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Destruction and disaster are the consequences of delay

The recent COAG meeting had recycling on its agenda, but predominantly in the context of requiring the states and territories to stop shipping waste overseas, and with no commitment by the Commonwealth government to mandate a reduction of use of plastic in packaging.

I fully appreciate that the States were established before federation, and that only some of the powers of the states were ceded to the Commonwealth. But – and it is a very big BUT – we are a large country in area and issues like recycling and reducing emissions would be seen by anyone with an iota of commonsense as being a national issue. After all, as a nation, we have the greatest per capita level of emissions in the world, so the whole nation must be involved in national action!

As long as our government remains in love with coal, continually subsidising fossil fuel entrepreneurs – thanks to all their donors – and refuses to recognise the urgency of the need to slow, stop, and (hopefully) reverse the effects of the emissions which are creating this climate emergency, we are dooming future generations to a planet which is in self-destruct mode.

The rate of loss of biodiversity is alarming and it is a moot point whether any other species (apart from the insects!) will survive until mankind is wiped off the face of the earth. And, without urgent effective action, we are talking decades, not centuries or millennia!

Many communities are taking action but this is not universal and is not enough. We need to be put into wartime mode, with caveats on waste of all sorts. We need national laws in relation to use of fuels and their derivatives, phasing out or converting vehicles using fossil fuels, rapidly moving to using renewable energy through rooftop installations and solar farms, with battery storage development accelerated to ensure continuous supply.

There are jobs galore to be created if the government took its head out of the Bible and read the scientific literature!

We need recycling plants which can handle all forms of waste without producing harmful emissions.

If we are put into wartime, national emergency mode, everyone will be required to forget nimbyism and join in the effort.

I know – Australia cannot save the world. But every country that starts to make a genuine and substantive effort will help to incentivise other nations.

Greta Thunberg is rubbished by those who put money before well-being, but her research is supported by many, including the specialist climate scientists.

We are in unexplored territory in predicting what is to come, because we have a welded-on belief that we can predict the future based on the past. But examination of weather patterns since the Industrial Revolution makes it quite obvious that the pattern is now continually and more rapidly changing as the years go by, with severe weather events occurring increasingly in both frequency and severity.

Anyone who cannot accept that the whole world needs to take action is living in a fool’s paradise – or doesn’t give a damn about future generations of life on earth!


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  1. Mark Needham

    “If we are put into wartime, national emergency mode, everyone will be required to forget nimbyism and join in the effort.”

    With what, 37 days fuel.

  2. David Evans

    Mark Needham: Yesterdays news, Australia has 28 days reserves of fuel.

  3. RosemaryJ36

    Mark Needham: in the UK during WWII, NO fuel was available for most civilians as it was reserved for public transport, military and medical purposes. We survived. You can manage without many things when necessary.
    The side benefit was fewer road accidents!

  4. Terence Mills

    There is an irony in this recycling issue.

    All of the stuff that we are now going to recycle including plastics from computers, printers and other hi-tech gear and of course tyres are all imported in the form of new products because we don’t actually make anything anymore.

    The irony is that if we recycle all this gear, we are actually recycling other peoples stuff that we imported from them to make up for our lack of ability to actually make the product in the first place !

  5. Bronte ALLAN

    Well said Rosemary! Sadly, this lying, incompetent, right wing, coal loving mob of so-called “politicians” who are trying to run our country, really have absolutely NO clue as to what is occurring to our planet, nor do, it seems, any of them know what to do about anything!

  6. Ross Barrell

    Bronte ALLAN: “…NO clue as to what is occurring to our planet, nor do, it seems, any of them know what to do about anything!”

    And judging from the dimwitted and shameful performance of our PM at the Pacific forum (dug his little heels in and chucked a 3 year old wally, he did) they have NO intention of doing anything about this country’s mindless and wilfully ignorant mining, extraction and export of vast quantities of COAL.

    And thanks Rosemary. Interesting piece.

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