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Day to Day Politics: My last post

Sunday 24 December 2017

This will be my final post until a couple of days after Christmas. It has been an exhausting year and I must say my fingers are a bit worn. Other than a few missed days I have probably written in excess of 300 pieces for The AIMN this year. Never has there been a period of time when I was short of material or lukewarm about writing. My thanks to the readers of this blog for making it the success it is. Thanks also to the editor and those behind the scenes for their diligence in correcting my many typographical errors.

My intention has always been to create discussion. Not to be pure and righteous but to get people talking and debating. I don’t find it necessary to participate unless there is a need to defend myself but really to have people voice their opinion with an openness to agree, disagree or embellish the discussion.

After all, I have all the say in what I write and what a blessing it is. I have to say that some of the comments have been so illuminating as to be worthy of an article in their own right.

I hope what I write is honestly presented, with integrity and in my own style that incorporates some well-chosen, in your face, observations when required.

So my thanks are extended to all of you, on this blog, and Facebook, who diligently read my protests of scorn at the injustices of the world. Not to mention all the other writers who contribute to The AIMN. In February I will turn 77 but I have lost none of my vivacity for dissent and I will continue as long as is necessary to rid our nation of the inequality and neo-liberalism that is destroying us.

The Nationals receive about 4% of the vote and are running the country. It’s a joke and something needs to be done. 2018 is likely to be an election year for the following reasons. I say 2018, but Turnbull could wait until the first half of 2019, but that will depend on how the political winds are blowing at the time.

The last election was on July 2, 2016. It was a double dissolution, or full-Senate election, meaning the Senators who received three-year terms must face re-election. Either, they, or those chosen to replace them, need to be back in their seats, all by July 1, 2019. This is the reason the Turnbull government cannot run for the three-year term.

The only thing we can possibly know about the exact date, taking into account the governments capacity to implode, is that they will go to the polls when it is most advantageous for them to do so. A good case in itself for fixed four-year terms.

My long-term tip is September; a week prior to the AFL Grand Final.

My thought for the day.

“Have a great festive season. Be careful what you say and who you say it too. Be generous with your praise and moderate with your criticism less it spoil the love that’s in the air.”

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  1. Glenn K

    Love your work John. Have a very merry Christmas. Even though I migrated to France in 2017, my heart still lies in Australia and it pains me to see the social destruction going on via the LNP. I live in hope 2018 will see a change. cheers

  2. babyjewels10

    Thank you for your efforts. With the government throwing a new insult at us every day, there’s always plenty to write about, no doubt. Your fingers are weary, and so am I. I wonder if others are ending the year as I am, with a feeling of being worn down by a growing feeling of dismay and disgust.

  3. johno

    Excellent work John and a nice thought for the day.

  4. Phil

    Thanks for all you do John, and a hearty thanks to all the writers and commentators at the AIMN. Australia’s discourse is the better for the existence of the AIMN.

    As for the state of the nation? Well, there’s no doubt we live in interesting times. I think globally we are experiencing the death throes of neoliberalism but it’s not going down without a fight and that will be continuing through 2018.

  5. Arthur Tarry

    I read every posting of John and have always found them to be lucid, informative and very readable. Please have a battery charging Xmas/New Year and come back re-energised and with the foreign the belly burning brightly.

  6. Joseph Carli

    I dips me lid, John, to your tenacious endurance and persistence…I am sure I would struggle to find both the enthusiasm and strength to face those, as you say, many, many outrages of this ghastly government!..All the best to you and yours and I hope I will survive this Xmas family gathering to see you in the new year!…..

  7. Arthur Tarry

    Sorry, fire in the belly.

  8. Terry2


    You never fail to stimulate and get me thinking ; for instance on the matter of an election in 2018. Have we actually legislated to ban offshore political donations on which there has been much tub-thumping but has action been taken ?

    Have we actually initiated real-time reporting of all political donations ? I believe we should know in advance of polling day when our Prime Minister or other politician donates $1.75 million to his or her re-election ? What is a level playing field and should we have one or will the rich always be given an unfair advantage ?

    Are donated front-pages on Murdoch tabloids ridiculing and sending spurious messages about the Labor Party considered as donations in-kind and are they coming from a foreign corporation ?

    Have we actually set standards for our politicians on gifts to avoid the perception of corruption as was alluded to in the Dastyari episode ?

    So many questions for AIMN to be asking in 2018.

    All the best John, rest those fingers !

  9. Harquebus

    “300 pieces for The AIMN this year.”
    Wow! Guess what? I have read every one of them.

    Best wishes to you and yours John Lord. Sincerely.


  10. Frank Smith

    Thank you John for a full year of thought provoking articles. Enjoy your Christmas break.

  11. Lord John

    I enjoy your articles immensely John. Though I do have one new complaint to The AIMN Management.

    I am not happy with new advertisements starting up every time I read something and it blaring at me. Not happy Jan.

    And apart from having to put up with the trials and tribulations of The Harquebus; it has been a fascinating year.
    Merry Christmas Old Boy.

  12. Harry

    Hi John,

    Great work, love you passion and eloquence and incisive articles. One suggestion to ease the wear on you fingers: invest in voice recognition software. Its can be purchased for about $250 or so.

  13. mark

    Who’s saving this site from becoming a merry-go-round of polite middle class dinner conversation?Harquebus and john Lord.Love you guys.mark

  14. LOVO

    John, like many whom lurk here at the AIMN reading your take on the day to day of politics is something I look forward to (nearly) everyday. Your info and insights help me and others to untangle the mess!!
    Merry Xmas to all at the AIMN
    Cheers 🍻

  15. Michael Taylor

    Lord John, we regret that the ads can be intrusive at times, but in all honesty the site could not survive without them. We rely on ads and donations to keep the site going.

    Some sites charge an annual (or monthly) subscription. We would never do that. We want all our material here to be free to the reader.

  16. Michael Taylor

    Merry Xmas to you too, LOVO, and to your loved ones as well.

    We will resume our regular hostilities after the first bounce in the 2018 AFL season. 😉

  17. LOVO

    Migs, You must have read my mind….. l was thinking about throwing in a “stuff Port” or some such comment at the end of my comment above 😆
    All the best to you, Min and your extended families 🎄

  18. Lord John

    Mark: I resemble that comment… Though I’m deadfully happy that you and Harquebus are in a committed relationship.

  19. stephentardrew

    Love your work as usual John have a wonderful Christmas. Looking forward to your new missives. In Art and Love.

  20. wam

    300 good giggles, Lord. An amazing effort for a preBB in a group of BBs(53% for the 60s wonder how many don’t know the significence of Feb 3 1959?)
    Very impressed with the s on the end of finger which is the extent of my skill.

    Considering we have an electorate system you might spend a little time checking the figures for the loonies. It is a wealth gathering scheme which fits the principles of di’s boys.

    Fixed terms would give us certainty of negative labor being deferred till the right moment. But I like the choice remember 2010 perfect timing except for a trio of labor twits who lost their seats to stupidity or nastiness from the clp??

    Surely sensible loonies(does one exist) would not suggest 7-10% in a democracy is worth more than the over 10% the loonies already have? We can thank them for having no carbon price, for allowing the rabbott to double the debt. The sad case of jumping into the seat of a dead labor woman fits the modern pragmatic greens push for their return to power. I just wish you, and the boys, would follow your lead on truth above such disingenuous comments on the nationals’ earned representation.

    Love the implied ‘it is the festive season so lie if you have to make someone season happy”. It is truly a worthwhile thought not just for now but all year.
    I wish you a very happy holiday with many thought provoking encounters.
    I have not the skill to find out the loonies support of trumbles nor the patience as anything with ‘green’ in it goes to the loonie sites. Mmm, wonder if that cost anything??? Nah nobody else would care where the loonies vote these days because Di’s boys are pragmatically like trump ‘me first you last’.

  21. Freethinker

    Thank you, John, for the excellent articles which have helped me to learn more about the Australian political landscaping.
    Your inputs are not only informative but educative and this site will never be the same without your contributions.
    Have you and your loved ones a great festivities and a wonderful 2018.
    No worry about the 79 it is only the age of the package but not the mind.
    I am well over 70 and witness a constant argument between my body and my mind. Many times the body win……..

  22. Ricardo29

    I too am one who reads most of your daily posts and while most of them only serve to confirm my own beliefs, or prejudices,and being something of a pedant, I do occasionally feel compelled to comment, a compulsion my wife occasionally chides me for ( or for which my wife…).Anyway, have a good break and as haveothers, wish you well for the future.

  23. Diane Larsen

    Wonderful thought provoking articles John thanks for telling us how it is with this shoddy government in power enjoy your little rest and I look forward to your resumption of writing in the new year💚

  24. greener

    John, thanks for your analysis as well as that of others, reading AIMN articles allows me to save time by basically avoiding MSM plus get better insights along the way, win-win!

    LNP thought for the day: “If it’s not broken, break it”; Turnbul: “It is our job above all in politics to create the big problems then mansplain them away”; John Lennon: “If everyone demanded peace instead of another TV set, then there’d be peace”

  25. Keith

    Thank you John, Michael and the other people who make AIMN such a thought provoking site.

    Merry Christmas.

  26. Regional Elder

    Thanks John for your writing this year and look forward to more in 2018.
    There is such a need for counter narratives and analysis such as you provide, to the relentless neo-Liberal rubbish we get from this government and the main stream media.

  27. 2353NM

    Have a good break John. 300 posts in a year is a real hard slog – I though my 30 odd for this year was a good effort until I read that!

  28. Keitha Granville

    thanks John, always enjoy reading your posts – stimulating and thought provoking, as well as responses from the regulars !

    I hope it’s Sept 2018, seriously don’t know how we will survive if it’s any longer than that.

    Have a great Christmas – looking forward to your words for 2018

  29. Leanne.J

    You certainly i would dare say, broadened our literal, lateral and cognitive thinking processes John.
    I was certainly entertained by some of them, and when you pair up with the witty, sometimes sarcastic
    Rossleigh, you get a fun light hearted laugh at some of the injustices and humanity in this country.
    Thank you for your insight, input, and stories throughout 2017, it has been a pleasure and sometimes
    funny, sad and angering read of all the articles. Bless you for christmas and the new year ahead, may it be joyful and prosperous and happy for you and your wife both…………..Look forward to what you got to say in 2018………..cheers till then.
    Leanne. J.

  30. townsvilleblog

    Dear John, and all who write for A.I.M.network, I enjoy reading all of your contributions, as you point out not only the obvious but the hidden meaning of these destructive LNP policies, that have meant that in excess of 3 million of our fellow Australians are living below the poverty line, while foreign multinational corporations like Coca Cola are taking billions out of Australia whilst not paying a cent of income tax and it is the writers in the calibre of John Lord, Kaye Lee, Trish Corry, Joe and Queen Victoria, Jenny Wilson and so many more who I have greatly admired in 2017.

    I do write the occasional letter myself however mine are not up to A.I.M standard, so this makes me appreciate the A.I.M. author’s all the more. I look forward to more attacking letters in 2018 as this Abbott/Turnbull federal government limps along, until tenders are called and work is under way I won’t believe Snowy Hydro 2.0 is a reality, similarly the North Queensland $100 million promised Burdekin Falls Hydro until tenders are called and work begins on this project. Our emissions are now at record highs and unless these projects proceed with haste, North Queensland has a good chance of being wiped out by more severe and frequent tropical severe cyclones.

    Again John thanks so much for your intelligent conversations and looking forward to your’s and others 2018 contributions. I share your works on facebook, twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn for the maximum coverage of your letters.

  31. Jack Russell

    I don’t say much but I never miss my daily dose of AIMN … and I feel properly informed by both the articles and the btl commentary, so it’s a big thank you from me. Best wishes for the end of 2017 with family and friends to you all.

  32. Sarah lawson

    If I was ever to believe in a Lord or or a God or such a mythical entity it
    Would be you. Can’t wait till you
    return with your wisdom to the


  33. corvus boreus

    John Lord,
    Thank you for the consistent lucidity, clarity and decency of language contained within your daily articles.
    Enjoy your sojourn.

  34. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Thanks John Lord.

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