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Day to Day Politics: Making a meal of it.

Tuesday 9 February

1 The ongoing talkfest on taxation reform continues unabated. The GST (depending on what news source you read) seems to have slipped from the table. The other stuff it would seem is on the slow cooker waiting on the Lord of the Manor to decide what might be on the recipe for the annual carve up in May.

It is fast becoming a joke and it has been suggested that the head chef Gunna Morrison is wanting to give the May banquet a miss and instead settle for a Fosters over an early election barbeque. Sorry I’m just mincing my words.

But really there should be lot to serve up to an electorate starved of good policy from a Government that has made a meal of governance for over two and a half years.

An electorate who in just a few months will go to the polls. On the economic front the electorate knows that, given the current internal and external conditions, adjustments need to be made to our economy. They understand that cuts will need to be made and they are not silly enough to know that revenue needs to raised.

For both parties not to be making a case for both and detailing their attitude is appalling.

We are being treated with contempt by both parties. Now is the time to put away the smooth talk and translate words into actions. At least outline a blueprint of why cuts are needed and how revenue will be raised, then outline the detail.

Turnbull has the gift of the gab but there appears to be little meat in the sausage. As the incumbent government he needs to take the bull by the horns and charge into it.

In order to cast an informed vote the voter should be given all the available economic information. It beggars belief that a government could run almost a full term before deciding to do something about a problem they knew existed when they gained government.

Its a bit like having a plebiscite to confirm something you already know.

As I see it both parties are limited to reforming the same policies. Capital gains, a form of land tax, superannuation, negative gearing. They will split down ideological lines on the savings. Labor will fill the hole in health and education. The coalition will leave the states to solve the upcoming funding crisis in both. The Coalition will give tax breaks to their constituency.

Turnbull’s approach so far has been to try to put everything on the table. The problem with that is that you can leave a lot to clean up afterwards. That’s when the rubber gloves hit the hot water and there’s a fight about who wants to dry. I’m suggesting Malcolm wash if Gunna agrees to dry up.

Seriously though all this indecision does suggest the possibility of an early election. Do they really want to produce a budget?

At this stage I’m tipping that all will be revealed election eve.

2 Here are some comments I had to my Monday post on Facebook debating sites.

A: ‘If the boats aren’t disgorging illegal immigrants on our shores, they’ve been stopped.’

B: ‘More distorted bullshit from John Lord.’

C: ‘Barnaby Joyce has more brains than most of the Labor front bench. Certainly he’s more educated and experienced than the world’s greatest treasurer, Wayne Swan. Joyce is nothing like the US republican nutters.’

D: ‘Turnbull is not a “president”, he’s the Prime Minister. Yep, he’s an arsehole, but he does NOT entirely set the agenda you fool.’

E: ‘I didn’t know you were racist against muslims.’

F: ‘I’d almost feel sorry for the AIMN guys if they weren’t out and out deceptive in every post.’ G ‘What gives you guys the right to openly lie?’

H: ‘Dishonest from start to finish.’ I ‘they have stopped coming to Aus. Journeys have slowed dramatically – very few attempts are even being begun.’

Thank goodness I had a quiet day.

3 I’m a little depressed today so I am being a bit frivolous looking for things to cheer me up. Then I came across these snippets from Mr. Fixit. Christopher Pyne. Note I said Christopher. I got into trouble for calling him Chrissy last time.

On Asylum seekers:

‘Cool heads and big hearts’.

No one wants to see “the people smuggling trade being re energised”.

On dumping an increase to the GST:

‘We are responding to events as they occur’.

4 A note of thanks to all who take the time to read my daily post and especially those who make a comment. The discussion is great.

5 ‘Mr Ruddock will be Australia’s first special envoy for human rights, reflecting the government’s commitment to further strengthening Australia’s contribution to advancing human rights.’ (Julie Bishop).

My thought for the day

‘We should not do or say anything that cheapens another because in the end we only cheapen ourselves’.



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  1. Jaquix

    Cheer up John, take a break from reading troll/LNP types regurgitating the official line. Only read the positive ones, which are the ones that matter. Your articles are a breath of fresh air for me and so many others. Without them we are left with Murdochs dreadful propaganda. And to paraphrase, dont mince your words!

  2. Peter Naughton

    You write as you see it mate. Always a refreshing read.

  3. Phil

    I like reading your daily reports John please keep them coming. The trolls posts could be taken as evidence that you are bruising some very conservative egos. What I find sad about trolls is their pathological addiction to seeking out information and opinions that conflict with their own so as to hurl abuse, anger and vitriol.

  4. Terry2

    I wonder if our new Envoy for Human Rights will be allowed to visit our offshore detention centres : Our Human Rights Commissioner, Gillian Triggs was denied access to these places.

    If we continue to insist that these people are not our responsibility then a human rights envoy is travesty *

    * I had to check that I had the right word: travesty means : a false, absurd, or distorted representation of something.

  5. Pilot

    Praise the (John) Lord…..
    Mate the comments on FB only reflect the (lack of) intelligence of LNP voters, refusing to fully understand the ramifications of this governments actions. They are, as you well know, the bottom feeders of Australian society. They are those who, like Hitler’s Nazis, will abuse, accuse, and threaten anyone who opposes their draconian, bigoted, racist ideals.

    Thankfully I’m retired now, I don’t receive the pension, got my own, but if I ran a business, the last people I’d employ would be COALition voters as they simply cannot be trusted, and too bloody dumb to know when someone is lying. A gullible lot destroying Australia.

    Quote from little Johnny, “Liberals are better financial managers….” Give me strength!! How many times have we seen this statement blown to bits by this lying deceitful, mongrel bred pack of untrustworthy lunatics? A truly toxic mob of LIARS…. A mob of “no ideas”, a gang of thugs, thieves and heartless lunatics.

    Wake up Australia, FFS!

  6. Adrianne Haddow

    Of course Ruddock gets a specially created position so he can continue to keep his nose in the trough, along with his parliamentary pension and other entitlements until death. Double dipping just like Hockey and, no doubt. all the rest of the crew.

    Human rights envoy, that’s rich coming from the coalition.
    They wouldn’t recognise a human, let alone a right, unless said human was white and rich and a member of that charitable institution, the IPA.

    John Lord, you are a treasure.
    Given the lack of truth in the other news sites, you are a breath of fresh air.

    Don’t let the Rupert’s rabble get you down.

  7. billshaw2013

    Seems to me the appointment of Ruddock as Australia’s chief Human Rights envoy confirms the entrenched pettiness of the Liberal politicians who have a deep hatred of Gillian Triggs.

  8. Ricardo29

    If I had been eating weeties, I’d have choked on them, Phillip Ruddock a special human rights envoy? She has got to be joking. More like a commandant of a concentration camp.

  9. helvityni

    I was happy the day Abbott was ousted, sadly the happiness did not last; now under Turnbull regime I’m at my unhappiest; I foolishly thought that the happy days would finally be here.

  10. terry

    heh mr lord , first thing I read since you started but be no faith lost if you changed to every couple of days . look after yourself .and pulling heads out of peoples a holes is not your problem , just keep it real , water of a ducks back when you dealing with a lying deceitful , mongrel bred pack of untrustworthy lunatics :]

  11. Steve Laing

    Exactly. Be flattered that the LNP army of paid shills is on your case. Shows you are on the button!

  12. Marty Bartfast

    Hello. On the basis of the below lecture can you please tell me how your following comment can be true?
    “They understand that cuts will need to be made and they are not silly enough to know that revenue needs to raised.”

  13. JeffJL

    ‘Its a bit like having a plebiscite to confirm something you already know.’ – Great line.

    ‘I didn’t know you were racist against muslims.’ – ???

  14. cuppa

    Abbott had to go, Turnbull needs to go, the Liberals need to go.

  15. Sally K

    Scott Morrison from 1989 to 1995 was the National Manager, Policy and Research, at the Property Council of Australia (PCA) and continues to represent their vested interests in government. The LNP government takes their advice on negative gearing from the property lobby, especially the PCA, and seeks no analysis from Treasury.

    Morrison: Once and for all time a property parasite?

  16. David

    The country and particularly the political wing of the ALP need to watch, challenge and expose Morrison as the phony, dangerous, front he is. Those pulling his strings have the evil tyrant on the path to the leadership of the Torys, destination The Lodge.
    In my years of observing politics, never has the red light of danger flashed more brightly. We were in trouble with Abbott and overcame, Turnbull is a short term playboy, in it for nothing but the glamour and bright lights, an easy target when he is no longer useful….for me the dye is cast, Morrison is the next Evil

  17. David

    Incidentally am listening to Tania Plibersek response to trade Minister Robb’s glorifying of the Trans Pacific Partnership, of which there has still not been a costing, Tania sounds as if she wishes she was somewhere else, a very tired, indifferent reading of her reply. Lot of the zip and zest seems to have disappeared from her earlier years

  18. Deidre Zanker

    Ruddock: special envoy for human rights! May the gods help the humans whose rights he will rule over. Naturally the LNP would choose someone lacking in empathy and compassion. He featured in the first series of Go back to where you came from.

  19. John Lord

    Marty Bartfast.

    The statement is constructed on the basis of what the average voter would be thinking. The video is excellent. Thank you.

    Hello. On the basis of the below lecture can you please tell me how your following comment can be true?
    “They understand that cuts will need to be made and they are not silly enough to know that revenue needs to raised.”

  20. Jaquix

    Occurs to me that Hockey has in fact been appointed Special Envoy for Entitlements.

  21. David

    We will get an early election on the premise that we are working on a fix in taxation,but cant commit owing to the complex waffle surrounding it. So voters{buyer beware}.

  22. David (other)

    How can this person, who has never raised his voice in opposition to the treatment by his Govt of persecution of little kids on the hell hole Nauru. How can this Ruddock, former Attorney General, who has never gone in to bat for the sexually and physically abused kids on the hell hole Nauru, have the gall, the hide, the look away with a don’t give a damn attitude for the sexually and physically abused kids on the hell hole Nauru, accept with any conscience or personal integrity, a position that upholds that very protection of such kids.

    Shame on you Mr Ruddock, shame shame shame!! Have the courage to say no you and may not further wreck your reputation, at least acknowledge you are not worthy, refuse the appointment.

  23. margcal

    Wonder how that daughter of Ruddock’s who all but disowned him is feeling these days.

    The pity of it is, those bottom feeders vote and it’s quite clear that they are incapable of recognising what is going on.

    Feeling despair after today’s Medicare news.

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