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Donald Trump and the tweet that stopped the world

Some events, catastrophic or otherwise, have been known to stop the world. They are events that captured the eyes and ears of the entire planet.

I can think of a number of them in my lifetime:

The Cuban missile crisis

The assassination of JFK

The first moon landing

The Apollo 13 drama

The Tiananmen Square massacre

The Chernobyl disaster

Space Shuttle Challenger disaster

The fall of the Berlin Wall

The death of the Princess of Wales

The events of 9/11

A tweet by Donald Trump.

”What! A tweet by Donald Trump?” you ask.

“Yes indeed. His tweet of this morning has stopped the world.”

A tweet so stupid, that the whole world has stopped in stunned, gob-smacking amazement. You just have to see it:

Well there you have it.

You can now pick yourself up from the floor and carry on with your life safe in the knowledge that this “stable genius” is the apparent leader of the free world, and that everything you ever knew about the moon was wrong.

Oh, and by the way, here’s a screenshot of one of his tweets from three weeks ago, proposing, of all things, that we should go back to the moon.

Sometimes … just sometimes … I am lost for words.

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  1. Kerri

    Less stunned that Trump said it and more stunned at the idiots who still like him.
    Education in the US must be shocking!

  2. Marcus Champ

    To be clear I am not a fan of trump, indeed my level of disgust for him as a person would take some time to articulate in full. Furthermore, his stupidity and lack of understanding of almost everything is well documented.

    On this occasion however, I suspect he was referring to returning to the moon being part of the process to then springboard onto Mars, and in that respect the moon is a “part” of the Mars mission. But then you have last week supporting going to the moon and this week not…which is more classic trump, particularly given the timing was only an hour or so after a fox news host criticised returning to the moon….which is also classic trump.

    Sadly, lets reflect as a country we have just voted back in an incompetent, clearly corrupt Government who have only taken a week or so after returning to office to re-start attacking our democracy for person political gain. Suddenly its not quite so funny.

  3. Mark morton

    You mean it’s not made of cheese but really Mars Bars? Oh the humanity….

  4. wam

    dien bien phu was the first return to the left for my dad (and me) since the revelations of uncle joe and a memorable stop the world
    Sadly the septics deserve trump and bobby made sure we wouldn’t forget him.

    We don’t deserve 3 years of scummo and the world doesn’t deserve another 4 years of trump but who can challenge???

    A search suggests another republican may challenge and a 92 result may ensue??

    Personally I prefer trump to the ultra scary pence. Will trump’s bully tactics on trade backfire too soon so pence becomes president?? I hope not!!!!!

  5. pierre wilkinson

    You don’t seem to understand that the stable genius was referring to all that outer space thingies, like you know, the moon, Mars… the sun, stuff like that. See all related…
    wonder if there is any real estate available up there? always money in real estate..

  6. Terence Mills

    In the movie Lincoln there is a memorable scene at the point where the US Congress is debating the emancipation of slaves and whilst Thaddeus Stevens – member of the United States House of Representatives from Pennsylvania – would not acknowledge that all men are born equal he did insist that all men are equal before the law and this allowed the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution to progress and deliver equality before the law and ultimately freedom to those held in slavery.

    His observations on the subject could equally be applied to Trump :

    How can I hold that all men are created equal when here before me stands stinking the moral carcass of the gentleman from Ohio? Proof that some men are inferior. Endowed by their maker with dim wits, impermeable to reason, with cold pallid slime in their veins instead of hot red blood. You are more reptile than man George, so low and flat that the foot of man is incapable of crushing you.

    [Thaddeus Stevens was portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones]

  7. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Michael.
    Donald Trump – the gift that keeps on giving! I’d love to think that he really does believe that the moon is somehow attached to Mars – by a string, perhaps, or more sophisticatedly (?), by Intergalactic Zombie Super Secret Force X. Sadly, though, I suspect that Marcus is right. It’s just that the de facto President of the World simply cannot be relied upon to put one word after another in a sensible fashion. Sigh.
    BUT, we have it on his own impeccable authority that the Queen likes him. Chemistry. Wow, he’s still got it! They’ve both still got it! Phew!

  8. Andrew J Smith

    TM re. ‘all men are equal before the law and this allowed the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution to progress and deliver equality before the law and ultimately freedom to those held in slavery.’

    According to Nancy MacLean author of Democracy in Chains, many US States are preparing to challenge the 14th when numbers allow…

  9. Kaye Lee

    What are we doing?


    Why are we doing it?


  10. Pappinbarra Fox

    Kate says: Donald Trump – the gift that keeps on giving!

    Really the joke that keeps on being laughed at. Never gets stale just gets scarier

  11. John Lord

    It was only last week he tweeted that the quality of air in the US had improved since he became President. The only race in the world that believes it’s own bullshit.

  12. Graeme

    I just cannot believe that American people will tolerate this dangerous buffoon
    for much longer. He is a danger to every country in the world and believes ‘I am the greatest’
    gift to mankind. My friends in the US are aghast with his actions and tweeting.
    God help America

  13. Miriam English

    Some republicans thankfully have had enough:
    Republicans for the rule of law
    They think Trump should be indicted.

    Regarding our own fake prime minister, Morrison, I was thinking… in most competitive things, if someone is found to have cheated, they are disqualified and lose their win, and are often barred from competing again, for some period. These rules apply in sport, in school exams, in science, in film and theatrical awards, in book competitions, and much more. Why is it that we don’t apply such rules to the pivotally important election process?

    We know Morrison cheated and was helped by a range of other cheats (Pauline Hanson, Clive Palmer, and Rupert Murdoch) who lied and misled people on Morrison’s behalf. He should lose the win and it should be handed to the one who came second. And he should probably be barred from politics in disgrace for some years as well. To let him benefit from such reprehensible behavior is just disgusting. It is wrong.

  14. RosemaryJ36

    Trump has the advantage that he makes a lot of people feel normal.

  15. Miriam English

    Rosemary, your comment is wonderful and goes straight into my quotes folder. 😀

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