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Day to Day Politics with John Lord

Monday 23 November

1 An illustration of just how much the hard right resents the demise of Tony Abbott was illustrated by Gerard Henderson’s sarcastic comment on Insiders about the media fawning Malcolm Turnbull. They make no secret that Abbott’s leadership style is the far right’s preferred option. This was further empathised when at the end of the program I switched to the Bolt Report where he was giving the PM a similar serve.

The problem for the right wing extremists like Bolt, Jones, Hadley and others is that they rely on extremism to titillate their audience. Turnbull’s moderation doesn’t suit and they feel threatened. It’s difficult for them to sustain an audience on a menu of temperance when what they want is a diet of intemperance.

2 How decidedly hypocritical of Julie Bishop to say that Australia doesn’t act unilaterally. That is exactly what we did in Iraq.

3 Tony Abbott is entitled to express a view on any subject he so desires. It’s just that it takes an enormous ego, after having so abysmally failed as a leader, to continue to express views that contributed to the fact. His comments on National Security were untimely and unhelpful.

An observation:

“In the information age those who control the dissemination of news have more power than government”.

4 Did you know that nearly 11 million children under the age of five die every year?

5 Clive Palmer was also on Insiders perpetuating his irrelevance. Although it has to be admitted that he did stop a few pieces of nasty legislation early on.

6 Another guest was Greens leader Richard Di Natale who becomes more impressive as time goes on. He made a valid point on the monetary cost of Climate Change. One that I have expressed with the following statement many times:

“We all incur a cost for the upkeep of our health. Why then should we not be liable for the cost of a healthy planet”.

7 My Coalition broken promise reminder:

A. Broke an election promise to build replacement submarines in South Australian shipyards, spending more than $20 billion on Japanese submarines instead.

B. Broke an election promise to a publish a proposal for constitutional recognition for Indigenous people and establish a bipartisan process to try to bring about recognition as soon as possible within the first 12 months of Government.

C. Broke a promise to achieve a surplus in the Governments’ first year in office, instead overseeing an estimated $? billion deterioration in revenue.

D. Broke a key election promise to bring in 26 weeks parental leave paid at a working mother’s actual wage


“The ideas of today need to be honed with critical reason, factual evidence and scientific methods of enquiry so that they clearly articulate the currency of tomorrow”.

P.S .The purpose of this daily post is not just some commentary on everyday political events but also to promote discussion.



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  1. roaminruin

    This column is an enjoyable daily round up, but I have to point out one thing (and I am no fan of Julie Bishop), Australia did not act unilaterally on Iraq. USA, UK? Howard took us to war in Iraq at the behest of Dubya. Poland also sent troops.

  2. Ricardo29

    Palmer perpetuating his own irrelevance? I thought he made some good points on blocked nasties, sure he let a few go through to the keeper but I think I’d rather have him than Leyjonhelm who is a real embarrassment with his pro gun ideas.

  3. Kaye Lee

    I would call boat turnbacks unilateral action.

  4. Carol Taylor

    Spot on there John, Turnbull’s moderation (a carefully crafted perception) gives the shock jocks nothing to work with..nothing at all sexy about being a moderate. The far right whingers are fighting for Power and Turnbull intends to have it all for himself.

    It’s not just ego from TA, it’s being in a permanently delusional state pertaining to that ego. I wonder how many others have seen post-PM Tony and the word “delusional” comes to mind?

    My current perception of this Turnbull government is that they are twisting themselves in knots. Is there a day that goes past where a thought bubble about the GST, tax cuts or superannuation isn’t floated about? The result is government via Thought Bubble..ideas drift in, ideas are shot down only to wait for another idea to wedge it’s way in with exactly the same result. Help, I’m getting giddy!! Round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows. Surely after these years in government, the Libs might come up with..something…

  5. John Lord

    Iraq was a sovereign state prior to the invasion. No imparmata was obtained from the UN so it was a unilateral invasion and illegal.

  6. John Lord

    Carol the problem as I see it in terms of all the economic readjustments is how do they implement them. In next years budget or in a set of proposals for the next election.

  7. Michael Peters

    Your #3 – the man is useless in so many ways especially as my local representative member in Federal Parliament – unemployable except in politics (work for well paid dole) and by fellow right wing, with vested manipulative interests, behind the scenes, whisperer cronies with delusions of knowing what is good for us all – always right and never wrong.

  8. Matthew Oborne

    The Liberal party still have a very interesting election campaign to run. Last campaign the wedge promises weren’t delivered and Turnbull has no intentions of delivering them.

    Turnbull like Putin saves the bad news for someone else so how will they campaign with equal marriage?

    Health cuts, education cuts, welfare cuts, privatisation, The promises tackling of big business tax rorts, we are in for a smoke and mirrors campaign.

    Turnbulls plan for Australia’s future is simply him keeping his job and perfecting his benevolent smile, while the far right in the party push their plans through parliament.

    The NBN has officially been delivered in my area (unless you go the the NBN website to see when you can get connected in which case you havent even got a start date for it) Smoke and mirrors.

  9. Möbius Ecko

    John Lord @ 9:51

    I don’t think Turnbull will go to another budget, as much as he promised in stone he would go full term.

    He will make a bunch of promises for the budget and then on some excuse, probably recalcitrance by the opposition, it will be all their fault, he will ride high polls into a snap early election.

  10. Matthew Oborne

    I tend to agree, the budget will be smoothly presented but it will fail any fairness test which would put them on the backfoot again. Indeed Labor needs to step up and be brave enough to push with bringing welfare recipients above the poverty line, they under estimate the power of welfare groups that will loudly and proudly support any move like that.

  11. Shogan

    I very rarely agree with Gerard Henderson, in fact this might even be the first time, but I think he is totally right about the MSM fawning over TurnBullShit…mind you, it was only near the end of Abbott that just a few of the MSM reporters actually started to put the hard questions to him so it’s not as if the “Liebrals” are ever put under the microscope like Labor always is, but Malcolm could eat a raw onion in front of them & say with a smirk that an apple a day keeps the doctor away & they would all believe it was an apple he just ate & it would be a good news story on the front page of all the Murdoch Gutter Rags the next day!!!!

  12. Conrad

    No way am I getting upset about breaking promise to pay “26 weeks parental leave paid at a working mother’s actual wage”. In fact I applaude this stupid plan of Abbott.
    The original plan meant that the wealthy, who have the opportunity to save, would receive fat incomes for 26 weeks. Meanwhile, the battler on the basic wage, struggling day to day, would end up with relative deprivation. In fact the rich should get less parental paid leave – and the poor receive a much more generous amount.

  13. Matters Not

    I wonder how many people realise that there are 475 Australians with super account balances over $10 million and they pay zero tax both on the ‘growth’ realised in any one year and also on their ‘allocated’ pensions of at least $500 000.00 per year. (Approximately $10 000.00 per week or $40 000.00 per month – after the no tax rules currently in effect).

    But never mind it’s those people who must be protected.

    Shit Australians are dumb.

  14. Roswell

    Carol, that made me laugh: “Government by thought bubble”. Sadly it’s a brilliant description. Although Abbott was famous for his thought bubbles I don’t think we’re going to see anything progressive from Turnbull either. I still remember his budget reply when LOTO. In the face of the GFC what did he come up with? His signature policy was …… drum roll ……. adding $2 to the price of each cigarette.

  15. JeffJL

    If Malcolm went to an early election before the next budget could he then run an audit commission and then not fulfill his promises due to the people being in power before him had a black hole in the previous budget?

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