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Day to Day Politics: Mathias, yes it is class warfare but it’s because people seek equality.

Wednesday 14 March 2018

Author’s Note.

As a prelude to writing more about Labor’s proposed changes to scrap a policy that means some who pay no tax get a $2.5 million refund, I repeat this piece I wrote on Tuesday 4 April 2017.

In the past week we have seen huge tax reductions for the rich and privileged against a backdrop of taking away penalty rates for the poorest paid in our community and a lack of support on an increase of the minimum wage while around 700 companies pay no tax at all.

Inequality is rife and the rich have open to them any amount of tax concessions and ways of limiting their tax liability, yet those who feel disenfranchised turn to the likes Trump and Hanson who have no interest in them.

We live in a society where poverty is the fault of the victim but wealth comes from virtue and both are the natural order of things. There’s a class war going on where one side has all the weapons and the other is just subservient. The why of it escapes my understanding?

Perhaps the answer can be found in materialism. Or in an entitlement society. Maybe it’s those elements of Christianity who believe in a gospel of wealth. Do people believe it’s their individual right to take an ownership of prosperity and cultural worth? Perhaps the deliberate assassination, by the political and religious right, of science, has something to do with it. Maybe it’s the death of truth as we know it.

In my lifetime the left, as society has become more affluent, has certainly moved to the right and the right have gone further so. Maybe it’s the preponderance of right-wing propaganda in our media. Whatever it is why are they so feral about it?

With the media I believe it is the threat of annihilation and in turn profit. Social media and the advent of bloggers is now threatening their power and influence. In the case of Australian politicians, well they have inherited the worst traits of American Republicanism, Trumpism and the Tea Party. It’s loud, powerful and crass. It’s determined to have its way. But the mystery to me is why the middle and the deprived classes of society think their lot will be improved by electing those the least interested in doing so.

An observation

”The word ”Frugality” is one of the most beautiful and joyful words in the English language, yet one that we are culturally cut off from understanding and enjoying and a consumption society has made us feel that happiness lies in having things, and has failed to teach us the happiness of not having things.” (By Elise Boulding).

Another observation

”The purpose of propaganda is to make you feel good about the wrongs being perpetrated on you.”

Every time the left in Australia shouts fairness equality and equity the right come back with envy, class warfare and jealousy. But what the hell is this class warfare everyone talks about? I would have thought that there was less class distinction in Australia than in most countries. At least on the surface. We do however have an attitude known as ”them and us” syndrome. This phrase speaks of the wealthy who are privileged beyond conscience and then, well there’s us. The battlers with aspirations to also be wealthy but, unlike Americans, with the common sense to know that not everyone can be.

Although if you are one of them of course (the wealthy) it does afford you a better class of education, of medical treatment and access to the law. In fact it gives you distinct societal advantages. Like tax havens, tax avoidance, and superannuation discounts not available to us. Oh and I forgot negative gearing and a myriad of other concessions.

The term ”Class Warfare” originates from the USA and has been a favourite form of attack by Fox News and the Republicans against the left. Like most things that have a basis in the worship of wealth and privilege the right in Australia adopt the same negative position. Fox News also uses the term ”War on wealth” in their efforts to support wealth as a national goal. Everyone should aspire to be rich even if everyone cannot.

Who is waging this so-called war? I don’t see the middle and lower classes up in arms over their treatment. But I do see the wealthy and the super-rich getting cranky every time there is a threat to their privilege.

Or at the suggestion that they should contribute more to the public coffers. In fact never in the history of this nation have the rich and the privileged been so openly brazen about their economic self-righteousness.

They are ably supported by the Murdoch press who invariably perpetuate and use the phrase “Class Warfare” in a manner that suggests the lower and middle classes and particularly the Labor Party are at war with the rich. But ask yourself who is doing all the complaining. It’s the wealthiest it’  ”them” not ”us”.

When for the first time Australian mining companies campaigned against the Rudd government effectively telling them how much tax they were prepared to pay, they were playing the class warfare card. Such was the power of wealth that Gina Rinehart, Twiggy Forrest and Clive Palmer got away with it. The fact that the minerals belong to all of us seemed unimportant to them. Not to mention the enormous taxpayer-funded subsidies they receive. They don’t seem to understand the concept of fairness. There is ”them” and ”us”

When Wayne Swan made a speech some years ago encouraging an equitable share of the country’s wealth he was accused of engaging in class warfare. Isn’t tax meant to be redistributed?

Even newspapers like the Herald Sun who pitch to a common man/woman demographic, pander to the class of rich without hesitation. Perhaps it’s because they are owned by one of the world’s wealthiest men. Ironic, isn’t it?

Let’s look at the GST for example. It burdens the poor and those with the least capacity to pay. It discriminates against the poor and the pensioners who are living a hand-to-mouth existence and spending the bulk of their income on the necessities of life – clothing, rent, heating, power etc. The middle and lower classes pay more GST than the rich but I don’t see them in open warfare because of it. Goodness, once the rich had to pay a luxury tax of 33% on their BMWs. Now it’s 10%.

Media commentary research shows that the Murdoch press is the major contributor to this supposed idea of a class warfare. The Australian Financial Review at the time ran 10 articles on this theme. The Daily Telegraph 21 and The Australian 77. Add to that a few disgruntled Labor hacks who couldn’t get their own way and you can identify who is leading the chorus. But us, until now, well we seem to be leaderless.

When the wealthiest in the land have for years virtually been practicing tax avoidance literally paying no tax and large corporations following suit, who is playing class warfare?

When such behaviour is questioned the right-wing media portray it as an attack on the wealthy. “It’s class warfare,” they shout.

However, at the time of Swan’s essay, the Coalition planned to cut the rebate for low-income earners (mainly women) and take away the school bonus subsidies the war becomes a one-sided impasse. And when Abbott’s 2014 Budget was universally condemned as the most unfair ever because it placed the burden of budget repair on the poor and middle class, the right had the audacity to call it class warfare on the rich.

Yes, the rich are in a class of their own. And their success is judged on the size and value of their assets. A poor measure by any standard.

Even when it’s suggested that equality of opportunity in education is a noble pursuit and the right of every child, people like Christopher Pyne say it as class warfare and he ludicrously described the Gonski reforms as such. Mind you he confessed to never having read the report.

When a person like Pyne suggests that the implementation of Gonski is practicing class warfare, it’s easy to see who is actually practicing it. Those elitist bastards, not us.
The war it seems is only being waged against those who are wealthy and can afford it. Poor buggers. I’m tempted to donate 10% of my pension if they are doing it that bad.

So the ”Class War” would appear to be a Clayton’s one at best. Only one side is fighting it. It’s ”them” not ”us.”  And it’s very hard to get through to a class who believes that what’s theirs is theirs and what’s yours is negotiable.

They want all the excesses that come with wealth and then they want some more. As for us, we don’t confuse what we want with what we need.

When you consider that currently taxpayer subsidies given to mining companies, the taxpayer assisted negative gearing, the tax loopholes and the wealthy who just don’t pay tax at all, is it any wonder the rich feel threatened? And with a growing awareness that banks and big business are ripping us off, it is the rich who are practicing a class warfare that is breeding a growing inequality.

Neoliberalism argued that if government taxed the rich less and kept wages down and taxed the poor more than the more equitable society, through efficiencies would eventually become.

It hasn’t worked that way. All that has happened by releasing the super-rich from the constraints of democracy is to make them wealthier than morality should consent to.
You can be assured of one thing: When a conservative Government and right-wing MSM refer to class warfare they are simply saying; ”they are trying to take something from us that we deserve and it’s not fair.” And remember that Maggie assured us that the poor would be looked after by the drip down effect of the rich. My arse it will! It never has and it never will be.

My thought for the day

”Meritocracy is a term used to imply that those at the top of the social scale have merit and a slur against those at the bottom.”


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  1. Alpo

    Increasing inequality, where the lower and middle classes are struggling, not just “earning less than the upper classes, but still doing pretty well”, is a sign of social regression into the Third World…. Historically, we have been used to think of Australia as a First World country with only some pockets of Third World among some Aboriginal communities…. That’s no longer the case…. the Australian Third World is starting to spread all around….
    To solve this, superficial people have been targeting immigration…. but the real cause of this escalating inequality is far more profound, it’s called Neoliberalism. It’s time to send Neoliberalism packing and replace it with Social Democracy. That’s what Labor (and hopefully the Greens as well) are doing right now.

  2. Terry2

    Meanwhile, it has been reported that Attorney-General Christian Porter has recommended to the PM the dismissal of Border Force commissioner Roman Quaedvlieg, following alleged misconduct in getting his partner a job at Sydney Airport. Quaedvlieg has been on paid leave since May 24, 2017.

    Turnbull now has to balance the recommendation of his own Attorney General with the pressure from Dutton to reinstate this man.

    This will be interesting !

  3. Ben

    The whole horrible story: check out what the LNP has done for Australians during their period in Government.

    1. Messing up the rollout of the NBN so Murdoch’s media corp didn’t lose their customers to high speed alternatives (https://www.gizmodo.com.au/…/you-changed-horse-in-mid-stre…/)
    2. Proposing to Trump that he take our superannuation pool to mend ailing US roads, bridges and airports (https://www.smh.com.au/…/trumps-infrastructure-plan-gets-25…)
    3. Cutting home doctor services (https://www.smh.com.au/…/home-doctor-services-to-close-in-w…)
    4. Cutting family tax benefits (https://www.theguardian.com/…/coalition-releases-childcare-…)
    5. Making vicious attacks on pensioners and welfare recipients after taking their jobs (https://independentaustralia.net/…/centrelink-debacle-a-sym…)
    6. Backing cuts to penalty rates for low-paid-workers (https://www.smh.com.au/…/turnbull-government-backs-penaltyr…)
    7. Fighting hard for tax cuts to big business (https://www.smh.com.au/…/darkest-hour-turnbull-to-stand-and…)
    8. Calling for a high-level investigation into the actions of Barnaby Joyce but then recants and simply moves Joyce to the backbench (http://www.abc.net.au/…/pmo-investigation-into-barn…/9485954)
    9. Wasting $525 million on a gay marriage plebiscite (http://www.news.com.au/…/n…/41d3d6b5b19c0c6a6f4e4666b49c8efe)
    10. Holding the Australian record for disunity within a Government (https://thewest.com.au/…/malcolm-turnbull-battles-doom-of-d…)
    11. Criticising Tony Abbott for not being able to lead the Party and giving 30 bad polls as proof whilst being about to overtake that record himself (https://www.theguardian.com/…/turnbulls-popularity-drops-as…)
    12. Simply not being Prime Minister material. Appearing weak, waffling, going off half-cocked in the Godwin Greche debacle and in his election night speech about Medicare making himself appear ungracious, unprofessional and emotionally immature (https://www.smh.com.au/…/australian-federal-election-2016-m…).
    13. Removing incentives for bulk-billing pathology services (http://theconversation.com/election-factcheck-has-the-coali…)
    14. After the LNP took one million jobs off Australians, continuous, unmitigated lying about jobs and growth (https://independentaustralia.net/…/turnbull-government-lies…).
    15. Cutting $2.2 billion from Australian University funding (https://www.smh.com.au/…/universities-warned-against-region…)

    – Treating the Australian public with utter contempt
    – Sucking huge tax payer dollars in travel allowance
    – Stealing the people’s precious water
    – Getting his staffer pregnant while married to someone else
    – Abusing his position by insider trading
    – Mocking God by preaching one thing and doing another (including quoting Billy Graham to prove how Godly he is)
    – Abandoning his children
    – Being an entitled hypocritical leech upon taxpayers whilst simultaneously bleeding them to further the interests of his corporate masters
    – Arrogantly staying in Parliament because what we think doesn’t count
    – Condoning and perpetuating barbaric animal cruelty
    – Ruining the good reputation of Akubra
    – The sexual harassment of Catherine Marriott
    – The importing of overseas mangoes during the Australian mango season
    – The introduction of disease into the Australian banana industry
    – The poisoning of Australia’s Artesian water through fracking

    294. Two Western Australian World War II veterans in their 90s, Murray and Eric Maxton, who received honours for bravery have been invited to a lunch with the Australian and British prime ministers but they were told by the Government Department that they will have to pay their own way to Canberra and meet all expenses for the trip. This was after Tony Abbott told colleagues on 26 August 2014 that he visited a Melbourne cancer clinic so he could charge taxpayers for the trip – 11 November 2014.
    293: ‘Employment welfare reforms’ is ranked as the No 2 commitment by the Australian government, stating that it will boost economic growth in Australia according to a draft of its growth strategy to be submitted to the G20 leaders’ summit. The ‘welfare reforms’ include cutting payments entirely to some unemployed and requiring job seekers to search for more jobs to qualify for payments. Note that these reforms are being put forward ‘after’ many industries have been downsized or closed down altogether, all external public service employment has been stopped, many jobs have been sent to overseas providers and many jobs are being filled by overseas workers on 457 visas – 10 November 2014.
    292: After forcing hundreds of thousands of people out of work, many of whom are over the age of 55, massive cuts are made to employment, industries closed down and all outside public service employment is stopped – the over 55s are targeted by having requirements to obtain full-time work increased and stopping their welfare payment if they do not reach targets – 3 November 2014.
    291. New tax on fuel announced with the government expected to raise $2.2 billion over four years – 28 October 2014.
    290. Tony Abbott threatens to ‘shirtfront’ the Russian President Vladimir Putin over MH17 tragedy – 13 October 2014.
    289. Extends the Royal Commission into Trade Unions for another 12 months and expands the terms of reference despite their being no requests for either – 09 October, 2014
    288. Cuts spending on science and innovation to the lowest levels since the data was first published – 07 October, 2014
    287. Spends an estimated $500 million yearly participating in the conflict in the Middle East while ruling out increasing taxes to pay for – 07 October, 2014
    286. Limits scrutiny of ASIO, expands protections from prosecution for ASIO officers, and allows ASIO greater powers for surveillance with reduced requirements for warrants – 30 September, 2014
    285. Signs a deal with Cambodia to accept Australia’s refugees for a payment of $40 million over 4 years – 26 September, 2014
    284. Breaks an election promise to publish a proposal for constitutional recognition for Indigenous people and establish a bipartisan process to try to bring about recognition as soon as possible within the first 12 months of Government – 19 September 2014.
    283. Breaks election promise to build replacement submarines in South Australian shipyards, spending more than $20 billion on Japanese submarines instead – 8 September, 2014
    282. Fails to provide adequate medical care to asylum seeker Hamid Kehazaei who died after developing an infection from a cut on his foot – 5 September 2014
    281. Delays superannuation increases for seven years costing workers thousands of dollars in retirement savings – 2 September 2014
    280. Kills the Low Income Super Contribution payment and the Superannuation Guarantee which aimed to boost the retirement savings of 3.6 million workers who earn $37,000 per year or less – 2 September 2014
    279. Repeals the mining tax on the profits of big coal and iron ore companies – 2 September 2014
    278. Bans secular workers from the school chaplaincy program – 27 August 2014
    277. Refuses temporary visitors visas for Sri Lankan trade unionists to attend a union conference in Australia because they “do not have enough personal wealth” – 25 August 2014
    276. Unemployment hits highest level in 12 years – 7 August 2014
    275. Breaks an election promise to amend the race hate laws – 6 August 2014
    274. Directs all government departments to disclose every contact with every union for any reason over the last decade to the Royal Commission – 28 July 2014
    273. Allows the suspension of payments to parents whose children do not attend school in the Northern Territory – 19 July 2014
    272. Axes the carbon tax with no viable policy to address climate change or Australia’s emission targets – 17 July, 2014
    271. Risks up to $1 billion in revenue through job cuts at the ATO – July 15, 2014
    270. Cuts all funding to Vibe Australia, the Indigenous organisation responsible for creating and producing the Deadly Awards, Deadly Vibe and InVibe magazines, Deadly Sounds radio, Move It Mob Style TV and deadlyvibe.com.au – July 14, 2014
    269. Detains 153 asylum seekers at sea on board a customs ship for a month, despite questions about the legality of this action – July 12, 2014
    268. Offends China and many Australians by praising the “skill and honour” of Japanese soliders who killed 22 000 Australians and hundreds of thousands of Chinese during World War II – 9 July 2014
    267. Hands over 41 Sri Lankan asylum seekers to the custody of Sri Lankan authorities after screening them at sea and transferring them while still on the water – 07 July, 2014
    266. Creates a strategic communications branch employing 37 people and costing $4.7 million each year, to oversee communications in the department of Prime Minister and Cabinet despite saying at the 2013 launch of the Liberal Party’s book on ALP waste, that they would spend less on spin than the previous government – July 05, 2014
    265. Describes Australia as ‘unsettled’ before the British arrived, during an address to the Australia-Melbourne Institute Conference – 04 July, 2014
    264. Grants the Immigration Minister power over the granting of permanent residence allowing him to personally decide the conditions of the test and his decisions will not be subject to appeal – 03 July, 2014
    263. Breaks a promise not to grant permanent permanent residency to people arriving by boat by granting a visa to a least one refugee – 03 July, 2014
    262. Prohibits Community Legal Centres from using Government funding to advocate for policy or law reform – 02 July, 2014
    261. Appoints a former Liberal MP and a conservative columnist and vocal opponent of the ABC to the ABC and SBS appointments panel – 02 July, 2014
    260. Strikes out protections for consumers of financial advice before the report into the Commonwealth Bank of Australia financial planning scandal is tabled, which recommends a Royal Commission into the bank to investigate allegations of fraud, forgery and a management cover-up – 01 July, 2014
    259. Refuses to confirm the existence of two boatloads of refugees reported to be currently on board customs vessels. The Government previously denied the vessels were in trouble and refuses to comment on whether the refugees will be landing in Australia – 30 June, 2014
    258. Revokes the residential determination of two asylum seekers from Vietnam currently in high school in Adelaide and removes them to a detention centre, resulting in up to 7 other children, also in school, running away for fear of the same fate – 28 June, 2014
    257. Cuts Dementia and Severe Behaviours Supplement, a payment to those who provide care for people with severe behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia – 26 June, 2014
    256. Breaks promise that no public servants will be forced into redundancy as it is revealed that staff in Treasury and Finance will be made involuntarily redundant – 24 June, 2014
    255. Seeks to reintroduce Temporary Protection Visas after the High Court strikes down the Government’s attempt to limit the number of permanent visas available each year – 22 June 2014.
    254. Refuses to halt return of refugees to war-torn Iraq – 18 June, 2014
    253. Abandons the long-held, bipartisan position of referring to Palestinian land captured in 1967 as occupied – 06 June, 2014
    252. Abolishes the Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee, which has, for 25 years, investigated gaps in Australia’s corporate and financial markets law and recommended ways to close them – 05 June, 2014
    251. Excludes Australian shipyards from a major new contract, sending jobs offshore and threatening the industry in Australia – 05 June, 2014
    250. Cuts funding to the peak refugee organisation the Refugee Council of Australia – 30 May 2014
    249. Takes money from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and gives it to the Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Scheme – 28 May 2014
    248. Breaks promise that no public servants will be forced into redundancy after revelations that public servants in the Department of Industry have been made involuntarily redundant – 19 May 2014
    247. Scraps the National Water Commission – 13 May, 2014
    246. Abolishes funding for Building Australia’s Future Workforce — Connection Interviews and Job Seeker Workshops and the Experience+ Career Advice initiative – 13 May, 2014
    245. Abolishes the Get Reading Programme – 13 May, 2014
    244. Scraps the annual subsidy to local ethanol producers – 13 May 2014
    243. Slashes the Biodiversity Fund – 13 May, 2014
    242. Cuts the Education Department’s Online Diagnostic Tools Programme – 13 May, 2014
    241. Abolishes the Australian Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Authority which was established to encourage organ donation – 13 May, 2014
    240. Introduces annual reviews for veterans receiving military compensation payments due to illness or injury – 13 May, 2014
    239. Terminates the Office of Water Science research programme – 13 May, 2014
    238. Abolishes the Commonwealth Human Rights Education Grant – 13 May 2014
    237. Abolishes funding to the Exotic Disease Preparedness Programme – 13 May 2014
    236. Slashes funding from the Indigenous Health Budget – 13 May 2014
    235. Cuts funding for Indigenous language support – 13 May 2014
    234. Cuts funding to the Torres Strait Regional Authority – 13 May 2014
    233. Abolishes the Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, the only elected representative body for Indigenous Australians – 13 May 2014
    232. Breaks election promise and slashes funding to Landcare – 13 May 2014
    231. Abolishes the National Rental Affordability Scheme – 13 May 2014
    230. Cuts funding from the corporate regulator ASIC which oversees the financial sector – 13 May 2014
    229. Axes the first home buyers savings scheme – 13 May 2014
    228. Reduces funding to the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency – 13 May 2014
    227. Abolishes the Improving Educational Outcomes Programme – 13 May 2014
    226. Cuts funding to the Child Care Early Learning Projects and the Professional Support Program which assist childcare workers gain skills – 13 May 2014
    225. Reduces funding to the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership – 13 May 2014
    224. Cut the Research Training Scheme, with tertiary education providers to introduce student contributions for higher degrees – 13 May 2014
    223. Ends the development of the Australian Baccalaureate – 13 May 2014
    222. Cuts higher education reward funding – 13 May 2014
    221. Cuts the Australian National University’s HC Coombs Policy Forum – 13 May 2014
    220. Cuts Australian Research Council funding – 13 May 2014
    219. Abolishes tax break for mature age workers and replaces it with a payment for employing people over 50 who have been on Newstart or the DSP for more than 6 months – 13 May 2014
    218. Cuts an incentive program for graduates to take up work in regional locations of need – 13 May 2014
    217. Axes the National Partnership Agreement on Certain Concessions for Pensioners and Seniors Card Holders which supports state and territory concessions for senior citizens including energy rebates. – 13 May 2014
    216. Kills off four grant programmes including the the Australian Community Food Safety Campaign and Outreach Support Services for Criminalised Women – 13 May 2014
    215. Cuts $2.3 million in contribution to the World Health Organisation – 13 May 2014
    214. Abolishes the Australian Interactive Games Fund which helped support local video game developers – 13 May 2014
    213. Breaks a promise not to cuts funding to health by dramatically cutting hospital funding – 13 May 2014
    212. Cuts $240 million over four years to community programs that support poor, sick or disadvantaged people – 13 May 2014
    211. Cuts $25million over 4 years or a quarter of the funding to Community Legal Centres who provide legal support to the poor and disadvantaged – 13 May 2014
    210. Cuts the Women in Leadership program – 13 May 2014
    209. Breaks a promise to have one million more solar roofs across Australia and at least 25 solar towns – 13 May 2014
    208. Breaks a promise to spend $2.55 billion Emissions Reduction Fund by committing less than half this amount in the budget – 13 May 2014
    207. Orders the spending of $11.7 million to plan the privatisation of: Defence Housing Australia, the Royal Australian Mint and the registry function of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission – 13 May 2014
    206. Announces 3000 job loses at the Australian Tax Office – 13 May 2014
    205. Freezes the Family Tax Benefit A at a set income level regardless of the number of children – 13 May 2014
    204. Cuts the Family Tax Benefit B end-of-year supplement by 15% – 13 May 2014
    203. Reduces funding for the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation – 13 May 2014
    202. Reduces funding to the Australian Institute for Marine Science – 13 May 2014
    201. Scraps a range of grant programs aimed at funding innovation and start-up businesses, including: Australian Industry Participation; Commercialisation Australia; Enterprise Solutions; Innovation Investment Fund; Industry Innovation Councils; Enterprise Connect; Industry Innovation Precincts; and Textile, Clothing and Footwear Small Business and Building Innovative Capability – 13 May 2014
    200. Rips a further $111.4 million over four years out of the operating budget of the CSIRO – 13 May 2014
    199. Ceases funding for National ICT Australia, which is a research centre for communications and information technology – 13 May 2014
    198. Abolishes Medicare locals – 13 May 2014
    197. Reduces payments to people under 35 with a disability who cannot find employment if they could work more than eight hours a week – 13 May 2014
    196. Mandates religious education in schools by taking away the option for school to opt for a secular social worker instead – 13 May 2014
    195. Abolishes the ABC’s disability communities website Ramp Up – 13 May 2014
    194. Abolishes the Disability Discrimination Commissioner – 13 May 2014
    193. Abolishes the Better Schools Centre for Quality Teaching and Learning – 13 May 2014
    192. Dismantles the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and will establish a health productivity and performance commission – 13 May 2014
    191. Abolishes the Seniors Supplement – 13 May 2014
    190. Axes the tax break for people with dependent spouses – 13 May 2014
    189. Axes the Diagnostic Imaging Quality Programme – 13 May 2014
    188. Ceases the Dental Flexible Grants Program – 13 May 2014
    187. Axes the Charles Sturt University’s dental and oral health clinics – 13 May 2014
    186. Axes funding for the nursing and allied health scholarships in Tasmania – 13 May 2014
    185. Defers 13 Partners in Recovery programs which help people with severe and persistent mental illness and complex support needs – 13 May 2014
    184. Cuts funding to the National Anti-Tobacco Campaign – 13 May 2014
    183. Cuts Australia’s Animal Welfare Strategy – 13 May 2014
    182. Abolishes Health Workforce Australia and cuts the expansion of the Clinical Training Funding Program – 13 May 2014
    181. Axes the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health – 13 May 2014
    180. Defers the National Partnership Agreement for adult public dental services until July 2015 – 13 May 2014
    179. Reduces the Medicare benefit for optometry services and allows optometrists to charge more – 13 May 2014
    178. Abolishes the GP Education and Training Limited and ceasing the Pre-vocational GP Placements Scheme – 13 May 2014
    177. Axes industry and community clean energy programs include the Low Emissions Technology Demonstration Fund, the National Low Emission Coal Initiative, Energy Efficiency Programmes, the National Solar Schools Plan, Energy Efficiency Information Grants and Low Carbon Communities – 13 May 2014
    176. Scraps The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) which was set up to support new and emerging renewable technologies and in doing so breaks an election promise – 13 May 2014
    175. Scraps the Housing Help for Seniors scheme which provided assistance to older Australians – 13 May 2014
    174. Pulls $2.5 billion from aged care, including $1.7 billion from home based support such as Meals on Wheels – 13 May 2014
    173. Cuts the benefit for unemployed people under 25 by moving them onto the Youth Allowance – 13 May 2014
    172. Kills off the Gonski school funding vision by cutting future funding by $30 billion – 13 May 2014
    171. Reduces Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme safety nets – 13 May 2014
    170. Breaks a promise to make no cuts to health with a $368 million cut from preventative health measures – 13 May 2014
    169. Cuts the Family Tax Benefit A end-of-year supplement by 17% – 13 May 2014
    168. Increases the fuel excise twice a year by indexing it to CPI – 13 May 2014
    167. Forces students to repay their debt earlier by lowering the wage they need to earn before payments kick in – 13 May 2014
    166. Increases debt for students by increasing the interest on their fees – 13 May 2014
    165. Makes it harder for retirees to access the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card – 13 May 2014
    164. Guts the Australia Council and Screen Australia by cutting $87 million for the Arts – 13 May 2014
    163. Forces people under 30 to work for the dole if they want to receive any financial support after a waiting period of six months with no financial support – 13 May 2014
    162. Imposes a six month wait for people under 30s to receive unemployment benefits – 13 May 2014
    161. Cuts the Family Tax Benefit Part B – 13 May 2014
    160. Cuts the old age pension by indexing it to CPI instead of wages – 13 May 2014
    159. Increases the pension age to 70 from 2035 – 13 May 2014
    158. Imposes a $5 increase on the cost of all medicines available under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (80c for concession card holders) – 13 May 2014
    157. Cuts the ‘Tools for the Trade’ program which helped apprentices buy their tools, and replacing it with a loan scheme apprentices will have to repay – 13 May 2014
    156. Caps the amount of money workers can recoup in entitlements if their employer becomes insolvent or bankrupt to 16 weeks – 13 May 2014
    155. Breaks a promise to only cut the foreign aid budget by $4.5 billion and cuts it by $7.9 billion instead – 13 May 2014
    154. Axes funding to the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition, the national peak body for young people- 13 May 2014
    153. Slashes Disability Support Pensions by indexing to inflation – 13 May 2014
    152. Abolishes the highly successful Youth Connections program that supports young people who have not completed, or are at risk of not completing Year 12 or equivalent qualifications also costing hundreds of community sector jobs – 13 May 2014
    151. Breaks a promise of “no new taxes” by introducing a fuel levy – 13 May 2014
    150. Announces the sacking of 16,500 public sector workers as whole Departments are abolished despite promising only 12,000 job losses – 13 May 2014
    149. Cuts $500 million from indigenous programs over five years – 13 May 2014
    148. Breaks a promise of “no new taxes” by introducing a deficit tax rise of two percentage points for people earning more than $180,000 a year – 13 May 2014
    147. Scrapping a net $1.2 billion in tuition subsidies for universities – 13 May 2014
    146. Scraps the Australia Network, Australia’s international television service broadcast across our region that provides news and current affairs from an Australian perspective – 13 May 2014
    145. Breaks promise of “no cuts to the ABC or SBS” by cutting $43.5 million from the ABC and SBS – 13 May 2014
    144. Undermines Medicare by imposing a $7 fee increase for GP visits – 13 May 2014
    143. Tears up Federal Government’s agreement with states and territories to help fund increasing health costs – 13 May 2014
    142. Scraps caps on university fees, meaning universities will be able to charge whatever they like for degrees – 13 May 2014
    141. Abolishes the COAG Reform Council — which provides information to Governments so they can track the performance of their programs – 13 May 2014
    140. Sacks the National People with Disability and Carers Council — which pushed for and then helped build the NDIS – 13 May 2014
    139. Releases the Commission of Audit report which recommends savage budget cuts that would negatively affect every Australian – 1 May 2014
    138. Breaks a promise to introduce the paid parental leave scheme he took to the election – 30 April 2014
    137. Spends $12.4 billion on new fighter jets whilst claiming a budget “emergency” and preparing to make big cuts to health and welfare – 23 April 2014
    136. Abolishes the research and development tax incentives board – 11 April 2014
    135. Begins dismantling GP Super clinics – 8 April 2014
    134. Cuts 480 jobs from the Environment Department who are responsible for protecting places such as Kakadu, Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef – 7 April 2014
    133. Forbids public servants from making political comments online, even anonymously, and instructs them to report on colleagues who do – 6 April 2014
    132. Establishes a secret, publicly funded “hit squad” to target political opponents led by the man who provided a “chaff bag” for Alan Jones to auction at a Young Liberal fundraiser – 1 April 2014
    131. Imposes fees and charges on people who become bankrupt – 1 April 2014
    130. Axes free legal assistance for asylum seekers – 31 March 2014
    129. Defunds Ethical Clothing Australia that worked with industry to protect outworkers in the textile and clothing industry from exploitation and abandons the Governments ethical procurement guidelines – 30 March 2014
    128. Opposes a UN resolution to conduct war crimes inquiry in Sri Lanka – 28 March 2014
    127. Closes all Medicare offices on Saturdays – 26 March 2014
    126. Brings back the awards of knights and dames which were abolished in 1986 – 25 March 2014
    125. Cuts 400 jobs from the industry department – 25 March 2014
    124. Ensures a human rights enquiry into the Manus Island detention centre is shut down and human rights lawyers are denied access to the centre – 23 March 2014
    123. Abolishes one third of the jobs in Treasury costing approximately 300 jobs – 21 March 2014
    122. Cuts welfare payments to orphans of soldiers – 16 March 2014
    121. Moves to deny funding to artists or events that refuse corporate sponsorship for ethical reasons – 15 March 2014
    120. Cuts hundreds of jobs at the CSIRO – 14 March 2014
    119. Reopens 457 visa loophole to allow employers to hire an unlimited number of workers without scrutiny – 12 March 2014
    118. Overturns a ban on cattle grazing in the Victorian Alpine National Park – 6 March 2014
    117. Frustrated and defeated an attempt at the UN to highlight the humanitarian consequences of nuclear war – 5 March 2014
    116. Axes funding earmarked to save the Sumatran rhinoceros from extinction – 28 February 2014
    115. Introduces legislation to allow people aged between 17-24 years old to work for half the minimum wage and be exempted from all other work rights including health and safety laws and protections should they be injured at work – 26 February 2014
    114. Axes funding to Aboriginal Early Childhood Support and Learning Incorporated, the only Indigenous peak body advising on early childhood issues for Indigenous people in NSW – 25 February, 2014
    113. Misleads the Australian public about what occurred on Manus Island when asylum seekers were attacked killing one person and injuring seventy-seven. Once the information was known to be untrue, waited five days to correct the record – 25 February 2014
    112. Contravenes 113 years of established practice by moving to release the previous Government’s confidential cabinet papers to the Royal Commission into the Pink Batts scheme – 22 February 2014
    111. Scraps food grants program for small farmers – 21 February 2014
    110. Pressured SPC Ardmona to cut the pay and conditions for workers in return for Government money – 20 February 2014
    109. Blames carbon pricing for the close of Alcoa smelters and rolling mills and the loss of nearly 1000 jobs, despite the fact the company states it had no bearing on their decision – 19 February 2014
    108. Breaches the privacy and puts in danger around 10, 000 asylum seekers and their families by releasing their personal details on the Department of Immigration website – 19 February 2014
    107. Fails to ensure the safety of asylum seekers in our care on Manus Island who were subjected to a vicious attack, which left one person dead and seventy-seven seriously injured – 18 February 2014
    106. Reverses the previous government’s decision to care for refugee children who are without an adult family member (ie unaccompanied minors) in the community and sends them to detention centres in Nauru – 17 February 2014
    105. Removes poverty reduction from the goals of the foreign affairs budget –February 17, 2014
    104. Appoints a climate change sceptic to head a review of our renewable energy target – 17 February 2014
    103. Pays hundreds of indigenous workers in his Department up to $19 000 less than non-indigenous workers doing the same job and cuts the budget for the representative body the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples causing two-thirds of the staff to lose their jobs – 15 February 2014
    102. Breaks a promise to provide fibre-to-the-premises for all Tasmanians for the National Broadband Network – 13 February 2014
    101. Unemployment rate jumps to highest in more than 10 years – 13 February 2014
    100. Lies to the Australian public about the reasons Toyota gave for their decision to close in order to blame the workers and their union – 12 February 2014
    99. Takes down a website providing information to the Australian public on the ingredients and nutritional content of foods. It is later revealed that the person in the Minister’s office who gave this directive is married to a lobbyist from the junk food industry and was still a share holder in their lobbying company – 11 February 2014
    98. Destroys the Australian car manufacturing industry by refusing to provide any industry assistance leading to the decision of Toyota to shut costing up to 30 000 jobs – 10 February 2014
    97. Launches a Royal Commission into unions – 10 February 2014
    96. Attempts to reintroduce temporary visas for asylum seekers found to be fleeing persecution preventing them ever settling in Australia and retrospectively applies them to 20 000 people. This is stopped in the Senate twice by the ALP and The Greens – 7 February 2014
    95. Supports a reduction of penalty rates and other Award minimums in a submission to the Fair Work Commission’s review of all Awards – 4 February 2014
    94. Lies to the Australian public about the wages and working conditions of factory workers at SPC Ardmona in Shepparton and uses this incorrect information to blame them for their job insecurity – 4 February 2014
    93. Launches an “efficiency study” into ABC and the SBS – 30 January 2014
    92. Cuts the wages of Australian troops deployed overseas by almost $20 000 per solider – 29 January 2014
    91. Intervenes on the side of Toyota to support cutting Australian workers wages and conditions – 28 January 2014
    90. Privatises the 104 year old Australian Valuation Office costing nearly 200 jobs – 24 January 2014
    89. Seeks to wind back the World Heritage listing of Tasmania’s forests – 23 January 2014
    88. Withdraws funding for an early intervention program to help vulnerable young people – 22 January 2014
    87. Exempts Western Australia from national environment laws to facilitate shark culling – 21 January 2014
    86. Defunds all international environmental programs, the International Labour Organisation and cuts funding to a range of international aid programs run by NGOs such as Save the Children, Oxfam, CARE Australia and Caritas – 18 January 2014
    85. Violates Indonesia’s territorial sovereignty while turning back asylum seeker boats – 17 January 2014
    84. Politicises the national school curriculum by appointing a former Liberal staffer and a Coalition supporter, both critics of the current curriculum to conduct a review – 10 January 2014.
    83. Directs that people already found to be refugees who arrived by boat be given the lowest priority for family reunion – 8 January 2014
    82. Fails to contradict or take any action against a member of his government, Senator Cory Bernardi, who makes divisive statements about: abortion, “non-traditional” families and their children, same sex couples, couples who use IVF and calls for parts of WorkChoices to be reintroduced – 6 January 2014
    81. Scraps funding from the Jewish Holocaust Centre –January 3, 2014
    80. Devastates Australia’s contribution to overseas aid by cutting $4.5 billion from the budget, causing vital programs supporting those in extreme poverty in our region to collapse – 1 January 2014
    79. Drastically reduces tax breaks for small business and fails to publicise it – 1 January 2014
    78. Appoints Tim Wilson, a Liberal Party member and Policy Director of a right-wing think tank to the position of Commissioner at the Human Rights Commission even though this think tank argued for the Commission to be abolished – 23 December 2013
    77. Approves private health fund premium increases of an average 6.2% a year – 23 December 2013
    76. Breaks his promise to provide the promised customs vessel to monitor whaling operations in the Southern Ocean – 23 December 2013
    75. Requests the delisting of World Heritage status for Tasmanian forests – 21 December 2013
    74. Cuts funding to the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Programme which makes it mandatory for large energy using businesses to improve their efficiency –17 December, 2013
    73. Breaks a promise to make no cuts to health by cutting $150 million from hospital and health services – 17 December 2013.
    72. Scraps the Home Energy Saver Scheme which helps struggling low income households cut their electricity bills – 17 December 2013
    71. Defunds the Public Interest Advocacy Centre whose objectives are to work for a fair, just and democratic society by taking up legal cases public interest issues – 17 December 2013
    70. Defunds the Environmental Defenders Office which is a network of community legal centres providing free advice on environmental law – 17 December 2013
    69. Axes funding for animal welfare – 17 December 2013
    68. Breaks his election promise of no cuts to education by cutting funding for trade training centres in schools – 17 December 2013
    67. Abolishes the AusAID graduate program costing 38 jobs – 17 December 2013
    66. Cuts Indigenous legal services by $13.4 million. This includes $3.5 million from front line domestic violence support services, defunding the National legal service and abolishing all policy and law reform positions across the country – 17 December 2013
    65. Abolishes the position of co-ordinator-general for remote indigenous services – 17 December 2013
    64. Breaks his promise to unequivocally support the NDIS by changing the name of NDIS “launch sites” to “trial sites” and flags cuts to funding – 17 December 2013
    63. Abolishes the National Office for Live Music along with the live music ambassadors – 17 December 2013
    62. Cuts $2.5 million from community radio – 17 December 2013
    61. Weakens the ministerial code of conduct to let ministers keep shares in companies – 16 December 2013
    60. Disbands the independent Immigration Health Advisory Group for asylum seekers – 16 December 2013
    59. Dumps the National Occupational Licensing Scheme which was designed to increase productivity by making it easier for skilled workers to work interstate – 14 December 2013
    58. Axes $4.5 million from charities and community groups for the Building Multicultural Communities Program – 13 December 2013
    57. Starts dismantling Australia’s world leading marine protection system – 13 December 2013
    56. Scraps the COAG Standing Council on Environment and Water – 13 December 2013
    55. Breaks his NBN election promise of giving all Australians access to 25 megabits per second download speeds by 2016 – 12 December 2013
    54. Overturns the “critically endangered” listing of the Murray Darling Basin – 11 December 2013
    53. Dares Holden to leave Australia. Holden responds by announcing its closure which costs Australians tens of thousands of jobs – 11 December 2013
    52. Approves Clive Palmer’s mega coal mine in the Galilee Basin which opponents say will severely damage Great Barrier Reef – 11 December 2013
    51. Demands that the few childcare workers who got pay rises “hand them back” – 10 December 2013
    50. Approves the largest coal port in the world in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area – 10 December 2013
    49. Removes the community’s right to challenge decisions where the government has ignored expert advice on threatened species impacts – 9 December 2013
    48. Downgrades national environment laws by giving approval powers to state premiers – 9 December 2013
    47. Undermines Australia’s democracy by signing a free trade agreement with South Korea allowing corporations to sue the Australian Government – 6 December 2013
    46. Damages our diplomatic relationship with our nearest neighbour East Timor – 5 December 2013
    45. Repeals the pokie reform legislation which was designed to combat problem gambling – 4 December 2013
    44. Suspends the Wage Connect program, despite it being proven to deliver good outcomes for unemployed people – 3 December 2013
    43. Axes funding to the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia, forcing the 46 year old organisation to close. It is later revealed that a staffer in the Assistant Health Minister’s office had links to the Alcohol Industry – 27 November 2013
    42. Breaks his promise to support Gonski and back flips three times – 25 November 2013
    41. Shifts Australia’s position at the UN on Israeli settlements – 25 November 2013
    40. Damages our diplomatic relationship with the Indonesian Government by refusing to apologise for tapping the phones of their President, his wife and senior Government officials – 23 November 2013
    39. Converts crucial Start-Up Scholarships into loans, increasing the debt of 80,000 higher education students by $1.2 billion – 21 November 2013
    38. Gifts two navy patrol boats to the Sri Lankan government to stop asylum seekers fleeing the Sri Lankan government – 17 November 2013
    37. Introduces a Bill to impose on workers who are elected onto unpaid union committees huge financial penalties and jail terms for breeches of new compliance obligations – 14 November 2013
    36. Condones torture by foreign governments by saying “sometimes in difficult circumstances, difficult things happen” – 14 November 2013
    35. Hides information from the Parliament and the people about the government’s treatment of asylum seekers – 13 November 2013
    34. Abandons Australia’s emission reduction targets – 12 November, 2013
    33. Separates a refugee mother from her newborn baby – 10 November 2013
    32. Cuts 600 jobs at the CSIRO – 8 November 2013
    31. Abolishes Insurance Reform Advisory Group which provided a forum for industry and consumer bodies to discuss insurance industry reform – 8 November 2013
    30. Abolishes the Maritime Workforce Development Forum which was an industry body working to build a sustainable skills base for the maritime industry – 8 November 2013
    29. Abolishes the High Speed Rail Advisory Group whose job it was to advise Governments on the next steps on implementing high speed rail for eastern Australia – 8 November 2013
    28. Abolishes the Advisory Panel on the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formula which for 21 years ensured companies comply with agreements on the advertising of infant formula – 8 November 2013
    27. Abolishes the Antarctic Animal Ethics Committee who ensured research on animals in the Antarctic complies with Australian standards – 8 November 2013
    26. Abolished the National Steering Committee on Corporate Wrongdoing that for 21 years worked to make sure the law was effectively enforced on corporate criminals – 8 November 2013
    25. Abolishes the National Inter-country Adoption Advisory Council which provided expert advice on overseas adoption – 8 November 2013
    24. Abolishes International Legal Services Advisory Council which was responsible for working to improve the international performance of Australia’s legal services – 8 November 2013
    23. Abolishes the Commonwealth Firearms Advisory Council a group of experts in gun crime and firearms which was set up after the Port Arthur massacre – 8 November 2013
    22. Abolishes Australian Animals Welfare Advisory Committee a diverse group of experts advising the Agriculture Minister on animal welfare issues – 8 November 2013
    21. Abolishes the National Housing Supply Council which provided data and expert advice on housing demand, supply and affordability – 8 November 2013
    20. Abolishes the Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing, established to help address the challenges the country faces as the number of older Australians grows – 8 November 2013
    19. Refuses to offer support to manufacturing in Tasmania, despite requests and warnings. Caterpillar announces the move of 200 jobs from Burnie to Thailand, costing around 1000 local jobs – 5 November 2013
    18. Provides $2.2 million legal aid for farmers and miners to fight native title claims – 1 November 2013
    17. Abolishes the 40 year old AusAID costing hundreds of jobs – 1 November 2013
    16. Launches a successful High Court challenge which strikes down the ACT Marriage Equality laws invalidating the marriages of many people and ensuring discrimination against same-sex couples continues – 23 October 2013
    15. Denies there is a link between climate change and more severe bush fires and accuses a senior UN official was “talking through their hat” – 23 October 2013
    14. Appoints the head of the Business Council of Australia to a “Commission of Audit” to recommend cuts to public spending – 22 October 2013
    13. Cuts compensation to the victims of bushfires – 21 October 2013
    12. Instructs public servants and detention centre staff to call asylum seekers “illegals” – 20 October 2013
    11. Appoints Howard era Australian Building & Construction Commission (ABCC) Director to help reinstate the ABCC with all its previous oppressive powers over construction workers – 17 October 2013
    10. Axes the Major Cities Unit a Government agency with 10 staff which provided expert advice on urban issues in our 18 biggest cities – 24 September 2013
    9. Breaks his promise to “stop the boats” – 23 September 2013
    8. Scraps the Social Inclusion Board, which had been established to guide policy on the reduction of poverty in Australia – 19 September 2013
    7. Abolishes the Climate Commission – 19 September 2013
    6. Appoints himself Minister for Women – 16 September 2013
    5. Appoints only one woman into his cabinet and blames the women for his decision, saying he appoints “on merit”– 16 September 2013
    4. Abolishes key ministerial positions of climate change and science – 16 September 2013
    3. Breaks his promise to spend his first week with an Aboriginal community -14 September 2013
    2. Takes away pay rises for childcare workers – 13 September 2013
    1. Takes away pay rises from aged care workers – 13 September 2013
    The Broken Promise Count
    1. Does not spend his first week as Prime Minister with an Aboriginal community – 14 September 2013. This promise was made in front of indigenous elders and participants at the Garma Festival on 10 August 2013, this is a live recording.
    2. Fails to “stop the boats” – 23 September 2013. This promise was repeated so many times I can’t count. Here’s Abbott’s 2013 campaign launch speech.
    3. Breaks his promise to support Gonski – 25 November 2013 and 13 May 2014. Fails to commit to future funding or to require States to match the Commonwealth funding commitment. See paragraph two from Christopher Pyne on 29 August 2013
    4. Breaks its NBN election promise of giving all Australians access to 25 megabits per second download speeds by 2016 – 12 December 2013 This was the Coalition’s policy they took to the election first announced 9 April 2013.
    5. Breaks his election promise of no cuts to education by cutting funding for trade training centres in schools on 17 December 2013. He made this promise at the National Press Club on 2 September 2013 and in writing on 5 September 2013 as part of their policy commitments.
    6. Breaks a promise to make no cuts to health. He made this promise at the National Press Club on 2 September 2013 and in writing on 5 September 2013 as part of their policy commitments. This promise was first broken on 27 November 2013 when they cut funding to the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council
    7. Breaks a promise to make no cuts to health on 17 December 2013 when they cut $150 million from hospitals and health services.
    8. Fails to provide the promised customs vessel to monitor whaling operations in the Southern Ocean – 23 December 2013 Promise made by Greg Hunt – 9 April 2013
    9. Breaks a promise to provide fibre-to-the-premises for all Tasmanians for the National Broadband Network. This promise was confirmed my Malcolm Turnbull on 17 August 2013 and confirmed as broken by the NBN Co executive chairman Ziggy Switkowski on 13 February 2014.
    10. Breaks a promise to introduce the paid parental leave scheme he took to the election on 30 April 2014 by reducing the promised benefit for those earning above $100 000.
    11. Breaks promise of “no cuts to the ABC or SBS” by cutting $43.5 million from the ABC and SBS.
    12. Breaks a promise of “no new taxes” by introducing a deficit tax rise of two percentage points for people earning more than $180,000 a year.
    13. Announced to sacking of 16,500 public sector workers as whole Departments are abolished despite promising only 12,000 job losses and through natural attrition.
    14. Breaks a promise of “no new taxes” by introducing a fuel levy.
    15. Reduction in foreign aid budget of $7.9 billion over five years despite promise to not exceed $4.5 billion and cut via indexation.
    16. Increases the pension age to 70 from 2035 after promising no changes to pensions
    17. Cuts to old age pension by indexing to CPI, while it was promised there would be no changes.
    18. Scraps The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) which was set up to support new and emerging renewable technologies and in doing so breaks an election promise.
    19. Tears up Federal Government’s agreement with states and territories to help fund increasing health costs despite promise of no cuts to health.
    20. Breaks a promise to make no cuts to health with a $368 million cut from preventative health measures.
    21. Reduces the Medicare benefit for optometry services and allows optometrists to charge more, despite promise to not cut health budget.
    22. Axes the Charles Sturt University’s dental and oral health clinics, despite promise to not cut health budget.
    23. Abolishes Medicare locals, despite promise to not cut health budget.
    24. Breaks a promise to spend $2.55 billion Emissions Reduction Fund by committing less than half this amount in the budget.
    25. Breaks a promise to have one million more solar roofs across Australia and at least 25 solar towns.
    26. Breaks a promise not to cuts funding to health by dramatically cutting hospital funding.
    27. Breaks election promise and slashes funding to Landcare
    28. Breaks promise that no public servants will be forced into redundancy after revelations that two public servants in the Department of Industry have been made involuntarily redundant since September.
    29. Breaks promise that no public servants will be forced into redundancy as it is revealed that at least 30 staff in Treasury will be made involuntarily redundant.
    30. Breaks a promise not to grant permanent permanent residency to people arriving by boat by granting a visa to a least one refugee
    31. Breaks a promise to amend the race hate laws
    32. Breaks a promise to “make no unexpected detrimental changes to superannuation” by killing the Low Income Super Contribution, the Superannuation Guarantee and delaying superannuation increases for seven years.
    33. Breaks election promise to build replacement submarines in South Australian shipyards, spending more than $20 billion on Japanese submarines instead.
    34. Breaks an election promise to a publish a proposal for constitutional recognition for Indigenous people and establish a bipartisan process to try to bring about recognition as soon as possible within the first 12 months of Government.
    Reference: Abbott’s wreckage was put together primarily by Sally McManus on her website ‘Tracking Abbott’s Wreckage’

  4. paul walter

    Xtian Porter. His job within the government is always that of Chief Executioner.

  5. paul walter

    I’d have preferred them to have gone after the multinationals..more lucrative and just and less risky. Two speed economy, ho-hum.

  6. Jaquix

    Yet another loophole being plugged by Labor. Most of us would not know about this lucrative little earner for those in the know. But accountants would, and they manage to get clients extensive incomes down to levels where they qualify for $1 pension, in order to attract benefits like this, plus Medicare benefits. Heart bleeds for them, not. Of course there will probably be some smaller players affected slightly, but they need to seek accountants advice to rearrange their affairs. Example: One lady I heard was lamenting that the “cash” refund always paid her house & contents insurance. Answer: Compare other providers. My son managed to shave $500 off the annual premium from a different insurance company, compared to the one my bank offered. So much misinformation swirling around about this.

  7. townsvilleblog

    This modest measure is described as a class war lol. We are overdue for a class war because the rich have never been richer, and we poor have never been poorer, and that’s a fact!

  8. townsvilleblog

    Terry2 the existing battery technology is incredible but the new technology is mind blowing. Thanks for the link.

  9. Keitha Granville

    I am at a loss as to how people can be paid a refund for something they haven’t actually paid. I remember my tax accountant explaining that my husband could have added several other deductions but as he had only paid a small amount of tax it would make no difference as he couldn’t be refunded more than he had paid. One rule for the wealthy again ?

  10. Roswell

    This country has gone to the dogs.

    We have a government that doesn’t give a dusty f#ck about 99% of its citizens and shows no compassion to the poorest and less-fortunate of those. We have a government who doesn’t give a stuff to what happens to the planet, and we have an influential Murdoch media feeding us complete and utter bullshit.

    I’m going back to America.

    Oh, wait …


  11. Jan

    Good Riddance Roswell.

  12. Roswell

    Oh dear. I’m being trolled.

  13. Jan

    No not a troll just my opinion.I hope you have a pleasant and safe flight though.

  14. Michael Taylor

    I’m inclined to agree with Roswell. And I’ll add not just a troll, but a sock puppet as well.

  15. Harry

    When my mother was alive I managed her (modest) financial affairs. She was in receipt of a part Australian and part Dutch pension and invested her entire life saving of about $100k in Licenced Investment Corporations (share trusts).

    She received about $1000 a year in franking credits when I did her tax and she thought it was marvellous. She paid no tax on her modest income so the $1000 was very welcome.
    The point? Little people who are far from wealthy will be caught up in Shorten’s tax changes

    It would be better to grandfather such a change and to have it cut in at levels that take some spending capacity from those who can well afford it.

    That said, the sheer audacity of Coalition pollies such as Cormann and Morrison in accusing Labor of class warfare is absolutely breathtakingly hypocritical.

    Labor needs to list the various class warfare policies the Coalition are constantly running.

  16. cartoonmick

    Class warfare is created and promoted by certain Pollies. People certainly don’t want it.

  17. Wun Farlung

    With all respect intended Harry, of course your Mother thought it was wonderful but to be getting the franking credits she would also have been receiving a dividend
    My point- taxpayer assisted speculation on the stockmarket

  18. johno

    Terry 2
    Battery storage just keeps changing. Can we thank Fizza for any of these innovations, or Kelly or Frydenberg. Probably not.

  19. Harry

    Wun Farlung: Thanks for the comment.

    Federal taxes do not fund anything though most people have swallowed the lie that they do (please read attached link).

    But this was not “speculation” in my view, it was invested long term in sound companies and the aim was to earn a higher dividend than is possible from so called “safe” investment such as term deposits. If one could earn more than a pittance from term deposits I would have put her money there.


  20. Wun Farlung

    Harry I understand the concept contained in the link, unfortunately we have to work with the system foisted upon us.
    I don’t believe we the long suffering taxpayers should be helping other citizens with cash hand outs for speculation in stocks, housing or the TAB, there are dividends paid because of the risk
    There are no sure bets when making an investment

  21. Wam

    However you dress it up, Lord John, the timing showed billy as a thoughtless blunderer and will be absolutely horrendus for SA labor.

    The slimy X was getting smashed because he is crap but this has sent the message that the labor party are tax collectors. So don’t vote labor.

    Glad to see maggie gets another write up, are you starting to see her point about there being not such an animal as society?

    Dear Ben,
    We are what we leave out! The rabbott wanted a $500b debt limit but the grins gave him an early xmas present and abolished the limit altogether. They are good at xmas presents to the rabbott, in 2010 the abolished carbon pricing for him. The quid pro quo is not in my memory but it must have been pretty good for milne??

  22. Florence nee Fedup

    The wealthy are judged by the wealth they amassed. Always because they have earned through hard work, prudent savings. The poor by the way they managed to live on lows income, prudent spending. By keeping their poverty hidden. Of course if they worked harder, they would not be poor #auspol

  23. Florence nee Fedup

    Heard a so called expert say this morning he doesn’t know what Shorten means by a fair & equitable tax system. Says we have progressive tax, therefore fair & equitable. Ignores the fact that tax that is raised with income tax has fallen. Greater amount comes from GST, other regressive taxes.

  24. paul walter

    That was an ugly list Ben presented us with. It is difficult to understand the Murdoch/LNP mentality, most alli ts imperviousness to change in the face of reality.

  25. Christopher

    Thank you John, keep writing, some of us are watching and hope the readership grows. I have a been sharing on social media.

    Thank you Ben, good to know someone is keeping count of the travesties.

    Thank you Harry – taxes do not pay for anything. It’s spend then tax. So ffs will one politician stand up and call out the lie. I’ve been posting on Shorten’s twitter feed and facebook. MMT is not a theory it’s how our money in Australia works. The banks create all the new money by writing loans to you, me, business and the Federal government. It’s about time the RBA created new money so the Government could have the spending capacity to give us nice things.

    But, then again, they hate us with a passion that I can’t understand. They want to live here, but not among us. Nice houses on big leafy blocks in East Sydney and the better parts of Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. No tower blocks for the precariat in their suburbs. When unemployment accelerates, people are going to get a lot more angry than they are already

  26. John L

    As Warren Buffet said.. “There is a class war, and we’re winning”.

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