, or oversight of any sort, and the third (current) major party is quickly acquiescing for political expediency, how about this?
    Allow the AEC to host the websites/face book/twitter thingy’s for all parliamentarians. How much they earn, how much they are ‘gifted’ by grateful ‘constituents’, how much they claim on their ‘parliamentary credit card’, how often they are in parliament, how they have voted on every act put before them, etcetera .
    Can you imagine the amplification of their incompetence? The party’s lose relevance, because the parliamentarian becomes accountable to their constituents. Before you call me out about the majority of their constituents not giving a fat flying puck about all that, how amplified is their incompetence when you can refer people to the AEC website? With all of the relevant facts? Here’s the thing. The AEC Act can be amended. ICAC and RC’s require our parliamentarians to create an act to create same.
    Thank you, TurnLeft2016. Take care

  31. babyjewels10

    I have been doing everything I can on social media for the past 12 months to show up these spoiled, soft, supported, entitled, pampered, private schoolboys to all and sundry. I’m banned from several LNP pollie’s Fb pages but I do whatever I can. Happy to do more.

  32. TurnLeft2016


    YES of course

    Im informed by one of the moderators, that AIMN already does all this,,,, it just doesn’t need to be in one handy location, because it happens across the whole blog, isn’t that fantastic!

  33. Michael Taylor

    We never stop. We have the best team here to make a difference.

  34. bossa

    I’m up for it too, but the time to start is NOW because I have a feeling we’ll be in for a March election.

  35. margcal

    What would be handy would be a blog roll (including twitter links and similar) on the AIMN front page.
    References are made to some of these from time to time in AIMN articles but it’s not always easy to follow up at the time and they can get lost.
    So many people/organisations are doing excellent work. It’s wonderful that there are so many different arrows of good sense being fired from many different vantage points. But that’s also a bit of a disadvantage … I for one know little or nothing of so much of it.

  36. LOVO

    Bossa I agree, for Turnball to well and truly take charge of the party he needs to win an election…… and the way the white ants are buzzing about he may need to do it soon, before the (remaining) honeymoon is over.
    Time to rev up thems printers people…………….. “….and print” 🙂
    *waves to Migs*

  37. LOVO

    TurnLeft2016 said….. “posts that are designed to be printed and shared ” ….. yes, yes, yes!!!!! (Nail meets Hammer.)

  38. Silverback

    Alison – your ideas and suggestions resonate strongly with me. It’s great to see that some Y Gens like yourself have an activist conscience. But there is a but. I will dance with delight at the fall of Malcolm Turnbull and the LNP mob in Canberra at the next General Election, if or when that occurs. But an alternative government led by Bill Shorten is a singularly uninspiring outcome. AIMN spruiking Labor’s ‘fairer policies’ is sound enough but the smell emanating from CFMEU and Health Union shenanigans is off putting to some left leaning voters. From my perspective Tanya Plibersek as Labor leader working in an agreed partnership/coalition with the Greens is an attractive, if unlikely, proposition.

  39. LOVO

    Silverback, your style of writing is familiar to me, just sayin’ ..mm.

  40. RosemaryJ36

    I do not always comment on the AIMN articles but I almost invariably post them on Facebook and Twitter with a brief comment attached. I know a lot of my friends read them from the notifications.
    margcal – Sometimes when I want to tweet too long a message, I type it in Word, take a photo of it, email it to myself and can then attach it as a photo. Quite proud of myself over working that out as I am 80 in 10 days time and only started using Twitter early this year! (I have been computer literate for over a quarter of a century!) I have nearly 400 followers on Twitter and they share many of my tweets so I am spreading the word around pretty widely.
    I think the issues we need to plug are social justice, integrity (in all parties and levels of government), the need for a national ICAC, and the fact that a hung parliament is not necessarily a bad thing. If the minority party which gets to form a government has to negotiate with smaller parties, independents, et al, so much the better. Consensus is a good way to go! Plus we MUST have publicly funded elections so that there is less pressure on parties from donors.
    Sadly, I suspect that Turnbull will be as good at negotiating as Gillard was (as opposed to Abbott turning the independents off) so we might yet have another Coalition government but hopefully with less emphasis on the COAL.

  41. cornlegend

    Keep doing whatever you think helps
    After 50 years of sticking it up the bottom feeder LNP, I personally welcome any new and enthusiastic initiatives from anyone ,
    Try anything !!!
    I just want the bastards gone

  42. Sir ScotchMistery

    Have to agree with Silverback I’m afraid. The ALP won’t be the answer until they rescind the refugee policy and stop pandering to the same turds that Turnbull et al do. Big business.

    The more things that the LNP do that are just inhumane the better, but in reality, the best parliament for Australia would have at least 20 independents/Greens that keep them honest, much in the way Don Chipp managed to do all those years ago.

    Nothing is done in this country without the approval of the Americans and therein lies the biggest section of the problem. It’s why our government signs stupid treaties (TPP for example), and doesn’t have the wit to see the problem in doing so, whilst ignoring our duties under the other treaties, which instruments are in fact the basis of our “freedoms”, even though they are international.

    People don’t get that without the international covenant on the rights of the child, we have no real laws which protect the rights of our kids as a minimum. Every voter says “no problem” without actually understanding the problem being discussed. They don’t see that be ignoring the refugee convention, the rights of the child can just as easily be ignored.

    We need to start the conversations and keep them going.

  43. Kaye Lee

    What we need to remind ourselves of is, that regardless of how popular Malcolm may be, he only represents one seat. For the Coalition to win, people will have to vote for the likes of Peter Dutton, Jamie Briggs, Barnaby Joyce (I so hope Tony Windsor runs against him), Bronwyn ‘helicopter’ Bishop, Ewan ‘he’s my buddy’ Jones, Christopher ‘the fixer’ Pyne, Greg ‘the lying’ Hunt, Mal Brough (too many adjectives to settle on one moniker), all the doo wop girls who seem to just be there for the cameras, Kevin Andrews, Eric Abetz, George ‘I hate you Triggs’ Brandis, and of course, our boy Tone. Nasty Sophie is running again apparently. The climate change deniers like Christensen, Kelly, Jensen, Back and Laming just can’t accept the Paris decisions and are getting more strident in their defence of coal – an attitude that will come under increasing pressure.

    There is endless material to campaign about – climate change, penalty rates, GST, corporate tax avoidance, tax concessions for the wealthy, the NBN, education funding, cuts to Medicare, economic parameters worse than when they took over, attacks on welfare….

    Mal is just one man.

  44. Matthew Oborne

    The Liberals said the economy would be better under them, Economic indicators all point to the economy getting worse and the deficit growing without restrain under a higher taxing government than Labor was. Our treatment of refugees got worse our rights took a dive as The Liberal party introduced more and more laws to try to wedge Labor (which they admitted) on terror. Julie Bishop admitted the royal commissions into essential Labor were payback. Attacking renewables, breaking every wedge issue promise made in 2013 except The NDIS so far.

    Turnbull took over and they are still breaking election promises but hold to one, they wont allow gay marriage because that promise for some not so obscure reason just has to be kept.

    Clearly enough is enough.

    In opposition the Liberals presented a manic everything is in crisis scenario which was completely false because if it was true they deliberately made it worse.

    The desperate time they tried to create is now here by the Liberal parties own actions.
    Some medicare procedures may no longer be paid for if the Liberals get their way.
    Unions will have no power to keep wages and conditions up if the Liberals get their way.
    Education and health will only be good if you choose private.
    Getting a degree will cost much more.

    in less than three years they took a country and began to trash it.
    In less than three years we find out Liberals want taxes paid to companies and people who dont need the extra money, while those who need it are called leaners.

    Protection for women and children and funding for legal services went down under them.
    They stacked their party with far right wing nutters and now are so dysfunctional not just individual members but the whole party are not fit for office.

    The right wing remake of this countriy continues full steam ahead and it will destroy the living conditions of far too many australians so the rich can get richer.

    Being able to fine unions large sums of money is just stealing from the members just like the royal commission was supposed to help stop.

    Again television stations will most likely not run get up ads so the money is better spent on billboards.

    One simple message

    They promised they would make things better.
    They didnt, they made things worse.
    They broke every promise they made to get over the line
    They said we could vote for them because
    we would still get gonski.
    health woulndt be cut
    SBS and the ABC wouldnt be cut.
    and no new taxes.
    They lied to get our votes Christopher Pyne even told us we imagined they made some of those promises.

    Tony Abbot said many times “we will hurt you”
    They kept that promise

    This election year is probably the most important election we will ever have.
    we can become a far right wing country

    This year we have to get off our bums and make sure this doesnt happen.

  45. Jessielee

    I’m in.

  46. Sir ScotchMistery

    Think of a bunch of three word to 5 word slogans that you could put on a T-shirt.

    My first one is “if you vote Liberal you are a dickhead”


  47. TurnLeft2016

    most comments and contributions appreciated

    thank you Carol, SSM, Keitha, Loz, jagman48, SueD, moooveon, Sen Nearly Ile, lawrencewinder, ranterulze, Kyran, babyjewels10, bossa, RosemaryJ36, cornlegend, jessielee
    my privilege and thank you all

    i will be working on “Adopt An Electorate” – coming soon

    will be taking a look at the idea of printable posts, need to figure out how to make that work

    good questions, the LNP are unable to answer

    printable posts, that dont waste ink
    print one and photocopy (photocopies use way less ink)

    tshirt – wearable activism, loving it

    scheming, lying unprincipled – sounds like our govt

    blogrolls ARE time consuming, but will work on that

    to borrow a phrase – YES WE CAN, which was borrowed from Cesar Chavez a labour activist

    Kaye Lee
    seat by seat we can take this country back

    Matthew Oborne, long comment, thank you
    liberals lie, its in their DNA

    more than 5 words there 🙂

  48. cornlegend

    Most office supply stores sell head transferable paper which isn’t very expensive .
    all you do is on any inket printer, print off whatever you design and iron it on .
    works great, I’ve made 100s over the years

  49. TurnLeft2016

    cornlegend – head transferable? heat? not spelling nazi, just a new concept to me

  50. nurses1968

    Corny, with all the fire that comes out of an old lefty like you, I thought the pulse would race :-}

  51. TurnLeft2016

    cornlegend – that is fantastic!

  52. cornlegend

    Hey nurses, be kind I think I wrote “head transfer” because of a subliminal message :-} .and all the t shirts I’ve done with Abbotts boof head and the heads of his bottom feeder mates on so many.
    One thing, you are never short of images coming from that scumbag LNP team {Dutton is a favourite } doh!!

  53. totaram

    turnleft: ” clean eating, low fat, high carb, vegan recipes… ”

    I appreciate all you do, but you need to keep up with the research – there is accumulating evidence that high carb and low fat isn’t as good as high fat and low-carb. Check it out. I just happened onto it because I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, which is basically a carbohydrate intolerance, not too different from gluten intolerance in some ways. So I have to eat low-carb.

  54. TurnLeft2016

    animal agriculture contributes more to green house gases and AGW than ALL of transport put together, deforestation, over fishing the oceans, destroying the food chain, the soil

    as for personal health

    no carbs high fat would also indicate high protein – yah for kidney disease from too much protein, osteoporosis from too much animal protein, heart disease from too much fat, liver disease from too much fat, strokes from too much cholesterol, cancer from lack of vitamins minerals anti oxidants, lack of fibre leading to intestinal cancers, high blood pressure

    but this is a political blog, and doesnt belong to me, so i wont disrespect Michael by debating this any further

  55. totaram

    “:no carbs high fat would also indicate high protein”

    You just made that up. Not impressed. No need to debate that any further. Please do your research.

  56. TurnLeft2016

    if youre not eating carbs, what are you eating – fat and protein, theyre the only things left – there are only 3 macros – carbs fat protein and youre cut out carbs – you cant debate it because you have no idea what youre talking about

  57. Sir ScotchMistery


    This is a political blog about getting rid of LNP in Canberra, not a place to bitch about different views of radical veganism.

    Move on.

  58. TurnLeft2016

    really 4 tweets off topic before i get scolded – ive seen people go off on tangents that last 100 tweets – guess ive been put in my place, havent i

  59. Jan Muir

    Hey all, I read your post the other day Alison I was responding, started it twice, lost it twice, started writing my thoughts in Word and found I was rambling, rambling on all the areas I am concerned with in Government. It was lengthy. I have come back to your post just now and have found that your vision is not eventuating as you wished. Alison, I really believe all activist groups with the same aim need to come together as ONE VOICE. I don’t know how this could be achieved, any ideas?

  60. TurnLeft2016

    thanks Jan

    but as youll find out, as you were writing that comment, i was quitting this blog

    no more mean girls of AIMN, im off to bleach my brain of #auspol

    good luck, ask Kaye Lee and Miriam, they know everything, and i know nothing

    have fun, i know i will

  61. Kaye Lee

    That was totally unfair turnleft

  62. Matters Not

    Turnleft, you really ought to grow up.

    Your way or the highway? Please.

  63. TurnLeft2016

    aw telling people to ‘grow up’ is it any wonder i quit

    im supposed to stay somewhere ppl tell me to ‘grow up’

    i figure if ppl are telling me to ‘grow up’ thats not some where that im welcome or wanted

  64. Matters Not

    Dear oh Dear. And you were going to change the political world?

    Sorry, but changing political culture and the like is made of sterner stuff.

    But you will be having ‘fun’. Won’t you?

    Talk about a dummy spit.

    Perhaps the ‘diet’ is at the heart of the the ‘problem’?

    Simply shake my head.

    As for telling people to ‘grow up’ it was in response. It was not ‘causal’.

    There’s no escape there.

  65. TurnLeft2016

    kaye lee
    maybe it is unfair, but so is 90% of the comments ive received this week, so i just dont care anymore

  66. Kaye Lee

    Let’s get real here. All I said was “Isn’t that what we have been doing?”.

    That upset you greatly so I followed it up with an apology.

    “If I in any way sounded disparaging I apologise profusely. I know how tirelessly you have worked turnleft and your list of suggestions is very helpful for people wishing to do something. My comment was meant to show solidarity. Sorry my expression was clumsy.”

    If you think that is mean then I am sorry but I certainly do not think it warrants the continuing barbs. I am doing my best to try and help.

  67. Emily Davison

    Go away TurnLeft, nobody wants you here, You are correct “unwanted and unwelcome”, stop popping up to add more fuel to the fire when people respond, they are trying to be nice to you, and that takes a lot of work, people have to try very hard to be nice to someone as self-centered as you. You come in here out of nowhere and think you know more than everyone, talking down to people is unpleasant. Just Stop It.

  68. Wsherlockscottholmes

    What just happened? I’ve read this class moments thread twice, and I don’t understand?

    Was considering a donation… Now I’m not so sure

  69. Sir ScotchMistery

    Sometimes I wish I was a mod here, and then I think, no, that’s not what would work, and usually I detest the idea of others speaking on my behalf, like now.

    Emily that statement is neither true, for most of us who are here for the banter and ideas, nor is it your position to make it.

    You, like me, are merely a contributor, and whilst I often think it would be good to have an “ignore” button, every person here who genuinely contributes (that is they aren’t just trolling, should be able to express themselves and make their points, even if we disagree.

    In some respects I agree with your point, but TL2016 has in a couple of days reinvigorated many of us in terms of starting the national conversation now. Not in 3 months. That has taken 2 days. I don’t think TL2016 “talks down” to everyone, so much as misunderstands the development that has gone on in this community over the past couple of years, to the point where I often see references to things in here being taken up in social media.

    In any online forum, the biggest single difficulty is keeping folk on subject, not going off-topic as it were, since the topics tend to constrain things in terms of subject matter, and make googling more effective for those searching for answers.

    @TL2016 I would say that this is a place of “robust” debate. We are all different and we all hold different views about different things, whether they be political ideology or the preferred colour of buttons. But it is in that difference, we as engaged citizens of Australia in this turbulent time, find our reason for being here. Your place here is conducted by you, not by others. Few people here go out of their way to hurt other contributors, and if you feel someone has said something that is untrue, challenge them, don’t wilt away like an old lettuce. That way you are putting your points, as you understand them, and you don’t need to feel put upon, just because someone disagrees, or suggests you are off the mark.

    I would ask that you think about that when you go off topic in your own thread, apart from the humorous off-topics (buttons). The discussion on veganism was an error of judgement, IMHO, and it detracted enormously from the thread, which started off as a very positive call to action, which has now descended into someone suggesting they may not make a donation to the site, because of it.

    There are those who say religion and politics are two no-go areas in conversation, but this is a time when it is unavoidable. But in that unavoidability is the capacity to lose focus, and get personal. It isn’t needed, but what is needed is for every Australian who cares about this country, both as a sovereign entity, and as our home being reviled on the world stage, to stand up and be counted.

    @ Sherlock, welcome to the world of common man political debate. also, continue with the donation. It will make you feel special.

  70. Roger

    Well said SSM!

  71. Möbius Ecko

    Nicely put Sir ScotchMistery.

  72. Sir ScotchMistery

    Thank you people. I do what I can.

    I used to mod a blog with 15,000 member/contributors and over half a million visitors a month.

    This one is much better.

  73. Terry2

    As we approach a federal election we would be wise to remember Tony Abbott’s assessment of the electorate :

    “a fit of absent mindedness when people elect Labor governments.”

    Has anybody written a book on the wisdom and sayings of Tony Abbott ?

  74. Miriam Possitani

    Yes they have ,
    I thought it would be a book of blank pages ,but
    Tony Speaks! The Wisdom of the Abbott :Updated and Revised Edition
    Author: Marks Russell

    You’ve seen him wearing speedos, kissing babies, driving a mining truck and campaigning on Big Brother.

    But who is the real Tony Abbott?

    In the grand tradition of Bushisms and The Wit of Whitlam, here are the sayings of Australia’s Prime Minister, unvarnished and rich in revelation – the very best and worst of Abbott, the irrepressible mad monk.

    Tony speaks – on family: ‘If you want to know who to vote for, I’m the guy with the not bad looking daughters.’

    Adversaries: ‘Does this guy ever shut up?’

    Honesty: There will always be some issues that are contentious, but the best way to deal with them is openly, candidly and behind closed doors.’

    Female colleagues: ‘They’re young, feisty, I think I can probably say have a bit of sex appeal and they’re just very connected with the local area.’

    Poverty: ‘we just can’t stop people from being homeless if that’s their choice’

    Climate change: ‘absolute crap’

    Christian teaching: ‘Jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it is not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia.’

    And that’s just a taste . . .

  75. Sir ScotchMistery

    And the scary monster in the room,after all of that/those, is that people who have known him for years, from university (believe it or not he went to one), from young liberals, from the football club, still voted for him to be the parliamentary leader, and for me that will always be a reason not to trust a liberal.

    They really are quite stupid.

    And also it’s high time he complied with s44 of the constitution.

  76. John Maycock

    sorry to see the enthusiasm killed of with you , a young face to reinvigorate the fight , but alas, you to fell foul of the clique who seem to spend their every waking hour on here .
    You would never have changed the entrenched views of this group and would never have got them on to the positive and refreshing views you put forth .
    I wish you well and hope you find a site receptive of your refreshing ideas .
    If noting else it would have been an education to you, don’t rock the boat and don’t disagree with the mutual admiration society ensconced here

  77. Simon Warriner

    The invocation to “turn Left” is, imho, a large part of the problem.

    A big reason the majority have stopped engaging in politicis is because it has become a “left” versus “right” battle in which we are required to pick a side and back it to the hilt.

    most people I know well are able to see the falsity of that division and loathe it with a passion. They want intelligent consideration of all possibilities and an end to the corruption that comes with party politics.

    Parties are formed and they declare their place on the so called political spectrum and then proceed to prostitute any integrity they might have had in order to garner funds to climb the greasy pole to the place where power can be exercised. Those funds come from sources that make them available on the understanding that there will be a return on that investment that profits the donor.

    There is another way to do democracy. Elect real independent representatives who see their job as representing in the legislative chamber only their constituents. All of them, not just the ones they agree with. Put the full panoply of positions, ambitions, needs and disadvantages up for consideration and seek to progress the whole of society. Run properly the legislative chamber can distill those differing positions into clear choices and sensible policy. No more captains calls and secret treaties. Just plain open debate.

    To make it work we need to seek out and promote better individuals than the dross the political parties currently attract. People whose first act is not one of compromise by swearing party allegiance while promising to represent a diverse group. It will only work if lots of individuals take seriously the task of electing their representative and stop out outsourcing ti to the party machines and the nasty individuals that operate their levers.

    Simon Warriner

  78. Sir ScotchMistery

    I agree with Simon Warner.

    I suspect Maycock could be a troll from an LNP site.

  79. John Maycock

    Sir ScotchMistery
    Why would I be a troll from some LNP site , because I dare to have a different view and have an opinion ?
    earlier, you wrote
    “Sometimes I wish I was a mod here”
    Why would that be, surely not for fair and impartial moderation
    You are exactly what I meant by protecting the mutual admiration society .
    “Don’t step out of line, don’t hold a differing view stick to the programme ”
    Sometimes I think those of the little gang do more harm than good, as they stifle debate when views differ .
    No wonder Turnleft2016 left !!

  80. Sir ScotchMistery

    I suspect you just answered your own question Mr Maycock.

    If it’s so cliquey as you opine, why do you hang round? (The question is rhetorical – meaning of course you don’t need to answer).

    The reasoning behind being a moderator, was made moot IMHO by the clear indication, that I wouldn’t have stepped in on that, but that may just be my understanding of what I wrote, not that I am that skilled in the area of self-awareness.

    Truth is if you actually read what is written by people at various times, you would find that it is not cliquey at all. Just the opposite.

    TL2016’s decision to leave was saddening as well, because she did reinvigorate debate, but I guess you missed the bits where people pointed that out. Politics isn’t black and white, and for most (not all I grant you), there is a clear understanding of the need for another spoke in the wheel of electoral nonsense we laughingly refer to as our “democracy”.

  81. John Maycock

    Sir ScotchMistery
    “If it’s so cliquey as you opine, why do you hang round? (The question is rhetorical – meaning of course you don’t need to answer).” you say .
    I will answer though, I visit to read the informative articles of some writers .
    It isn’t the AIMN that is cliquey, it is the little gang of self appointed police who try to keep everyone in line and all singing from the same hymn sheet .
    perish the though someones view may differ, or it seems, if you happen to be young
    The old gate keeper clique will be on to you in a flash .
    To answer your question more fully, I read the articles and in the main, ignore the clan comments or god forbid, get branded as a troll.
    That seems to be a strong defense mechanism with you old lot

  82. andrew moran

    I live in Fisher. Famous for such legends as Slipper and Brough.
    Our chances of winning aren’t great (if that much). Mr 14% and the CFMEU aren’t going to help.
    We’ll fight because we deserve better. And because if we don’t, we can be sure no-one else will for us.
    While supporting marginals makes a lot of sense, don’t forget us. If for no other reason that if the LNP has to put effort in here, it’s effort taken from somewhere else.

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