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Democrats as Aristocrats: Fetishising ‘Decency’

The time has come to call out American Liberals (corporate political insiders, suburban wine mums and Karens) for the 21st Century aristocrats that they are. These preening dandies, who are usually doing alright financially, obsess over ‘decency, honesty, integrity’, the aristocratic response to liberté, égalité, fraternité. This is their focus. Mere rhetoric. No action, for King Joe I, Peace be Upon Him, has arrived. Gag.

In this piece, I want to look at how Liberals (as defined above) have turned the previously nebulous phrases of ‘decency, honesty and integrity’ into fetishised buzzwords that involve no actual change. These terms are meant to sound good and have Liberals (and ideally the rest of the country) go back to sleep.

Do Me Decently, Part One: Fetishising ‘Decency’

Decency, like so many other terms in politics, is nebulous, subjective and ultimately void for its vagueness. But it has a very specific meaning when these aristocrats say it. The context for such a term is typically in response to the former Trump Administration. So much of the coverage of Trump was about some uncouth remark that he made and similar surface-level crap that has no place in serious political discourse. He was indecent, you see. He removed the mask of ‘civility’ and ‘decorum’ that had so long held the kleptocracy that is American government together. To paraphrase the Roman Emperor Tiberius, Trump’s government was no longer fleecing the sheep, but skinning them. The mask of civility was no longer there, and the corrupt, broken, corporate system was exposed for all to see.

When Joe Biden and American Liberals use the term ‘restoring decency’, which they do with annoying frequency, they mean ‘put the mask back on’. There is no point in running a corrupt government when there is a scandal every ten minutes. Scandals put the focus on the operations of the government, which exists to serve corporate and wealthy interests. To keep this scam going, we need ‘decent people’ in positions of authority. Those who know how the game works. This is why they hated Trump so.

Do Me Decently, Part Two: The New Aristocrats and ‘Back to Brunch’

Inherent in the suggestion that Trump himself was the problem rather than a symptom was that once he was gone, things would return to ‘normal’. This manifested itself in the pithy phrase ‘back to brunch’. It portrayed the idea that, with Trump out of the way, Liberals (as defined above) could return to their cushy lives. With Orange Man gone and the ‘serious people’ (interpret that as you see fit) back in charge, all was right again. These people are officially the new aristocrats: wealthy, preening moral dandies who reserve unto themselves and subsequently weaponise moral values.

There is a parallel to this among conservatives: so-called ‘freedom’. If you oppose some conservative idea or other you were ‘anti-freedom’ or ‘a tyrant’. A useful way to silence dissent. Turning to Liberals, if you say or do anything of which the new aristocrats disapprove, you will be ‘uncivil’, ‘impolite’ or whatever other BS term they care to throw at you. Once again, a useful way to silence dissent. Decency itself is now a weapon of the upper class. As long as the veneer of civility is maintained, these privileged aristocrats do not care if the country burns. We truly live in dangerous times.

Conclusion: Let them Eat Cake

YouTube commentator Kim Iversen uploaded a video in which she noted the media parroting the ‘back to brunch’ line. All is well now that Orange Man is gone. Complete and total ignorance of the underlying problem. Trump did not create these problems, but he did make them worse. The problem, at the end of the day, is neoliberalism. The American government has utterly abandoned its people when they needed it most. And now you pompous pr*cks have the nerve, the undulating balls to turn around and breath a collective sigh of relief?

Your irrelevant problem of an ‘uncivil’ President may be gone, but there is a 9/11 worth of deaths every single day from COVID-19. Your pseudo-solution to this problem is to rejoice in the civility of Joe. You are even worse than Marie Antoinette. As out of touch as her apocryphal comment was, at least she mentioned the peasants! Your response is to focus, just for a change, on yourselves. How relieved you are that Orange Man is gone. Please do not act surprised when the pitchforks and torches come out. You thought Trump was uncivil? Wait until the peasants come and put your neck under a guillotine.

Wise up, you feckless clowns. Even a despotic system like the Roman Empire at its height had the good sense to provide panem et circenses (bread and circuses) to keep its people fat and entertained. You preening dandies just expect them to fall in line because civilitah. They will come for you if their situation does not improve markedly.

It is up to you. Progress and reform can come through legislation or violence.

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  1. Andrew J. Smith

    In my opinion it reflects the lack of a strong centre in US politics and maybe the US is not the most analogous example for Australia.

    Worked with Americans many years ago and was always amazed by their (at least face value) politeness, observance of authority and love of the dollar, no matter how left.

    Discuss politics often with an educated American friend of (African heritage) formerly from California (now Europe), committed Christian now aethiest and strong left now simply centre and does not vote.

    While the true ‘left’ in the US can be reactionary and lean to the lunatic left (like the UK in Corbyn, precluding power as the northern ‘red wall’ did not vote for Labour under him), meanhwile US media deem Soros, Clinton and Gates as also ‘left’ and/or ‘liberal’ when according to Australian and/or European taxonomy, the latter are very much centre right libertarians, with a strong social conscience.

    Another outlier would be trying to fit Angela Merkel into a US or Oz political spectrum, when even old Victorian ’70s state Liberal Premier Rupert ‘Dick’ Hamer would too (deemed liberal, wet, environmentally aware and progressive).

  2. New England Cocky

    An excellent analysis at a time when many of us were breathing a huge sigh of relief that Trumpery had passed into hard earned obscurity. In that relief, it is refreshing that somebody has remained objective enough to recognise that the US Ship of State remains unchanged, only the Captain has vacated the bridge. Long live the Captain!

    But in an Australian context; your ”Decency Fetish” could have easily been taken straight out of the Nazional$ playbook. At the 2017 New England Kiwi bye-election, a pre-poll worker was chastised by his small town candidate for loudly describing Barnyard Joke as an ”adulterous alcoholic” feted by ”Tamworth women who supported adultery”.

    Well, had the women of Tamworth voted against these breaches of ”Nazional$ Party family values” New England would have been freed from the dead hand of that political party once again. Nothing like a little bit of moral inconsistency to remain in political power.

    Obviously ”Nazional$ family values” are less important than maintaining political power to enrich international agri-investment corporations with Armidale NSW drinking water at a 60% discount compared to Armidale Regional Council (ARC) ratepayers. And all done with the oversight of the NSW Minister for Agriculture and Minister for Water plus the state Nazional$ Leader and federal MP using about $13 MILLION taxpayer funded pipeline from the Malpas Dam Armidale water supply dam directly into the Costa Guyra Tomato Farm. Then, as a political sweetener, the whole project was facilitated by a dumped NSW MLC who received an unadvertised job at ARC without a selection process and paid for by the ARC ratepayers.

    A political sceptic could reasonably conclude that the unelected political hacks, who control pre-selection and leadership challenges in the Nazional$ from the air-conditioned metropolitan offices, expect significant future political donations to keep them in their latte sipping comfort while they determine whether Giovanni Porkbarrelo has disgraced the NSW Nazional$ sufficiently to be replaced by Holla4A Marshall, the Member for Northern Tablelands & Minister for Agriculture. But has Mick Muck has kept the seat warm for long enough to be replaced before the predicted 2021 Federal election by that other local political ”character”, Barnyard Joke, the Nazional$ representative in New England?

  3. Rob

    Good points Dr Tim. Trump was an outlier, a non-career politician whose politics were not fully in line with the NWO thus he was designated by the elite as a one term President. His pro-business and pro-US manufacturing bias did not accord with the Great Reset and he was out of step with the World Economic Forum ‘you will own nothing, and be happy’ end goal. He had to go.

    Interesting that the Democrats, or rather those pulling their strings, now want to bring Trump back to centre stage by way of impeachment. What a great distraction from exposing the core corruption that persists despite who gets voted in or out. You call it ‘back to brunch’, I call it a joke. Trump is gone, long live Trump. Democrats are ever the stooges for the NWO and thanks to their policies the public gets played for fools every term. A substantial difference between the two parties? The end result says not.

  4. Neil

    The likes of Chuck Schumer might not make it to ‘arguments against Trump. There’s a non-zero chance they’ll end up swinging from Ole Glory flagpoles – and I’m sorry to say there are people in the country who’d ensure that’s not a metaphor.

  5. DrakeN

    I’m so glad to see that I am not alone in questioning the great acclaim that President Biden is a latter-day saint.
    Less evil than his predecessor certainly, but like all others in power in the USofA he is mentally and emotionally bound to the concepts of mercantilism and American superiority in all things temporal.
    As such he reflects the indoctrination of the general public in the same beliefs; doctrine created by predatory leaders of commerce, politics and religions alike.

  6. John Hanna

    A load of right leaning drivel.

  7. Consume Less

    Damn, I’m extremely happy Trump is gone.

  8. Jill Lyall

    I get most of what you’re saying here but I think it’s a bit exaggerated. Biden seems to be completely immersed in getting the covid pandemic under control and seems quite passionate and determined about it. He has not stopped talking about the terrible toll of it on the American people since he first decided to run for President. I find your description of him is a crude caricature. Of course he’s not a saint and yes he’s too neoliberal for my liking. But I also can’t see the man you’re describing in any of the news and commentary I’m seeing.

  9. Geoff Andrews

    John Hanna. Either that, an elaborate pisstake or a plaintiff plea to please, please stop reminding us what a gross, unintelligent, embarrassing,oafish figure of fun Trump is.
    Jill, I agree.

  10. Rupert

    Biden would have to be a dirty rotten stinking liar by saying all these responsible intelligent things. I’d have him over Trump any day How about progress and reform through good intelligent communication,

  11. Geoff Andrews

    Rupert, you’re just another bloody aristocrat shouting repeatedly from the top of the high moral ground, “At last! Decency! Honesty! Some class! Fresh not fetid air!”
    Shame on you. You only have to say it once otherwise you’ll hurt the plebeians’ feelings,
    And stop gloating.

  12. guest

    Let’s not get too upset with Tim Jones playing around with some political tropes and in-jokes. You get the drift in what he is saying, which is that it is not feasible for Biden or anyone else to fix America easily. Every one knows that. Jones keeps reminding us of his definition of Democrats which could just as easily be applied to Republicans. The difference is Trump, a business man and not a politician. Jones talks about “decency, honesty,integrity” which he uses like the French Revolutionary cry of “liberty, fraternity, equality”. We might remember that the French gave the USA its statue of liberty. But in America there is little liberty, fraternity or equality. It was bad before Trump, says Jones, but Trump made it worse. Jones plays with Keating’s bon mots to John Hewson: “I want to do you slowly” – appearing here as “Do me decently”. The French Revolution appears also in the peasants (Clinton’s “deplorables”?) coming with pitchforks and torches. Of course! There has been insurrection in the Capitol already! As for Trump’s “uncouth remarks” and “surface level crap that has no place in serious political discussion”, according to Jones “He was indecent, you see. He removed the mask of ‘civility’.” But he was allowed to say anything he liked. It is all about “free speech”. The constitution allows it. He cannot be impeached for it. To do so is to bring Trump back into centre stage. The constitution allows all kinds of things, such as carrying guns in public – and using them. It talks about individual freedoms, which means that elite “preening dandies” need not be obeyed. We have some of that in Oz with regard to the pandemic. “Unelected” bureaucrats dictate to the citizens what they can do and not do. Perhaps the US constitution needs some tweaking. So, too, perhaps, does ours.

  13. Matters Not


    “Unelected” bureaucrats dictate to the citizens what they can do and not do.

    Sounds terrible. So is it only be those elected who should dictate to us? Should we only listen to expertise on the basis of whether it’s elected or not? Is Craig Kelly elected? Should we listen to dictations from him when it comes to …. anything?

    Perhaps ‘elections’ take democracy too far? Or should we elect our judicial officers? Lots of places where they are appointed for life. What about electing AGs as they do elsewhere? Does success at an election turn stupidity (congenital or otherwise) into wisdom?

    Oh the unexamined assumptions (the common sense) we proceed on. And perhaps shouldn’t?

  14. guest

    MN That someone like Norman Swan is not elected but informs us through the ABC is a target wide open to Murdoch media attack. Academics, or ‘leets, are not to be trusted. Only News Corp journalists and well vetted chosen contributors are suitably knowledgeable to inform the informed readers of Murdoch news. It is their self proclaimed identity, their mojo.

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