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Don’t expect leadership from Scott Morrison

“You are only as good as your Cabinet” are words that make you think. For those of my vintage, it suggests a group of people who respect leadership and intelligence with the same broad objectives. Bob Hawke’s first Cabinet was such a group. They were a progressive bunch with the will to take the country forward, and they did so with hard work and diligence.

The Ministry included such luminaries as Hawke, Lionel Bowen, John Button, Paul Keating, Barry Jones, Bill Haydon, Susan Ryan, Mick Young and Gareth Evans.

Of course, talent doesn’t always follow those with degrees. The current Ministry is probably the most educated of all time, whereas the Hawke Cabinets conversely contained a fair few without degrees, other than life experience.

Sure, they had a bit of flair with a touch of Hawke larrikinism. Keating left school at 14, Mick Young worked as a shearer and roustabout, and Peter Walsh was a wheat and sheep farmer.

I mention these fleetingly because I have written in-depth on this subject before. I really wanted to comment on a few LNP politician’s behaviours who don’t represent the parties they stand for and are not representative of any standard of decency expected of our parliamentarians.

Let’s go back to President Trump’s Twitter ban and begin with the response by the climate change fact-denying, bible-bashing absentee George Christensen who believes that free speech that allows for the individual’s right to lie without consequence is a good thing:

“On Sunday, Christensen proposed laws to ‘stop social media platforms from censoring any and all lawful content created by their users’.”

He was, of course, opposing Twitter’s suspension of President Trump. Trump has been very active lately firing out violence-inspiring words. Words like these:

“We’re going to walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women, and we’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them, because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.”

Trump’s speech was riddled with imagery of warlike-violence and I wonder if Mr Christensen supports this example of ‘free speech.’

The New York Times reported that:

“Several laws clearly make it a crime to incite a riot or otherwise try to get another person to engage in a violent crime against property or people.”

Again, I wonder what George thinks of that?

Acting Prime Minister and Nationals leader Michael McCormack has been criticised in the media when his words compared the riots with the recent Black Lives Matter marches.

If hydroxychloroquine-deviates like Christensen and the clearly incompetent McCormack want to express their views in the guise of free speech, it does not mean it should be free from ethics like truth, but people often demand free speech to compensate for the freedom of thought they rarely use.

Christensen and McCormack are but two of one of many in the government with these traits.

I can but humbly conclude that if you agree with Trump’s right to free speech and it contains actions that promote violence, then you must in part at least own a bit of the story.

Scott Ludlum takes a dig:



Both Christensen and Craig Kelly have also agreed with the President that hydroxychloroquine is an effective coronavirus treatment.

The point here is that Morrison’s Cabinet members and those outside it appear to have carte blanche to say what they want on any subject. Matt Canavan regularly does on energy and climate change as does Kelly. No strong leader would allow it.

Chris Bowen gives the impression he doesn’t think highly of those guys.



Of course, it must be remembered that the two of them have power over the Government who with a one-seat majority are still vulnerable on the floor of the House. If one of them crossed the floor, their demise could mean life or death for the Government. They know it, as does Morrison.

McCormack said that he did not believe Christensen or Kelly should be criticised for having different opinions. Still, when those opinions aren’t substantiated with facts, they are just baseless crap.

“Facts are sometimes contentious and what you might think is right, somebody else might think is completely untrue … That is part of living in a democratic country,” McCormack said.

The Acting Prime Minister also doubled down on remarks he made comparing the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests to last week’s riot on the Capitol, saying “any form of violence” should be condemned.

McCormack, the acting Prime Minister while Scott Morrison takes a break, was asked whether Donald Trump should be removed from office for inciting the riots:

“It is unfortunate that we have seen the events at the Capitol Hill that we’ve seen in recent days, similar to those race riots that we saw around the country last year,” Mr McCormack told the ABC’s RN program.

In yet another tweet, Josh Frydenberg couldn’t support the Deputy Prime Minister quickly enough.

Tony Windsor also tweeted:



What is it in the Acting Prime Minister’s innermost thinking that compares a Black Death in custody with a protest by some uninformed “fascists”?

Now let’s move onto the Prime Minister and see how the leader is shaping up at the beginning of 2021.

Thus far, he has refused categorically to tell his backbench to stop spreading misinformation.

However, he tweeted:



The Australian chimed in:



On leave, the Prime Minister is quoted as saying that he is hoping for a peaceful transfer of power in the United States.

He criticised the rioters for their “terribly distressing” acts of violence in storming the Capitol building but could not find few condemning words for the President. When he asked the crowd to disperse, Trump’s mixed messages were overlooked when the rioters read between the lines.

Morrison also refused any criticism of others on his backbench (and others) for supporting and promoting unfounded conspiracy theories over the US presidential election results.

Anthony Albanese was direct and blunt in his response, saying the actions of the people involved were those of insurrectionists. In contrast, Malcolm Turnbull said Morrison had been “a bit weak” and “a bit tepid” compared to other world leaders’ condemnation.

So it has to be said that the Prime Minister is carrying a large amount of luggage from one year to the next he is also adding a significant amount into 2021.

2020 was a challenging year, and many societal and economic changes will be thrust on us by COVID-19. The Government is hardly likely to merge the economy with society and bring about a fairer governance system.

Their record whilst in power has been nothing short of deplorable. There are no “Liberals” left to bring about change that in turn would apply equality of opportunity, transparency, and an open government style that governs for all.

No doubt exists in my mind that all the small ‘L’ liberals have gone and we are left with a rabble of conservative, very right-wing Trump-like species who only have feelings for themselves. What’s in it for me?

The LNP is like the GOP. Both have lost the traditional values of at least having a heart. One only has to look at the decline in both their values over the past decade. They have sold them out to the corporations and the extreme right-wing of their parties, in other words, to the highest bidder who gives not a dam for the collective good.

America has proven that it can with the right people overcome the moronic-powerful like Trump, and this year Australia may have the same opportunity with Morrison.

The question is; Does Labor have the right people to do it?

My thought for the day

Leadership is a combination of traits that etch the outlines of life and grow over time. They govern moral choices and demonstrate empathy toward others. It is far better for those with these qualities to lead rather than follow. It is incumbent on them.

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  1. Uta Hannemann

    “Sure, they had a bit of flair with a touch of Hawke larrikinism. Keating left school at 14, Mick Young worked as a shearer and roustabout, and Peter Walsh was a wheat and sheep farmer.”

    Sure, you should not underestimate life experience and the will to take the country forward, and to do so with hard work and diligence!

  2. Keith

    During Howard’s time as PM the LNP promoted a view of “conspicuous compassion” it was a view that it is better to be cruel than to be kind. Though expressed as to be cruel can be kind. We have the cancer of Libertarianism which can be seen as “me-ism”. Also, the ideology of neo-conservatism is the current flavour which is also a corrosive ideology. The irony is that modern monetary theory is helping countries economically through the pandemic. Alan Kohler in the New Daily expressed the view that Australia is “half pregnant” in relation to dealing with the current economic crisis. Only partly going along with modern monetary theory was his meaning I believe.

  3. New England Cocky

    Oh dear JL, you are being unreasonable with the 13/22 mock Christians followers of the Hellslingers Cult of Greed & Paedophile Protection. Indeed, I politely suggest that your idea of leadership is out-dated, compared to the links forged on the keyboard battlefields, and Brutus conspiracies of the morning prayer meeting in Parliament House. Mateship is by far the most important component, which is paramount when it involves ”political donations” to the Liarbral Nazional$ Parties.

    I mean, how will the LNP survive the next election without Liarbral Party $30 MILLION donations to Murdoch Media for editorial assistance for describing the plethora of wonderful LNP announcements while obfuscating the lack of follow up and results?

    It seems like “”An announcement a day keeps the nation in decay” because the COVID-19 pandemic recovery is unlikely to be a fast or painless as was the Labor led Rudd-Henry recovery from the 2009 GFC. Meanwhile ”Let them eat cake” previously resulted in the demise of Marie Antoinette 200+ years ago, but will it be sufficient to encourage Australian voters to vote against the most corrupt and lazy Federal misgovernment since Federation in 1901?

  4. Joseph Carli

    With the sense of political stasis currently in Aust’, the Left and Right of politics is jockeying for relevance with a phoney war…each scrambling to be seen as “The Radical Centre” representative for the voting public…The “Left” no longer radical, but “Progressive”…eeuww!

  5. wam

    Welcome back, lord, keep fit.
    Give her/him a fair go’ used to be our mantra. ‘I’ll give it a go’ was the acceptance of the challenge whilst ‘Come on have a go’ was associated with a challenge to violence.
    Now ‘fair’ means anything suitable to ‘me’.
    Thus “bring about a fairer governance system” means think of any means that will keep us in power.
    We know lies, adverts, cash splashes and murdoch works. Plus we have unlimited access to public funds, thanks christine, but every little helps let’s get rid of preferences by-elections and compulsory voting.
    Loved your thought right up the alley of my mate Eli Nes
    heard mrs trump splutter about the honour of being first lady. Part of the honour was michelle showing her over her home for the next 4 years.
    Mrs trump, in step with her husband, is not honourable enough to continue such a tradition. Still I am certain that I am not alone in feeling terrible sorry for her?

  6. DrakeN

    Good, Lord.

    Re. the tertiary degrees etc. most of those current degree holders in postions of influence were able to attain them at little cost to themselves during the time free of University fees. Remember?

    The expression “Highly qualified ignoramii” applies, too.

    Likewise: “By their deeds shall ye know them.” where their actions during their non-political lives, if indeed they had any non-political experience, should count more in regard to their fitness for office than an academic qualification.

  7. Bronte ALLAN

    Great words again John! The trouble with ALL these fucking right wing, flat earth, quasi-christian, lying scumbag so-called “liberals” is they are all NO bloody good. None of them could tell the truth about anything, ever! This country is doomed for a very long time if this bloody mob of idiots gets another win at the next elections. I hope the labor lot are gearing up with some decent policies etc!

  8. Henry Rodrigues

    Maybe Labor and Albo have been reading my posts, because today I got the feeling that finally they are getting into that mood of kicking Scummo’s and his band of dickheads, for a six.
    Albo’s denunciation of Scummo’s response to Trump’s behaviour was refreshing. Even their ABC lead with the story. Its time to get nasty and relentlessly so. Another term for these freaks is not acceptable. I can sense that Murdoch and Scummo are feeling some vulnerability with the ignominious defeat and departure of their champion and standard bearer, Trump. No surprise why bargearse Christensen and dog shagger Kelly are reacting like wounded pricks. Climate change is going to be a big topic, with most countries accepting the need for action, which leaves these dickheads in an embarrassing corner with nowhere to go except up their own backsides, which are adequately large for the purpose.

  9. Consume Less

    Well said John Lord, these political idiots, Flatearthmo and Mickmack are a disgrace. I am not big on praying but if a prayer for the Australian electorate to vote these imbeciles out, had influence, I would do it.
    Just read Biden’s speech and thought it was excellent.

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