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Where dogs go to die

Reality check:

“ … and she said, we’re all like pigs slapped down some lane, our grassbrains singing toward the blade … ” (Charles Bukowski).

So now that we’ve got a new secretary of the ACTU, elected to the accolades of the many … I heard her first speech to the National Press Club, refreshing in its “unpolished” honesty; direct and firm in its delivery with no mistaking the intent and decision. We’ve heard enough from spivs and spielers. And she answered the questions from the Press Gallery with short, sharp, succinct replies. No messing around with that coterie of cunning bastards!

But it’s no use setting her up on a pedestal and then hanging her out on her own to take all the flak from the cowardly LNP and the mainstream media (MSM), for that is about to happen as sure as night follows day. We’ve already heard from the leader of the Government that he didn’t think he could work with her. as if he ever could “work” with any union or union leader. The Murdoch media will be already on her case, researching all the weak spots and vulnerabilities before they are all over her like a bad attack of the pox. Montezuma’s Revenge! Those filth best attuned to attacking all those less capable of defending themselves, like the most craven bullies, will be pushing their lap-dogs in the Parliament to come down on the unions like a ton of bricks. We have to be ready for them, for they underestimate our strength as much as they overestimate their capability.

The MSM runs on bluff. They are will-o-the-wisps, all smoke and mirrors. The LNP/IPA crowd are cowards, all of them. Gutless cowards every man-Jack /woman-Jill. There is no real threat from that quarter, but it is their pay-masters who will be out there slinging the stones and arrows, seeking to get as many of the voting public on-side to do as much damage to union credibility as possible through those miserable creatures in their pay; the journalists. These will lead the attack, and it is these we will have to strike back at. And strike back with all the verbal ammunition at our disposal, for we are no longer the quiet passive voice of the silent majority – no longer passive listeners to those carping from the tower of the MSM platforms delivering their version of the stories of strikes and stoppages. We now have our own media platform and we know how to use it! We will now control the story, we will deliver the truth, we will be what the MSM has failed to be: the legitimate Fourth Estate to our democracy!

No! With the election of the new ACTU secretary, and her delivery of the ultimatum of; “No more … no more” cutting of the wages of workers and the cheating of low-paid workers and the destruction of our social services, the barricades have been erected and now we; the people are needed to man those barricades, for it is no use expecting either the unions or the leaders of the unions to cop the flak on their own. We have to be here covering them and ready and willing to counter-attack when the time is needed … for it will come, as sure as night following day, it will come as it has come every time the working class. The producing class has stood up to the vile and violent ruling class. So whenever any of the MSM comes out with an attack upon the union and/or its leadership, consider it an attack upon ourselves – for that is what it is – and then attack back at that individual journalist. And spare no measure when doing so, for they will not show any consideration nor mercy toward any one of us they want to destroy..

Consider how they attacked relentlessly the Gillard Government through Julia Gillard herself.

Consider how they attacked the Whitlam Government through Gough Whitlam himself.

Consider how they attacked the Dunstan Government through Don Dunstan himself (and his partner; Adele Kohl).

Consider how they attacked Carmen Lawrence, Paul Keating and any number of Labor leaders and those Union leaders and members (through the TURC. Kangaroo court) … too numerous to mention..

Consider most of all as a reminder of their viciousness: How they attacked that one citizen on QandA who just asked the one simple question. One question and he was hunted down and vilified to the point of having to seek shelter from the cowardly witch-hunt. It could well have been anyone of us. And there were others, many others and groups of the vulnerable. The Murdoch press specialise in cruel vilification. So do not feel the slightest sympathy for these criothans. They are but traitors enjoying the largess showered upon them from a foreign national intent on using his media platform to destabilise, demoralise and sabotage the interests of our State. His creatures sheltering under the protection of their Australian passports while they do his bidding. Traitors to both their nation and the people.

So come out when the dogs of the LNP/MSM/Business Council of Australia (BCA) are let loose upon the citizens. Come out and join the community to fight against those bastards who would steal our sovereignty and plunder our resources and pay no taxes for the pleasure … a privilege granted to them from their political lap-dogs.

So come onto the streets and onto the pages of social media in defence of all our rights, and reflect that though you may be the first of your family to be able to attend a university and receive that good education, let it not be the last. And let your children have the chance too of moving out of the poverty-trap set and sprung by the “born-to-rule” class. If we do not owe it to the past generations who suffered and struggled for the working classes, we do owe it to the future generations who will need good, fair governance.

So come out one. Come out all to “man the barricades” and shout the slogans and sing the anthems of the people. Shout the demands for the people. And let the grasping, cruel, greedy trash of the LNP/IPA/BCA fully understand that these demands are by the people!

So if you want to know where dogs go to die, they slink off to some hole in the ground … some den of iniquity to lick their wounds and with their tail between their legs curl up in a foetal ball and expel their last breath of air – just like a defeated LNP apparatchik.


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  1. Freethinker

    in today’s Guardian is a good article by Gay Alcorn about her
    The power and passion of union boss Sally McManus ( ) which brings hope not only to the working class and the union movement but to a possible change in direction of the ALP.
    As an ex union activist I like her view that she put first the union and then the ALP, we need that.
    It would be interesting to hearing Bill Shorten speech to see if the party is going to move closer to Sally’s ideology.
    Looks like that there is hope.

  2. stephengb2014

    I agree with you Joseph, but have to confess that I have not been hearing much from Ms McManus of late, nor of much in the way of attacks on her from the MSM.

    Maybe its because I do not buy newspapers, and only listen to the “new” ABC (and ocationally the 7 news when the missus puts it on).

    The ABC has certainly changed over the preceding 2 years and I note that the attacks on aunty have subsided significantly.

  3. Spindoctor

    We need to take the fight to the far right MSM by adopting the successfull strategy of US activists who targeted advertisers in Brietbart and other radical fake news sites..The latest LNP budget handed Foxtel $30 million as a sop to Rupert to buy his allegiance. That must be an election issue as well a publiclly backed mass campaign to force the press to return to balanced, impartial journalism. Its never going to happen under Rup but their survival hinges on advertisers and subscriptions and that is the key weakness.. circulation for the Oz, Telly, CMail is tiny compared to previous levels so they are more vulnerable than ever and fighting for survival..

  4. Joseph Carli

    “… the attacks on aunty have subsided significantly.”..That’s because minds have been made up…and have you also noticed that there are certainly not many news reports on what Shorten or the ALP in general talk about or when they do speeches at events…it’s all Turnbull / Abbott / LNP policies promotion..every morning on Fran’s ABC.

  5. Joseph Carli

    Trouble is when this LNP govt’ in effect subsidises Fox sports and murdoch’s enterprises to the tune of millions of dollars, he doesn’t have to sell hard-copy papers, he just censors and influences the MSM, incl’ “our” ABC.

  6. Freethinker

    Here is a commentary about Shorten speech
    ‘Inequality kills hope’: Bill Shorten sets out defining mission if he wins government

    I just wonder how much influence have Sally’s appointment in the ACTU
    The possible change of direction towards the left in the ALP and the struggle inside the Liberal parties between the hard line conservatives and the rest would make a very interesting political developments in the next few months.

  7. Joseph Carli

    Not only has the Labor Party got to move further to the Left, it has to take the population there with it and it needs the trade union movement to do just that…

  8. Katie

    This malignant despot is the most dangerous non-Australian in the country – an evil, self-serving tyrant whose toxic influence over the LNP is so undemocratic and so malevolent that it negatively impacts on so many facets of our lives. The horrendous and totally fascist LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance is destroying freedom of speech, freedom of choice and their reprehensible agenda is to sell off and privatise EVERY asset and utility taxpayers own (including our Medicare healthcare system, hospitals, State-run schools, jails, geriatric care facilities, all our public-owned transport systems (buses, trains and ferries) and anything and everything that is taxpayer owned – they don’t care WHO buys it (foreign predators are no exception) as long as everything we love and treasure is SOLD as soon as possible!

    The LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance’s never-ending ramped-up campaigns of terror, fear, paranoia and even war have been successfully used (and are STILL being used) to deflect attention away from their terrifying agenda – they are masters of deception and subterfuge. Their character assassinating lies and relentless, unconscionable attacks on the Greens, the ALP, unions and anyone and everyone who disagrees or protests against their callously inhumane, undemocratic policies (cruelly targeting defenceless asylum seekers and the most vulnerable people in our nation) is intolerable. The Alliance are prepared to do anything and everying – even resorting to criminality – to push through their corrupt, self-serving ideology of plutocratic neoliberalism.

    Australians must wake up and STOP being complacent! The only way to rid – or lessen – the totalitarian, autocratic and terrifying stranglehold Murdoch has over our democracy is to vote the LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance OUT at the next federal election! Australians must recognise who the Alliance REALLY is … manipulative self-serving plutocrats who are unspeakably corrupt and remorseless, relentless LIARS! Even if this toxic old bastard, Rupert, dies there is a WHOLE new generation of Murdoch tyrants coming up through the ranks starting with Lachlan who owns and runs much of our media now (including News Corp and Channel 10). The Murdoch Dynasty grows like a cancerous tumour destroying everything in its path to pursue their agenda to acquire dominance, absolute power and obscene wealth at the expense of our democracy.

  9. Joseph Carli

    I would suggest them being charged with political sabotage and all their assets being stripped from them under “proceeds from crime” legislation and sold w/ benefits going to the State..Then have all and any nomenclature referencing them be wiped from the national records.

  10. Jaquix

    Ive already noticed on Facebook, a huge rise in anti-Labor comments – but when you check on their profiles you find they are “:manufactured” profiles, i.e. trolls. I wonder if the Libs new adviser has re-employed Abbotts huge staff of these trolls, because they have definitely been missing for quite a while. Ive also noticed that Fairfax articles tend to be increasing its anti-Labor articles – though James Massola report in advance on Bill Shortens speech wasnt one of them. Quite stark the difference between Turnbulls latest speech (look after business and then we will look at training workers for the jobs) and Shortens (lets tackle inequality). Turnbull and the Liberals show with everything they say and do, that they are only interested in getting re-elected. No inspirational or aspirational goals for them, other than preserving their privileged positions. Labor needs to be in power to implement its agenda, which is aimed at improving the lot of the 96% of Australians who earn less than $180,000 p.a..

  11. kerri

    Putin sneakily meddles in the elections of foreign powers and the world throws shade at Russia.
    Murdoch blatantly meddles in the elections of foreign powers and Australians still buy his papers.
    Go figure?

  12. Christian Marx

    It is time that Murdoch media was shut down…literally. The people need to occupy and picket their newsrooms.
    Get 100,000 to surround the Herald Sun and stop the “journalists” from entering the building.

  13. Freethinker

    If only the ignorant will stop reading or viewing the Murdoch media………
    But that it is a big ask, almost mission impossible,

  14. Max Gross

    Guillotine Day cometh

  15. Möbius Ecko

    “If only the ignorant will stop reading or viewing the Murdoch media………”

    It is not the reading of Murdoch media that’s the problem. That readership is small and declining, losing Murdoch millions each year.

    Murdoch doesn’t keep producing print and online media because lots of people read it, he produces it because the messages are repeated, sometimes many many times for many months, and sometimes even years by other MSM outlets, such as the ABC.

  16. Joseph Carli

    I would suggest we start a program that literally proscribes the Murdoch media journalists. Get local tradespeople and shop people to stop serving them..get service businesses to cancel their accounts and make life in their local community as difficult as possible for the traitors..after all, Murdoch himself is powerless, it is his hired thugs that do his dirty-work.

  17. townsvilleblog

    Joseph Carli, mate spot on article and followed up with spot on comments….in my humble opinion you have joined the greats on the AIM Network like Trish Corry every article is well researched and expresses good common sense views that are based on reality.

  18. ozibody

    Here’s a 3yr. old TED talk which, despite the age, looks from another viewpoint : …

    The TED talk “Beware, fellow plutocrats, the pitchforks are coming”,explains why neoliberalism is a fraud and a myth. Enjoy!

  19. Joseph Carli

    ozi’…wouldn’t open..

  20. Freethinker

    Thank you ozibody for the link, Nick Hanauer is not an idiot, he has his head well screwed in his shouleders.

  21. Joseph Carli

    Nothing new there (yes, I got it open)..a tragic inevitability of capital greed..See Mommsen ; “History of Rome vol.4”

    “…in the cellar
    of the orator Hortensius there was found a stock of 10,000 jars
    (at 33 quarts) of foreign wine. It was no wonder that the Italian
    wine-growers began to complain of the competition of the wines
    from the Greek islands. No naturalist could ransack land and sea
    more zealously for new animals and plants, than the epicures of that day
    ransacked them for new culinary dainties.(53) The circumstance
    of the guest taking an emetic after a banquet, to avoid the consequences
    of the varied fare set before him, no longer created surprise.
    Debauchery of every sort became so systematic and aggravated
    that it found its professors, who earned a livelihood by serving
    as instructors of the youth of quality in the theory
    and practice of vice.


    It will not be necessary to dwell longer on this confused picture,
    so monotonous in its variety; and the less so, that the Romans
    were far from original in this respect, and confined themselves
    to exhibiting a copy of the Helleno-Asiatic luxury still more
    exaggerated and stupid than their model. Plutos naturally devours
    his children as well as Kronos; the competition for all these
    mostly worthless objects of fashionable longing so forced up prices,
    that those who swam with the stream found the most colossal estate
    melt away in a short time, and even those, who only for credit’s sake
    joined in what was most necessary, saw their inherited
    and firmly- established wealth rapidly undermined. The canvass
    for the consulship, for instance, was the usual highway to ruin
    for houses of distinction; and nearly the same description applies
    to the games, the great buildings, and all those other pleasant,
    doubtless, but expensive pursuits. The princely wealth of that period
    is only surpassed by its still more princely liabilities;
    Caesar owed about 692, after deducting his assets, 25,000,000 sesterces
    (250,000 pounds)
    (it has been calculated that 1pound sterling in 1890 would buy in value circa 50 pounds of today’s currency.. My calc’s from the internet ; JC.).. ;
    Marcus Antonius, at the age of twenty-four
    6,000,000 sesterces (60,000 pounds), fourteen years afterwards
    40,000,000 (400,000 pounds); Curio owed 60,000,000 (600,000 pounds);
    Milo 70,000,000 (700,000 pounds). That those extravagant habits
    of the Roman world of quality rested throughout on credit,
    is shown by the fact that the monthly interest in Rome was once
    suddenly raised from four to eight per cent, through the borrowing
    of the different competitors for the consulship. Insolvency,
    instead of leading in due time to a meeting of creditors
    or at any rate to a liquidation which might at least place matters
    once more on a clear footing, was ordinarily prolonged
    by the debtor as much as possible; instead of selling his property
    and especially his landed estates, he continued to borrow
    and to present the semblance of riches, till the crash only became
    the worse and the winding-up yielded a result like that of Milo,
    in which the creditors obtained somewhat above four per cent
    of the sums for which they ranked. Amidst this startlingly rapid
    transition from riches to bankruptcy and this systematic swindling,
    nobody of course gained so much as the cool banker, who knew how to give
    and refuse credit. ”

    And, of course, we all know how THAT little episode ended!

  22. Freethinker

    Of course is nothing new, but no many capitalists are prepared to “sow to have a good harvest” later, generally they like the lot.
    He is smarter, and do not want to “kill the customer”

  23. diannaart

    @ ozibody

    Excellent link:

    Rising inequality is bad for business

    If the above mentioned is the only way to communicate to the 1%, then lets do it (we can fill in on the moral arguments later).

  24. Joseph Carli

    HE..may not, Free’..but he on his own or even with many other plutocrats will not be able to stop the ennui of destruction of their is almost a fait acompli.

  25. Freethinker

    Yes, Joe you are correct, he will not going to change his life style, he realise that if he do not share a bit more soon or later all will reach a stage of a revolution of the masses.
    In any case he is postponing it.

  26. corvus boreus

    Apart from a policy of completely boycotting any purchase of product, my other main personal action against the propaganda, misinformation and dichotomous division with which Murdoch media infects society is, whenever I see one of his slime-sheets left out in public (eg cafes, waiting rooms), I flip tate ‘news’paper opent to the pages dedicated to ‘social escorts’ (with pictures) in the classified section, and leave it lying there publicly promoting prostitution.
    People seem suddenly somewhat reluctant to pick them up.

  27. LOVO

    Corvus, where as if I see a thread or an comment that I view as having some merit… I print it and place it…in a mag at the Dr’s surgery or the laundromat or…at work…or where eva.
    Many here @ the AIMN want to fight the good fight….but maybe don’t know how?
    Ya’all have an printer I’m a guessing. …ya’all read comments or threads that you think should be ‘spread’…ya’all go somewhere where they have Mag’s to read while you ‘wait’ (I’m a guessing ). …
    …if’n you like an comment or an article “and print” it and put it in an mag at your Dr’s or wherever. ..’spread the word(s)’..”and print” it….that’s “my other main personal action against”….though I do like yours ?

  28. stephentardrew

    Good article Joseph. Thoroughly agree.

  29. Joseph Carli

    LOVO…now THAT’S a good idea…I might give that a try..

  30. Johno

    Lovo… That might distract me from reading the national geographic.

  31. Michael Taylor

    LOVO, you’d be surprised at the number of small businesses owners (mainly coffee shops) who email us saying that they print off some of our articles and leave on the pile of reading material in their shops. We’re not talking in the hundreds, but at least a half a dozen have told us they do it. Most of them are in Adelaide, btw. Adelaide only has Murdoch papers, which tells us a lot.

  32. Mark Needham

    “to fight against those bastards who would steal our sovereignty and plunder our resources and pay no taxes for the pleasure … a privilege granted to them from their political lap-dogs.”

    Ms Gillard, brought in a tax, for the miners. A profit tax, I think. Amazingly, the bastards stopped making a profit., easy done, slight of hand, book entry and such. How much tax, has been collected, I wonder.

    I hopefully presume, the next Labour Federal government, will, bounce these International Mining, blood sucking mongrels. Nail their balance sheets to a proper tax.

    As, Packer said. “if you want us to pay tax, then change the rules. It really is that simple.”

    I am currently taking bets, 10:1, that Labour ( when next in power federally) will not, do as Kerry Packer advised. 2:1, they won’t even try.!

    Roll up, every child player wins a prize,
    Mark Needham

  33. Joseph Carli

    Your cynicism may or may not be proven next election..but I have to remind yourself and others of like mind that a bowled ball can only behave as the bowler dictates…

  34. Freethinker

    Mark with the ALP present team I agree with you, Bowen and others have to go to the back bench

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