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Dear Pauline – Let Me Explain

By Bob Rafto

Dear Pauline,

You have been derided on social media and in the mainstream media as a fact-free redneck from Queensland on just about everything you espouse.

However, I ask that you could just take a little time and consider what I feel, as you ask of others to consider how you feel.

But before I do that, I took the time to read through some of your policies and to my surprise I agree with most of them.

Instead of giving voice to some of your positive policies all I hear on the tube and read in the MSM and social media is that Muslims are a threat, and as such we can’t walk down street without fear, and the country will succumb to Sharia Law.

This is what I feel: your ramblings on Muslims detract from the real threats to our society.

The main villain who is the threat to our society and way of life is big business. The players in big business are no better than common thieves who contrive their tax arrangements to ensure they pay no tax. Murdoch has got away avoiding $4.5 billion in taxes, then add the others who take advantage of the ‘Australian tax haven’ like QANTAS, Apple, Google, Amex, Facebook, plus many more, and every year the government is starved of tens of billions in tax. And how long has this been going on for? Many, many years.

If big business paid their fair share of taxes we would have a first class health care system, a first class education system (without $100k uni degrees), more money for public housing, more money for pensioners, more money to help the homeless, more money to help the unemployed, more money for important infrastructure, and so on and so on. And all this could probably be achieved without going into a budget deficit.

As for the radical Muslim threat you want us to tremble over, well I have faith in our police force and ASIO to keep our streets safe. And as for Sharia Law, the Muslim population is only 2% of our country and I really can’t see them over-throwing the government just to install Sharia Law. Let’s be real here, it will never happen!

So if you want your positive policies to come to fruition then it would be more productive for you to use your ‘parliamentary platform’ to go after big business to pay their taxes and that way you can deliver prosperity to your followers as well as to other Australians who have been affected by the major ‘tax avoidance’ of big business.

The reality, Pauline, is that big business must be enjoying your Muslim ramblings as it takes away the spotlight from where it should be shining. On them.

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  1. Klaus

    I can’t agree with “I have faith in our police force and ASIO”. I do not. There are people behind these organizations such as Dutton and Brandis. If you do have faith in them, I think you might be in the wrong place here.

  2. Jaquix

    Bob Rafto, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head! There is so much money bleeding out of our coffers, its obscene. All this nonsense about “budget emergency” is just tripe. You have rightly identified Big Business, but there are also the Tax Havens for Wealthy Individuals (who have just been pandered to in the latest superannuation re-write and the refusal by the Libs to reform the Negative Gearing rort), Churches who get away with millions (just think Weetbix alone – always tax free for the Seventh Day Adventist Church all these years, and now being sold in China!!) Subsidies to Liberal Party Donors (think mining etc) Charities like the Institute of Public Affairs, which runs the agenda for the Liberals to follow (they qualify as a charity because they supposedly conduct “social research”) As you can see from just this list (Im sure others will have many more to add to the list) OUR CUP WOULD RUNNETH OVER if some brave government would only start reforming the whole corrupt system.

  3. brickbob

    No wonder RWNJs like Cash and Brandis were lining up to give Pauline a hug after her maiden speech,they know that all the attention will be taken off their crap policies and their pandering and cap tipping to big business and all non tax paying corporations.

  4. pierre wilkinson

    include churches in the big business portfolio and tax the lot of them

  5. Sir ScotchMistery

    And unions and business associations like the chamber of commerce.

  6. Deanna Jones

    By referring to your faith in police to keep us safe from ‘radical muslims’ you are buying into her bullshit, bob. Not that they do keep us safe of course. Not only do police randomly tase and shoot people on the street for no reason, but over 3000 women have been murdered by their partners in Australia, since 9/11 happened. You would hardly call that being ‘kept safe’ by police.

  7. David

    Bob Rafto, you are right. The secret Trans Pacific Partnership agreement will make matters so much worse for Australian Tax Payers too. Perhaps that is where Pauline is getting her funding from?

    As for Muslims taking over Australia, I think they have targeted the UK to be the first country. Their move to Europe is to encourage migration to Israel, as the perception for some is that it is safer than France!

  8. diannaart

    Pauline Hanson needs to be studied in depth, as she is representative of those who vote against their own best interests (and I don’t mean just those who are her self-confessed supporters) – the Brexits, the pro-Trumps and those who vote for the LNP yet earn under the median income.

  9. helvityni

    There’s no depth to Pauline, she is no wiser than she was twenty years ago. Sadly she has more followers this time around, all the big boys courting her, she can do their dirty work and then be cast aside.

  10. John

    “As for the radical Muslim threat..”

    ““Is it radical Islamic terrorism?” Again, you look at who used those words first, it was Netanyahu. It’s a consistent propaganda theme that he’s used, as in that book over there [pointing at Fighting Terrorism by Benjamin Netanyahu], that this isn’t about legitimate political grievances or even any political grievances, this is all about this radical Islam. And it’s not just a few Muslims. When you read into it, it’s really Islam itself, it’s a radical and murderous religion.”

    “We Are Adopting Principles of Fascism”

    “A preliminary University of South Carolina study found that with regard to Palestinian terrorism, “when significant, [Israeli] repression is associated with more [Palestinian] terrorism (backlash) and conciliation is associated with less terrorism.”

    “In 2011, a study by the London School of Economics and University of Essex, published in the Journal of Peace Research, examined terrorist attacks on Americans by foreigners between 1978 and 2005. Their model showed that US military support to foreign governments had “substantively strong effects on foreign terror on Americans.” A significant rise in military aid, for instance, produced an increase in anti-American terrorism by 135%.”

    The answer is clear – leave their countries alone, allow self determination, justice and a political voice, and act inclusively towards minorities here.

  11. bobrafto

    Overall we have a very effective police force, unfortunately, DV, I would say would almost be impossible to police and there is ratbags in every bureaucracy and the AFP is not much better when it comes to political crimes like the Peter Slipper case, it’s been going on for over 3 years and nothing will come of it.

    In an earlier article by Trish Corry I wrote in a comment that I lost my home to circumstances beyond my control and that was from corruption from the Brisbane City Council and I went after them on Social Media and I know for a fact that the Brisbane City Council media unit was tracking me all over the net.

    I’m pretty damn sure that ASIO is tracking everyone, spying, listening in, hacking etc. just write terrorism, jihad and other key words on the net and ASIO will start investigating and I’ll take the time to say hello to whatever spook is reading this right now.

  12. Sir Scotchmistery

    Hello there Bob, how are things at 17 Shaftdown Ave, Unley Heights? Bwahahaha.


    Well you get the picture….

  13. wam

    very few of those 50% below the median wage, despite the great risk to their livelihood coming from the lnp, do not see muslims as anything but threat to their way of life. They can see the lnp extol the need to lock muslims away. They read the exesses of violence in the middle east and the slogans- all muslims are not terrorists etc – are repeated.
    Is pauline smart enough to see the flaws in her beliefs??? Remember there are a lot of people on the right side of the bell curve???
    Education go from the known to the unknown.
    The first step is to understand her fears and accept them. Then lead her to come up with a solution for an alleviation of the fears..

  14. Carol Taylor

    Pauline, knows how to push all the right buttons: racism, elitism, fear (crime has increased in Australia when it hasn’t), indignation (Muslims stop Christmas carols in schools/bibles removed from hospitals) and especially smug self-satisfaction that she ‘knows’ what her critics don’t know. And guess what, in spite of her talking complete and absolute BS, people believe it..because they want to believe it. These types want to feel angry, want to feel indignant..and most especially, they have a burning need to feel superior to someone..anyone, and at the moment Muslims (and probably Aborigines) will do.

  15. Jaquix

    Hanson has no solutions. She doesnt actually want them either, as her main preoccupation is bitching, complaining and smearing and demeaning. All backed up with numerous falsehoods. She has made a good living ouf of it.

  16. Carol Taylor

    Jaquix, and any that she comes up with are quite ridiculous – ban all Muslims. Perhaps she might consider the international students from Malaysia and the Pakistani cricket team. As one wit put it, Hanson wants to ban Muslims because you can’t tell the difference between a violent one and a non-violent one. By extension, most crime is perpetrated by men, therefore Australia should ban all men as well. But on the other hand, Hanson doesn’t seem to like women either…

  17. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Good onya Bob Rafto,

    for asking Pauline how she can remedy problems you and we can see.

    Pauline has placed herself as some [interim] figurehead for where problems can go for exposure and maybe solution.

    If she can’t explain those solutions, she can be exposed for a charlatan.

  18. bobrafto

    Sir Scotchmistery
    Hello there Bob, how are things at 17 Shaftdown Ave, Unley Heights? Bwahahaha

    I can do better than that.

    My first share house was at Chermside West, a nice house, and across the road from Huxtable Park. This park has a creek that meanders thru it and still in it’s natural state and the wildlife in the creek and in the park is simply amazing.

    I was there for 18 months while I went to the P&E court, the Court of Appeal and the High Court. During that time I would go down to the creek in the mornings and afternoons to feed the ducks, water dragons and turtles.

    It wasn’t till after a couple months there that I discovered that the name of the creek was called ‘Downfall Creek’.

    Google it.

  19. Sir ScotchMistery

    Remember it well Bob. Ah yes.. idyllic days those.

    …nods off again…


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