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Day to Day Politics: The Murdoch machine has started its right wing crusade

Wednesday 30 May 2018

In recent weeks, once it became apparent that an election was imminent, the Murdoch Media ramped up its attack on the left of politics. The Australian newspaper changed the way their polls counted preferences so as to give the impression they were closer than they actually were.

In reality, Monday’s results should have shown a 6 point difference between the parties. The tabloids have started their outrageous front page insults sowing the seeds of untruth followed by inaccurate stories like the one that accompanied The Australians poll.

The independent poll assessor “The Poll Bludger” had this to say:

“Also featured is a poorly framed question as to “when should company tax cuts be introduced”, which primes responses favourable to cuts both in the wording of the question and the structure of the response options, two out of three of which are pro-tax cut. For what they are worth, the results are that 36% favour such a cut “as soon as possible”, 27% do so “in stages over the next ten years” and, contrary to polls that haven’t privileged a positive response in this way, only 29% want one “not at all”.

Of course, The Australian is Rupert Murdoch’s favourite broadsheet. It loses around $20 million every year but Murdoch refuses to give it a decent burial, instead, using it as a feeder publication for the likes of Jones, Bolt and Hadley and other shock jocks of dubious accountability.

Shock jocks who shout the most outrageous lies and vilify people’s character with impunity and in the process do nothing to promote decent democratic illumination.

The Australian online edition is full of anti-ALP headlines that at times beggar belief. One example is their support for the Government’s massive tax cuts for the top end of town. One day recently I counted 10 headlines either supporting the government or attacking Labor.

In every publication, derogatory names for the Leader of the Opposition are used more often than “stop the boats.” Because of there juvenile nature none have captured the imagination of the public. Now they are having another go with “Unbelieva-Bill.” Unbelievable isn’t it.

Of course, these days Murdoch and his majority-owned newspapers; with blatant support for right-wing politics have done nothing to advance Australia as a modern enlightened democratic society. On the contrary, he has damaged it, perhaps irreparably. His only interest seems to be the elimination of the ABC and the superiority of right wing conservatism.

Declining newspaper sales have resulted in lost revenue and profits. It is losing its authority, real or imagined. As a result, newspapers, in particular, have degenerated into gutter political trash in the hope that they might survive.

Despite an avalanche of “deplorable government” stories Murdoch continues to support Turnbull. There is no logical reason to do so. He could just as easily print/post the truth.

As for Coalition politicians they lust after the nearest mike to spread their lies and blame Labor for all that ails society. Yes despite 6 years in power they press the default button and sprinkle well-rehearsed words that place the blame for everything on Labor.

My thought for the day

”This Government’s performance over its time in office has been like a daily shower of offensiveness raining down on society.”



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  1. Terence Mills

    So, Barnaby will now take two and a half months paid leave to consider his future.

    He must have a very generous employer whoops that’s you and me !

    Let’s hope that he decides to resign, move-on and get himself a proper job.

  2. Cool Pete

    Well, the only reason I’d buy a Courier Mail would be to line the cockatiel’s cage with Credlin, Devine, Bolt and the other deplorables’ so he can shit on it.

  3. johno

    The Oz is a disgusting rag. Unfortunately mum still buys it, then goes and votes green. The irony.

  4. Yvonne Robertson

    It’s not just Murdock. The interlopers on Insiders Sunday all sitting around discussing the polls as though they were a real thing and not just an aberration of their former selves. The National Broadcaster no less – infected with the stooges from the organs of lies. The media on mass seem determined to ensure that the majority of working people stay firmly where they currently reside – at the bottom of the heap. Meanwhile the poor are dreaming their own aspirational dreams on the Soma of Murdock and reality television. If only they could find their own 15 minutes of fame and the wealth it might provide them with, they too could stop giving a toss for the poor next door who they suspect are ripping off Centrelink or some such nonsense. It is to be hoped that the 6% who make the difference will fail to be swayed and let their own experience and understanding determine their vote.

  5. Wam

    You are right, jlord, pollsters should be compelled to display the question and the results. ( Similarly those who use an individual example to stereotype a ‘they’ should be called out or reversed by anti-answers like calling all hollywood men predators because of harvey and bill or calling green loonies, queenslanders rednecks etc)
    I believe barnaby’s pair is brandt so no problems.
    Is the bank RC not to your liking? Nothing positive in the budget?
    Have you respect for the ‘fairness’ of the heralds, suns et al?
    ps no word of labor trumping trumballs aces??

  6. helvityni

    John Lord, I love walking in a gentle shower of rain, never mind I get wet…and of course hot or cold showers are cleansing and invigorating…

    Referring to water when talking about this Government, I can only think of drowning in a dreadful flood, houses and cars disappearing, people vanishing… A disaster, nothing will be the same after they have finished…

  7. MikeW

    Friend of mine buys the Telelaugh every day. I asked him why? Apparently it’s got a good horse racing form guide, he keeps that then throws the rest away.

    As for Mudrakes so called journalists(?) almost daily attacks on my ABC I find unbelieva-bull. What is the agenda here apart from wanting to destroy it, do they want it privatised so Mudrake can buy it, or just totally gone?

  8. ace Jones

    Yes the Insiders program comes to mind when you mention nitwits telling lies. Insiders = white ants eroding the real truth!
    sorry caps

  9. Harry

    They say progress advances one funeral at a time. Murdoch’s will of course eventually shuffle off this mortal coil or advancing age might end/reduce his influence?

  10. listohan

    The Big End of Town does not support the Oz’s propaganda by buying advertising space. That says everything about what those potential advertisers think about the credibility of what the Oz publishes.

  11. helvityni

    MikeW, earler on I used to buy the Weekend Australian; take out the part were they wrote about movies, books, concerts and other arty stuff…I binned the rest outside the newsagency. I kept the heavy SMH, real estate and job search…

    Now it’s all things of the past..

  12. Glenn Barry

    Harry, I too am waiting to celebrate Murdoch’s death, however the vengeful part of me wants to witness him decline into dementia, lose the power of speech and have a drool stain permanently down his front – I think the world would benefit from seeing such an abomination’s demise.

  13. PeterStevenson

    A bolish
    B backbreaking
    C uts

  14. townsvilleblog

    ….and the Labor Party is granting barnyard a pair in the parliament, why!!! What has barnyard ever done for Labor? Too nice for their own good. Toughen up Labor we, the people need you to grab back some wealth for us if you get elected at the forthcoming election, we need you to be strong for us now….

  15. Jon Chesterson

    Murdoch reminds me of Davros, you remember him don’t you, that evil master of the Daleks in Dr Who – Spitting image!

  16. guest

    There is a great deal of hoo-ha at the moment about interference of China in Oz politics. Should we be also concerned about the interference in Oz politics by an ex-citizen of Oz, now US citizen?

    An example of the pseudo social analysis we find in the Murdoch media is the latest publicizing of the “Intellectual Dark Web”. One of this group of “free thinkers [who have] stormed the barricades of political correctness, identity politics and anti-intellectualism” is Jordan Peterson, recently lionised in Oz. Peterson published a book called “12 Rules for Life: An antidote to chaos”. In it he likens people to lobsters who fight fiercely for survival. He also refers at one point to the diaries of mass killers dissatisfied with life. In the end Jordan does not offer any real solution, but encourages those white males in power who see themselves as superior to people of colour, women and others.

    At least one writer in the Murdoch media believes Jordan is anathema to the Left. And so he should be and to many other people. If you are interested to see what drives some of the Murdoch group-think, there are many criticisms of Peterson’s thinking online, including a recent one from TLS in the UK.

    If anyone has its its very own “political correctness, identity politics, and anti-intellectualism” it is the Murdoch media itself.

  17. Kronomex

    Jon @1.51 pm, that’s true, but the actor took off his makeup at the end of the day.

  18. Spindoctor

    We are relying on a Shorten ALP election win to smash the LNP and boot out their elitist, self serving nut jobs and racists, but Newcorpse with its 75% monopoly remains Rup’s and big business’ potent propaganda tool. The Libs, IPA backed business & resources council etc will keep pouring dollars into the Corpse to keep diverting public attention away from the unremitting assault on unions, full time work, wage growth, equality and equity, A refunded, reinvigorated ABC only partially restores the media balance How do we demand and enforce balanced, fair, impartial reporting and a healthy media to benefit the nation? A new powerful media adjudicator? A Media ICAC?, How do we convince Labor to go all out war against Rupert and vested interest corporations?

  19. Henry Rodrigues

    There is a special place reserved for bastards like Murdoch, along with with his acolytes, Howard Abbott and Turdball. That day is not far off when the bastard decends into his hole in the ground. No apologies for the sentiments expressed here.

  20. guest

    An example of the muddle created by Murdoch and the anti-climate change followers was on SBS last night in the discussion about coal-seam gas by residents of the Narrabri area in NSW.

    The residents opposing were told that they should not miss the opportunity being offered to them. In broad terms that “opportunity” was described as saving the town from decline in numbers and economy. Here was hope, apparently, that young people would not leave the town or would come back. There was no real explanation of how that would be achieved, except to say that SANTOS would put money into the town, for sports events, for example. And of course farmers who allowed their farms to be drilled would be paid and compensated, but the emolument is but a small percentage of the profits made by the gas extractors.

    The big point made by the pro-gas lobby was that Oz needs gas and coal to achieve lower energy costs – and no doubt profits made overseas. But the telling question asked by the anti-gas group was why, if they are so concerned about the environment, did they not invest more in renewables. The reply was that they were investing in renewables, but it was not a convincing reply with any great numbers offered. There remains this great belief, untenable, that coal is a long term asset.

    The anti-gas group clearly had concerns about the project: its effects on the environment, on water, on their assets. And clearly, after the gas has been extracted in the next 20-25 years – or less – those hundreds of steel and concrete pipes going 100s of metres through the substrata will still be there – forever? And that is a good idea?

    It seems to me that too many people are relying on an obsolete energy source and technology. And it survives because the whole wider debate about climate change has been muddled by an anti-intellectual stance which says it is “debating” by offering concepts debunked long ago as if they are valid and believable.

    We must be more vigorous about our investigations into these dubious claims. As the anti-gas group said, the “debate” of words is not over; next comes action. For if it is decided that the burning of coal and gas is highly desirable, will we see thousands more drillings in agricultural land, national parks and forests in the same way we see maritime reserve zones being opened up to fishing and whatever else people want to do?

  21. John Higgins

    I always think of Dylan’s Master’s Of War lyrics when I think of creeps like Merde-ock et al ….

    And I hope that you die
    And your death will come soon
    I will follow your casket
    In the pale afternoon
    And I’ll watch while you’re lowered
    Down to your deathbed
    And I’ll stand o’er your grave till I’m sure that you’re dead

  22. Henry Rodrigues

    John Higgins…….. Thank you for rendering my feelings so eloquently.

  23. Kenny Ring

    I equate Murdoch’s involvement in the Australian political debate as being no different to the interference of foreign governments in our political system. This guy and his media organisations are influencing political outcomes for his own personal gains. I consider his inteferance as worse than foreign power inteferance as this guy promotes himself as an Australian. He is not Australian. He is just a grub pretending to be Australian to get tax benefits and grants from the Australian Government and this LNP continue to bow to his whims. All australians should avoid the Murdoch media if they want unbiased news reporting.

  24. guest

    A wonderful example of Murdoch limited news right-wing propaganda is published this day (31/5/18), supposedly written by Maurice Newman. I say supposedly, because it contains items of “news” one might think came from the bottom of the dirt files stored away to be used in desperate times against the “enemy”. I could be wrong but I cannot believe Newman researched or even wrote this propaganda without a ghost writer or at least some help from a few friends.

    It is supposed to be about climate change and how the ABC has (supposedly) misled the world about climate change. It is not about climate change at all, but more about attacking the ABC, perhaps in order to justify cutting $84bn from the national broadcaster’s budget.

    Newman calls climate change “global-warming advocacy masquerading as science” He claims any science is based on “exaggerated examples of climate change”. When the state of WA was said to be heating rapidly, Newman claims WA had just had the coolest summer in two decades. Obviously his head is full of this kind of sure-fire proof about nothing, but it is not science at all. It is Murdoch propaganda which is repeated ad nauseam even when it has bee debunked again and again.

    Why Newman can write this way and pretend he is describing IPCC science is beyond me. If he is to discuss the science properly, he has great deal of homework to do – but I suspect that is not his aim. He is happy to air his ignorance in public.

    That climate change is poorly discussed and even ignored was shown in the SBS program on Tuesday night when people of Narrabri in NSW discussed the issue of coal seam gas extraction.- some for, some against.

    The question was asked, if the extractors are concerned about the environment, why did they not invest in renewables. The answer said that they were, but clearly the main objective is to use gas and coal to create cheaper energy. And the unspoken assumption seems to be they want to get it quickly before it becomes stranded assets.

    The anti-gas group had many concerns and for them the opposition to coal seam gas extraction is not over yet.

    A question which was not asked is about what happens to the steel and concrete pipes when the operation is finished in 20-25 years time. There will be thousands of these pipes in the ground, going down hundreds of metres. Are they just left in the ground? Will they have a bad effect on the layers of earth, rocks, coal and water when all the gas has gone?

    Somehow the matter is full of questions without sure answers, certainly not guarantees. It is rather like the question about how much does the 40% increase in CO2 in the atmosphere have on the warming of the Earth and the answer is given that it has no effect at all. It is very hard to believe and the science says otherwise. We are being treated like idiots here in Oz. Time to be more precise and aggressive in the questions. Trash should be treated as trash. Take note, Maurice.

  25. Glenn Barry

    Does this look familiar – Robert Reich – Trump’s 10 Steps for Turning Lies into Truths

    Substitute Turnbull, or Morrison or Dutton or pretty much any LNP minister for Trump and it’ a perfect description of the Australian commercial media landscape

  26. Henry Rodrigues

    Thanks Barry, great eye opening facts which apply as easily to our homegrown variety of dickheads. Change the names and they are almost interchangeable. Goebbels must be smiling in hell.

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