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Well, the week was bookended by Sam Newman and Donald Trump with some interesting takes on political correctness.

Sam, for those of you who have better things to do, was an AFL footballer who has since gained notoriety on a TV show where he regularly performs the role of clown. In the past few years, he has made several provocative statements, appeared with black-face to impersonate ex-footballer Nicky Winmar, exposed his penis, inappropriately touched a doll, and generally done the sort of the thing that would have one sacked in any normal workplace. But all this was done on TV, so one presumes that it gives him the sort of freedom to do things that he wouldn’t do in the privacy of his own home.

But even though Sam has never lost his job for such things, he was concerned about how “political correctness” was hampering his style so he wrote an opinion piece for “The Herald-Sun”.

Like many of those who complain about this, he takes the view that he should be allowed to say what he likes and not stifled. Other people saying what they like about his offensiveness, however, stifles him and he thinks that they shouldn’t be allowed to do this.

Yes, people complaining about homophobic, racist, or sexist comments should be prevented from speaking because it upsets the poor petals who like to make them. It’s got so you can’t come out and be a red-blooded man any more without being criticised and well, criticism is really hard to take…

In the interests of freedom, we should ban political correctness!

So, Donald Trump’s little outburst seems topical. For those of you who missed it, Trump thought it appropriate to mock a reporter’s disability.

Personally, I have this theory that Donald Trump thought it’d be fun to run for President but had no genuine desire to really be a long term candidate because that would involve actual work, and that at least once a week, he says something that he hopes will allow him to withdraw because his support base had eroded to the point that he could do so without looking like he has no real concern for the democratic processes. Then he could just throw the few remaining supporters behind some other guy – who’d then owe him if he actually won. (I’m not being sexist – I just can’t imagine Trump suggesting that a woman should be president!)

Of course, after watching Trump mocking that reporter, I suddenly had an epiphany. Am I any better? After all, I mock people like Abbott, Pyne and Abetz (Barnaby Joyce just mocks himself) Am I just another Donald Trump when I make fun of Sam Newman whose overcome a complete lack of sophistication to find a job where you’re extremely well paid to humiliate yourself.

And both Trump and Newman have done so much to improve their physical appearance while I’ve let myself go to the point that I have grey hair and wrinkles, but they, through clean-living and a healthy life-style still have their natural hair colour. In Sam’s case apparently when he raises his eyebrows it also pulls up his socks.

Yes, I’m no better than Donald Trump. I’m ashamed of myself.

But then, neither he nor Sam believe in political correctness, so I guess it’s all ok!



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  1. bobrafto

    But even though Sam has never lost his job for such things, he was concerned about how “political correctness” was hampering his style so he wrote an opinion piece for “The Herald-Sun”.

    I cracked up when I read the above.

    As if anyone would take Newman seriously.

  2. Roswell

    At least Sam Newman has no chance of being our PM.

  3. Michael Taylor

    Roswell, we had Tony Abbott instead. Much of the same.

  4. brickbob

    Dont bet on that,the idiot Abbott got elected and the other idiot Newman could as well .

  5. bobrafto

    The other other idiot Newman was elected Premier.

  6. Annie B


    I have always 99.999% thoroughly enjoyed your tongue-in-cheek articles – sarcastic, humourous and thoroughly enjoyable. And you have always made your points.

    You have made them again this time, very well —- but ………

    YOU HAVE ALMOST LOST ME FOREVER. !! …. Naming THE two most bombastic, evil villains that walk this earth ( barring politicians of any ilk ) … to make your point.

    Newman makes a fool, not only of himself, but of Channel 9, sport in general, and frequently damns the human race to something he sees always as below him. …. A sad bloke, in every respect. And whatever he might do in the privacy of his own home —- shudder the thought !! A true narcissist is Newman.


    As for Trump the Chump Dump !! …. you are most likely right … he doesn’t ‘want’ the job ( really ), and will do everything he can to avoid it. However, the Yanks just love that kind of aggro, political correctness gone haywire, and they adore controversial – – so many are following him to the Black House ( er – White House ). I wonder what money making venture he has in mind, by saying and doing these disgusting and outrageous things ?? Good publicity for his future plans ?????

    If Trump ‘happens’, well – it’s been good knowing ya Rossleigh. …. With that ‘thing’ at the helm of the country which claims to be superior and exceptional, there ain’t gonna be any more of anything. He is a moron of the first degree, and worse. A very very evil individual. Appealing to what he knows best of the American mindset, ( with some exceptions.) ……. I wonder if Sarah Palin is cow-towing ( or whatever ) to him as well. Most likely. !!!! 😉

    I am so glad that I have not yet eaten my dinner. …. it would have no longer been in my stomach.

    But … I have to say, well said, well done. I shall now go and attempt to recover.

    🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁

  7. kerri

    So with you on this Rossleigh! My first thought on Trump mocking the journalist was to comment online about frightful hair-dos. And as for Newman? If he was on fire……….
    Saw him once in a restaurant. Contained myself! But gosh he’s a little tacker really!

  8. Sen Nearly Ile

    what are australia’s aboriginal people, like Nicky Winmar, called, ross??? The one’s sam impersonated?
    annie b the show, and sam is the show, has attracted huge audiences for more than 20 years.
    The men and women watchers find enough to render your opinion, albeit shared by the women in my family, a minority personal opinion of a man who is as he is seen, with no pretensions, honest in his stupidity, not smart enough to understand consequences and typical of the majority of AFL supporters. But if you want to see real buffoons try the NRL show..

  9. Harry.V.Dirchy

    Rossleigh, you are sadly mistaken,socks are on the outside. When Sam raises his eyebrows he gains a goatie with a small wart at the bottom.

  10. lawrencewinder

    Sam Newman was the first of the Aspirational bogans… and people ended up voting for a party led by Rabid-the-Hun…the proliferation of the down-market demographic of “entertainment” pandering and feeding off the bogan has increased year after year in the past 25. Next we’ll have the commercials presenting the reclaim Australia series….presented by Blot-on-the-Landscape, of course.

  11. Annie B

    @ Sen Nearly Ile

    Have to agree about the ‘show’ … Newman IS the show because he is controversial, and everyone loves a bit of controversy …. “what will he say or do next ?? – wow ” … it’s like a mystery thriller ( with apologies to good mystery thriller writers ).

    ” Honest in his stupidity “, hits the nail square on the head. Depends on whether one goes for the honesty bit, or the stupidity bit. …… Either way, he makes me feel quite ill.

    As for the NRL show – I have watched that on a few occasions – a few too many actually. … It is the pits.

    ( And I happen to be a fan of AFL – and to a degree the NRL to watch ).

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