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Day to Day with John Lord: the GST

Wednesday 4 November

1 Debate on an increase or expansion to the GST continues.

An observation:

The GST burdens those with the least capacity to pay. It discriminates against the poor and the pensioners who are living a hand-to-mouth existence and spending the bulk of their income on the necessities of life—food, clothing, rent, heating, power etc”.

They talk about compensation for pensioners if an increase to the GST goes ahead. For example, when they recently changed the method of calculating periodic rises resulting in the average pensioner losing $3000 dollars over the next few years. Seriously, pensioners would be just catching up, not compensated. You don’t have to have a university degree to see that pensioners will be hurt with a GST rise.

2 It was only a matter of time before the permanent and in-disposable Deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop effectively endorsed same-sex marriage. She falls in behind every leader.

Or as one Facebook user said.

The brazen bare-faced hypocrisy of this self-aggrandizing old piece of mutton dressed up as lamb is just breath taking … does she seriously think we really don’t notice her blatant bullshit?

… really???

vote3 Fairfax is reporting that Tony Abbott was intending a double dissolution election early in 2016 before he was replaced. It’s probably correct because another budget might have seen any hope he had of winning completely hit for six.

4 But if the PM announces an election date he will have to produce a budget in May shaped around an election in September/October next year. A difficult task given the state of the economy. There won’t be room for any good news. However there is still the issue of the present to attend to. Those on the extremities of his party, the nutter fringes, still have their eyes wide open looking for signs of the Malcolm who wanted to do something about climate change.

Republican Malcolm with the wider world view. The one who doesn’t fit the narrow minded Liberal/National heartland of the Joyce’s, Bernardy’s and the Abbott Christian fundamentalists. Since taking over as leader he has been more talk than action, mostly atmospherics, but one has to concede that he has made progress including dumping the hardline university deregulation package (although Labor says it is only parked); scrapping the lid-doffing folly of knights and dames; proposing federal money for mass urban transit rather than for roads exclusively; inviting a genuine tax debate, including an increase to the GST in exchange for other employment-creating cuts; supporting a debate about an expanded ground-to-ground nuclear industry; preparing a more extensive and centrally influential innovation statement; and generally fostering an atmosphere of sensible argument. His approach so far has been to try to please everyone, put everything on the table.

The problem with that is that you can leave a lot to clean up afterwards. That’s when the rubber gloves hit the hot water and there’s a fight about who wants to dry. Or the dish washer can’t cope with an over full load. So far he has eliminated from the menu the university reforms, and compromised on proposed welfare cuts and of course the knights and dames were always disposable napkins. There’s a lot to serve up to an electorate starved of good policy from Government that has made a meal of governance for over two years.


 “What is the difference between the purpose of life and the reason for it?”


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  1. Friday

    The problem with putting everything on the table is the front runners have their pick and fill their plates. The ‘I’m alright jacks’ get a fair deal but the rest get bits and pieces, crumbs and slops.
    Labor could look at the universities, institutes and TAFE providers to see the rorts surfacing from businesses with instant access to cash (the government’s reaction READ THE FINE PRINT) with no academic prerequisites for access to teaching, nursing degrees or for diploma, certificate cash from the government and debt to the non-academic 90%. Indeed the latter can be accessed by functionally illiterate Australians as long as they can sign. The temptation to access millions is already causing huge debts that will never be paid and just accrue interest.(pyne has already denied recovery from estate or to on sell the debt to collection agencies that should send alarmbells shooting through labor but since Jan 2014, despite forwarding emails showing inducement to sign and, worse still, showing inducement to overseas companies to get signatures from Australians, not a peep for the $96000 loans to the ‘dumb’ only squeals about an increase in degree fees for the ‘clever’.

  2. Friday

    Oops for instance there are a myriad of education businesses for the non-academic school leavers, house workers, low paid workers and the unemployed with no money upfront.

  3. Loz

    It was only a matter of time before the permanent and in disposable Deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop effectively endorsed same-sex marriage. She falls in behind every leader.

    And to think that some were hoping that she would be the next PM! Absolutely no chance Julie.

  4. Florence nee Fedup

    Once again the mandate word is being bandied about. Suggestions that if Coalition wins, means they have mandate for GST. Suggesting that Labor must support any changes

    Not so. The mandate consists of each electorate voting in 1 MP to sit in parliament. The MP’s are all equal having 1 vote each

    If the government can garner enough votes on the floor of each house, the GST will become a fact of life.

    MPs are suppose to vote on behalf of those who elected them. If they campaigned against the GST changes, they have the right to vote that way in the house.

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