Even when it’s suggested that equality of opportunity in education is a noble pursuit, and the right of every child people like Christopher Pyne say it is class warfare and he ludicrously described the Gonski reforms as such. Mind you he confessed to never having read the report. Yet, the words from his mouth are the standards we aspire too.

When a person like Pyne suggests that the implementation of Gonski is practicing class warfare it’s easy to see who is actually practicing it. Those elitist bastards, not us.

The war it seems is only being waged against those who are wealthy and can afford it. Poor buggers. I’m tempted to donate 10% of my pension if they are doing it that bad.

So the “Class War” would appear to be a Clayton’s one at best. Only one side is fighting it. It’s ”them”, not ”us”. And it’s very hard to get through to a class who believes that what’s theirs is theirs and what’s yours is negotiable.

They want all the excesses that come with wealth and then they want some more. As for us, we don’t confuse what we want with what we need.

When you consider that currently taxpayer subsidies given to mining companies, the taxpayer-assisted negative gearing, the tax loopholes and the wealthy who just don’t pay tax at all, is it any wonder the rich feel threatened?

And with a growing awareness that banks and big business are ripping us off, it’s the rich who are practicing a class warfare that is breeding a growing inequality. Yet this Government wants to reward the banks with billions in tax cuts. It’s immoral, to say the least.

You can be assured of one thing: When a conservative Government and right-wing MSM refer to class warfare they are simply saying “they are trying to take something from us that we deserve, it’s not fair”. Remember that Maggie assured us that the poor would be looked after by the drip down effect of the rich.

My arse it will! It never has before.

My thought for the day

“The left of politics is concerned with people who cannot help themselves. The right is concerned with those who can”.