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Day to Day Politics: The Trump Report No 8. Week One report card. Fail, fail, fail.

And thus it was always going to be. There is in most democracies a separation of state. The judiciary, religion and the 4th estate are separate from government. Now it seems that the President’s business interests are also separate.

President Trump is not obliged to reveal how much tax he pays and his business interests overseas are protected from government decisions that may affect them.

According to the Cato Institute, “A conservative think tank, in the 40 years to 2015, not a single American was killed on US soil by citizens from any of the seven countries targeted by the President. Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.”

However, the Cato research shows that in the same period nearly “3000 Americans were killed by citizens of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, and Turkey” — most victims of the September 11 attacks.

Unsurprisingly Trump has business interests, hotels, luxury towers, golf courses a rights to use his name in all these countries.

It is truly astonishing that a president would use his high office to protect his business interests.

In Australia Prime MinisterTurnbull’s response to Trump’s immigration policy, compared with the rest of the world, has been one of support because it mirrors our own.

I would like to point out to our own PM that it is perfectly within the rules of international diplomacy to tell a friend that they are wrong. Angela Merkel did so. At the moment he is looking decidedly piss week.

What follows is a list of decisions made by President Trump during his first week in office.

  • On January 20th, 2017, DT ordered all regulatory powers of all federal agencies frozen.

  • On January 20th, 2017, DT ordered the National Parks Service to stop using social media after reweeting factual, side-by-side photos of the crowds for the 2009 and 2017 inaugurations.

  • On January 21st, 2017, DT brought a group of 40 staffers and followers to a meeting with the CIA to cheer for him during a speech that consisted almost entirely of framing himself as the victim of dishonest press.

  • On January 21, 2017, DT personally phoned National Park Service director Michael T. Reynolds and ordered him to produce additional photographs of the previous day’s crowds on the Mall, in order to show that the media had lied in reporting attendance had been no better than average. * On January 21st, 2017, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer held a press conference largely to attack the press for accurately reporting the size of attendance at the inaugural festivities, saying that the inauguration had the largest audience of any in history, “period.”

  • On January 22nd, 2017, White House advisor Kellyann Conway defended Spicer’s lies as “alternative facts” on national television news. * On January 22nd, 2017, DT appeared to blow a kiss to director James Comey during a meeting with the FBI, and then opened his arms in a gesture of strange, paternal affection, before hugging him with a pat on the back.

  • On January 23rd, 2017, DT reinstated the global gag order, which defunds international organizations that even mention abortion as a medical option.

  • On January 23rd, 2017, Spicer said that the US will not tolerate China’s expansion onto islands in the South China Sea, essentially threatening war with China.

  • On January 23rd, 2017, DT repeated the lie that 3-5 million people voted “illegally” thus costing him the popular vote.

  • On January 24th, 2017, Spicer reiterated the lie that 3-5 million people voted “illegally” thus costing DT the popular vote.

  • On January 24th, 2017, DT tweeted a picture from his personal Twitter account of a photo he said depicts the crowd at his inauguration and will hang in the White House press room. The photo is curiously dated January 21st, 2017, the day after the inauguration and the day of the Women’s March, the largest inauguration related protest in history.

  • On January 24th, 2017, the EPA was ordered to stop communicating with the public through social media or the press and to freeze all grants and contracts. EPA scientists were ordered to stop publishing their data unless cleared with DT transition personnel.

  • On January 24th, 2017, the USDA was ordered to stop communicating with the public through social media or the press and to stop publishing any papers or research. All communication with the press would also have to be authorized and vetted by the White House. * On January 24th, 2017, HR7, a bill that would prohibit federal funding not only to abortion service providers, but to any insurance coverage, including Medicaid, that provides abortion coverage, went to the floor of the House for a vote.

  • On January 24th, 2017, Director of the Department of Health and Human Service nominee Tom Price characterized federal guidelines on transgender equality as “absurd.”

  • On January 24th, 2017, DT ordered the resumption of construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline, while the North Dakota state congress considers a bill that would legalize hitting and killing protestors with cars if they are on roadways.

  • On January 24, 2017, DT’s director of strategy, Steven Bannon, said “the media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while. The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country.”

  • On January 25, 2017, DT signed an executive order to begin building a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border that would cost an estimated $20 billion to $35 billon, and insisted Mexico would pay for it. *On January 25, 2017, DT tweeted “If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting” with Mexican president President Peña Nieto.

  • On January 25, 2017, Mexican president President Peña Nieto cancelled his meeting with DT.

  • On January 25, 2017, DT said he thought torturing terrorism suspects was justified. “Do I feel it works? Absolutely, I feel it works,” he told ABC News.

  • On January 25, 2017, the entire senior level of management of the State Department — many of whom had served under previous Republican as well as Democratic administrations – resigned.

*On January 26, 2017, DT’s press secretary said DT will slap a 20 percent tariff on all imports from Mexico in order to finance the wall.

*On January 26, 2017, DT’s vice president told congressional Republicans that the administration will initiate a “full evaluation of voting rolls in America, the overall integrity of our voting system in the wake of this past election.” *On January 27, 2017, DT closed the nation’s borders to refugees from around the world, ordering that families fleeing the slaughter in Syria be indefinitely blocked from entering the United States, and temporarily suspending immigration from several predominantly Muslim countries.

  • On January 27, 2017, DT established a religious test for refugees from Muslim nations, ordering that Christians and others from minority religions be granted priority over Muslims.

My thought for the day.

“Some countries make a habit of institutionalising mediocre minds”.



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  1. Harquebus

    A new political reality. Political reality? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

    “Hundreds of wise men cannot make the world a heaven, but one idiot is enough to turn it into a hell.” — Raheel Farooq


  2. Klaus

    The spineless PM shines through. Finally, even the last doubters of MT being spineless, are sensing the real Malcolm, who has always been here.

    A man, echoing popular opinion when in opposition, demonstrating how progressive he is. This was him, positioning himself as a future leader of the LNP, who was, at the time, far less right wing orientated than it is now.

    Now, he can’t stand up to Donald Trump, or the right wing LNP. I am surprised he can stand at all.

    He has no vision for this country. His theme is survival as PM. This means bending over backwards to the right wing nutters, who alone run the country and guarantee his survival.

    I wish the hole incompetent shit of them wouldn’t mouth the words “Australian think….” and then put their message across.

    They assume their so called mandate allows that. Let’s go on the streets and show some resistance. Their are marches in March I believe. If they are in Brisbane, me and my family will be there.

    And now, that DJT is threatening to abandon Paris, I fear for the RET. God help us and go marching.

  3. helvityni

    ” I am surprised he can stand at all.” 🙂

    Klaus, I thought the menacing looking cop standing next to him will catch him if he starts to fall. Then again, maybe not if he is an Abbott supporter.

    Looks like he’s also lost his ability to speak…all tight-lipped lately. Morrison and Bishop smiling…

    Fail for Trump, and fail for our mob as well.

  4. wam

    great read, Lord.
    While I was reading the next, I forgot the one before but I remember his attack on MSM for fake news, the rise in the markets and the attack on terrorism.
    That short memory clearly illustrates the huge task of Bill to try and show how lousy the lnp and hanson really are and why trump will be at least as successful as the lnp.

    His appointees are likely to be successful in congress. (That’s better than Barack Obama’s record at the outset of his administration, and he had a huge Democratic majority in the Senate. Tom Daschle (health and human services) and Bill Richardson (commerce) both had to withdraw after investigations. Tim Geithner (treasury) nearly went down over tax discrepancies. Judd Gregg (commerce again) withdrew over differences with Obama.DAVID A GRAHAM –

    Albeit dodgy indiana jobs as Carrier doesn’t go to mexico.

    :Trump has met with selected unions and Teamsters Union President James Hoffa Jr. praised Donald Trump’s first moves in office,
    North America’s Building Trades Unions, whose president Sean McGarvey attended the White House meeting, issued a statement calling it “a great day for America and American workers,” but also cautioning against cutting wages and benefits — including prevailing wage requirements — for construction workers. United Steelworkers Director of Health, Safety and Environment, Michael J. Wright, whose union was not invited to the meeting, noted that moving forward, “part of what we have to do is test Trump’s rhetoric on issues like trade and infrastructure.”

    The police unions will undo obama reforms.
    Loomis and two other attendees said Trump seemed receptive to Loomis’s concerns that federally monitored police reforms introduced during the Obama administration in some cities in response to complaints of police bias and abuse are ineffective and impose an onerous burden on police forces

    As for dual passports:
    i am very cynical about asylum seekers and refugees when iranian ‘refugees’ get an Australian passport and then go home to iran, Why would Australia accept them back when they are no longer(never were) under danger???
    Trump is one of a kind and on track to be a successful, perhaps the most successful, president.

  5. Terry2

    Trump has said that he will reduce US corporate taxes to 15% and our coalition government have been energised to cut our company taxes and will bring a Bill before the parliament in March whilst in the meantime they will continue to bash Labor for not supporting this race to the bottom.

    Corporations will, of course, applaud the tax reductions that they are managing to gouge around the world and when we ask the question : how will we be able to afford to maintain services to our populations, we are told that there will be a ‘trickle down’ effect which will provide greater employment opportunities and thus more tax will be collected from employees which in turn will fund community services.

    What, you may ask, if the trickle-down doesn’t happen, what then, what if the corporations just pocket the savings ? Well, those who have jobs will have to bear the burden of taxation to fund community services unless, of course, we flog off and privatise all those services……..And, that my friends is the plan !

  6. Klaus

    Trump preserving wages, yeah.. and his track record on that front speaks for itself.
    I have no doubt, that Trump will dismantle too much transparency in the police force. Let the killing go on. Those nasty blacks are a menace on society anyway. Right?

    Most successful wrecking ball in the history of presidency. Yes, I agree again.

    Unfortunately, and a great relief to the rest of the world, he won’t make 4 years. No chance in hell. I would put 100 bucks on it.

  7. Klaus

    Agree Terry2

  8. ozibody

    Whilst there’s much focus on our current P.M’s conduct recently, could it be worth considering the ‘ possibility ‘ that his ‘ conduct ‘ simply reflects the views / attitude of our current Government ??

    Were the LNP to replace Mr. Turnbull , would any newcomer not be there under the same ‘ pretext ‘.? ….. and simply couch Party Policy in a slightly more palatable light ?…. whilst still pursuing the neo-con solid line ?

    Personality Politics does not ‘ cut much ice ‘ !

  9. Keitha Granville

    I’ll see your $100 Klaus, and raise it to $500. I reckon you’d get reasonable odds at the moment with one of the online betting groups.
    What is your bet on how long ?

    Wam “. . . . on track to be a succcesful,perhaps the most successful, president “. At what ?

  10. Klaus

    Yes, Oziboy. I also agree with that.

    However, if there were a charismatic leader, he would try and explain himself to his party, as well as to the Australian people. A charismatic leader with courage, can move the masses (Bernie Sanders) and this ought to shut up his right wing nutters.

    He could reshuffle the entire cabinet, possibly at his own cost down the ned. He would put moderates into every post and he would ensure, that he has the backing of his cabinet.

    He would bring vision and purpose to the office. He would govern for all. He would put climate change front and center. He would dump the tax cuts for the rich, he would attack the obscene negative gearing.

    In other words, he would implement labor/green policies. And possibly never voted for again. Who has the higher standing in the Australian psyche? Whitlam, a one term wonder with vision, or Howard, a lying weasel who set out to put long term destructive legislation through.

    Who is the greater visionary?

    Turnbull is a fly that should be swatted.

  11. helvityni

    …and I’m confident none of OUR asylum seekers will end up in Trump-land. Mal must know it as well, therefor the glum face; no arm waving anymore, both hands tightly clutched to the lectern.

  12. Kronomex

    If, and when, The Donald lowers the corporate tax rate to 15% I can see huge pressure from the big end of town here being applied to our superhero, The Man of Cower, Turnbull, to match the US cut. His wonder sidekick, The Boy Blowhard, Morrison, will work out which other country’s he can use as an excuse to bolster the spurious claims of the benefits of lower taxes.

    I was going to make other comments but why bother because “hell” and “hand basket” sum it up. In closing, I.A.L.F.

  13. LOVO

    Wam, have you heard of the ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’ ,if so..what would you consider to be that governments attitude towards their; Baha’i citizens or Shi’a citizens or Catholic citizens or Armenian Apostolic faiths or Coptic Orders and other religious minorities. Would you consider these Iranians “(never were) under danger”.
    Oh and your last sentence really cracked me up ? ..pre-post truth writ large ?

  14. michael lacey

    Everyone is going crazy about banning Muslims from other countries which is rightly so that is BS what is happening!! But isn’t it kind of weird that we get upset when he bans Muslims from Muslim countries but we have been bombing those countries for the last eight years, some of them 16 years, so in my thoughts it was cool to bomb them but not ban them!

  15. Vickie Alexander

    Your headline is wrong, it should read Pass, Pass, Pass. He’s done exactly what he said he was going to do during the campaign so how is it a fail? He did not choose those 7 countries they were chosen by the Department of Homeland Security under the Obama administration, so you saying he didn’t choose countries he has investments in blows your theory out the window. Obama banned Iraqis from entering the US for 6 months, where were the protests or how about Obama starting 7 wars and droning innocent civilians, again no outrage or protests. Hypocritical much?

    Trump is not a stupid man, ask yourself why would he use Obama’s list of countries to target? It’s just like the voter fraud he wants to investigate. When he won the democrats were crying foul and voter fraud and were calling him an illegitimate president. The democrats did a recount to “prove” he cheated only to find 18,000 fraudulent votes for Hillary in one state alone. Now he wants to investigate the “fraud” they again are crying foul and that there was no voter fraud (what are they hiding)? so if there is no voter fraud they can’t call him illegitimate. Also when he said he was going to investigate voter fraud everyone stopped talking about Russia.

    I can see the author of this article is not a Trump fan so his views are biased, and when you are one sided the truth is only in the mind of the author because he isn’t looking at the other side of the coin. It’s a shame really because you could have so many more readers and have some really good discussions.

    Here’s a link if you’re interested to the Muslim ban under Obama.

    Obama’s administration made the “Muslim ban” possible and the media won’t tell you

  16. wam

    lovo granted your points are valid. The shia sunni is devastating for human rights.
    Surely, to be a refugee you have been forced to flee your country and cannot return till changes have made it safe?
    If you read this site’s rave about the rabbott’s dual citizenship then my rant about asylum seekers who become refugees then go back to iran are rorting the asylum system, may have some validity.

    As for cracking you up, the idea that he is already successful in the eyes of millions is not funny. But the large numbers of Aust who think dutton, tudge, birmingham cash and hanson are high achievers is even less amusing.

  17. stephentardrew

    Thanks John as usual well crafted and informative.

    Wow this guy is worse than my wildest imaginings. US is in deep crisis. With a little luck they may recover some semblance of sanity.

  18. Wayne Turner

    Abbott on a LARGER and more POWERFUL scale.

    Yay for the undemocratic,flawed and illogical electoral college system – Where the person with LESS votes can be President.

    Undemocratic States of America.

  19. Matters Not

    Vickie Alexander, some seem addicted to fake news.

    Trump’s claim that the seven countries listed in the executive order came from the Obama administration is conveniently left unexplained. A bit of background: soon after the December 2015 terror attack in San Bernadino, President Obama signed an amendment to the Visa Waiver Program, a law that allows citizens of 38 countries to travel to the United States without obtaining visas (and gives Americans reciprocal privileges in those countries). The amendment removed from the Visa Waiver Program dual nationals who were citizens of four countries (Iraq, Iran, Sudan, and Syria), or anyone who had recently traveled to those countries. The Obama administration added three more to the list (Libya, Somalia, and Yemen), bringing the total to seven.

    You would do well to read this article.

    Sorry, Mr. President: The Obama Administration Did Nothing Similar to Your Immigration Ban

    And one more thing:

    But this law did not bar anyone from coming to the United States. It only required a relatively small percentage of people to obtain a visa first. And to avoid punishing people who clearly had good reasons to travel to the relevant countries, the Obama administration used a waiver provided by Congress for certain travelers, including journalists, aid workers, and officials from international organizations like the United Nations.

    Please note this law did not bar anyone from coming to the United States . Your claims and the ‘truth’ are as chalk and cheese. The number 7 and the names of countries seem to be the only constants.

  20. Terry2

    Matters Not

    Thank you for doing the spade work (that Vickie Alexander has conveniently overlooked) on how the Obama ‘Visa Waiver’ program was operating and how it has been turned into a creature of an entirely different complexion following the Trump travel bans.

    We are all going to need to be on our toes as the fake news and alternative facts are peddled by the Trump administration and like the kool-aid, some will imbibe without a second thought.

    Just because Kellyanne Conway says it does not mean it is so !

  21. Florence nee Fedup

    Thump signs bit of paper without telling those who have to put it into operation. Without ensuring there are resources to carry out his wishes. He has spread the available security resources, leaving the important areas open to ISIS getting through. We already have Australian duel citizens refused entry in spite PM saying he has agreement with Trump. One or both are lying. With Trump, more likely he has no idea or cares about the consequences of the orders on bits of paper he signs. Seems to believes signing is all that his jobs is about.

  22. helvityni

    Florence, if Turnbull trusts Trump, isn’t he being rather naïve. Trump might take ONE asylum seeker and he has honoured his promise to Turnbull. He’ll say the rest were deemed unsuitable…Was Keating right when he said that Turnbull lacks good judgement…?

  23. Matters Not

    Trump might take ONE asylum seeker and he has honoured …

    Yep! And that doesn’t mean they have to be alive and kicking. We have a number who are in the other category.

    Shake hands with Trump – then count your fingers.

  24. win jeavons

    I always understood that DT was short for delirium tremens ; seems it actually is now.

  25. Peter F

    Having just basked in the glory of his ‘success’ with Trump, and assuring us that no Australian will be affected, MT responded to the story of the Melbourne Schoolboy’s rejection by the American Embassy with the words ” Oh, that is an individual case’


  26. Vickie Alexander

    Matters Not,

    Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t watch mainstream news, did you read the article in full and then click the links or did you just have a quick look and decide that the info you had was the right info and then copy and paste?

  27. Vickie Alexander

    Terry 2

    Thanks Terry but I do my own digging and what’s wrong with Kellyanne?

  28. Matters Not

    Vickie Alexander I refer to your post @ 11:22 am and your final sentence.

    Here’s a link if you’re interested to the Muslim ban under Obama

    Your final claim of the Muslim ban under Obama is just wrong. Can I suggest your re-read your own link a bit more closely and then post again. A requirement to get a ‘visa’ is not to be equated with a ‘ban’.

    As for Kellyanne – she will always be remembered as the person who advocates ‘alternative facts’ as a reasonable intellectual position. Quite an achievement.

  29. michael lacey

    According to the reports
    “The order bars all people hailing from Iraq, Syria,Iran, Libya,Somalia , Sudan and Yemen” But if you read the order Iraq,Iran,Libya,Somalia, Sudan and Yemen are not mentioned only Syria. So where are the seven nations mentioned where is the Muslim ban? Trump did not select seven Muslim majority countries. US President Barrack Obama selected the seven Muslim- majority countries. The department of homeland security targeted these countries over the last years as countries of concern.

    In February of 2016 ” the department of Homeland security announced that it’s continuing its implementation of the Visa waiver program Improvement and terrorist travel prevention act of 2015 with the addition of Libya Somalia and Yemen as three countries of concern, limiting Visa Waiver Program travel for certain individuals who have travelled to these countries”

    It noted the three additional countries designated today join Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Syria as countries subject to restrictions for visa waiver for certain individuals”

    It was the US policy under Obama to restrict and target people
    “who have been present in Iraq, Syria,Iran Sudan at anytime on or after March 1 2011 (with limited government military exceptions)”

    And the media knew about this in 2016 when some civil rights groups complained about it!

  30. Tec10

    Just how stupid does Malcom Turnbull and his pack of cronies think we are? It’s soooo clearly obvious that the deal to settle refugees from Nauru and Manus in the USA is dead! It just amazes me that they don’t have the guts to come out and say it! What a spineless, pathetic government Australia has at the moment! Revolution now! Take to the streets! People power!

  31. @RosemaryJ36

    As I read the documents, Obama did not allow people from 7 named countries to travel to the USA to stay for up to 90 days unless they obtained a visa. People from other countries were under the Visa Waiver Program and did not need to obtain a visa. Trump denies people from those 7 countries the right to obtain a visa. A significant difference.

  32. @RosemaryJ36

    Klaus – I believe the March in March will be on 25 March.

  33. Florence nee Fedup

    One can assume none on Manus/Nauru will pass Trumps new vetting system. Not even 4 years old travelling alone. Said taking 1200. Women/children first. Leaves few hundred men, mostly from Iran & Afghan. A con which both Turnbull and Trump dreamt up. New assessment period at least 18 months

  34. Florence nee Fedup

    I suspect Obama was dealing with same problem we had here. Own grown Muslims going to Middle East to join ISIS?

  35. Florence nee Fedup

    Another individual case is CEO of company that came here from Iran when he was 2. Refuse entry to US. Has been travelling on business regular basis.

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