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Now, when you look up Richard Warburton on the Internet, you discover that he died in 1610. So it’s no wonder he seems so much yesterday’s man when it comes to renewable energies.

The other top hit gives you this.

Of course, it would be wrong of me to ask how long has Mr Warburton been a “Dick” – as opposed to a “Richard”. That’s just making fun of his name in a totally juvenile sort of way and – now that the adults are back in charge – I could be told to smarten up my act and use the same sort of sophisticated argument that led to the Liberals calling Mr Shorten, “Electricity Bill”.

But on to more pressing matters.

One of the big problems that the inquiry found into the RET was that it was redistributing wealth from the fossil fuel sector to the renewable sector. Clearly, we don’t want any redistribution of wealth in this country, unless it’s to deserving people.

And who deserves money more than those who already have it? After all, if they didn’t deserve it they wouldn’t have it, right?

Now Greg Hunt seems to have been proven right. Sorry, not right, correct. (Just in case some of you think I’m playing on the word right) Last year he told us that prices would come down immediately once the carbon tax was repealed.

And they’ve come down enormously. Just look at the infographic. So, if you think that your power bill has gone up, then obviously the power companies are lying to you. Or maybe you’re lying to yourself.


Greg Hunt assures us that power bills are lower. And certainly he’s now right. Very, very right… Err, by that I mean correct.

Here in Victoria they’re over 12% lower.

Lower than what?

Lower than they would be if they were they were 12% higher.

But then we are facing a state election.

If you were in a state facing a close election, you could probably have power bills 30% lower than if they were 30% higher. However, in Victoria, I suspect that the Federal Liberals actually want Labor to win so that they can blame them for the lack of a car industry, so we’ll just have to settle for power bills that are a mere 12% lower.

But, if you want to install me as PM, I will promise you power bills that are twice as low as the figure I’d put them up to, if I were allowed to set the price. I can’t tell you what that figure is – it’s a commercial in confidence, operational matter – but it’s a lot more than the $500 a year that Abbott plucked out of the air.

Just remember, I can promise you much, much more than you’ve actually been promised by this pack of Hunts. And I can get my friends and family to independently review the Abbott policies for half the cost.

Speaking of that, let’s have a special place in history for Amanda Vanstone’s class for her little article about Bill Shorten. Yep, you don’t see restraint like that very often. I mean, the woman is all class. She’s full of it.

I’d like to show similar class, by pointing out that I’ve never brought up the Abbott incident where he didn’t punch a wall. Or by asking how long he’s been appointing Dicks to review things for his government.

Ah, it’s just not funny any more…

P.S. I just had another look at that Infographic and I noticed the “up to”. Ah, I’m usually good with the fine print. Yep, he’s telling us that he’s guaranteeing we won’t get a BIGGER reduction than that. Oh, yeah it’s funny. And the joke’s on anyone who didn’t realise that it was the promises they made. Not the ones we thought they made.

P.P.S. Shouldn’t “benefiting” be spelt “benefitting”? Oh, that’s RIGHT, we be copying the Americans these days…


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  1. mikestasse

    Who the hell designed that ‘infographic’? Or should I call it ‘disinfographic’? Because I can tell you now that power bills in Tasmania will be going UP…… now that they have foregone some 80 Billion dollars in Carbon Tax income, because virtually 100% of Tassie’s energy is from renewable hydro.

    AND……. my last power bill showed that the connection fee went up from $35 a qtr to $75, effectively doubling MY very low power bill….. should I sue?

  2. whatismore

    Ha-ha just wish that jockey sized adult, Greg Hunt’s name was Mike.

  3. diannaart

    As I observed on another topic, my energy bills went down well BEFORE Abbott’s axing of the tax.

    Now, that the ‘evil’ tax has gone – where is the money? The money that has been collected till tax was repealed? Why aren’t we hearing about that? Am I asking too many questions?

  4. townsvilleblog

    Shorten is as false as a $3 bill, and so right wing that’s it is often difficult to diferenceate him for Abbott.

  5. Lee

    My electricity rates increased on 15th July. AGL sent me an A4 page detailing all the new charges. AGL recently sent me a text to inform me that on average, their customers will see a 5% decrease in their bill due to the death of the carbon tax, but I have yet to receive another list of amended charges. I won’t hold my breath waiting for this mammoth saving.

  6. TechinBris

    Whilst we are cobbled to their systems of energy distribution, they will always be able to easily control our Society by extortion.
    Trouble for the current owners of the flows of our current sources of energy, is the Renewable Energy Market leaped up onto them in a way they did not think would occur and with the equipment available from a source beyond their influence.
    Why has the push to privatise the last parts of the energy distribution being so heavily pushed?
    The Carbon price removal was in response to what they believe will be completely all theirs and all your Energies are belong to us, to utilise an old Geek phrase that amused in the past. Look at the current feed in tariffs on offer to understand how it will work. The utter arrogance it displays is amazing.
    It is not too late for everyone and the move to slice them out in part by the Solar Rooftop, but not as Grid-connected only, but as Hybrid.
    Sure there is Batteries, but costs and the replacements can exceed the current prices of what the Grid is now offering, which is almost on par.
    But will that last, knowing the behavior of those currently selling us our electricity?
    If we don’t contain them by having the ability to not use them, what will keep them in check for those who have no options. Time to stop being selfish here and think of everyone in the Community, as we can all benefit easily, if we can stand together.
    Most people with current systems that their generous feed in tariffs, that are paying so well, will soon be thrust into far less generous returns on the investment.
    The Power Industry will have factored that into recompensing themselves for that shortfall in other ways. They even could take over the Battery Market for Hybrids as they need to be replaced periodically.
    But there are alternatives, with downsides and upsides for those who are willing to refuse to accept their coaxing that it is all too hard to work it out. Understand why people say what they say for their own Interests. There are also non-toxic alternatives that can last a time that stops them holding replacement costs over you. New technologies are not always the best, nor worst. Balance is the key to everything. It is your choice after all.
    If you can reduce their relevance on your life, you reduce their influence to extort on your choices for that life. That scares the living crap out of the people pushing the current agenda.
    Their actions to date prove their greatest fears in losing their relevance over our existence in paying them what ever they demand. Or we can take command of the Grid to be the Public’s Battery again, re-engineered into an investment in powering us into a cleaner more financially equalised benefit to our Commonwealth.
    No mater what we choose, it is going to cost us for our poor choices to date. Make it a long lasting investment in making it better for those to yet come and not the greedy people of today who care not how their lives will be.
    Explore now, Questions won’t hurt you like ignorance will. What I mention here, is all only a tip of the iceberg. Make Dick sick, by bursting his dream and make it yours instead. Take control of you destiny from him, as that is his worst nightmare. 🙂

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