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“You don’t know what bullying is”

By Jamie Bloomfield

To all those opposed to Marriage Equality – take note.

You feel you are being bullied? You don’t know what bullying is.

Gay people get bullied because of the way we are born.

We have been/are bullied at school, bullied at home, bullied at work, bullied in the streets.

We have been rejected/shunned by family and friends.

We have been physically, sexually, and psychologically abused or assaulted. In extreme cases some of our gay brothers and sisters have been abused to the point that – when they can no longer cope – they take their own lives.

Some of them have been murdered. Simply because they were born gay.

So you’ll excuse me when you complain of being bullied about your views on Marriage Equality and I tell you to “F#ck off!”.

You don’t know what bullying is.

We’re not bullying you. We’re standing up for ourselves … and you just don’t like it.

Tough nuts!

And as for those with a religious bent, be on notice. It is NOT about YOUR religion.

Personally, I will always accept that you have the right to practice the voodoo of your choice. I too believe in religious freedom, even though I am not a religious person.

But let me make something perfectly clear: your right to freedom of religion does not trump my human rights – especially in a secular State such as ours and especially as we are seeking only to change civil marriage, not religious marriage. You can keep that for yourselves.

Besides, the Church cannot claim ownership of marriage. It predates religion and it wasn’t until the 12th century that the Roman Catholic Church defined marriage as a sacrament sanctioned by God.

And stop conflating the issue. It is about Marriage Equality. Nothing else. Breeding is a completely separate issue. Not everyone wants to have children. Not everyone is capable of having children.

Marriage – gay or straight – only affects two people: those being wedded. So really, it is no-one else’s business but theirs.

The issue of Marriage Equality is today’s equivalent of the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

It’s about love, recognition, respect, inclusion and the end of discrimination.

And be on notice – it WILL happen – with or without you.

Because love always trumps hate.


  1. diannaart

    We’re not bullying you. We’re standing up for ourselves … and you just don’t like it.

    Damn, er, straight.


  2. Papuq

    Unfortunately love does not always trump hate. History shows this.

  3. wam

    It is not that long ago when a boy who cried at the movies had to deny being a poofta. In primary school smart boys who were smart at the wrong time got a chinese burn or a dunking in the trough. Anyone who was gay must have been terrified of betrayal by action or confidence.
    The hard core yes xstians are afraid for their beliefs and their church. Two men kissing disgusting ( perhaps two young women kissing titillating?)

  4. Barry Thompson.

    Very well said Jamie. When will people realise that being gay is not a personal choice? Gay people are born that way.

  5. john ocallaghan

    I reckon almost every family has at least i gay member, my own very own large extended family has a few gay members as well,and we dont make a big deal out of it and why should we?
    One day we will look back at this period and feel very ashamed at how we treated our gay brothers and sisters!~!~

  6. Jack Straw

    Jamie: Most conservative types are fundamentalist’s.As their world view is set in concrete at an early age.Many are attack dogs; if you don’t believe the same nonsense.Though when you decide you have had enough of their biased bullshit and really take them on. They squeal and squawk like frightened piglets.

  7. margcal

    The YES case presented at the National Press Club is so worth watching then sharing.
    Warning to those who condemn out of hand all people of faith in general and Christians and Catholics in particular, both presenters are Catholic. (And one admits to – usually – being a Liberal.)
    But to those with an open mind, this will have you both laughing and crying. I’d make it compulsory viewing.
    Vote YES !


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