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Doxxing the Whistle Blower

On Monday, March 22, Peter van Onselen, working with Channel Ten News and The Project, broke a story provided to him by a whistle blower that revealed more of the culture surrounding workplace sexual activity in Parliament House, Canberra.

The story concerns a Liberal staffer masturbating on the desk of his female boss, videoing his performance and sharing it with his friends, including the whistle blower who was at one time in a relationship with him. The whistle blower claims that male sex workers were/are brought into the House for a former and a current MP. The so-called prayer room is allegedly used for sexual assignations.

Naturally, the story holds considerable interest for the public at a time when we have over the last few weeks learned of the alleged rape of Ms Brittany Higgins by a senior staffer in Parliament House; the alleged rape of a sixteen-year-old girl by Attorney General Christian Porter when he was seventeen; the sexual harassment of several other women by the same Liberal staffer, and a myriad of other sordid revelations of sexual harassment, assault, assorted sleaze and cover-ups perpetrated by Liberal MPs, Senators and staffers. The list of those involved in some way is too lengthy to unpack here, but includes such Liberal luminaries as Eric Abetz, Alan Tudge, Michaelia Cash, Linda Reynolds, Marise Payne, Andrew Laming, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison, as well as senior public servants and staffers in the Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the Department of Finance.

Today, Saturday March 27, the Sydney Morning Herald published an article by Chip le Grand, currently chief reporter at The Age, late of The Australian where he worked for twenty-five years. In this piece, le Grand names van Onselen’s whistle blower.

This practice is known as “doxxing,” that is, revealing information about someone who has chosen to remain anonymous, that can lead to their identification. It’s a dangerous practice that can result in serious harassment of the doxxed individual, sometimes to the point of death threats. It entirely contravenes the ethics and practice of journalistic principles with regard to whistle blowers.

The doxxing of a Project and Channel 10 source by the SMH is a startling turn in Australian journalism. It sends a powerful signal to would-be whistle blowers that there are journalists who cannot be trusted to respect your role as a source, and the reasons for your anonymity. It is a long way from journalists’ traditional protection of their sources.

Indeed, can we be confident that such protection exists any longer in Australian mainstream media after today?

The whistle blower was not doxxed by van Onselen, but, alarmingly, by another media outlet altogether, bringing into question the capacity of well-intentioned journalists to protect their sources at all.

What does this mean for investigative programs such as Four Corners, for example? How can any journalist guarantee the safety of a source, if their colleagues are willing to dishonour the traditional commitment to protecting them?

Le Grand has attempted to argue that the whistle blower is not, in fact, a whistle blower. Let us look at the definition of whistle blower. A person who informs on a person or organization regarded as engaging in an unlawful or immoral activity, is a whistle blower. It isn’t complicated.

I don’t know if ejaculating on your female boss’s desk is illegal, but I’m going to stick my neck out here and call it as immoral. Likewise, the provision of sex workers to the Parliament House workplace for assignations in the prayer room may not be illegal, but I don’t think I’m entirely prudish to consider it immoral. What the whistle blower has done is to disclose workplace practices that are entirely unacceptable, and reveal to an appalled public yet another level of abuse in an inherently abusive culture.

That there are, apparently, no boundaries to the gratification of male desire in Parliament House, whether that desire is for sex, and/or power, demonstrates just how abusive that environment is.

In return for this disclosure to the public, in our interests, the whistle blower has today been doxxed by Chip le Grand, who has described his disclosures as a “hit job” against the government. Le Grand also does a good job of maligning the whistle blower in an attempt to discredit him.

It is not a huge stretch to speculate that le Grand and the Sydney Morning Herald under the chairmanship of former Liberal treasurer, Peter Costello, are acting in the interests of a besieged LNP government, and not the public.

Regardless of your personal opinion of the man, there can be no doubt that he acted in the public interest in taking his story, with videos and texts as proof, to van Onselen. Whatever his other motives are, and is there one among us without complex motives for much of what we do, he acted in the public interest, which is all that need concern us as citizens struggling to deal with the outrages visited upon us by a government entirely bereft of all morality.

This article was originally published on No Place For Sheep.


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  1. New England Cocky

    Seems that the Liarbral Party is becoming desperate in their clinging to political power. When all else fails, shoot the messenger!!.

    But a pig’s ear remains a pig’s ear, even when dressed up in a dinner suit like a stuffed penguin.

    There is little doubt that this betrayal of anonymity for whistle-blowers is just another manifestation of Scummo’s bulky boy tactics applied with equal venom against a male in this case ”to discredit him”.

    To a political sceptic, there would appear to be only one honourable conclusion to this shambolic destruction of Australian democracy by fascist corporations and their parasites, being an immediate general election so that the Australian voters can determine whether they wish to continue with this disgraceful and deleterious charade.

  2. Andrew J. Smith

    These are the tactics used by ‘owned’ media acting as protection racket for the governing party and their ideology, aka Hungary, Poland etc., in supporting autocracy.

    Would be interested to know, what is the ‘analysis’ of van Onselen and other journalists on this issue, i.e. le Grand and 9Fairfax ?

    Provided they do think and express themselves honestly…..

  3. Lucy Court

    Doxxing in today’s malicious online culture is tantamount to ruining someone’s life, but for a journo to do this to a source is truly shocking. And the height of hypocrisy coming from mainstream conservative press who decry Social Justice Warriors of the hard left for this very weaponisation of private data. I doubt I could feel more shocked, tbh.

  4. Rossleigh

    Now that Chip has established that he has no problem revealing another journalist’s source, perhaps he’d like to let us all know which members of the PMO have been backgrounding about Brittany Higgins’ partner.

  5. Kronomex


    The chances of that happening are bugger all. He’s a main sleaze media slug (with apologies to the slug).

  6. Phil Pryor

    So some one called “Chip le Grand” is now a SHIT le Gros?? With respect to the few honest ones, reporters in Australia are highly suspect and deficient in basics, not entirely their fault, for reporters are under the managerial contol of their own little plantation of media crap. Being under a Merde Dog or a Costello without Abbott is not free, fun, fair, moral, ethical, decent, but one can earn a living and a daily shit sandwich. Conservatives anywhere under any name are fascistic, egotistical, unbalanced if threatented, paranoid if threats are suspected, greedy, demanding and much worse. You might get protection, enlightenment, information, awareness, etc., from the Australian media, or the Myanmar military, or the Chinese Bureaucracy, or Putin’s “conscience”, or Trump’s tiny last brain cell.., but one should doubt all that.

  7. RomeoCharlie29

    45 years a journalist and I am disgusted at what Chip Le Grand has done. Van Onselen, who is not entirely clean, had guaranteed anonymity to the whistleblower, though we all know that disguising a voice and backlighting to obscure a face, are not actual guarantees of anonymity, being a former News Corpse writer almost guarantees Le Grand is probably not a member of the journalists Union,the MEAA, so doesn’t feel the need to subscribe to it’s principles. My concern is for the mental health of the whistleblower who can expect a deluge of shit. It might just bury him.

  8. Kaye Lee

    The article is extraordinary in many ways, none of them good.

    Not only did Chip out the whistleblower, he also published the name of the wanker and the owner of the desk (though the PM had already made that known). Chip’s take on it was that this had nothing to do with misogyny so bringing it up was just being anti-gay.

    ” one man’s performative relief has been [wrongly] portrayed as a perverted expression of male power. ”

    “There is a pattern of behaviour here but it is not behaviour that disempowers women; it is behaviour which marginalises gay men.”

    “This entire episode – the outing of gay Liberal men for consensual sex inside Parliament – is part revenge porn and part political activism.”

    Excuse me???? I don’t give a fuck if the sex was consensual, solo, or an orgy, and the gender and sexuality of the participants is irrelevant. IT IS NOT OK and it highlights just what a sleazy toxic workplace parliament has become.

    Chip also enters very dangerous territory expanding on Peta Credlin’s allegation that male sex workers have been brought into parliament giving a bit more information to narrow down who the allegation may refer to. I won’t repeat it here.

    All in all, this was an atrocious piece which did NOTHING to inform the public. It was revenge alright. It also sounded a lot like a defence of this behaviour. One wonders why.

  9. Kronomex

    Kaye Lee,

    If it sells newspapers and works as a great piece of, to use that stupid phrase, click-bait then somehow I don’t think we’ll see Nine/Fairfax doing any complaining.

  10. paul walter

    Yes, the SMH has gone down the drain badly.

    Also the ABC, apart from the good broadsheet journos still there.

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