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Day to Day Politics: Barnaby Rejoycing-$150,000 for political gutter gossip

Tuesday 29 May 2018

There are no laws that would prevent Barnaby Joyce from sharing a bit of prime gossip, or gutter talk depending on your upbringing. If it weren’t for the money he probably wouldn’t do it.

The dictates of one’s own conscience might take a bit of a pounding but in this case, the principle of the matter is outweighed by the dosh.

Yet again the conservatives show scant respect for manners or convention, which by the way are central tenants of its philosophy. But one might have thought that he would wait until leaving politics before putting his dirty laundry into the washing basket.

But then gutter politics has always been their forte. In this instance, while Labor is campaigning about the use of family trusts and unfairness Joyce is setting one up with the benefits from his own mismanagement of his personal affairs.

In fact, while trying to make out that the trust will benefit his son in future years it is also a neat way of saving tax.

And while he is giving this tell-all interview with the Seven network he might make mention of the following.

It’s the old conservative “them and us” rule. Remember back in August 2017 when he had an inappropriate drunken outburst in a Shepparton hotel. It is but one example of why he should never have become the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

In a beery voice filled with the local liquid amber- in a pub in Shepparton Victoria, the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia opened his loud mouth a little too far and admitted he was involved in stealing water.

Philip Coorey of the AFR reported it thus:

“In doing so, he effectively confirmed he had made Malcolm Turnbull take water away from the environment portfolio and give it to him so he could protect upstream interests.

“We have taken water, put it back into agriculture, so we could look after you and make sure we don’t have the greenies running the show basically sending you out the back door, and that was a hard ask,” he said in the recording.

“A couple of nights ago on Four Corners, you know what that’s all about? It’s about them trying to take more water off you, trying to create a calamity. A calamity for which the solution is to take more water off you, shut more of your towns down.”

Basically, he had admitted that he had broken the law.

It was just one of many stunts, mishaps, disasters, calamities and catastrophes that plagued his career.

An observation

‘’It seems to me that the wisest people I know are the ones that apply reason, and logic and leave room for doubt. The most unwise are the fools and fanatics who don’t’’

And so it eventually came to pass as these things so inevitably do that Barnaby Joyce had to step down as Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. The affair had broken him.

Those who seek to rule from the confines of narrow thought and buffoonery always come to the same end. Joyce has a history of ill-considered policies and inept thinking that has been very costly to the Australian taxpayer.

He reached the high altar of leadership with a mixture of country ockerism and controversial speech that persuaded people that he was acting in their best interests when he was really about his own.

No doubt Joyce, like former Prime Minister Abbott, will in due course want his old job back. That is why his resignation must be looked on as an interim measure. Were the people of New England duped?

I mean this is a guy who positioned himself as a conservative, a practicing Catholic, sang the praises and sanctity of marriage and all the while he was having an extramarital affair! Isn’t this ‘false, misleading and deceptive conduct’?

What about the allegations on another affair with another staffer and an apparent abortion? What about the allegations of the affair with a high power lobbyist?

Given that the majority of Australia knew all about the Campion ‘affair’ and ‘the pregnancy” what more is there to tell.

What more does the 7 Network expect from him for $150 grand?

The disputes between Nationals and Liberals is continuing unabated. They are in a mixed marriage that cannot survive. Both have within their ranks conservative extremists who would be better off with Bernardi and his crew.

The Nationals have never acted in the best interests of their constituents and would be better off alone.

However, the big winner in the Joyce scandal was Malcolm Turnbull who tried everything to get rid of Joyce.

Still, it never encouraged him to reveal the contents of the agreement that has been holding him back all these years. However, whilst Turnbull got his way he may have stood on a rusted nail in the process.

An observation

‘’Wouldn’t it be good if in our parliament, regardless of ideology, we had politician’s whose first interest was the peoples welfare and not their own”

When the day finally arrived and Barnaby Joyce became Deputy Prime Minister of Australia we ended up with a Prime Minister who firmly believed in a Republic, equality in marriage and the science of Climate Change and a deputy who did not. The intellectual gap between them was of sagacious proportion.

It has been said of Barnaby that he is the best retail salesman in Australia. I would suggest the public sees him as a person of mockery. It’s not so much his ocker image.

After all, Hawke and Keating had colourful turns of phrase. It’s the depth of comprehension. The understanding of things beyond politics.

It seems incredible that a man who was one of the principal instigators in 2009 of the downfall of the then opposition leader could become his deputy.

It also seems implausible that a Senator who had crossed the floor to vote against his party on 19 occasions could lead it.

Leadership demands more than just a “retail” personality. It requires, in the sense of leading a country, a deep insightful worldview. Anyone who has seen Joyce on a Q&A panel with guests who present an understanding of life in all its variances will acknowledge that he has not the capacity to appreciate life beyond politics.

He is like Abbott, caught in a world that the rest of us have left far behind.

My thought for the day

“Be generous with your praise and considerate with your criticism.”


  1. Terence Mills

    Channel Seven will be looking for advertisers when they broadcast At Home with Vikki & Barney : could they perhaps be targeting, contraceptives manufacturers and responsible family planning ?

    Please try to avoid this show when it is broadcast as, depending on the viewing numbers it could become a series : something between The Osbournes, At Home with the Kardashians and the Addams Family.

  2. Wam

    Those who can apply reason to achieve an end are wise if it is your end and those that can’t apply reason are wise if it is your end but those who can reason are fools if it is not your end and fanatics if they are unable to apply reason? Dear oh dear your thoughts seem to be as difficult for those who can as those who can’t.
    Still leadership is a quality defined in politics by numbers and trumball’s numbers outstrip shorten.
    Any idea if Barnaby’s numbers outstrip McCormack?
    Does QandA plus ABC and murdoch media provide enough evidence to reasonably judge a person?
    ps a quid is a quid ch7 will make a squillion out of adverts?

  3. Frank Smith

    David Tyler made the correct observation last Saturday – Barnaby “all hat and no cattle”.

    And so did First Dog. “Best retail politician – RRP $150K”.

    Enough said! Why waste words on this posturing hypocrite?

  4. Graham Parton

    Not quite right when you say “Basically, he had admitted that he had broken the law.” What law was broken by Barnaby? Other than that, spot on as always.

  5. Ricardo29

    One of the central tenets of philosophy, please. They are not residents in a rental house.
    Re the other comments, the saying up here used to be “The bigger the brim the smaller the holding” if we changed holding to intellect it would apply as well.

  6. helvityni

    Wam, was there any reason to attack Emma Alberici… twice?

    Was it easier because she is a MERE woman, and on top of it she has a foreign name…

  7. helvityni

    “….we ended up with a Prime Minister who firmly believed in a Republic, equality in marriage and the science of Climate Change and a deputy who did not.”

    Well, it begs to question, why is he not acting on the first and the third, and why was he so slow on marriage equality…?

  8. Terence Mills

    Bernard Keane in Crikey sums up Barnaby Joyce :

    Barnaby Joyce has always been effective at exploiting the media. He had a product that they lapped up: a confected “authenticity”; the accountant and Riverview alumnus posed as a salt of the earth, true blue old-style Nat, complete with Bjelke-esque gabble. Journalists loved the maverick pose and then, when he surrendered that in a quest for the leadership of his party, they loved his “plain speaking” and his readiness to offer a quote on anything. Joyce became the front bar monarch reigning with a schooner instead of a sceptre in the local pub. He was good copy, and he knew it. He and the media existed in a perfect symbiotic relationship.

    That Joyce was entirely without substance, a man of poor judgement, a man given to the making extraordinarily damaging statements off the top of his head, a believer in kooky conspiracy theories, rubbish science and half-arsed economic ideas, never troubled the media. Few questioned his rise to the deputy prime ministership; few wondered how good an idea it was that a man of such apparently limited intellect — and little to no common sense — should be a key figure in cabinet. “Best retail politician in the country” we were told, a bloke who could channel rural Australia like one of those overpriced, taxpayer-funded irrigation channels Joyce got for his irrigator mates channelled water.

  9. Zathras

    I’m wondering if Channel 7 will try to add a bit more spice to the current story, like the allegations of other affairs with staffers and the drunken molesting of women.

    What’s the point of paying $150K for simply trawling over what we already know?

    Sometimes these media events don’t quite go the way they were planned. Ask Kathy Jackson.

  10. Jagger

    I don’t know how Malcolm Turdball walked away from his beliefs, he never had any to start with, except for his narcissistic view of himself.

  11. Josephus

    The worst is perhaps that the man was not sacked from all his positions before even the affair with a staffer in circumstances that the media chose to ignore, plus his Irish ancestors. Had he too much dirt to reveal? Other MPs resigned at once, people who were not crooks but whose only crime was double citizenship. This man by contrast has no shame, no moral compass and no obvious intelligence.

    (One question: what is ‘sagacious proportion’? And, why the apostrophe decorating the plural noun ‘ politicians’? )

  12. eefteeuu

    Barnaby, ” a ten gallon hat on a two gallon head “

  13. Wam

    Alberici is excellent in her work, as is dutton.
    The difference is that I agree with ‘no evidence of trickle down’ and dutton is an unthinking racist.

    I also happens to believe religion and a male god are the means of controlling women. The men of religion fear the power of so cannot let themselves believe that women are capable of equality.
    Currently there are sufficient women under the religious spell who concur.
    I am a fervent believer in the return of the green, purple and white as a political force.

  14. Sir Scotchmistery

    I didn’t read it. Naughty I know but there you have it. I saw bananababy mentioned in a sentence which also had the word conscience.

    Sorry that was the end for me.

  15. Glenn Barry

    Whoopsee – awkward fact made itself known tonight on 7:30 – the deal was signed with channel 7, which Barnaby has tried to admonish Vikki for being prepared to make their private lives public…slips out that he was simultaneously in negotiations with channel 9.
    Hypocrisy is one of the key indicators of a narcissistic disorder – though he is just likely a run of the mill asshole

  16. Sir Scotchmistery

    Zathras, when you talk about harassing other women, I believe the object of his affections at the agricultural dinner was a 17 year old.

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