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Do the smoky hokey

Scott Morrison is trying desperately hard to find the right language to reassure Australians that he believes climate change is “real” but that he won’t do anything that might cost money to address it.

He wants us to be “patient” as he methodically changes his mind about whether volunteers should be paid since they “want to be there”, whether the ADF should be deployed, and whether we might in fact have to bring in some more aerial firefighting assets.

No “knee jerk reactions”… and certainly nothing that could possibly resemble being proactive from our PM.

He talks a lot about the funding that the Commonwealth is handing out. Because we all know we can’t have Labor’s “unfunded empathy”.

The Messiah from the Shire seems a little flustered that people expect him to actually do something – show some leadership maybe?

He keeps saying now is not the time for politics or photo shoots.

But what else has he got?

To quote another pretender to the leadership … he’s a “bit of a weathervane“.

February 2017


April 2018

The treasurer, Scott Morrison, has smacked down a backbench push for the Turnbull government to back a new coal plant, arguing that high-efficiency coal does not mean cheap energy, and taxpayers would also be left on the hook.

March 2019

With the Nationals agitating for a commitment to coal, the Prime Minister also announced that a High Efficiency Low Emissions coal-fired power station in Collinsville, about halfway between Townsville and Mackay, would be considered in addition to the competition policy projects

You put your coal hat on
Take your coal hat off
Put your coal hat on
Then you give a little cough
You do the smoky hokey
Then you turn yourself around
What was that all about?













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  1. Grumpy Geezer

    Climate change denial was always going to bring this prick undone.

    I am so looking forward to seeing his charcoaled carcass swinging in the breeze. So is Spud.

  2. Harry Lime

    This total fraud was always going to come undone when the shit hit the fan,and he has been totally exposed for the hollow carcass that he is, both mentally and physically.He’s lied and sleazed his way into every position he’s ever had and the chickens are coming home to roost.He can take his pentecostal prosperity bullshit and shove it right up his flabby arse.I still can’t believe enough fools voted for this utter f#ckhead.

  3. Kaye Lee

    “My simple request is to be patient, to have confidence in the state agencies,” he said. “What we are saying is we cannot control the natural disaster but what we can do is control our response.”

    FFS Scotty – are you for real?

    We are in this position because no Liberal leader has been able to control the climate change denying dinosaurs in the Coalition. You personally interceded to override the local preselectors to save the worst of them – Craig Kelly. You made Angus Taylor Minister for Emissions Reduction. What does that say about your judgement?

  4. Harry Lime

    Good one, Kitty, the bullshit artist will be forced to a prayer meeting with “We have a problem Houston” to reinforce their stupidity.Things are just ticketty boo.Or not.

  5. Clare De Mayo

    His credibility is shot, but what’s the next move? A leadership challenge from Dutton? Heaven help us! And I doubt Albo has the skills to force the issue on parliament. I wish the public could call for a vote of no confidence in this embarrassment of a PM and his government.

  6. Roswell

    Harry, you sound pissed off. Can’t say I blame you.

  7. wam

    climate change is a natural process set up by god or mother nature, depending on your truth.
    Some deniers are too far on the left of the bell curve to understand climate but are so bitterly opposed to anything ‘left’ and little girls raving that violent opposition to climate change is just below the surface.
    Scummo will find a christian way to resolve his party’s problem if and when these deniers falter with the churches finding man made interference with natural climate change.

  8. Matters Not


    no Liberal leader has been able to control the climate change denying dinosaurs in the Coalition

    Probably so. But then again, none have tried. Understandable nevertheless, given that ‘survival’ is the basic instinct which underpin all political careers. ‘Success’ is measured in very limited terms. Pensions are paid on the basis of time served and positions occupied – not on intellectual contribution.

    As for:

    wish the public could call for a vote of no confidence

    Well they can call. And they do. This site is evidence of that. Here (and elsewhere) there’s lots of barking at the moon or its equivalent but virtually no result apart from an apparent emotional relief. But yes, there is no structural mechanism to accomplish same – although most politicians would argue that there’s an election every 3/4 years or so when all representatives are called into account. Hilarious.

    That elections are won or lost on the basis of contrived distractions receives scant consideration. (And so it goes.)

  9. Keitha Granville

    Mother Nature or god?? Serious???

    Yes, there are naturally occurring alterations to the climate, but human beings have massively thrown the whole thing out of whack. It is our mess and it has to be cleaned up. Everyone should have learned that in kindergarten.

  10. Matters Not


    His credibility is shot

    Yep! Suspect that the Morrison moggie copped a kicking tonight. The girls sent to their room(s) without an evening repast. Jen received a (mental) pounding. And so on.

    Given the last election result, it’s understandable that Albo is keeping a relatively low profile with balanced responses and the like but what Labor needs at this time is a (so-called) climate crazy who’s prepared to dominate the media with full frontal assaults on all the ‘deniers’ in the LNP (fully equipped with evidential citations – of which there are many.)

    Politically – Labor shouldn’t let this chance go by. Kick Morrison while he’s down.

  11. Zathras

    I doubt Morrison will be waving that lump of coal around in parliament anytime soon, but like that floral headdress and Hawaiian shirt, it’s an image he will have to own for a very long time.

    When it comes to his interview technique and public statements, the more he talks, the less he says.

  12. Kathy

    Where’s the rest of the Lib politicians. those that hold seats for those areas on fire? It seems like a one man show to me.

  13. Clare De Mayo

    ‘Politically – Labor shouldn’t let this chance go by. Kick Morrison while he’s down.’

    Precisely. Someone, anyone in the Labor party has to go ballistic. And it has to happen now.

    And if they don’t, then they’ve only got themselves to blame. And if the Greens do it, and Labor doesn’t, then I will not hold back on the next Labor apologist who claims ‘right to rule’ and blames the Greens for splitting the left.

  14. LOVO

    Liar, Liar pants on……’nough said….
    poor fella my country…..sigh
    Hopefully people will understand that Scomo

  15. whatever

    Scotty maybe channeling a bit of Rolf Harris with the creepy way he keeps trying to grab and fondle members of the public.

  16. corvus boreus

    Personal vow; Should that smirking glad-hander ever approach me, I will spit on my palm before proffering my hand.

  17. Truant

    Kitty, that footage was brilliant. No denying the sentiment in the room towards the Smirking Tit.

    And thank you Grumpy Geezer for the taxonomy of tories. As you can see I am quite taken with your moniker for Smoko, using it widely and often.

  18. New England Cocky

    @Grumpy Geezer: Geez GG … barbaqcue Morriscum with baked Spuddo?? Don’t you think the resulting food poisoning would be too much?

    @Kathy: All good little Liarbral politicians take the public funded opportunity to travel overseas during Parliamentary recesses and educated them selves about how governments should function to benefit the common good and best interests of their constituencies. However, some use the time to travel to foreign parts to receive their next set of orders to continue the strategy of making Australia the worst third world export economy in the OECD.

    Where is your Federal MP at this moment?

    @Matters Not: I always get a little worried when I find myself agreeing with MN.

  19. Kaye Lee

    “Where is your Federal MP at this moment?”

    From Lucy Wicks….

    “Happy New Years Day Central Coast!

    I hope the summer holidays is giving every an oppitunity (sic) to explore our beautiful region – may 2020 be your best year yet!”

    She is really making me angry!

    She also seriously needs a proof reader – my 9 year old nephew is available Lucy.

  20. wam

    scummo cleareth the way.
    He now believes that climate change is not the root cause of the fires??
    He has reached the stage of not blaming the match for burning his finger just the heat from the match.
    What is next?

  21. Henry Rodrigues

    Here’s some encouraging News, I sent that picture of Scummo and his lump of coal to friends in the UK and already the response has been what I wanted, outrage and vows to send it on to as many people around the world, as well as publicising the role the crinkled old bastard Murdoch plays in this government.

    Anything to get rid of these bastards.

  22. totaram

    In a few weeks the bushfires will be blamed on “greenies” not allowing hazard reduction burns and other similar “greentape”. Barnaby Joyce has already started with this lie. Now that the “free press” is owned entirely by the oligarchs, a regular dose of repetition of this lie will soon have everyone convinced.

    I already saw somewhere that Albo was being blamed for not doing anything to help. (!!)

    I would suggest he takes copies of Labor’s policy on bush -fire preparation that they took to the election -all the extra funding for planes, helicopters, fire trucks etc. with a comparison to the cuts made by this govt. and the Liberals in NSW. Just hand it out to anyone who has something to say. That may sound cruel, but it has to be done. There is no other way people will understand anything. Don’t even mention climate change.

  23. corvus boreus

    That ‘greenies stop hazard reduction’ crap has been peddled by Murdoch media and NATS pollies for over a month now.
    It has been actively refuted in factual fashion by pretty much everyone actively associated with hazard-reduction land management and fire-control (who understand that permits can only be enacted when both suitable conditions and sufficient resources are available) but evidential refutation never stopped the concerted braying of baseless factoids.

  24. paul walter

    You are all convinced Scotty has had the d-ck, but for seven years the Murdoch backed tories have been written off and each time somehow found a way back, often while the other parties were distracted by feuding.

    Yet again , we must remember not to overestimate the intelligence of the public.

  25. Michael Taylor

    totaram, my stepdaughter in Brisbane had a Uber driver yesterday – an elderly NZ gentleman – who started yapping on that the fires are the result of greenies (something he’d obviously read in a Murdoch rag or heard on talkback radio).

    I’m afraid he picked the wrong person to argue with in my stepdaughter. 😀

  26. wam

    The rabbottians are avoiders and heavily into guilt sharing.
    When their boys get criticised they bleat about not trusting either party and blame albo as an equal at doing nothing. Even pointing out the albo november offer of a bipartisan approach to bushfires has no effect. They are so frightened of ‘labor and the greens’ that they cannot look or listen or unlearn their truth.
    ps paul walter
    He is at risk, if he keeps denying but he has moved towards accepting the human influence and, unless albo show differently, he still has jobs and the economy to rely on.

  27. Arthur Tarry

    You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all of the time – or words like that. People are waking up to ScoMo, to his dodginess, disingenuous, superficiality, his lack of vision and finally realizing, I hope, that his underlying disposition is somewhat different to most by being entirely self-centred.

  28. Jack sprat

    Mallacoota Australia’s Dunkirk . We see our first climate refugees , will these boat people be allowed back in or will Herr Dutton direct the navy to take them to manus island .

  29. Kitty

    IPA not happy with the NSW young Liberals.

    Climate change is ‘an issue of privilege’ from an ‘inner city circle’
    Commercial litigator Caroline Di Russo says the NSW Young Liberals’ “pretty cute wish list” in their green future plan does not “correlate” with their other policy suggestions.
    The NSW Young Liberals released a policy plan detailing a ‘green future’ which it said better represents their generation’s view on the climate, but the Institute of Public Affairs’ Evan Mulholland said “climate change is an issue of privilege”.
    Mr Mulholland told Sky News when he was in the Young Liberals they spoke about “industrial relations reform, [and] tax policy” and this discussion from the organisation is an issue of “an inner city circle” which does not relate “to people’s jobs or everyday life”.
    “If we can learn anything from the last decade is that climate policy doesn’t change elections”, he said.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the IPA here is just a taste of their work.

    20 Policies to Fix Australia

    Congratulations Prime Minister Morrison…Here’s What We Want To See

    August 31, 2015

  30. Rossleigh

    Jack sprat, of course Dutton won’t send all these people to Manus… just the ones without the proper passports or means of identification.

  31. MikeW

    The only problem I find here at the AIM is we all agree, and hate this government with a passion, we need to get out there onto the News Corp sites venting our anger (yes I know) but bear with me. At the Telegraph online Ackerman and Timmy are hiding behind a paywall but most of the Bolt opinion blogs are free to comment on which I and a few other so called leftists continually correct the thought bubbles and false facts of the rabid right wingers.

    Give it a try folks…

  32. corvus boreus

    The idea that concern over our climate and environment is a domain exclusive to the (urban) privileged is not restricted to the IPA, it is a statement that is also often made by some among the AIMN authorship.
    I would agree with this premise to the extent that serious concern over our manifestly malfunctioning climate and rapidly deteriorating biosphere often tend to be born out of the privilege of possessing a reasonable level of education and information regarding science, climate and ecology.
    For the less privileged, the penny often tends to drop sometime after rivers have run dry, crops and stock withered and died, and smoke and flames are filling the air.
    Meanwhile, most of the climate scientists who aren’t issuing dire warnings are shrugging their shoulders at a fait accompli.

  33. totaram

    Arthur Tarry: You can fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time – and that is usually sufficient, as you might have noticed.

  34. David Evans

    Whatever It Takes…Nation wide industrial action?….Patience…..Open rebellion in the streets?……Patience…….Guy Fawkes in Canberra?….Patience…..Blockade all lnp offices?……..Patience…….Burn The Bastards?……Patience. Problem for morrison though is that the population has lost patience with him and his miracles. I think it has become a case of who is next?

  35. paul walter

    By jeepers he makes hard work of the “human” bit, wam, a political version of Geoff Boycott without the bright bits….he wants Berejiklian to ask for state of emergency rather than declare one himself.

  36. Clare De Mayo

    David Evans: And that’s the really scary bit.

  37. James Cook

    My wife and I live near Tathra and Bega and are currently preparing to defend our house against pretty ordinary conditions forecast for tomorrow, Saturday. We have been preparing for months and are satisfied with what we have done but are still apprehensive. Many of our neighbours, especially those with kids, have cleared out to Bega show ground, which is packed. Scummo and his climate-change denying mates have no idea of the level of anger here. No idea! I’ve told my wife that if I burn saving the house I want my ashes thrown in the face of that smirking, smug pile of shit. I’ve got no doubt that when this is over [if this is ever over], Scotty from marketing will tell us rebuilding all those homes will be good for the economy! Words fail me. Stay safe all.

  38. Vikingduk

    James Cook

    I hope you are making a wise choice. Too many stories of people with plans in place being dominated by an absolute vicious monster. Good fortune to you, may your plans and preparation work. Something we noticed of our behaviour, when told by the cops you must leave now, all other thoughts disappear, thoughts of what to take, etc., are forgotten. Hope all goes well for you all.

  39. Kitty

    We all saw the footage of Smoko in Cobargo right.

    This the Liar from the Shire in an interview today.

    INTERVIEWER: With all due respect, it didn’t seem like you were supporting them – when a woman expressed her concerns, there was a bit of an awkward moment – you walked away. Is that really “offering support”?
    MORRISON: I stood there with the same lady you’re referring to. We talked about what she was asking there, which was greater support for the firefighting effort in that part of New South Wales. So we talked about that.

    PM ‘turned his back on me’ – devastated Cobargo bushfire victim
    Samantha Maiden
    Zoey Salucci McDermott has revealed in a Facebook post that she lost her home in the bushfire inferno that engulfed the tiny Bega Valley village on New Year’s Eve.
    She is the mother of a young daughter, Uma.
    “I have lost everything I own,” she said.
    “My house is burnt to the ground and the Prime Minister turned his back on me.”

  40. James Cook

    Vikingduk, thanks for the thoughts. I assure you we are not heroes or foolhardy. We have a fallback plan which we are very sure will work. If neither plan works, watch for the ashes-in-the-face episode in the coming months. I’ll keep readers updated, probably Sunday. Cheers all.

  41. Barry Thompson.

    James Cook,
    Please leave ASAP. The type of fires being experienced, are not defendable by individuals such as yourself. You may believe you are well prepared, but a firestorm is a fearsome thing. Your lives are more important than any property.
    My wife and I survived the black Saturday fires at Kinglake in Victoria. I almost left it too late, but we were able to drive down a back road to the Melba Highway as trees were exploding into flame on both side of our narrow escape route.
    We made it to Yea and couldn’t return to our home for over a week. The house was untouched, the fire burning out a couple of streets away.
    You owe it to your wife and any family to be there for them. I repeat, don’t do it if you can leave safely now,or the danger lessens considerably.
    Good luck, we will be looking for your name on this site when it is all over.

    Barry and Nita.

  42. Kaye Lee


    That Youtube video from the IPA that you linked to at 11:46 am was hilarious. I seriously thought it was satire.

    I am also amused by ex-IPA spokesmodel on environment, climate change and making a buck, Tim Wilson’s change of heart now that he represents woke inner-city raving lunatics.


    Be safe. Tomorrow the winds come.

  43. corvus boreus

    James Cook,
    May you and yours come through unscathed.

    Ps, My intention, should ‘scomo’ ever happen to drop by my way to offer banal words and proffer empty hand, is to ostentatiously drop an overgenerous gobbet of spittle onto my palm then close in to consummate the handshake (regardless of consent).

  44. Kitty

    Abbott still spruiking his anti climate change bile on the international stage.

    Tony Abbott, former Australian PM, tells Israeli radio the world is ‘in the grip of a climate cult’
    Graham Readfearn
    Fri 3 Jan 2020
    During the interview, recorded on 15 December while his home state of New South Wales was fighting terrifying bushfires, Abbott denied that carbon dioxide was driving global warming. The interview was broadcast on New Year’s Eve in a special show reviewing key international issues of the decade.
    Abbott said: “While we still seem to be in the grip of a climate cult, the climate cult is going to produce policy outcomes that will cause people to wake up to themselves.”
    After claiming, incorrectly, that a focus on emissions reduction in Australia had caused blackouts and rising power prices, Abbott said: “Sooner or later, in the end, people get hit over the head by reality.”

  45. Clare De Mayo

    Apparently we as Australian citizens can petition the GG to approach the Queen and sack this government. Idea is starting to circulate on facebook. Worth a shot?

  46. Kaye Lee

    As much as I want to see the back of these clowns, I don’t think so Clare. Having lived through the dismissal, the GG and Queen should stick to entertaining.

  47. corvus boreus

    Clare De Mayo,
    I am unsure if I really want an ex-military officer representing a foreign monarch to overthrow our elected government.
    Might not really help that much in the long run.

  48. Clare De Mayo

    It’s a kinda attractive idea though 🙂 (tongue firmly in cheek) Would be excellent if the executive powers could be useful and not just vestigial. Shame they were used to remove a good man, and can’t be used to remove a hopeless one

  49. Roswell

    The GG can only dissolve the House of Reps upon advice from the prime minister. Morrison ain’t going to do that.

    There are a couple of exceptions to the above, but they don’t apply in this case.

    Best chance – instead of running to the GG – is to hound any idiots you know who voted for this lousy mob.

  50. John

    Regardless of what happens to the leader, there are many just as bad or worse to replace him. Australians, you voted for this mess because of your apathy, ignorance and just plain not taking enough care. Im sorry but we are stuck with this until the next election. I really hope you can learn from your mistakes and have good memories. And as for those who vote for independents you should have a look where the preferences go (do you even know what that means? Find out if you dont). Can you tell I feel frustrated with you? I am and so are a lot of people. WAKE THE F%$ UP

  51. corvus boreus

    Today, as I visited the building society where I store my measly pittance in order to obtain some old financial records, I struck up a conversation with the teller on the subject of Robodebt, which stung me for a little over $300 (the purpose of my visit).
    Turns out that the lass I was talking to had also been hit for the tune of around $22,000, which had placed her under such stress that it had fractured her marriage and forced the sale of her family home.
    She claimed that she had lodged an appeal a few years ago, and a follow-up inquiry last year, nut had received neither a result notification nor any other form of return correspondence.
    After commiserating her upon suffering such (government engineered) misfortune, mentioning that it had driven hundreds to thousands of people to suicide, and advising her of the recent court decision that had adjudged that the robodebts were not only illegitimately generated (due to blatant systemic flaws in the algorithm) but illegally enforced (due to an obvious contempt for the legal principle of the presumption of innocence), I asked her what I thought was a pertinent and relevant question;
    ‘You didn’t vote for the coalition in the last federal election, did you?’.
    She abruptly slid her gaze away from mine and concentrated on producing the requested documents with minimal further conversational interaction.
    I chose to take that as a ‘yes’.

  52. Graeme

    This shyster (Morrison – no more ‘scomo’ please) is a disgrace to rhe office of Prime Minister.
    At the least, Turnbull had a conscience.

  53. Roswell

    cb, so she got a life-destroying Robodebt and still voted for the Coalition!

    I’m inclined to suggest that she didn’t think that one through.

  54. corvus boreus

    Do not automatically assume general ignorance and stupidity when addressing a broad swathe of audience.
    I am one who voted for independent candidates at the last elections, both state and federal.
    I did so after conducting extensive research on their stated policies, pedigrees and record of proven performance, as well as cynically assessing their actual likelihood of achieving electoral success.
    Although the preference allocations of both tallied fairly closely with my own, I still chose my own downward pecking order.
    For the record, both candidates achieved respectable (if still sub-satisfactory) second place in the contests (I live in electoral seats where most people automatically tick & flick the GNAT box).

  55. Matters Not

    Clare De Mayo re Governors. They are appointed not elected and are there to perform ceremonial roles. And to do as directed by the elected head of a government – whether that be a PM, a Premier or a delegated Minister.

    Years ago, the Goss Labor government came to power after an absence of 32 years. He wanted things to change. In Queensland, Executive Council (a body presided over by the Governor General or Governor and consisting of ministers of the Crown, which gives legal form to cabinet decisions) met on Fridays. Usually the Governor turned up in his Rolls Royce at 1.00 pm, perhaps had a cup of tea, engaged in polite discussion with the Premier, did the signings and then departed about an hour later. All very genteel, but for Goss it was an effing nuisance.

    Very early in his term, the Governor questioned/inquired about a particular Cabinet decision that he apparently didn’t really understand and what the implications might be – only to be told rather forcibly that it mattered not whether he (the Governor) understood the decision (or not). he was not there to understand, to question, to advise, become informed or whatever. No the Governor was there to sign the papers – nothing more – nothing less.

    And so it came to pass. What used to take an hour was reduced to 10 minutes (maximum) and besides Goss didn’t bother going to future Executive Council meetings – instead delegating that role to junior Ministers.

    One wonders how many of those who want intervention by a non-elected ceremonial figurehead also want Australia to become a Republic. Seems to me that that knowledge and understanding is sadly lacking.

  56. Harry Lime

    Graeme,Turnbull had a conscience? Wrong Turnbull.

  57. Aortic

    Scumbag has certainly made a universal impact. Bette Midler no less has tweeted about Morrison’s prevarication on climate change and having to support the economy. She screams what economy if the planet is uninhabitable. “Lead you fckwit.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  58. Kitty

    Interesting analysis of Morrison’s leadership by Frank Bongiorno in Inside Story.

    The summer Scott Morrison’s leadership broke
    Frank Bongiorno
    3 January 2020

    The summer Scott Morrison’s leadership broke

  59. Matters Not

    Yes Kitty, that’s an excellent piece by Frank Bongiorno re Morrisson. Should be read by all.

    Hope re the next election. How quickly, the mighty may have fallen?

  60. Michael Taylor

    On a serious note, it’s quite scary down here. The residents of about 15 neighbouring towns have been told to leave their homes and head here for refuge.

    In other solemn news Jennifer Wilson’s sister lost her house yesterday. Our thoughts are with her.

    And I’m trying to find out if my childhood home on Kangaroo Island has been lost. It’s gut wrenching.

  61. paul walter

    Michael, it seems folk at American River are being told to clear off to Penneshaw and that the Parndana fire is out of control. In the hills, the main problem is now around Kersbrook.

    I too offer sympathies to Jennifer and her sister.

  62. Terence Mills

    We read about a Prime Minister who goes on holiday to Hawaii as a National emergency takes place and we offer some forgiveness to him for an oversight on his part.

    Then, incredibly, we read about the NSW Emergency Services Minister, David Elliott who left for a European holiday just before the horror New Year’s Eve fires, and who has returned to Australia.

    I’m not reading about any volunteer firefighters who took off on overseas holidays : funny that !

  63. PeterF

    Terence – you are too kind.

    The PM was stuck in a building in Sydney when smoke triggered the fire alarm system. When this happens, it is usually the case that the lifts are disabled to prevent people b being trapped. This was the day that the ferries were stopped on the harbour.

    I was in Sydney that day.It was eerie. Any tru leader would have realised that matters were already serious.

    He still doesn’t get it.

  64. corvus boreus

    Clarification/correction; the article does not specifically state that Tony Abbott travelled to Israel to bray his science-denying crap, he may well have conducted the interview via phone-link.

  65. wam

    MN, Queensland is unicameral(act and nt) The executive was the rubber stamp club.

    We had a great week’s holiday,staying based in vivonne bay and touring each day. It would be terrifying in a bushfire, with no phone or tv coverage. Dirt roads surrounded by scrub. No houses, or people left behind, would survive.
    Could be a disaster and hope everyone seeks safety.

  66. Kitty

    Destruction and climate denial — Australia’s bushfires seen from abroad
    by Alan Austin — 3 January 2020
    “Lamentable”, “reckless”, “a regrettable lack of leadership from Prime Minister Scott Morrison”. Australia is in trouble; and that’s the way it’s seen even in Syria, Venezuela, Somalia and Bolivia. The world is looking on with dismay as Australia burns. Alan Austin reports on the global response to the devastating bushfires

    Destruction and climate denial — Australia’s bushfires seen from abroad

  67. wam

    “…an unemployed pensioner”
    beauty crow heard of les carlyon? He tragically left his job to the rabbott?? Wonder if his pension will be adjusted???
    oops chewing gum on my shoe????

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