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Day to Day Politics: Cash must be hiding something. What did she know?

Thursday 31 May 2018

1 We can thank Malcolm Turnbull, for ridding his party, and the nation, of the combatant pugilist Abbott. He was rewarded for his effort with election winning polls and a personal popularity rating the envy of any celebrity. Initially, with a charismatic personality, he seduced and beguiled his way into the hearts of those who wanted nothing more than to see the back of Abbott and some who didn’t.

The punters welcomed, for the time being at least, his sense of reason, fairness, discretion and natural charm, even if these characteristics seemed out of place in a party so demonstrably right wing.

Along the way, he inherited a bunch of highly educated morons who despite the dozens of certificates that ordained their offices have proved to be complete imbeciles.

For whatever reason, they seem to attract those who are filled with a racist streak, a born to rule mentality, a lust for power, a blind religious zeal or a straight-out hatred of all things the opposite of conservatism.

People like Tony Abbott,Julie Bishop,Peter Dutton, Kelly Dwyer,Christopher Pyne, Josh, Freedenberg,Mitch Fifield, Barnaby Joyce,Concetta Fierravanti- Wells, Michael McCormack, Kevin Andrews and others all come across as somewhere between deranged, comical, nasty incompetent, childish, arrogant, or just plain ignorant. Each in their own way processes traits of these afflictions in their character.

The leader of these people, of course, has proven to be the most hypocritical leader the nation has ever had.

In this instance, however, I’m talking about Jobs Minister Michaelia Cash who has been ordered to give evidence in the Australian Workers Union (AWU) raids case.

Cash is a woman who, unfortunately for her, has a grating voice that seems to carry a tone of vindictiveness. Although well dressed it appears, as though the large chip she carries on her shoulders has compromised her deportment such is her over animation. Mind you this is not foreign to many of her colleagues.

So why would Senator Cash, if she has nothing to hide, instruct her lawyer to have the subpoena set aside so that she is not forced to give evidence.

The AFP raids were part of an investigation into whether Shorten gave an unauthorised amount of $100.000 to Get Up.

But the question also arises as to whether Senator Cash knew about the raids in advance. If she did then that clouds the issue quite considerably.

There is a lot more water to flow under the bridge on this one.

“The media adviser for the Fair Work Ombudsman, Mark Lee was also embroiled in the saga.

He was due to take up a position in Senator Cash’s office, which never happened after the leak allegations were aired.

Mr De Garish, Mr Lee and ROC official Christopher Enright have also been called to give evidence.

AWU national secretary Daniel Walton said the union still believed the raids and investigation were unlawful.

“We think it’s vital the court is assisted by the evidence of witnesses who we believe are relevant to the issues in the case. That is why we sought subpoenas,” Mr Walton said in a statement.

“If we are to understand exactly what happened then we believe the testimony of these individuals is critical.”

We can only conclude that if she knew about the raids and was forced in court to admit it then she would incriminate a lot of people and the case might be dismissed.

Big stakes being played for here but I suspect, like anything the AFP is involved in, it will just fade into oblivion.

2016 June Revisited

During the corresponding week of April, I wrote at length about the need for a Royal Commission into the financial sector. I think those who have so stridently opposed one underestimated public opinion on this one and are already into scare campaign mood. In reality, the banks are about as popular as politicians. Here are a couple of small examples of why one was needed.

If one is looking for reasons to justify a Royal Commission into banking here is a small but significant one. The cash rate is 2%. The bank card rate on credit is 21% or thereabouts. A 19% differential.

Here is another. Why is it, if you try to get a $10k personal loan unsecured at around 8% you have a 50/50 chance of being knocked back, but banks can’t give you a $10k credit card at 20% quick enough?

Here are some bigger ones.

The fact is that on the evidence thus far our major banks are probably (should I use the word allegedly) guilty of insurance fraud, rate fixing and dodgy financial planning practices. They have no conscience when it comes to profit.

The objection to a Royal Commission brings into focus just what sort of a democracy we are, or want to be. Are we one where the people are represented by the government of the day or some sort of corporatocracy where the government is just a political appendage of large corporations?

2016 June Revisited

Waleed Aly wrote an interesting article this week in which he used a metaphor “The planets are beginning to fall into place for Labor” to explain how the growing discomfort with societal inequality in its many forms was giving Labor a narrative to really differentiate itself with the conservatives.

They ranged from the willful horror of Trump to the rights defence of the banking sector, into the unfairness of the Coalitions monetary policy, the fact that major companies and individuals don’t pay tax and the Panama papers. Notwithstanding the fact that the rich are becoming disproportionally wealthier year by year.

2016 June Revisited

I have written on this subject on this blog before about inequality previously.

Aly is correct though. Both in Australia and overseas there is an acceptance that big business and right-wing governments are cheating. That government is not representing the ordinary citizen rights. The opposite is true.

Governments are representing the interests of the privileged, the rich and big business. Labor has a chance to get back to its grassroots and represent the common good of the people. I hope they grasp it.

My thought for the day

 “We must have the courage to ask of our young that they should go beyond desire and aspiration and accomplish not the trivial but greatness. That they should not allow the morality they have inherited from good folk to be corrupted by the immorality of evil minds”

PS My worst fears came to fruition. Yes, I am regretfully sorry to inform you that Barnaby Joyce is Prime Minister.


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  1. babyjewels10

    Quite clearly, our esteemed government is full of crooks. The corruption is so entrenched though, it’s likely none of them will spend time behind bars, despite crimes (some of them massive) against Australia.

  2. Terence Mills

    Michaelia Cash is banking on the federal court case not proceeding and the court case cannot proceed until the AFP investigations have been concluded and the AFP after seven months are no closer to concluding their investigations.

    I suspect a stitch-up as it cannot take all this time to find out who tipped off the media – we already know that it was a media adviser in Cash’s office who has since gone into witness protection.

    With Dutton now running the AFP don’t expect any developments on what should be a routine AFP enquiry.

  3. Wam

    Happy Thursday, jl.
    The aptly named michaelia will not be bullied by the unions into risking comparing her truth to their truth. She is great in her bulging neck veins when pressed.
    The homily: do as I say not as I do! Begins with mum and dad through schools to writers.
    It has been ignored for ever and thank goodness for that.
    ps notice that pollies are not the only blow hards perhaps 250000 false blows in the vic police force??

  4. Klaus Petrat

    Hi John,

    A very good article but I would like to extend one sentence of yours;

    “Big stakes being played for here but I suspect, like anything the AFP is involved in, it will just fade into oblivion.”

    …like anything the AFP is involved in, and is LNP related, ….

    Yes, unfortunately I believe, that one or more Cabinet “independent” departments are no longer independent. To me, it seems, characters like Michael Pezzulo are far from unbiased. The same happens to characters in Michalia Cash’s department and I am not sure whether Treasury is independent of the LNP. They all appear, at some level, to support the ideology of the LNP and I fail to see why?

    Hopefully I am wrong here.

  5. Kaye Lee

    Journalists also received a tip off about the raids from Michael Keenan’s office.

    Cash’s press conference, repeated basically word for word by Turnbull during QT, shows how the spin doctors have instructed them to handle this.

    Cash would have us believe that the unions are trying to cover up Shorten’s wrong-doing. No Michaelia, your subpoena has nothing to do with that. It is all about a Minister of the Crown using the AFP for political purposes, interfering with justice by alerting the media in advance to a police operation. Just like when Craig Thomson was arrested. Or when 800 police stormed into homes in Sydney and Brisbane, leading to the arrest of one man for “attempting to make funds available to a terrorist organization.”

    And why were James Ashby and Mal Brough never charged for illegally copying the Speaker’s diary and passing it on to media?

    “In July 2005, Deputy Commissioner Colvin took up the role of AFP Chief of Staff where he had oversight of government relations, policy and strategy, business analysis, legal, media communications, and professional standards”

    He should know better!

  6. Rezenebe

    I recall that there is some connection between Colvin, Dutton, Keenan and Stuart Robert. I think it goes back to school days or Service/Police training or both. And don’t forget Abbott being “embedded” at AFP HQ for about 2 years as pm (yes he was very much a low case pm).

  7. Peter F

    Cash fronted the media just to prove that she has something to hide. Significantly, it is often not what people say that is important, it what the DON”T say: she did NOT say that she was not interviewed by police.

  8. Max Gross

    John Howard politicised the public service from Day One, “purging” anyone seen as a threat to the wholesale implementation of LNP ideology. Tony Abbott wrecked the joint. Malcolm Turnbull now stands among the smouldering ruins of parliamentary democracy and stunted institutional processes like a stunned mullet. Kick ’em out, keep ’em out!

  9. David Evans

    Simple really, corruption, from the top down…….I do wonder though just how much $$$, reputations, livelihoods, (even marriages?) etc etc the cash cow, turnbull and murdoch are prepared to destroy while trying to stay afloat?

  10. helvityni

    “‘ Cash fronted the media just to prove that she has something to hide”

    Yes, Peter F, I thought the same; here I am, nothing to hide.. look at me, I’m honourable and brave, NOT guilty of anything…

  11. Jack

    Like Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes; “Serial Mum” Cash “No’s Nothing” !. Though the difference between her and Schultz is; she has no soul or heart. She is the type that would be more comfortable working for the Third Reich.

  12. Shogan

    According to Turnbull she’s entitled to set the subpoena aside & why would he say that?

    Because if she does have to appear & doesn’t perjure herself she’ll probably implicate him in this whole sordid affair!!

    “The office of the minister responsible for the Australian Federal Police was advised of raids on AWU offices just before warrants were executed.”

    “Justice Minister Michael Keenan’s office was advised by federal police just before search warrants were executed at two Australian Workers Union offices on Tuesday.

    Mr Keenan told AAP on Thursday his office had briefed him shortly afterwards, as was “usual practice”.

    “Again, in line with usual practice, my office briefed the prime minister’s office as the search warrants were being executed,” Mr Keenan said.”


  13. Wam

    Dear mr lord,
    Surely you cannot ignore the trump, he just broadened his knowledge base by discussing prison reform and sentencing with kim kardashian
    Maybe cash could take the hint and follow suit?

  14. Matters Not


    he inherited a bunch of highly educated morons who despite the dozens of certificates that ordained their offices have proved to be complete imbeciles

    Perhaps you mean schooled rather that educated? Educated people do not require long periods of schooling – and maybe no schooling at all. Schooling is a guarantee of time spent – and nothing else. As you imply.

  15. Ross

    As things stand at the moment Labor will form the next federal government.
    If and when they do I don’t think Labor will be as magnanimous to the opposition as the former Rudd Labor government. You would expect Bill to go in hard against a defeated coalition.
    Federal ICAC being the first order of business, going after all those members deemed suspicious of being dual citizens and bringing a few bank bosses up before the beak being next.
    A lot of people keep asking why, if laws were broken, nobody from the banking and financial industry has been charged or even looks like being charged and why is the government protecting them from the consequences of their illegal activity.
    Bill Shorten must keep pinching himself because he can’t believe his luck.

  16. Lawrence Winder @shanewombat)

    The saddest part in the ruling rabble’s demolition of parliamentary standards, ethical behaviour and out and out corruption of their entitlements is that they haven’t reached the bottom yet.
    Give Labor a term or two to fitfully implement some restorative policy and where the post Murdoch press will have spent their time bitching , catcalling and whipping up a frenzy of right-wing hate against the said policy till the supine electorate return again to a similar breed of professional crook; a new ruling rabble who will proceed, without public murmur, a dismantling of labor’s efforts and continue to foul the nest of democracy till nothing is not stained.

  17. Keitha Granville

    It really sums up D Trump perfectly – let’s have a chat with a reality TV star about prison reform . Seriously ?????

    Re Ms Cash

    If a regular citizen receives a subpoena to a court can they just say “set that aside” ? I think not.

    Corrupt – morally , financially, ethically, in every way possible.

  18. Zathras

    Maybe Cash wants to avoid being questioned in case she lashes out in one of her inappropriate and hysterical rants.
    Like Trump, sometime she just can’t help herself and has no sense of judgement or internal restraint.

    When they finish with investigating that media tip-off perhaps they can look into the one where Craig Thomson was very publicly arrested in front of the waiting media pack, conveniently mid-way though the heavily-botoxed Tony Abbott’s press conference.
    Brandis has since fled but Pyne’s DNA must be there somewhere, just to name a couple of suspects.

    Murdoch has already rid the government of one potential disaster with Joyce. Who’s next?

  19. Matters Not


    in case she lashes out in one of her inappropriate and hysterical rants

    That’s why they want her on the stand. Also take into account the Separation of Powers doctrine which underpins our democracy. Of late, the judicial arm’s taken a pounding – Dutton and Cash among the worst (but not only) offenders. The Judiciary guard their role and powers jealously. Recent decisions re Section 44 can be interpreted that way – with many (even legal)outside experts sat on their respective arses. Indeed it can be seen that we have an outbreak of judicial activism. (The Judges effectively making the Law through the meanings given to certain works. – all reasonably efforts – being but one example).

    Dutton and Cash seem overdue for backhanders. Even Brandis could see that.

  20. Glenn Barry

    Lawrence Winder @shanewombat)May 31, 2018 at 12:37 pm – that is very well expressed – just how do we get off this damned merry go round

  21. my say

    Glenn Barry.We can and must get off this merry go round at the next election ,people power is a wonderful tool lets hope they use it .
    ,A couple of nights ago on the drum ,some one from the media said ,that a question was asked about the case of leaking in senate estimates to a police offer who said it wasn’t on the top of their list to do and she said that this wont be finalised until near Xmas

  22. paul walter

    Do people get it yet?

    Both Thompson and the Unions were victims of elaborately contrived setups to allow for foul tabloid propaganda against the victims with any sense of even a pubtest removed and the truth obscured by hystericist smoke. Very Reichstag Fire.

    Why else the leaking?

    Why is Cash afraid of testifying if she has nothing to hide?

    Because if she lies, which she seems constitutionally incapable of not doing anyway, evidence must surely turn up that have her subject to perjury charges.

    There was never any concern for union wrongdoing or Bill Shorten’s integrity (or Slipper or Thompson) or anything else the LNP tried to cook up as straw man issues..

    Compared to the banks etc and the LNP itself, anything involving them would be child’s play. It all is really about preventing unions doing their job of representing workers, cutting off funds to the unions and ultimately cutting off funds to the one token source of opposition left in this country, the ALP (and perhaps Greens).

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