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Don’t let the Abbott Government Budget get one over you

Photo: popthirdworld.tumblr.com

Photo: popthirdworld.tumblr.com

Tonight is the biggest test thus far for the Abbott Government.

It’s time for their Budget.

What looks like being a reverse Robin Hood Budget for the rich.

It will be a failure.

They won’t fail my test or even yours.

They will fail their own tests. Tests they repeated ad nauseam and will be measured against for years to come.

They will break promises. They will smack the least well off and increase their cost of living.

They will not ensure “every Australian” does the “heavy lifting”.

That’s a lie.

It will not be fair. It will not be just.

It will raise taxes.

They will impose a tax on healthcare and they will impose a tax on higher incomes as well as imposing higher taxes on fuel.

Broken promises. All of them.

They will increase the cost of living.

Mainly through the measures mentioned above.

Broken promises.

They will cut funding to education, health and the ABC and SBS.

More broken promises.

There is no credible budget emergency yet the least well off are asked to shoulder an unnecessary rush to surplus at their own expense.

Abbott will spout the line: “Debt and deficit disaster”.

This Peta Credlin line will repeated over and over again and you are expected to lap it up. It’s a focus grouped line designed to make you swallow his harsh cuts.

Australia has a healthy economy and no economist accepts their arguments.

Rest assured the Abbott Government will not slug the well off and the rich.

There are $130B of concessions and subsidies the Abbott Government will not touch.

They will be asked to do no “heavy lifting”.

That is not “fair” as the government says it is.

It will all be on the backs of the most vulnerable.

Highly unAustralian and damaging to the Australian way of life.

We are more than just an economy.

We are a society and society under Abbott is that little bit more unfair as the gap between the rich and poor widens even more.

There is a revenue problem, not a spending problem, yet there will be no structural change to revenue raised from the higher end of town, just short term measures.

Meanwhile, the entire social safety net is being recast permanently.

Keep an eye on the IPA and their wish list of 75 demands of an Abbott Government.

There are some mysterious connections between the IPA and this Abbott Government.

Why is the IPA writing Abbott Government policy and who are they? Who funds them? Why don’t we know?

Keep an eye on this corporate Abbott Government. They are trying to get one over you.

Remain vigilant and spread the word about their deception.

The core & non-core argument is being honed by the Abbott Government as we speak.

Sadly, for you them we’ve seen this show before and we know how it ends.

If you have any specific thoughts or concerns about the Abbott Government’s budget and its impact on you and your family or their connection to rich vested interests and the IPA please email me on matthew4surfers@gmail.com



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  1. Wayne Turner

    I also feel it’s the biggest test on the public.If they continue to fall for the Libs LIES eg: No excuses,no new taxes,etc,etc…. = Blame Labor & new taxes.

    Then the public will continue to fall for anything.

    The masses must call these Libs what they are: HYPOCRITICAL LIARS!

  2. Wayne Turner

    When I say continue to fall for the LIES.I mean fall for the excuses.EMPTY LYING SLOGANS such as: “National Interest”. Prove it Libs?

  3. Dan Rowden

    I think I’ll wait for the actual budget before I say anything about what the Budget is going to do.

  4. abbottania

    IPA set up by Rupert’s father (Keith ??) I think, 70 years ago with a definite constitution to support the liberal party. I don’t have the sources to hand but they are very easy to find. So…One can make an educated guess that Murdoch has significant influence over the IPA and by default the government.

  5. Margot Korbell

    Actually there are 100 items on the IPA wish list.
    The first 75 are at http://www.ipa.org.au/publications/2080/be-like-gough-75-radical-ideas-to-transform-australia
    and the extra 25 are at http://ipa.org.au/publications/2110/25-more-ideas-for-tony-abbott Tony Abbott seems to be working his way through them.
    You can read their annual report at http://www.ipa.org.au/images/ipa_2013_annual_report_web.pdf
    You can listen to Tony Abbott’s address at the IPA Anniverary dinner at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4pA5nTr8i0 Gina Rinehart, Rupert Murdoch and Cardinal Pell were also present at the dinner. What was a cardinal doing at a right wing think tank dinner I ask. Andrew Bolt was the Master of Ceremonies. James Bolt, Andrew’s son, is employed as a researcher at the IPA
    If you want to keep up to date with their activities you can subscribe to their free email updates which appear in you inbox every Thursday afternoon It pays to know what your opponents are doing so that you can fight their influence more effectively.

  6. Wayne Turner

    I also expect Hockey’s Budget Speech to be one of the WORST in history.It will most likely be full of:-

    *Empty No FACTS & NO DETAILED SLOGANS egs: “National Interest”. “Nation Building”. “Building for the Future”.etc,etc,etc…

    *Endless LIES,EXCUSES & ATTACKS on Labor,with more EMPTY LYING SLOGANS eg: “Labor’s Mess”. “Budget Emergency caused by Labor”.

    *LIES THAT THEY HAVE KEPT THEIR PROMISES – When they haven’t ie: New Taxes,and LOTS & LOTS OF EXCUSES.

    Basically what is typically of this Liberal party: EMPTY SLOGANS FOR BOGANS.LIES,NO FACTS & NO PROOF FROM EXPERTS.

  7. Kayla Flamenco Malaysia

    HOODWINKED! This government is hoodwinking us into believing they care about ordinary people, don’t fall for it, they have no positive long term plan that includes the benefit of ordinary Australians. This government, big mining and multinationals don’t give a hoot about you. This link may just be talk, but hey, the logic behind it is just and fair for all the countries of the world that are continually being ripped off.

  8. CMMC

    The IPA, like most of these ‘think tanks’ (Lobbyists), are staffed by earnest looking Young Lib types.

    But look at the Board of Directors, always old conservitard die-hards and merchant bankers.

  9. Stephen Tardrew

    I think Dan has it right. In a previous post he suggested that it is how Labor responds that is the real acid test of this budget. Soft Budget or not, and that is a possibility, Labor has to take up the cudgel. If they don’t we are in serious piles of rank DO DO poo.

    I am living in fear and trepidation of more spineless waffle.

  10. winstonclose

    One of the big donors of the IPA is Rupert Murdoch. other member is Gina Reinhardt

  11. Billy moir

    Seriously flawed article the economy is in crisis because people believe it is. The root cause is perception from whitlam and driven home over the last 3 years by the rabbott, his men whose continuous rant about debt in simple monotonous terms without substance went unchallenged by the lemon on sunrise and labor’s failure to answer in simple monotonous terms. This budget will be confirmed as a necessary consequence of labor’s mismanagement of an economy that allows the rabbott to borrow almost $150billion and keep AAA. All hail abutthead of Australia and saviour from Gillard. Praise The Lord for little billy in sackcloth and ashes doing his penance.

  12. Anomander

    There are some mysterious connections between the IPA and this Abbott Government.

    No mysterious connections there at all. The strings are visible for all to see and they are being pulled by the IPA, Rupert, Gina and big business.

    Abbott is a wooden puppet with a 100ft long nose which keeps growing longer with each passing minute.

  13. Steve

    Who is the IPA and who controls it ? If you say Zionists I am going to be violently ill .

  14. Denisio Fabuloso

    Sadly most of our electorate gives the impression they are a mob of dimwits. Unable to understand the most basic maths and science. They seem steadfastly committed to voting against their own and their children’s best interests.on a regular basis. The self delusion gene seems to have triumphed over almost every sensible mode of thinking and behaviour. Economics, and its increasingly shallow selfish agenda, has become more important to us than the miracle of life itself. If longevity is a measure of success, then dinosaurs sure make us look like a bunch of pathetic opportunistic evolutionary failures. Onward we march to oblivion… the short sharp insane epoch of Homo economicus is almost over. You know what really and profoundly pisses me off? Being led to catastrophe by morons. So long and thanks for all the… stuff.

  15. Wayne Turner

    Spot on Denisio.Too many are a bunch of moronic non-thinking sheep,who blindly follow what they are told by the MSM/Libs.No ciritical thinking,logic or how to spot fallacies skills at all.In fact a failure of democracy when it’s clear the majority are uneducated politically and otherwise.

  16. Caroline Storm

    We are at the “mercy” of , mainly, people who use their brains selectively! “Ideas are thoughts and do not use the neural cells in charge of emotions, feelings, memories.
    For example, “So he was murdered, but we don’t need an inquest” , ” He can’t get a job? Make him move to a place where there are jobs”. “She’s severely mentally ill? Probably be psychosis- free in a few weeks; after it’s over a doctor can sign she’s fit for work. Off the pension then. Take her a long time to get back on after she has another one”! And what I’m sure is coming… nation wide ‘physician-assisted death’…I agree with that. But soon the idea will occur to one of our leaders that this must be legislated. A law will be passed and a much lesser aging problem results…an ideal form of geriatric suicide/genocide.
    Our leaders are leading us by ideas. Ideas are thoughts. Without scholarship, a remembrance of past academic and religious teaching, science, awareness of humanity, justice, as their ideas appear to be, we are ruled by ideas and ideologues.. Retreat Australia fair. For those who’ve come across the sea, no boundless plains we’ll share.

  17. john921fraser


    The real problem now confronting Australia is that Abbott has been so successful Australians have their hands in their pockets and have stopped spending.

    Here comes the recession we had to have ….. because Australia was naughty back in 2010 and didn't give Abbott power.

    Having a limp lettuce as Opposition leader just highlights how much trouble we are all in.

  18. Matters Not

    Just watched Chris Bowen on Channel 2. At least he’s across his brief and seems to have fire in his belly.

    Why he didn’t open with a much stronger ‘first point’ was somewhat disappointing.

    Abbott declared ‘total warfare’ against the current/former ‘common sense’ and was spectacularly successful over the last few years.

    He (Abbott) has created a new ‘common sense’ (one which I abhor, BTW) but it ‘works’.

    Again, it seems that Labor is playing on Abbott’s ‘ballpark’ and is and will continue to lose.

    No f@ng leadership. No apparent ‘tactics’ and even worse no apparent ‘stratgey’.

  19. Matters Not

    Can anyone tell me why we are funding this new ‘Medical Research Fund’ using public funds?

    Surely if it’s important and the punters want it (same isn’t). then why are we putting monies into it, and perhaps ‘crowding out private investment’? Just joking btw.

    No mention of climate change in the budget tonight which demonstrates once and for all the LNP solves problems by just ignoring same. No surprises – just as Tony promised. Sort of.

  20. Stephen Tardrew

    Under thirty waiting for six months for Newstart. This is just viscous when youth unemployment is so high. These guy have no hearts, no ethics and no humanity.

  21. john921fraser


    @Matters Not

    I suppose Bowen was deferring to his Leaders reply but not answering the question of blocking the Deficit Tax just came across as more limp lettuce from the Shorten team.

  22. john921fraser


    @Stephen Tardrew

    Abbott doesn't do soft and cuddly.

    Ideology of the extreme right has no room for sentiment.

    Pell & Murdoch have worked miracles with Abbott.

  23. Matters Not

    john921fraser, what annoys me is that Shorten et al ‘knew’ in general terms terms what the ‘Budget’ would be about. FFS.

    There was enough time to develop a ‘shock and awe’ response (and brief the whole team as Abbott mob do) that would resonate with the electorate.

    Haven’t seen it yet.

    Abbott should be on ‘toast’ tonight. But sadly not.

  24. Stephen Tardrew

    Matters Not: Absolutely more spineless waffle.

  25. john921fraser


    Shorten is Keatings original limp lettuce.

  26. mars08

    Some people are going to feel the pain more than others. Some people are going to feel the pain SOONER than others.

    So far Labor has continued it’s “small target” strategy. Soooo…. where will the unhappy voters go in search of a champion?

  27. john921fraser


    Christine Milne had a win with her party coming out and saying they will not support the "Deficit tax"

    Last week !

  28. Michael Taylor

    Hockey wants us to share the pain. But in order to share the pain . . . You must first create some.

    He has created much of it.

  29. john921fraser


    @Michael Taylor

    I don't think the Rineharts of Australia are feeling much pain.

    Probably sitting back with a glass of 59 Grange sucking on a cigar.

    Laughing along with the clown Hockey.

  30. Michael Taylor

    Sorry, Joe. No cigar.

  31. Lee

    I’d really like to see more people reduce unnecessary spending so that the lack of consumption will be felt by those who aren’t paying their fair share of tax. Unfortunately, lots of folks will choose what they want over what they really need.

  32. randalstella

    It looks as if the fate of the country has been fixed to turn on 3-word slogans.
    “Stop the Boats” has been surpassed by “Budget Repair Job”.
    The former did not have every second economic commentator repeating it spontaneously as if neutral reference to reality. That is happening right now. This is how they intend to stay in power, to do their destructive worst behind slogans.
    How does “One Term Tony” appear next to that? Who’s repeating that? And how effective is that? It might as well have been concocted by the LNP – and in a way it was. It reduces opposition to the LNP disaster to wishful thinking. It’s a slogan of entrenched Opposition, not for Government.
    Where is Labor to defend their budgeting? Do they intend to? Do they have the heart for it? Where are their slogans- not just for the public, but also for the profoundly obtuse commentariat who with a straight and serious face absurdly mouth cornerstone LNP lies for them?
    And thus the principle of Medicare is broken, as if it is not happening. The MSM normalisation of the gangsters in power has just picked up pace.

  33. mars08

    <blockquote"…This is how they intend to stay in power, to do their destructive worst behind slogans…

    I notice that my commentators are STILL using Hockey’s bogus “$667 billion debt trap” line. Even though that slogan has been clearly shown to be fiction.

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