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‘Day to Day Politics’ with John Lord

Saturday 21 November

1. Whether those of us on the left of politics like it or not it has to be recognised that as Marius Bensen puts it:

The Australian public has been watching Turnbull in different roles on the public stage for decades, but it looks like his performance as Prime Minister is the most acclaimed to date’”.

For years now Australians have been complaining about the quality of our leaders and the revolving door quality of it. In the absence of a Whitlam-like figure has Turnbull maintained the rotation?

2. A wooden boat has neared Christmas Island and been boarded by the navy, sparking speculation it could carry asylum-seekers. Will they really just tow it back to sea, wave goodbye and shout “safe journey”? Is that what they call saving lives at sea?

3. Clive Palmer is advocating that only the Church should have the right to marry people. Everyone else gets a civil union. Now that’s equality for you.

4. Yesterday I wrote that Scott Morisson said he was back on track to a surplus. But what is the importance of a surplus?

In the past 79 years we have had 12 of any significance. Once by Ben Chifley, three times by Bob Hawke, and eight times by John Howard, who shared another with Rudd, who was elected during the 2007-08 fiscal year. The surpluses by Howard came from an unprecedented, never to be repeated mining boom and the sale of public assets.

5. The Arts community was stunned when the Abbott Government announced earlier this year it would redirect $104.7 million from the Australia Council to a new fund administered by the Arts Ministry. New Communications and Arts Minister Mitch Fifield has come up with new guidelines for the distribution of funds but is it just a rebrand or a meaningful plan?

6. On a not so newsy day here is something to think about:

“The gross national product does not allow for the health of our children, the quality of their education, or the joy of their play.  It does not include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of our marriages. It measures neither our wit nor our courage; neither our wisdom or our learning; neither our compassion nor our devotion to our country; it measures everything, in short, except that which makes life worthwhile” (​Robert Kennedy 1968).

7. The weekly poll aggregate reading now has the Coalition well ahead of its position at the 2013 election, with Bill Shorten’s personal ratings continuing to sink. The latest is 54.4-45.6 to the Coalition

8. It says much about the decline in American society when an individual of dubious character like Donald Trump could even remotely be considered worthy of standing for the highest office. Suggesting that some citizens should wear something that identified them as somehow different from other citizens is obnoxiously outrageous in the worst possible way. American freedom?

9. In a week and a half the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will begin in Paris. Delegates from 195 countries, plus representatives from countless companies and NGOs, will come together with the avowed goal of reaching an agreement on climate and emissions. I dare to hope that I will never have to say this again:

“In terms of the environment. I wonder what price the people of tomorrow will pay for the stupidity of today”.

All up, there will be more than 40,000 attendees. That’s a lot of delegates, but what they’re trying to achieve is a colossal enterprise that will affect the billions now living and all those who will ever be born.


Free speech does not mean it should be free from ethics. Like truth for example”.


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  1. Chris the Greatly Dismayed

    As far as Turnbull goes I think people in Australia are a few years behind the times. We dodged most of the GFC and live fairly insulated from the real world. I don’t think he can show real leadership; just sailing ships and salesmanship.
    He is Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Monarch of the Sea”

    PM Malcolm Turnbull gets it wrong on whether Darwin port is used by military

    Why Everything You Know About Leadership is Wrong

    Gerald Celente – Goldman Sachs Mafia, Banana Republics

  2. Roswell

    Another good wrap up, John. You are better for me than the mainstream media.

  3. madeleinekingston

    Thanks very much John Lord. As “Rosswell” has said “good wrap.”

    Please regard this as an interim response at the least, yet I hesitate to relentlessly bleat on about snake-oil charmers and the like, if you get my drift.

    So then; Le Turnbull then; I will stop well far short of suggesting the “enigma” since to suggest such would violate the broad spectrum of my intent; which as you would imagine, defeat my own purpose; which is far from my intent. So then circular argument or not; this political specimen, should, in my opinion, with opinionative justification; be regarded with due suspicion

    So you know, in general terms, I favour the principles associated with Independent Media and am generally-speaking, known as a “leftie” at least by those who know what my opinions are about; if at all.

    However, may I suggest that not all media platforms across the board apparently posing in the guise of an apparently “leftist” competitive positioning; present company. If only such platforms had any insight regarding the unintended damage they do to themselves. But of course insight is a gift; often a rejected one; depending upon one’s positioning and interpretative model. These days; gift horses may considered to be redundant; who knows?

    Surely the MSM and others, cannot believe that the principles of disengagement; including but by no means restricted to techniques, by implication, calculated to denigrate their readers, including but not limited to their kindergarten and controlling moderation and/or publication policies and/or exclusionary practices; whatever they may be; and in whatsoever context.

    By all means, let us openly discuss gaps in the political space in which issues of import may be discussed, and let us by all means question every and all perceived “snake-oil charmer” who may sidle into the political space; “bearing the goods of new tiding” at every twist and turn; the captivating smile; the polished stance of usual practise; the cooking skills in the presence of such charmers as Annabel Crabb [of Women’s Weakly fame and the like {did I get that right? or woz it the ABC?; so much for the fuzzy memory of the general public; pardon my absence; of course I mean well}

    So may I may I weakly apologize then, for my usual clumsiness and/or pomposity in attempting to highlight the perennial gaps in political and/or public policy gaps?

    As I have always said; there is no peace for the wicked.

    Mea Culpa

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