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Does Morrison deserve another term?

So their term has crawled to a shouty close. Remember a few short years ago when Australian democracy was seen as having developed a uniquely Australian flavour? The respective leaders of the major parties were respectful toward each other, with the notable exception of Mark Latham and his unseemly hand-shake.

We believed in the fair go, we frowned on favouritism, we all had a sort of grudging regard for our leaders, but we held them to account. We definitely had no time for politicians who were in it for the money, or the post-political career. We thought they were on Australia’s side.

Well, cast aside any sense of false pride, because as the fish rots from the head, so has our form of democracy. We now have a leader who is regularly described as a noted liar. He engages in daily behaviour toward his opponent which would have him sacked from any other workplace in the country for bullying.

Our Deputy Prime Minister is a man that even his own party does not respect. He represents nothing that I can identify, beyond advancing his own interests. He is apparently afraid of his own backbenchers. The Nationals as a group are reviled everywhere outside their own party room.

The country is standing on the abyss as climate change moves into top gear. Our Minister for Reducing Emissions went to the Glasgow Climate Summit with the intention of spruiking for the fossil fuel industry, and the Prime Minister, representing Australia on the world stage, described our contribution to reducing emissions as being “uniquely Australian”.

To anyone with half a brain that meant using the old “the dog ate my homework” excuse. They then came home and released a brochure which only met their own target by 85%. The other 15% was hoping for the best.

You’d think that most Australians do not read anything about the world or the state affairs being played out around them, probably because they cannot be bothered. Remember, successive governments have so robbed the public education system that only those who attend private, heavily subsidised schools can ‘read’. Of course what they read is heavily monocultural. So if you wonder why all the private school educated boys and girls these days behave like entitled twits, that is why.

Our ex-Education Minister, Alan Tudge had a bee in his bonnet about children questioning the Anzac Day myth. Imagine putting a person in charge of education, in this country, who believes that history should be taught with an optimistic slant. Cue the Turkish Government: They imprison anyone mentioning the Armenian genocide (1915-16). Or Japan, which denies the use of Korean women as sex slaves during the Second War.

Many of those private schools are so-called Christian Schools, because our political class is unrepresentative of the population at large, and many of them profess fundamentalist religious beliefs, which are directly at odds with the values of our country.

I speak here of the prosperity gospel, which, allied to the idiotic neo-liberal policies of the IPA, sees the vulnerable as an unholy burden, sees pensioners as free-loaders, and the disabled and the aged as not worth their time, nor effort.

We do not like ‘bible bashers’, or wowsers. We are uncomfortable with people who wear their religiosity like a magic cloak, and I am personally distressed at the prospect of Scott Morrison laying his hands on me, or any one of my fellow citizens, in his inane search for godly connection.

How did we come to a position where the only item on the National Agenda is a Religious Freedom Bill? The only people in Australia with an agenda against the right to practise your own personal religion is the Coalition.

Alan Tudge is a family values politician. He is the ex-Minister because his ex-mistress has accused him of emotional and physical abuse. Which brings us to the thorny question of women.

Morrison and his Ministry have constantly side-lined women, and even his female ministers are not safe from Scott. Scott interrupts them, he counsels them, he ‘supports’ them, he volunteers them (Gladys for Warringah), and he uses his wife as some form of validating tool.

Remember his response to Brittany Higgins’ alleged rape. He consulted his wife, who told him to behave like a father. We would prefer he acted like a competent, fully formed adult, who has been elected leader of a vibrant nation of men, and women.

Of course he has also, aided and abetted by Peter Dutton, vilified China, the Chinese political system, and Chinese culture. Seemingly unaware of China’s history, or its size and power, he seems to be rattling his tiny sabre, and hitching our wagon to the USA.

Recently we discovered that over the last four years the Coalition Government has spent three times as much on Liberal electorates, when compared to Labor-held seats. This proves that we should move house if we want some of our taxes to come back to us, or maybe just vote them out.

Which brings us to accountability. No bill has been seen. Morrison blames Labor because he cannot get his own pathetic version of an integrity commission past his own backbenchers. Ask yourself why he won’t legislate a National Integrity Commission. Ask yourself why he vilifies the NSW ICAC every second day. You know the old saying – if you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear.

This year has seen the worst floods we have ever experienced. Morrison essentially went into hiding as the devastation became clear, and he now claims that ‘his’ defence force was winching people off their rooves in Lismore. Sadly, another lie.

The people of Lismore are only now beginning to re-build, after months of neglect and minimal help. Just another in a long line of failures. You know them: Bushfires, pandemic, vaccines, JobKeeper, RATs, the environment, the climate, the culture wars, the throwing of children back into poverty, even watching his ceaseless attacks on the opposition.

The verdict is that, for me, the current Coalition Government is the single worst government in living memory, possibly in our history of representative government.

From the top to the bottom they shred convention, they outsource our governing functions to multinationals, they have starved our elderly in Aged Care, they keep the unemployed poverty stricken, they are fanning the flames of conflict with China, they have destroyed our social fabric, and they run kangaroo courts. They have devalued our Australian identity by flouting international standards of behaviour, and by trying to be the Trumpian nightmare of the Pacific. There’s not a lot to like.

Scott Morrison does not deserve another term.


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  1. Ian Hughes

    This – “the current Coalition Government is the single worst government in living memory, possibly in our history of representative government.”

    In my 50 years of voting I cannot think of a govt which has been more secretive, more corrupt and more incompetent. The treatment of anyone other than their mates is disgraceful,

    I don’t like using the word “hate” but I hate this govt with a passion – there, I said it.

  2. Some Village Hampden

    Sometimes you just have to speak up. So I did.

  3. Michael Taylor

    His record speaks for itself. Boot him out.

  4. Mark Buckley

    Some Village Hampden, that is a powerful statement. I agree. It’s a shame we have let it slip so far, but perhaps on this Saturday we begin to right the ship.

  5. Kaye Lee

    Excellent article, thank you Mark. Their tenure has been so bad that it’s hard to focus – you did it well.

    Their intervention in the rollout of the FttP NBN gets no attention nowadays as they brag about improving connectivity,.

    One instance is emblematic of their whole government.

    The taxpayer is paying $630,000 to hook up one business in Barnaby Joyce’s electorate to fibre. Serendipitously, his latest partner Vicki Campion has shares in the business.

    When Barnaby wrote a letter supporting the grant, he said the upgrade was “urgently needed to address the continued increases in bandwidth required at Costa’s Guyra facilities for the many software and online systems utilised to support the company’s high-tech practices and equipment used to achieve greater yield efficiencies”.

    A spokesperson said: “Any suggestion Mr Joyce acted inappropriately is off base and only serves to perpetuate the anti-regions campaign the Labor party is running.”


    PS This crowd also get handouts from the NSW govt “I am proud the State Government has been able to offer various assistance over the past decade to facilitate different stages of the site’s growth. Through financial assistance for preliminary road infrastructure, grant application support and payroll tax relief the State Government has facilitated this major employer’s long term presence at Guyra.”

    They also get water infrastructure and supply

  6. Albos Elbow

    I have never seen such desperation and lies 4 days out from an election, from a government that knows themselves they are set to lose.

    Exhibit A: China and Russia will gain from a hung parliament if you vote independent – Tim Wilson.

    Exhibit B: Josh Freydenberg – “swears, “hand on heart” that there will be no house price increases if you use your super to buy one.

    I had a very good chuckle reading them. Hope you do too.
    Looking forward to the Scummo government being thrown out of office this weekend.

  7. Cool Pete

    Does Scott Morrison deserve another term? Short answer, NO. Longer answer, ABSOLUTELY NOT.

  8. GL

    A Elbow,

    Prince Timmy the Precious is scared shitless that he’ll lose keeping his piggy snout in the pollie food trough more than anything else.

  9. Albos Elbow

    GL, speaking of having a chuckle at Scummo’s expense, enjoy this from the Chaser about the “little shriveling dicks” club.

    Share it around and lets see it go viral.

  10. Carol Taylor

    On whether Morrison deserves another term, I’m not sure whether even Morrison himself knows – after all he has promised to be ‘different’.

  11. Williambtm

    If the AIM network was to become syndicated for publication by the ABC? What a better nation would Australia be.

  12. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, William. Your ringing endorsement is appreciated.

    Taking it further, there are some people here (authors and commenters) who would make fabulous politicians.

  13. GL

    As per bloody usual with Saint Scummo: It’s never his fault. Nothing is ever his fault. Firetrucking piece of mutant excrement. “Mr Morrison again blamed the Health Department for the slow pace of the vaccine rollout that he once declared was “not a race.””

    On a scale of 1 – 10 for credibility Resolve Strategic rates somewhere around -10.

    Jim Reed was a director at Crosby Textor. Hard core Liberal and right winger and credited with the “Stop the boats” slogan.

  14. Michael Taylor


    Yet he wants to cut billions from the public service if re-elected. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. corvusboreus

    On accountability & the Robodebt 4.

    The automated debt recovery scheme infamously known as ROBODEBT was an illegitimately generated,illegally enforced financial attack perpetrated against swathes of vulnerable Australian citizens.
    It systematically inflicted financial hardship and mental/emotional stress serious enough to cause multiple losses of home, breakups of relationship, mental breakdowns and deaths through suicide.

    These ‘debts’ were generated using a patently stupidly flawed algorithm that aggregated variable fortnightly payments against yearly tax statements. The ‘debts were then immediately demanded (with escalative threats) without any basic checks to ensure legal validity.

    Frantic queries from terrified people were met with a rerunning of the dumb-as-dogshit algorithm, an overloaded switchboard, and instructions to assemble 7 years of financial records then take a number for a place in the queue.

    Eventually legal challenges started coming through the court systems.
    Individual challenges were met with routine defenders to ensure financial plaintiffs, then out of court settlements offers at a minute to midnight (NDCs included).

    Once enough collective disgruntle had assembled to eventually mount a serious class action, the Robodebt scam was cat’o’nined by the highest court in the land.

    The presiding magistracy adjudged that the debt-generating algorithm was “as substantial as onion bag of farts, and that the legality of enforcement resembled that of “condemnation for witchcraft based on presence of warts” (or legalese words to such effect).

    $1.8 billion in Compensatory payouts were order to be paid to the 470000 wronged victims, a sum well in excess in excess of revenue generated, meaning that robodebt had a collective cost borne by pretty much everyone…

    Except for the sociopathic phuqknuckles who actually caused it to happen.

    I’ll ignore the faceless mandarin flunkies who guided & micro-engineered the travesty and concentrate on the 4 minsterial monsters responsible.

    Roberts, Tudge, Porter & Morrison.

    Stuart Roberts was the one left holding the unvarnished grogan of chronic miscalculations when the legal penny dropped. He is currently minister for maths.

    Alan Tudge was the one who stuck fingers in ear to reports of shattered lives and slit wrists resulting from shitty sums in his department. He was minister for maths till he got sinbinned for rooting then booting a staffer (the same one the treasurer swears he didn’t grope).

    Christian Porter was the one who unleashed the illegal shitstorm of illegitimate equation. He was then made chief legal officer until he got boned for using dodgy donations to fund a frivolous lawsuit against public-funded media over report of rape allegations.

    As for Scott Morrison, nefarious phuqtard who first greenlighted robodebt, a high-court bedamned scam combining mathematical incompetence with contempt of law, he became our PM.

    Accountability seems like a faraway island, but I still harbour hope that they may all suffer similar to the worst they have inflicted.

  16. wam

    Mr Buckley,(it is so odd writing your name as all the buckleys I have talked to would have buckley’s chance of reading your causerie) You have certainly shown why he doesn’t deserve another term. Surely, the prick didn’t deserve a first term but miracles happen and QED!!! Sadly, he has a silent ace. He is the first PM to stand for a second term, since the lying rodent. That, alone, may well stop enough desertions to give him miracle 2. My, I hope unfounded, fear is only 2 days away and if that passes peacefully for Albo. Labor has a good chance of taking the government benches.
    ps michael would have more chance of getting ‘sin’dicated with foxtel than the ABC.
    spot on Corvus, robodebt should have sunk these arseholes.
    I cannot but be worried by single touch payroll data??

  17. Michael Taylor

    Tonight’s Essential Poll has Labor 51/49.

    I’m at odds trying to determine how concerning this is.

  18. Albos Elbow

    Murdoch owns the biggest share of Nine Entertainment now, which owns SMH/The Age and Resolve.
    The PM’s office also put in $500K of taxpayers money to set up Resolve with Murdoch and get Jim Reed to do the polling, with of course, no approval to spend the money, proper tender process or independent review of his polling methods or findings. They can make up their own results without any scrutiny or accountability, purely for propaganda purposes.

    Morgan Poll still has Labor leading comfortably 53/47 in the two party preferred and predict Labor will form government with a 4.5% swing.
    The ABC’s Antony Green’s Election Calculator predicts Labor will win 79 seats, COAL-NP 66, Greens 2 and Independents/other 4 seats.

    Also with the Greens 13% vote and the teal independent preferences likely to go to Labor, makes it near impossible for Scummo to win with only 3 days left to the election.

  19. wam

    you are dreaming, elbone, teal are disaffected liberals their preferences will not go to labor and the loonies are lucky to match phon at 4% so where does 13% come from? I read here somewhere that 30% of extremist green preferences goes to the coalition.
    morgan “There is still the prospect of Australians waking up to a hung Parliament on Sunday morning,” Roy Morgan chief executive Michele Levine said.

    “It is more important than ever for the ALP to finish strongly in the last few days of the campaign.”
    As for green’s ABC bullshit his algorithms were way out in 2019 and are no more trustworthy than any lib pollie’s promise.
    We are still in with a chance if we get through thursday, albo so go for it with a consistent hack at $trillion debt.

  20. corvusboreus

    Not concerning, more worrying to terrifying.

    If our fellow strayans manage to screw this one up, then the next coalition term would start with more smirk-smarms from scomo, but ensuing shifts would probably see us end up caught in the clammy grasp of the Dutton-creature (shudders).

  21. corvusboreus

    I really wish the site’s resident troll would stop addressing me, particularly when it insists on posting patent bullshit.

    Apparently the teals will direct their preferences straight to the people they are trying to unseat,
    the AEC is lying in consistently ascribing the LOONIE extremist GRNs over 10% primary against the variable 1-4% scored by apparently more sane & moderate PHON,
    and Anthony Green is an ignorant charlatan compared to the honest wisdom of wam.

    “I read here somewhere…”
    Phuq off you toxic lying turd.

  22. Mark Buckley

    Worrying about the election result is pointless. Most thinking people consider this government toxic, but plenty of non-thinking people haven’t even thought about the issues. So the result is in the lap of the gods. Life will continue on Sunday, no matter who wins. We have to hope for the best, while planning for the worst. I personally think there will be a Labor landslide, but I am not putting the house on it.

  23. wam

    dear oh dear, crow, I just thought you might know something of STP and robodebt or about voting? At least enough to know that teal conservative voters will not put labor second. Unlike the left extremists up to 70% of whom put labor second.
    But, considering your tirade on preferential voting, perhaps ‘thinking over bias’ is not your strong point. I have been a scrutineer for both single and multiple member systems, since 80s. In an exhaustive preference system the power of preferences and the donkey vote, was easily seen. I can recommend first hand experience.
    As for troll, I remember telling you, in jest, I was not a troll but a stalker. So needed to look troll up and found out that you are technically right, in that I have been offensive by repeating my long held beliefs about the green party but a troll makes up offensive remarks deliberately to upset.
    Is there not a major difference?
    My comments to you and kaye and rossleigh and dance of the cuckoos and michael and NEC and others. Hell I am consistent, eh?
    ps Mark, you are right it is in the lap of the dogs. I am a worrier and tomorrow is the cruncher.
    I am sure the swingers can be swayed by ‘happenings’ as late as walking down the how to vote tunnel but friday’s and Saturday’s papers make the count

  24. Williambtm

    If there is time, how can one launch a missile or two into the mainstream media support agencies that have kept shy of reporting the full facts about the Scomo government’s biggest rorts, their abuse of Australia’s Constitution, and the financial undertakings entered into without engaging in due process. It must be time for the re-airing of the Barnaby Joyce MP approved, $80 million dollars paid to a business enterprise with links to Angus Taylor MP that cannot provide a drop of water in return to the upper reaches of New South Wales Darling River.
    A contract is void when there is no possible attainment of the contract’s “consideration”, which in this undertaking was a certain volume of water returned to the respective rivers during a period of ten years hence…or some other non-practical or speculative Wisp O’ the Willow means or schemes that will demonstrate water being returned into the rivers that would satisfy the sales agreement or contract.
    Reference to future flood overflows is ambiguous, never to be recognized as a certainty: E.G., how does one measure infrequent floodwaters to confirm or complete the achieved attainment of the volume of water that was the entire objective of the said sale contract.
    Therefore the consideration itself was hollow: therefore, there was no consideration available per the terms offered in the sales agreement (or contract) that could be accepted as a means to deliver the consideration.
    For those persons in doubt, look up the law of a contract.
    I will await a critical analysis by wam.
    Now back to how to get this matter published in tomorrow’s news reports, any ideas Michael??

  25. wam

    I am more a crow than not for I pick the eyes out to make it easier.
    So learn your lesson stick with the topic and shut up wam.
    Just leave the people of this site alone.
    Sorry for trolling you show michael.

  26. Mark Buckley

    “all the buckleys I have talked to would have buckley’s chance of reading your causerie”. Is that because we’re all too thick to read? Causerie: an informal article or talk, typically on a literary subject. wam, I don’t ‘do’ causeries. They’re too unstructured for me, and for the Buckleys I know. We tend to write in complete sentences, and we also like to present fully formed opinions, which we can then back up with evidence. I try to never insult my readers, be it with catchphrases or insulting coded words. My final rule is to never patronise anyone, but that is just me. Cheers

  27. corvusboreus

    Mark Buckley,
    I apologise for the last sentence of my last missive.
    I lowered the tone of commentary on your article by expressing personal grievance through the slinging of abuse.
    I shall restrain from doing so again.

  28. wam

    yes elbow, the castle reference was insulting, sorry, but not to me I dream a labor win at every election. my skills are too weak to find 13% but this election could easily see that kind of % from former labor supporters giving the greens their cash. Do you not believe liberal voters prefer the greens over labor?
    I find it impossible to believe you think disaffected liberals would preference labor.
    A teal win is like a green win the former must finish above labor and the latter above the libs.
    Both INDI and Warringah independents win on labor preferences and band on lib preferences. The greens hope that in up to 9 labor seats they finish above the libs.
    today is the day when some wheels drop off and tomorrow’s morning shows and papers could lie enough to decide the outcome.

  29. GL

    Boy, am I glad I had just swallowed the last mouthful of coffee just before I got to this piece.

    “Scott Morrison has accused Anthony Albanese of “running away” after the Labor Leader backflipped on a decision to separate from his travelling press pack.”

    @9.42 am

    This from the coward who literally runs away, sneaks into and out of buildings through the back doors to avoid the media and the public because he gets all upset when they ask questions that fall outside of the LNP Talking Points Manual and are also avoided because they don’t allow him to portay himself as the terrific and the chosen by eagle miracle saviour he thinks he is rather than being Dorian Gray’s painting? Effing prick!

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