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Dear America, please don’t make Donald Trump your president

So Donald Trump wants to be president.

Well I would implore all Americans to think long and hard before casting a vote in his favour. Do you really, really want him in the White House?

I love America. One of the great things about America is that it embraces religious freedom. Take that away and not only will you diminish as the ‘land of the free’ but it just might not have the results that Trump hopes for. However, I’m not here to talk about that. There’s something else I want to warn you about.

I’ll start off with what a commenter on one of the articles on this site wrote:

I remember the first couple of weeks of Trump’s campaigning.

There were those who said that it was funny. They insisted the buffoon was in it just for publicity, he’d be gone in a month. The man was so ridiculous that common sense would prevail and people would dismiss him.

Rather than burn out, Trump has dragged the Republican candidates to [a] dangerous group … he has normalised ideas that should be abhorrent … he is desensitising the mass media. His comments draw much less outrage than they should.

Letting Trump spew his relentless, loathsome rubbish has not caused people to turn away in disgust. Rather, it has placed him as a front runner to be the next US president.

As a nation [Australia] we took a laid-back attitude … And how did that turn out? Well, as usual, the politicians resorted to pandering to the lowest denominators … fear and ignorance.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” – Voltaire

The underlying message there is that we in Australia know exactly how it turns out. We’ve had a glimpse of what life under a Trump-like disaster can be like.

And that’s how it was under our recently dethroned prime minister, Tony Abbott. In two short but destructive years Tony Abbott completely turned on its head the character and soul of our nation. In two frightening years under this manipulating dangerous man we saw the rise of patriot groups, supported by rogue politicians … encouraging racists to whip up fear and hatred with a passion never before seen in this country. And that, simply, is what changed us.

Dangerous, powerful men – supported by an obliging media – can easily change any nation. If they can change an easy going, laid back nation like Australia one can only shudder what they might do to a nation that has been on edge since the terrible events of 9/11.

You’ve been lucky not having a leader anything like Abbott: One that has made us frightened of shadows; of having us fear anyone with a long beard, a tanned skin, or a different religion. Of making us afraid that these people, at best, will take our jobs and security. At worst, slit our throats.

He turned us into a nation of nervous, frightened, angry vigilantes. Vigilantes who have set fire to homes belonging to people who speak Arabic; who threatened to kill people just because their skin was dark; who wanted people expelled from this country simply because they spoke a different language; who assaulted people in the streets because they wore a scarf around their head. No questions asked. Anyone who looked ‘different’ was a threat to our national security and had to be dealt with. Attacks on these people have become more daring, more devastating, and more frequent as each week passes.

It hasn’t helped us or ‘saved’ us one little bit, because to put it simply, the threat wasn’t there in the first place. If anything, payback might be on the horizon. Or worse still, blowback.

Tony Abbott was removed from office a few months ago but the seeds of hate he planted are now growing uncontrollably wild and unchecked.

It is as if overnight we were no longer a tolerant and welcoming nation. Fear mongering prime ministers (or presidents) don’t succeed in such nations. Their political survival hinges on maintaining their political capital: fear. And then more fear.

Yes, there are troubles in the world which must be addressed, but are they being addressed by turning people against their neighbours, their work colleagues or people sharing the same bus? Are the troubles of the world being addressed when a young Muslim lady is bashed in a busy street in your city by stirred-up punks? Punks who, only a couple of years ago, would not have batted an eye lid at the same lady.

What good is it when the public discourse is one of hatred and violence? When talk around the local bar, the restaurant table, the coffee break at work or at family get-togethers is filled with nonsense at how people from other lands or other religions are obsessed with destroying us and our country. Yes, it’s nonsense, but people are frightened into believing it to be true.

Abbott frightened us and feasted on it. Trump will do the same to you.

And like Australia you have the same gutter-dwelling media who will keep boiling the pot of racism and bigotry for their own selfish needs.

Having said all that, I must say though that we’ve been lucky to date in that only kicks, punches and threats have been flowing. Blood has not been spilled. And that’s probably because of the one big difference we have with you. We don’t carry guns.


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  1. Ro Bailey

    I reckon everyone in the world ought to be able to vote in US elections because it effects us all.

  2. mars08

    Unfortunately… even if Trump doesn’t make it to the White House, he has injected poison into American politics which may never disperse.

    Trump (and the compliant msm) have lowered the bar on what is acceptable discourse by presidential candidates. He has normalised the demonisation of races and religions. He has habituated certain types of voters to fact-free hyperbole. He has desensitised the media to outrageous lies and fear mongering. He has legitimised the bigotry and ignorance of many, many Americans.

    The dark path pioneered by Trump will beckon unscrupulous sections of the ruling class for decades to come. Whatever happens in the presidential election… we can expect Trump’s legacy to remain as a cancer in American society.

  3. Roswell

    Mars08, did you notice that I’d used your quote?

  4. mark delmege

    With Empress humpty Dumpty you have a proven war criminal – a multi country destroyer – an extremist white woman whose mates empowered Islamic and Jewish extremists like few ever before – and will do it again. She is no joke but probably more dangerous for the rest of the world. Sorry… I don’t see any good options from that decrepit gangster empire.

  5. mars08

    @Roswell … I skimmed the quote. Didn’t realise it was mine. But I did consider it to be the opinion of a true genius, a gifted wordsmith, a visionary and thoroughly slpendid human being!!!

    A fair call, I’d say…

  6. RosemaryJ36

    The biggest problem is that in the USA, voting is NOT compulsory.

  7. margcal

    A sadly spot-on article.

    Agreed Rosemary, no matter how awful the candidates, if you don’t vote you’re part of the problem, not the solution.
    You can at least vote for the candidate who will do least harm – a lesser handicap when working for better outcomes.

  8. Graeme Henchel

    It’s Drongo days and Drongo nights
    As morons play with bigot’s rights
    Draped in patriotic rags
    Abusive thugs in national flags

    Scared of shadows and of light
    Scared of being erudite
    Scared of difference and the new
    Scared of having any clue

    It’s Trump’s excess and Abbott’s games
    As Murdoch fans the racist flames
    Creating fear and wanting war
    Deluded to their very core

    Whisper in the Drongo’s ear
    Whisper hate and whisper fear
    Divide and conquer the age old ploy
    To keep confused the hoi polloi

  9. clarelhdm

    Bernie for the win. Please U S of A!

  10. Florence nee Fedup

    A cancer left in society. Is that the same, as Abbott has left in ours?

  11. Kyran

    From the annals of ‘you can’t make this stuff up’,
    An excerpt from the article quotes rump as saying;
    “There is hatred against us that is unbelievable,” Mr Trump told the rally, according to CNN, after Hamid and several others were ejected.
    “It’s their hatred. It’s not our hatred.”
    Well said, Mr Henchel. Thank you Roswell and mars08. Take care

  12. terry

    no roswell the people of this country were lied too and fooled into thinking abbott was a good leader , because the media and the right wing of the labour party crucified rudd and Gillard right in front of everybody and destroyed any chance of being re-elected .

  13. Florence nee Fedup

    No, not about being lied to. The truth was there for all to see. Proof of this can be found in archives this site, Cafe Whispers and many other blogs. Many were yelling loud and clear. All that was written has come to fruition.

  14. Roswell

    Terry, no matter how Abbott got elected and why, he destroyed the country.

  15. diannaart

    Love the little sting at the end of your tale, Roswell.

    Even Obama’s best efforts won’t change that particular culture in time.

  16. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Graeme Henchel, a beautifully accurate poem.

    I agree Ro Bailey with you. I would vote in the American elections too if allowed, since so many Americans fail to see the importance of their democratic right to vote, as well as the fact the election outcomes affect us all one way or another.

    I especially see the parallel of political objectives and manipulations between Australia and America and I do what I can with social media to encourage progressive American thinkers to stay positive and determined for change. If they can effect change, then Aussie progressives have a greater opportunity of advocating for change to the apathetic or skeptical voters in Australia.

    That’s why I support Bernie Sanders who espouses grassroots’ ethical, innovative and equitable values for ordinary people and generations to come. I wish we had a Sanders or a Corbyn who could stand out in current Aussie politics because the LIBLAB flipflops fail to show one.

  17. Dagney J. Taggartd

    “Blood has not been spilled.”

    Curtis Cheng’s family would beg to differ….

  18. John Kelly

    I suppose it’s possible that Trump could win the Republican nomination given the disarray the GOP is in. But he would cop a huge hiding against either Clinton or Sanders. In such a scenario I would back the Democrats winning 50 states.

  19. aussiejed

    If it ends up being Trump vs Clinton, while there are plenty of moderate Repubs who wouldn’t have a bar of Trump, they might still come out and vote for him because Hilary Clinton is their Satan. Then again, every Democrat would pay good money to vote against him, even if they didn’t necessarily like Hilary Clinton.

    This political division in the US makes me wonder if they’re sliding slowly toward another civil conflict – not to the same scale as the first, but definitely something nasty.

  20. Roswell

    I hope you’re right, John.

    I hope I’m right too. 🙂

  21. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    It goes against my grain to say this usually, as a Feminist who wants to see women get every available opportunity as it arises, but whether Trump becomes the Republican candidate or not, I would want Sanders and not Clinton to be the Democrat to defeat the nutter or any of his fellow Republican nutters.

    Clinton unfortunately, has proven herself to be too closely linked to corporate America and a beneficiary of an economic system that abuses me as a part of the 99%. Sanders is a pollie, who wins people’s hearts and minds. This is a very important ingredient in any political battle and movement.

  22. mark delmege

    Call it street smart but maybe a lot of americans don’t vote because they don’t see much choice. Maybe they are smarter than many give them credit. Why select between venal party animals who wear different clothes but work for the same brands – wall street and war.

    Romantic notions of choice and democracy… only for suckers?

  23. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    They’re not street smart if they’re ignoring what Bernie Sanders is offering them.

  24. Sen Nearly Ile

    the rabbott and trump may be amoral and excessive but they are basic manifestations of the norm for their party. ie approaching half of society.
    The boys, despite our protests, blithely sold assets and are outsourcing work to foreigners and reducing services to Australians.
    Ian Tuxworth, an ex-chief minister of the NT and HIS PARTY, not only boycotted the ceremony, at the handover to the Anangu people who leased it back for 99 years (a familiar number?)but sent in the plane “Ayers rock for all Australians”.
    Recently he expressed his regrets at his actions and said
    “”Whatever the contentious issues were back 30 years ago, they’ve been overtaken by the success of the project.”
    However, true to clp form he couldn’t say ‘Uluru’.
    The federals, support companies, many making billions in profit but avoiding tax, with the aim of taking penalty rates off workers like bus drivers. Why?
    Sadly the Dick Smith saga is a prime example of these people’s culture.
    A few garnering enormous profits from the many Australian shareholders, who wouldn’t have put a cent into ‘Anchorage’, but were lured by the name ‘Dick Smith’.
    Why was Woolworths allowed to keep the name ‘Dick Smith’ in 1982?
    Why, were they allowed to sell it to Anchorage trading for $20 million?
    Why, was Anchorage allowed to sell it to Australians for $520 million, then close it down?
    Did they pay tax on the $500 million profit??
    Who pocketed the cash??
    Lift the carpet, turnball, and sweep sweep!!!

  25. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    The Dick Smith saga is what happens when regulations are not strong enough to protect worker, consumer and taxpayer rights.

    I fell for the Dick Smith disguise myself a few years ago and understand the shareholders’ and consumers’ blind belief in being associated with an organisation that was sinking.

    If trading while insolvent, BIG BAD for Dick Smith. If foreseeable, still legal ramifications. For a shareholder or even an unprotected consumer with a lay-by, it will be interesting to see how that saga pans out and WHAT lessons will be learnt by the lazy law-makers.

  26. Colin

    You can’t blame Americans for not voting. Don’t get me wrong, Trump should not be anywhere near the corridors of power, but be careful what you wish for. The last thing the world needs is another Clinton in the White House.

  27. mars08

    …Trump should not be anywhere near the corridors of power, but be careful what you wish for. The last thing the world needs is another Clinton in the White House.

    It sounds like you be willing to see Trump in the oval office rather than have Hillary Clinton as US president. Oh my….

  28. Pingback: Dear America, please don’t make Donald Trump your president – » The Australian Independent Media Network | 61chrissterry

  29. Tony

    Go Trump, get rid of ” political correctness ” once and for all. The only reason he’s doing so well is because people are tired of being pushed around, I hope he gets in and turns the place upside down.
    Put the minority groups back in there boxes and govern for how the majority wants the country governed, hopefully Australia will follow!

  30. Garth

    Tony… you can’t really mean that, can you? If you do I’ll just point out it doesn’t take any particular skill or leadership qualities to pander to peoples’ fear and prejudices. If you think this is the type of governing any society would profit from I pity your outlook. If that sounds patronising or condescending, so be it.
    Also, it isn’t “political correctness” to expect all people to be treated with respect, it’s just called being a decent person.

  31. mark delmege

    You do know don’t you mars that she was the pointman on duty who helped destroy the most advanced state in Africa, gloated about the murder of it’s head of state and then armed IS types in Syria – complete with captured chemical weapons which were then used in Syria and through her actions helped create the the biggest refugee crisis in recent history while also destroying that country into the bargain. She ranks up there with Bush jn as war criminal and should never be allowed to hold a public office – anywhere. In fact she should be in jail with other members of her government of that time. You do know this don’t you?

  32. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Well said Garth.

    Are you awake Tony? Trump will shit on YOU too, and don’t wish Trump or his ilk on Australia or I’ll call YOU out for treason.

  33. mars08

    @mark delmege… yes indeed. Her recent image reboot does not impress me. She’s a nasty one. But I’d still rather see her than Trump. “None of the above” would be a far, far better option.

  34. Barbara Sakai

    As an American who supports Sanders, let me point out that the media has given Trump hours of coverage compared to what Sanders is getting. Further, it appears that whenever and where-ever he appears and is heard, he gathers supporters from both sides of the aisle. If he had the coverage to reach more, I think he’d be the flat out front runner.

    The fact is that as the FCC rules have over time since the 70’s been slowly dismantled, allowing corporate interests to own more than they ought of our news stations (Rules used to say no one owned more than 6 or any combination of media, now about 6 major corporations own then all), and as the emphasis becomes about ratings instead of information, the media has become less of a ally in our democracy and people are just not informed,

    Under these circumstances, many here are just as frightened of the outcome of this election as the author of this article. Whether we scream on social media or not about the consequences, if every average person is not listening because “politics,” it does indeed come down to the media’s lack of responsible reporting. They’ve lost their focus.

    I literally saw an interview in which Bernie was being interviewed, and he called the station out of the inequity of coverage, and the completely sincere answer he got from the interviewer is that “Trump drives ratings,” with absolutely no irony, as if he couldn’t even see that its simply a catch 22–no one else has a chance to drive ratings if they get no air time.

    Those of us who feel informed (as much as we can be in this environment where you honestly can’t tell who is telling the facts without an agenda, and who is simply trying to manipulate a reaction) are doing our best, but its a Sisyphean task, and we have no media outlets or celebrity to help us out.

  35. Barbara Sakai

    Sorry for the typos–the system clocked me out of editing–please just accept the message even if I left the “n” off of “an ally” etc. 🙂

  36. Jexpat

    Just so folks realise:

    Trump is by far the “best” candidate in the Republican party by most any measure.

    So what people ought to be thinking and hoping is that America doesn’t elect or select a Republican to their presidency.

  37. mark delmege

    Yeah Barbara ratings and Trump gets them. Thats infotainment for you. They (the media) are no better here – for the most part. Tamed to the point of fear or stupid or controlled. Everything is being monetarised (sp?) the system is broke.
    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

    It will get worse before it gets better.

    At least they got rid of that awful Abbott but the new bloke has the same problems to deal with and his solutions are no better. I think the same is true in the UsofA. It doesn’t really matter who is the figurehead. Its all Hollywood anyway. Bernie can say all the right things, now, but he would be as much a captive as Obama and you don’t get there without being a willing pawn. His record leaves a lot to be desired and as an old jew he mightn’t be of this world for long anyway and if he got the chance to pick a running mate he would probably be far more to the right anyway (or a she) and you will be back where you started. We here shouldn’t bother investing our passions in American candidates we will only be disappointed.

  38. Jexpat


    Those of us who paid attention knew well before Obama even announced that, after undistinguished terms in the Illinois legilsature and a mediocre partial term as a US Senator from Illinois (wherein his main claim to fame was “reaching across the aisle”) weren’t surprised by his behavior once he wrapped up the nomination and became president. Some were surprised at the depth of his political ineptitude -but for the most part, he was always a mid-1980’s sort of Reagan Republican- and his record (as opposed to the rhetoric) reflected that.

    Sanders is another creature entirely, which is why there’s been a near blackout of coverage by the corporate media, despite the fact that he has more support thoughout the US than Trump (or any Republican, for that matter).

  39. dancerboots

    From a few of the comments here regarding President Obama and Hillary Clinton…it is obvious the msm has been successful in down grading their performance and belittling how well they have done. If it were in any other time where we had journalism instead of Fox News type commentators, President Obama’s record would be considered more than well as HRC’s work and success in the Senate toward uplifting women and children. What we have is a country content to be fed the narrative and it isn’t pretty… It didn’t start with the present administration but has exploded with social media and the commentator fake news stations that flame the fear and the liberal media (we have left) too often following the lead…all for ratings. As a liberal, we did have one cable ‘news’ station that is in the process of being dismantled. Here are two facts…liberal medial is practically non-existent. The two political parties are not the same. Today there are two conservative msm: Fox News and a new one OAN (One America News). I force myself to watch them on occasion. It is a constant attack on everything the President does 24/7. Now their aim is to take HRC down..

  40. quiltingforkids

    Well, thanks to all the good folks in Oz. I also hope that The Donald falls by the wayside. But you should know that he isn’t even the worst we have to offer. If The Trump is our in-house Mussolini, Ted Cruz could serve as our Fidel Castro. He’s a nasty piece of business at best. But, there’s always Bernie. Fond hope springs eternal. But don’t get your hopes up. Americans really know how to screw up a country . . . and the globe of course.

  41. diannaart

    To all our USA respondents to this article.

    Thank you for talking to us about your concerns and ‘inside’ knowledge.

    We too, in Australia, have a mainstream press that only promotes the most neo-conservative news and either pillories or ignores any achievements by more progressive people.

    I have been following President Obama since the wonderful heady days of his first election, I watched how his detractors have attempted to block anything he does. These people are all about winning and have no concern for the people, the nation of the USA. I did live in Arizona for a couple of years during the 1980’s – the pattern favouring the far right was well established then. I returned to Australia concerned that Australia would follow in the USA’s footsteps – the swing against the general population of favour of the few wealthy and powerful has occurred at a rate I could not have predicted.

    That a man like Trump should even be in the position he literally bought, is an insult to democracy and and spit in the face to all Americans.

    Personally, seeing Bernie Sanders win the presidency would be ideal, failing that Hilary remains way in front of the collection of nutters that have control of the GOP.

    Wouldn’t it be great if I could end this comment with the magic solution?

    Just know there are many Australians who care deeply about the rise of the far right throughout western nations.

    Love to all.

  42. mars08

    I just don’t get Trump’s popularity with anyone who isn’t dumb as a sack of hammers, a bigot, a redneck or a misogynist. Politics aside… as a person, he is an ignorant, odious, overbearing, uncouth, arrogant, self-absorbed buffoon. Other than his money, this ego maniac has exactly nothing going for him.

  43. paul walter

    You may want- no, let me rephrase it- need Bernie, but if you are lucky you will get Hilary and thank your lucky stars you didn’t get Trump. Even Obama didn’t get to the top without deferring to Wall St and other elements of the ruling complex.

    My guess is that Clinton at least is rational and that is about as good as the USA and the rest of the world will get.

    mars, don’t forget, this is the country that elected Abbott. We lost whatever residual rights we had for mocking the americans when we did that. It could be systemic through out the West though, considering the poms were silly enough to elect Cameron twice.

  44. diannaart

    We lost whatever residual rights we had for mocking the americans when we did that (electing Abbott)

    Yep. Australia has caught up on the stupid.

  45. Kaye Lee

    You hear all these conspiracy theorists talking about how the UN (and climate scientists apparently) are scheming to impose a New World Order. That one is worthy of Sir Lynton Crosby. The wealthy of the world have paid a fortune to fund misinformation campaigns and, as they own the media, their campaign to blame the poor for the world’s ills is working.

    Meanwhile the real NWO runs apace with corporations buying governments, refusing to contribute through taxation, rejecting sustainable practice, buying up all our assets as they convince governments to privatise every service including health, education and our vital utilities and infrastructure. We are at the mercy of those who would run the world for their own profit as they accumulate obscene wealth and use it to buy power.

    The ONLY power we have is that of the ballot box.

  46. seawork

    If Trump is elected it will show just how far down the path the US has fallen.
    The supposed land of the free which seeks to dominate the World and has more of it’s population incarcerated than any other country.
    The US which is “in bed” with Saudi one of the most repressive regimes in the World.
    The US that you are in love with has more military bases around the World than any other country.
    The US which spends more (borrowed) money on the military than the rest of the World put together but has more homeless people than any other first World country.
    Sorry but it is really not going to matter too much which of the corrupt presidential hopefuls win the outcome is always the same, the country will continue to be ruled by the military industrial complex for the benefit of the 1%.

  47. Gail Wilhelm

    The mainstream media has favored Trump 1,000 to 1 in coverage. They are excusing their inexcusable behavior by saying they cover Trump because of ratings. The news media CEO’s are the Shkreli ‘s of corporate media: crooks, theives and traitors.

  48. paul walter

    Seawork, their own capitalists have off shored so much tax dodged money the place is drowning in debt as it it tries to continue its garrisoning of its empire, making the same mistake as the Romans and the poms.

    Gail Wilhelm, you said a motzah with that reference to Shkreli. Which reminds me. There is a new thread up on neo liberalism so am off now for a new read.

  49. bring it on

    as if it matters one iota who is president of usa, or prime minister of aus.. if trump gets in, at least that murderous hilary won’t.

  50. Robert J Lee

    Great man Donald Trump. Thank God he is leading the polls at 41 per cent. Poor Hillary is likely to be charged with corruption over her Emailgate in a few weeks time. She is a has-been like her husband. Ted Cruz is the next best bet. He too demonstrates Christian beliefs and both support the right to carry arms. Just in case the Islamics get outa hand.
    For all the unadulterated US news go to

  51. Kaye Lee

    Nothing like a reality tv show host to run a country. And there is NOTHING Christian about Donald Trump. He’s a draft dodging real estate agent.

  52. mars08

    Solid, irrefutable comment by Cletus Q Nascar @ 5:12pm.

    Yeeehawww etc..

  53. Glenn

    I am 100% for Trump making it in to the crimehouse (that just happens to be white) If you sheep can’t see what the status quo has done to the world, well this site isn’t what I thought it was. Great man Donald Trump. Clinton like Bush are just more of the same: neocon elite out for the 1% Only!

  54. Kaye Lee

    Am I on candid camera?

  55. Kye Sangha

    That Trump is doing so well is a source of unbelievable shame and horror to everyone I know. Amercia has no interest in electing him, but the media is obsessed- and every click, every view makes him stronger. Coffee table talk in the nation revolves around this: we may see the first election where an independent wins or splits the election. It’s Bernie or Bust over here, but sadly the DNC is too stupid to see it and keeps pushing Clinton… problem is, Clinton can’t win, too many people are against her, and she doesn’t have the independents or the youth vote. So let’s all hope and pray that Sanders gets the nomination, because yes, otherwise it may well end up being Trump. And I swear, that’s an embarrassment we will never get over.

  56. mars08

    Errrr…. If Trump makes it to the White House…. embarrassment will be the least of your worries.

  57. Matters Not

    Seems to me that quiltingforkids at 5:43 am is on the money.

    Watched Fox today and they kept pushing the line that Poor Hillary is likely to be charged with corruption over her Emailgate in a few weeks time.

    And they also pursued the notion that if she wasn’t charged, it was because of either ‘corruption’ or ‘conspiracy’.

    Talk about ‘fair and balanced’. But then again if you keep chanting the ‘mantra’ then people like Robert J Lee will be convinced. (Or is he simply taking the piss?).

  58. mark delmege

    The decline of empire (all the signs are there now) may well usher in a harsher brand of fascism until the States explode into many smaller states (a good thing) – some of whom may well be progressive (even better). It should be an interesting show (from afar) but that process could take many years and I doubt that I will still be here.

  59. mars08

    @mark delmege…. I fear that the death throes of an “exceptional”, nuclear-armed superpower may be a bit more than “interesting”. It’s scary to contemplate what the bible-bashers and chest-thumpers might do to “save the village”. The phrase scorched earth comes to mind.

  60. mark delmege

    Like the collapse of the Russian empire (good thing)* it will take years to realign but spit off a few nasties in the process.
    * Or the British, French, German, Turkish etc etc they all collapse sooner or later.

  61. mars08

    The collapse of the Ottoman empire saw an unpleasant affair. War upon war. We are still feeling the shock waves.

  62. paul walter

    For folk interested, there is a really interesting thread on ww1 at Prof Quiggin’s site..the contention here is that France and Britain were more culpable for WW1 than Germany, which goes against what we were brought up with. Sykes/ Picot and the rest all get a mention.

  63. Carol Taylor

    I would suggest that at present Americans think that the whole Trump thing is a bit of a hoot. They should be careful what they wish for, we’ve experienced It already.

  64. Jexpat

    Carol Taylor wrote: “I would suggest that at present Americans think that the whole Trump thing is a bit of a hoot.

    You would be mistaken. That may have been the case back in May and June, but unfortunately, there are very few (even among the more experienced poli’s and obsevrvers) who understood the dynamic as it was occurring- and why it would be persistent.

  65. Backyard Bob

    Patriot Tony done witnessed:

    Go Trump, get rid of ” political correctness ” once and for all. The only reason he’s doing so well is because people are tired of being pushed around

    Hell yessum cuz! You be so dang tootin’ right about them thar issues. Politchal koorectness. What is that darn shite anyhow? I’ve got this gosh awfful retard living side me and I kent even call him a spaz no more? Heck, I kent even shoot my rifle in his direction no more. Gosh awful state of affairs.

    And what about them damned godless muslim nigras? I don’t care what no commie scientist say, I aint related to no nigra jedi on account of no midichlorian DNA.. No way, now how. Trump’ll clean up all them Mexican varmants too ya’ll can betcha. He can have the Berlin wall moved here now that the commies done tooken over there. Freekin commies. Those folk be worse than gremlins. I done seen that documentary. Scary shite.

    Not so sure about turnin the place upside down, hever. Don’t wanna be no closer to those sneeky eyed chineese…..

  66. paul walter

    I think the adults there are like the adults here, left cold by the farce. But their bogans are as stupid as ours and beleive inTrump and his nonsenses, egged on by tabloid msm.

  67. paul walter

    Just read BYB’s parody..yes, that is a fair depiction of the problem.

  68. Jexpat

    Robert J. Lee above seems to have some difficulty with arithmetic.

    To clear up this up re: Trump’s support

    He typically polls in the 30% range among likely Republican primary voters which represent about 25% of all registered voters in the US.

    That’s about 8% of the total American electorate.

  69. mark delmege

    Pig’s arse Bob, I’ll give ya the good oil, he might be as cunning as a dunny rat on Tuesday and he’s been taking the piss but he will get creamed and wont get within cooee of the big table. Sepo land might be rooted but he will come a guster and really he only makes that slag Hilary look good. Dead set mate stop listening to those drongos on idiotbox you know they are scum and youd be better off drinking with the flies than taking notice of that crap.

  70. Roswell

    Jexpat, I think Carol’s closer to the truth than you give her credit for.

  71. Carol Taylor

    Jexpat, and I would suggest that the US polls still have Trump in the lead with a Hillary smear campaign as the follow up. Who could have ever thought that a buffoon such as Abbott could have won..but he did.

  72. Miriam Possitani

    Carol Taylor,
    Sometimes you get the politician you deserve , and in the case of the gold ol’ US of A, more so
    if 40+ % never vote, they deserve Trump.
    Only 42 percent of Americans voted in the 2014 midterm elections, the lowest level of voter turnout since 1978. And midterm voters tend to be older, whiter and richer than the general population according to Aljazeera
    No wonder Trump stands a show and according to Politico just hours ago
    “Trump soars, Bush sinks in latest N.H. poll”

  73. PJP

    You can thank Hillary and her ilk for the appearance of Trump. The American people are fed up with the corruption and lies from the likes of Clinton, Obama and the US congress and the appearance of a guy like Trump is the natural rebound.

    He’s a product of the times for the times and he knows how to speak to the people. He does the media better than the media does. Ridicule him at your peril, this is part of his game.

    This man didn’t get to be a multi billionaire by being an idiot, this simply doesn’t happen. Any rational analysis of this guy will show that he’s exceptionally successful in what he seeks to achieve.

    He is not beholden to any entrenched interests and minorities like the others because he has his own money, so he can afford to say what he wants, and you can be sure he has calculated what the results will be when he does.

    From what I’ve seen Trump wants to protect whats left of America after Obama from the importation of economic migrants the majority of whom are of military age from nations America is at war with…I’ll repeat that ‘cos you missed it….economic migrants the majority of whom are of military age from nations America is at war with….who are trying to claim rights AS Americans when when they are NOT Americans and when they have absolutely no respect for those rights or the suffering and lives that were spent in securing them. This is unprecedented in all of history. Can you imagine Churchill letting in military age German guys into England en masse during WWII? What amount of insanity and cuckoldry will we put up with in the West? Don’t become a nation of disarmed cuckolds America!

    But the leftists shenanigans are becoming apparent to the masses and all the sophistry of the MSM’s in their attempts to smear this guy have failed, and will continue to do so; he’s just too smart for them and sets traps that they continue to fall for. ‘Wow, it’s like he’s made of Teflon or somethin!’. Apparently his campaign is currently running under budget too, btw. Clearly, he’s an outstanding manager and hires the best people for the job, and will as President if elected and yes feminists, even the women he hires as managers say he’s a great guy to work for.

    Bernie (BS for short), an avowed socialist simply wants to bribe you with free stuff, ie. the wealth taken from the productive people, like Trump, and the unborn who will also have to pay down the debt that Obama; that other socialist, has put the US in. As for Hillary, well, she’s probably going to prison and certainly belongs there for all the things she’s done along with rapey Bill – because we should listen to the victims right Hillary? …bunch of idiots.

  74. bossa

    Unfortunately for everyone, the word “think” and “American” doesn’t belong in the same sentence.

  75. mars08

    Actually “this guy got to be a multi billionaire” DESPITE being an idiot…. and the $40 million he inherited from his father.

  76. Miriam Possitani

    “January 12, 2016 at 9:03 pm

    “You can thank Hillary and her ilk for the appearance of Trump”
    No you can’t
    Thats like blaming GW for the Iraq war .
    {bad example, he was responsible}
    PJP, tell me truthfully, do you honestly believe one word of that bullshit you wrote or is it a stitch up ?

  77. M Jeep

    You Aussies have the perfect word for Trump, he’s a galah.

  78. Jexpat

    Just so enyone who reads and writes for this blog knows, the “PJP” rant is rather typical of the ignorant, factless, aging white men who’ve listened to AM Hate radio, Fox “news” and the rest of the increasingly bizarre corporate media in the US for decades.

    They were promised “an American dream” if they worked hard and supported a number of things (and a dysfunctional political “philosophy”) that was clearly not in their interests . Then lo and behold, one by one they got dumped on.

    We can see this objectively and unequivocally in the now (in)famous Case & Deaton study. Rising morbidity and mortality in midlife among white non-Hispanic Americans in the 21st century.

    The trend lines really are impressive:

    As two Dartmouth economists, Ellen Meara and Jonathan S. Skinner, subsequently commented: “It is difficult to find modern settings with survival losses of this magnitude.”

    So they’re angry (disabled and dying) -yet many, perhaps most couldn’t own up to the fact that they got conned, assisting willingly in their own impoverishment- and so they searched for scapegoats, which Trump and their nearly the entirety of their media (much as ours) was ever willing to provide.

    Thus, they’re easy marks for the likes of Trump, who himself is both a creation and reflection of the very media that such folks have internalised (even as they’ve lost their own internal locus of control).

  79. Jexpat

    Roswell and Carol:

    First, I’m not discounting the nature of what passes for “journalism” in Australia or the US, its past influence nor how dysfunctional it’s become- after all, Murdoch (however anyone wants to spin it) was and is one of our own.

    Having said that, you’ll find that Americans really aren’t all that much more manipulatable than we are. True, they’re a perenially frightened people- in rather astonishing ways sometimes, but then, we’re often not all that much more rational when it comes to risk assessment.

    Here’s the botton line though:

    There aren’t any polls (even the most obviously skewed of them) that have Trump- or worse, apocalyptic fundamentalists like Cruz or the rest of the pathetic Republican pack that suggest any sort of “lead” in the overall electorate or in the key electoral states.

    Indeed, Sanders at present (to the extent such polls mean anything at all this far out) outpolls Trump (or any other Republican nutter) by double digit margins.

  80. mark delmege

    Good score there jex. If the health system don’t kill ya the insurance bills will. Mad muslims trump starving syrians anything to sell a story. Infotainment mixed with propaganda – its hard to know which is worse. Did you see Hall and Murdoch – another joke surely? Fact or fiction? It’s been fun but time to move on.

  81. Kaye Lee

    I find it bizarre that Americans want to “get rid of corruption” by installing a property developer lololol. And Donald so wants to “protect America” that he dodged the draft by saying he had “heel spurs” but he can’t remember now which foot they were on.

    And I could fairly safely bet that PJP’s ancestors came to America as economic migrants. BTW did I miss America declaring war on someone? Terrorists are a miniscule problem in the US compared to how many people are killed due to their ridiculous notion that everyone should carry a gun.

  82. mars08

    Trump is a one of the more obvious manifestations that American society is very, very sick. Like Abbott is for Australia. The host is very unhealthy.

  83. Kaye Lee

    The host is very easily manipulated by deliberately targeted and funded campaigns. Even dumb people can be taught. Along with bought (or just plain dumb) politicians, I think the media must bear a huge part of the blame. It is they who are the voice to the people but ratings, advertising dollars, and the owner’s personal ideology are what guides them rather than responsible honest reporting. They encourage the worst in us. They have dulled our minds with voyeuristic reality tv. They have turned sportsmen into gods and models into goddesses. They would rather report on scandal and violence than humanitarian goals. They deliberately create and exacerbate fear and division.

    It is those who deliberately mislead that I abhor more than the gullible fools who lap up the crap they are fed.

  84. mars08

    @Kaye Lee… there is another group responsible for spreading the disease. The wilfully ignorant… those who know that their fears and hatred are unjustified, but prefer bigotry over courage.

  85. Roswell

    Jexpat, good to see you on one of the American sites that have published this post. On that note, I’m flattered to see that my little post for The AIMN has gone gangbusters in America.

  86. Jexpat

    Roswell: Crooks & Liars is a fine site, insightful, well researched . I was pleased to see your article posted there.

    Kaye Lee: the argument Trump has made through his media coverage (which amounts to 100’s of millions worth of advertisements) is that he’s:

    A. Not beholden to the interests or special pleadings of the billionaires that back the one or another of other Republican candidates, because he has his own money (how much he actually has is debatable, as we can bet his assets are leveraged heavily, and he’s declared bankruptcy 4 separate times); and

    B. He given money to both parties over the years, in return for which he’s expected and recieved access and favorable treatment.

    Thus, he’s “his own man” and “incorruptable.”

    That he staunchly opposes the the corporate racketeering arrangements like the TPP also works in his favour, although that’s designed to increase his populist and nationalist appeal.

  87. RichardU

    “You’ve been lucky not having a leader anything like Abbott” What do you call George Bush the Younger?

  88. Lee

    There is an upside to all this: more voters than ever before will turn out, just to ensure Trump NEVER gets the presidency. And better still, Bernie is in the lead in Iowa and New Hampshire – 2 states which tend to predict who will be president (Obama led in both). And polls show that Bernie will absolutely shit all over Trump in the general election, where Hillary doesn’t do so well against him or Ted Cruz.

  89. diannaart

    @mark delmege

    Been awhile since I had a George Carlin binge. The USA needs him more than ever – sadly.

  90. Damo451

    I don’t think Trump will get the nomination, but for those who despair about American politics there is still Bernie Sanders and a lady who makes Clinton look like the corporate puppet she is.
    Unfortunately this particular lady has confirmed she will not run, her name is Elizabeth Warren. She is much more powerful and effective where she is in the senate anyway, so not to worry.
    This lady has an awesome style about her.
    Our own Larissa Walters from the Greens has a much more tame, but similar style.
    With all the adulation Elizabeth and Bernie are getting in the US, expect there to be plenty of young people molding themselves in their image as they feel they now have a voice.
    For anyone in despairing with American politics, you tube to watch Elizabeth in action.
    The guy doing the hosting is Cenk Uygur who worked at MSNBC until he was being too critical of the banks and was sacked.
    My despair about where the world is is headed is solved by watching Bill Maher, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders , you tube videos frequently.
    A little more use of you tube finds other channels that also give me hope, TYT is another example.

  91. Damo451


  92. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Thanks Damo451,

    I watched the youtube clip and you’re right, it is heartening to see a strong person like Elizabeth Warren speak out loud and proud about Glass Steagall and the need to reform banks in America.

    All strength to Warren’s and Sander’s arms in working for fairer standards in America’s economic processes, which will be beneficial for all of us, since the monkeys in Australia always like to play follow-the-leader.

  93. Roswell

    RichardU, Bush the younger was bad, but I’d give Abbott the nod over him. Abbott and Trump play the race card, whereas Bush didn’t.

  94. Roswell

    Jexpat, Crooks & Liars is a good site which I often have a look at. There’s one writer there I particularly like – Left of Centre – who coincidently published my post. I can’t remember the name of the other site who published my post. When I’m not feeling so lazy I’ll have a look at the stats, which should be able to tell me from the traffic to The AIMN from the site. Michael was telling me that he got an email from them to say that in the first couple of hours the post was up on their site they had over 25,000 hits. I’m chuffed.

  95. PJP

    Jexpat, consider letting people interpret what I’ve written for themselves rather than offering an ‘opinion’ of me by by way of personal insults and then creating a strawman with the rest of your post. These tactics are from the stable of favorite tricks used by sophists and those with no argument. Can’t you refute the things mentioned in my post? The writing for the USA is on the wall for those with the eyes and honesty to see it if you can stand to look away from the TV for a minute. Even better, throw it away altogether like I did years ago.

    mars08, yes Trump did get some money from his Dad, but so what? People win the jackpot every week but seldom make anything of it. Every government with teams of supposed ‘experts’ is bankrupt. They’d wish to do as well as this guy has but the fact is they simply don’t have the ability despite having all the resources. Also you never hear about a successful person who has not failed at least once in their career. I think he’d like for people to think he’s an idiot or a nutter, even a galah or a drongo – do bunyip’s count? To say he’s very smart is very understated.

    Miriam Possitani, Hillary (and rapey, squid fingers Bill) belongs in prison. If you look at history the appearance of a guy like Trump is what happens when the political landscape turns into a cesspool. I wouldn’t be suprised if Trump is running just for a lark if only to shake up the system including the GOP. I think what he’s doing is a great wake up call for everyone if only to point out how far America has devolved.

    Personally, I could care less who wins any election while there continues to be a corrupt political system of elected misleaders. I gave up ‘believing’ in the dog and pony show a long time ago and have to agree with St. George (Carlin) “This country was bought, sold and paid for a long time ago. The shit they shuffle around every couple of years, pffffff! Doesn’t mean a f*ckin’ thing!” But it is by far the most amusing political race I’ve ever seen. Although Trump is a complete showman with a massive ego at least he’s interesting and likes to stir the shit.

  96. diannaart


    Thanks for the links – needed that


  97. diannaart


    Although Trump is a complete showman with a massive ego at least he’s interesting and likes to stir the shit.

    Just what is needed for the leader of the first world.

  98. PJP

    ….Oh and Kaye Lee, in fact the US has not made a declaration of war since WWII. Anyway, whatever, if YOUR ‘representatives’ are dropping bombs on countries full of brown people it’s really just semantics isn’t it? And since your interested, I have been to the US but only in transit on my way to Mexico! If you are so keen on having people from incompatible and hostile cultures emigrate to the US maybe you should be the first to open up YOUR house to lodge and feed them rather than trying to use the power of the state to force everyone to pay for them once they get there, or maybe you’ve done this already? For those American’s whose ancestors did go to America as ‘economic migrant’s’ as you used the term, they did not have a massively bloated welfare state funded by debt to rely on for their support. Instead they had to work their arses off without support to build the country and establish the society you clearly now take for granted.

  99. mars08

    @PJP… the stuff you have posted today is tea party foolishness… devoid of facts. It is a mishmash of simplistic American conservative bullshit.

    That said, I have had a change of heart. I really want to see Ted Cruz or Trump become the next POTUS. No sarcasm. No joke.

  100. Matters Not

    PJP seems nice. 😀

  101. PJP

    Mars08, argument by adjective = not an argument. C’mon, just saying something is foolish or simplistic doesn’t prove anything. If you disagree with what I’ve said then tell us why, if you want to, no one’s forcing here. I’m open to be shown why what I said is bullshit but you have at least have to make a case.

  102. mars08

    “The writing for the USA is on the wall for those with the eyes and honesty to see it…”

    Indeed. It’s time to get Trump into the White House… an’ git her done!

  103. Roswell

    Nice for a Republican anyway, Matters Not.

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