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Drug-Safe campaigner invites local communities to get involved.

By Craig Hingston

Residents in Sydney’s West are being asked to assist in the reduction of drug use in local work places by the nation’s leading drug testing organisation, Drug-Safe Communities.

“We have an opportunity for local people to become Field Testers and to help us create a community of Drug-Safe businesses”, said Founder and Chief Executive, Michael White.

Mr White pioneered the national drug training and detection service 16 years ago after the business partner from his former company died from a heroin overdose.

“We train and certify Field Testers at our Drug-Safe Academy. They learn how to do pre-employment drug testing as well as random and blanket screening. We organise the bookings and all they have to do is turn up and run the tests on-site.”

“Our drug testing is discrete, safe and hygienic. All of our kits meet Australian Standards and we were the first company of our kind to be accredited by the National Association of Testing Authority.”

“We find the people who enjoy doing this are looking for a regular income where they can choose their own hours…such as mothers wanting get back into the work force, former nurses, part-timers, trainee nurses. Mothers can easily schedule the tests while the children are at school.”

Mr White has initially sent the invitation out to the Fairfield, Parramatta, Blacktown and Hills district communities; more will follow. He says they plan to make Smithfield-Wetherill Park the first drug safe industrial zone in Australia,

“We know that 70 per cent of drug users are employed and that most of them top-up during the day. WorkCover reports that 80 per cent of people injured in work place accidents where alcohol or drugs are involved are themselves not involved in drugs. We want work places to be safer. At the same time, the Australian business community loses $16 billion each year in lost productivity because of alcohol and other drugs. So, there is an economic reason as well. With the help of Field Testers we can change our community one life at a time.”

The public can contact Drug-Safe Communities on 1300 378 472.


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  1. passum2013

    Why are drug attics allowed to drive after being dosed at government supplied and run by chemists or outside clinics like in newcastle at at newcastle west as they should be pulled over and cars confiscated as have had 2 runnins in this area and the so called chemist and his suspect starf over parking near his premises

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