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Day to Day Politics: The Trump Report No. 15

Thursday 18  May 2017

Only in America.

Where else in the world would people deliberately elect as their President a man who is an acknowledged racist, sexist, a sexual predator, a homophobe, a xenophobe, a conspiracy theorist, a bully, an imposter, con man and would-be dictator.

This of course raises the obvious question as to why then are people surprised when things go pear-shaped on a daily basis.

A person like Trump, so used to others agreeing with his every word, finding it difficult to accept real world facts. Liars don’t always have good memories and it brings them undone. Trump’s answer to a lie is to tell another or multiples of others so that the preceding ones are diminished or forgotten.

When uttering the words “Donald Trump” we in Australia are apt to cringe for we see a sick, deluded man of no redeeming features. He is a crash through politician with a ubiquitous mouth. One full of racial hatred, bile and misogyny. A deluded, pathetic liar unsuitable for the highest office in the land, if not the world. He is a creature who sees complex problems and impregnates them with populism and implausible black and white solutions.

We ask ourselves how naïve the American people are. Or was it just absent-mindedness that they chose an ignoramus as their President? However, to give them the benefit of the doubt, more likely perhaps, in their own unique way, electing him was a form of protest that went dramatically wrong.

We sit before our televisions and watch his antics and ponder at the gullibility of the American people and say, “only in America.”

From the day he set foot in the White House controversy has followed his every decision. His unpreparedness for the highest office showed up in the disaster that has been his first 100 days. From the selection of his cabinet to his juvenile tweeting.

Following his sacking of FBI director James Comey he then threatened to reveal tapes of his conversations. The man is a thug in the mould of Nixon who taped everything. With Trump we don’t even know if he does tape or just a bluff. It’s how his mind works.

Then according to a set of notes taken by the former FBI director following a February meeting with President Trump, the president brought up the counterintelligence investigation into Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, and urged Comey to drop the investigation.

Experts say he may have obstructed justice but proving intent would be difficult although Comey’s memo offers a plausible case that the president obstructed justice

It gets more Nixon like all the time. On top of all this we have the saga of Trump legally but not advisedly sharing classified information with the Russian senior statesman Sergei Lavrov. It is alleged that he “boastfully revealed to Russian visitors his knowledge of highly classified reports about threats by the Islamic State.”

He responded to the criticism by his normal method, tweeting that he had an “absolute right” to share facts. That maybe correct but it had made the security agencies hairs stand on end, particularly as it contradicts administration officials who went from denouncing The Washington Post’s report as false to either confirming or declining to challenge nearly every key aspect of the account.

The Oval Office has become like the center of a three-ring circus with Trump the senior clown.

Remember the Twitter assault on Hillary Clinton over her use of emails:

“Crooked Hillary Clinton and her team were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. Not fit!”

Republicans who called Clinton “reckless” may find themselves in an awkward position in the wake of all these disclosures.

David Brooks writing for The New York Times had this to say:

“At certain times Donald Trump has seemed like a budding authoritarian, a corrupt Nixon, a rabble-rousing populist or a big-business corporatist.

But as Trump has settled into his White House role, he has given a series of long interviews, and when you study the transcripts it becomes clear that fundamentally he is none of these things.

At base, Trump is an infantalist. There are three tasks that most mature adults have sort of figured out by the time they hit 25. Trump has mastered none of them. Immaturity is becoming the dominant note of his presidency, lack of self-control his leitmotif.

First, most adults have learned to sit still. But mentally, Trump is still a seven-year-old boy who is bouncing around the classroom. Trump’s answers in these interviews are not very long – 200 words at the high-end – but he will typically flit through four or five topics before ending up with how unfair the press is to him.

By Trump’s own account, he knows more about aircraft carrier technology than the Navy. According to his interview with The Economist, he invented the phrase “priming the pump” (even though it was famous by 1933). Trump is not only trying to deceive others. His falsehoods are attempts to build a world in which he can feel good for an instant and comfortably deceive himself.”

There are so many shifting lies emanating from the mouth of Trump and because they change direction so many times that it’s hard to keep up but they certainly don’t pass what we Australians call the pub test (trusting one’s instincts). And now he wants to do away with White House media briefings and do them himself every couple of weeks. He is a clown.

Since coming to office some four months ago hardly a day has passed without a tweet contesting the truth as only trump sees it, or a scandal of sorts, or a sacking, or insulting lawmaker, the media or the pushing the boundaries of presidential behaviour.

Impeach the bastard.

Even prominent Republicans like McCain are asking if his erratic behavior and impulsive decisions are threatening his Presidency.

Lawrence Tribe professor of constitutional law at Harvard Law School writing for Fairfax:

“Ample reasons existed to worry about this president, and to ponder the extraordinary remedy of impeachment, even before he fired FBI Director James Comey and shockingly admitted on national television that the action was provoked by the FBI’s intensifying investigation into his campaign’s ties with Russia.

Even without getting to the bottom of what Trump dismissed as “this Russia thing”, impeachable offences could theoretically have been charged from the outset of this presidency. One important example is Trump’s brazen defiance of the foreign emoluments clause, which is designed to prevent foreign powers from pressuring US officials to stray from undivided loyalty to the United States. Political reality made impeachment and removal on that and other grounds seem premature.

No longer. To wait for the results of the multiple investigations underway is to risk tying our nation’s fate to the whims of an authoritarian leader.”

As I wrote above; “Trump is a crash through politician with a ubiquitous mouth.” But he remains an incoherent mess who bounces back after each disaster thinking he has been impressive while those around him are laughing their heads off. Entertaining in a uniquely American way he might be to the hillbillies but leadership requires worldly character.

If character is a combination of traits that etch the outlines of life, governing moral choices and personal and professional conduct. Donald Trump is devoid of it. He is nothing more than a walking talking headline for all that’s unscrupulous about American politics.

Character is also an elusive thing, easily cloaked or submerged by the theatrics of a president drowning in his own self-indulgence. His transparency is there for all to see. We sit before our televisions and watch his antics and ponder at the gullibility of the American people and say …

”Only in America.”

My thought for the day.

“Current experience would suggest that the American people need to take more care when electing its leaders.”



  1. Terry2

    As a friend noted the other day : whilst not being generally supportive of the American convention of assassinating their Presidents, it does have some merit as a democratic solution to an intractable problem.

  2. Stephen

    Whenever I feel disdain for Trump and the people who voted for him, I think of the choice they had Clinton or Trump, and I remember we are the nation that elected Abbott.
    I still feel the same about Trump, but considering the choice they had and the people we as a nation sometimes elect it is quite sobering and reminds me not to feel too superior.

  3. darrel nay

    reply for Terry2
    If people on the right called for the assassination of a lefty leader the left would rightfully flip-out. You have a big-mouth when it comes to making lunatic threats, but I’ll bet you are just a typical chicken-neck who makes lots of noise and couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag. All cattle and no hat Terry2.

  4. jagman48

    Has Darrel forgotten to takes his medication again ?

  5. darrel nay

    reply for jagman48,
    How about you scurry out from under your fake name before you try to insult your fellow man – it’s difficult to take you seriously when you hide behind a fake name. Fake names might be ‘trendy’ but, to my mind, it reflects your weakness.


  6. Matters Not

    The use of this darrel nay pseudonym is understandable, given his/her links to Jones as a credible source.

  7. Arthur Tarry

    Trump and our Abbott are symbolic of the state of democracy in USA and Aust. There must be significant societal problems for the people in each country to vote for such manifestly inappropriate individuals.

  8. Halfbreeder

    stephen. agreed. the alternative was a candidate in bed with the global.banking cartel and the corrupt saudi feudal tycoons and who was set on war with russia. really who cares if trump discloses minor intel to the russians if it avoids war. Clinton was a
    delegate of the global financial cartel who wanted war with russia to bring the world under their neo con control. Trump is a dill and he may or may not be dangerous but Clinton is pure evil.

  9. John Lord

    I’m debating whether to reply to Darrel. Probably not.

  10. darrel nay

    reply for Matters Not
    Don’t you have the intestinal fortitude to put your name to your views? Weak


  11. Halfbreeder

    if Trump is impeached you get Pence. good luck with that.

  12. Freethinker

    darrel nay, you are out of place here at the rati of 1000 to 1.
    For sure there are many extreme right forums out there where you can feel at home instead of looking like a person that it is out of touch.

  13. Halfbreeder

    darrel. matters not is just a troll. treat him as such.

  14. Michael Taylor

    When I feel like a laugh, I come to the aim website to see the lefties foaming at the mouth.

    When I feel like a laugh, I come to the aim website to see darrel nay foaming at the mouth.

  15. darrel nay

    Could the aim network give Halfbreeder a column as he/she sounds more balanced than the ‘independent’ contributors on this site?


  16. darrel nay

    reply for Michael Taylor,
    That’s really clever mate (borderline genius) -nice one.


  17. ace Jones

    BEWARE Troll Alert …. darrel nay

  18. Michael Taylor

    Halfbreeder, Matters Not’s OK. There are many things here he objectively disagrees with, but he’s certainly not a troll.

    I’ve known him for about 11 years and if ever the gloves need to be taken off he’s a good one to have on your side.

  19. Kronomex

    The Donald reminds me quite a bit of L. Ron Hubbard, they both live/lived in a fantasy world all of their own.

  20. Michael Taylor

    Alex Jones. Now there’s a nut case. How can anyone take him serious? After all, he claims that Obama had Joan Rivers murdered because she found out that Michelle Obama was actually a man.

  21. Terry2

    “All cattle and no hat Terry2”

    Darrell, I don’t even have the cattle !

  22. darrel nay

    reply for michael taylor,

    Alex Jones has almost a million times the traffic that this website has. If people sleep better at night by creating strawmen and pretending that his audience are dumb bigots then so be it. My feeling is that alex jones, matt drudge, and others are successful because every time people call them nutcases it actually drives traffic to their websites where people discover that, in fact, these alternative commentators are providing a rational alternative to the lies in the MSM


  23. wam

    Dear Lord,
    Do you have any doubt Australia would have selected the rabbott over Juliar or the lemon in 2013?

    Stephen and Halfbreeder are spot on.
    The septics made their choice and pence is trump’s choice. The former, given the alternative, was right and the latter is truly dangerous.

    yes empty: Gerry Harvey go your words:
    Tony Abbott is a good bloke. Julia Gillard is not a good bloke.

    Who could accuse ‘matters not’ of trollism?
    In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic ..

  24. stephentardrew

    US politics left and right are full of pathology, ignorance and stupidity to varying degrees. Good luck with that US. Bit of a laughing stock internationally if it were not for the nukes. Failure to screen for antisocial personalities and psychosocial personalities leads to these results. Free speech when the loonies are in control is truly a dangerous weapon when it is bought and paid for. GOP or Dems will not save you from yourselves unless you clean out the swamp.

  25. Zathras

    Alex Jones also claims that Hillary Clinton took part in the sexual molestation and murder of children and that Obama is gay but is now coming unstuck as he is involved in divorce proceedings. His wife is using the example of his crazed public persona against him while his own lawyers are trying to assert that he is play-acting a character and he’s caught in the middle.

    The fact that both he and Trump have followers says a lot about the USA and http://www.rightwingwatch.org/ is a further indication of how things work over there.

    Trump is not the problem – he’s a symptom of a much larger one.

  26. darrel nay

    Sorry Terry2,
    I meant to say “all hat and no cattle” . It’s a Texas saying referring to the trendies who are all mouth.


  27. Michael Taylor

    Well if nutcases help generate traffic to a site then darrel nay’s presence here should see our own traffic soar.

  28. Klaus Petrat

    The PM of this country has steadfastly refused to call him as he is. Before the election and after the election, he bend over backwards in a cringe worthy display of what a warm relationship the 2 have.

    And nobody could tell me we need the US to invite us into their numerous, unending wars and the misery which accompanies this.

    And nobody can tell me that we require the US to help us with our criminal asylum seeker treatment as Australia has all the capacity in the world to solve the problem internally and now.

    And nobody can tell me we need to obey the Americans as they are the only ones to save Australia from Terrorism, China, Asylum Seekers, Same Sex Marriage Seekers….

    And certainly, nobody can tell me, we need the Yanks to help us out of our climate change misery.

  29. Florence nee Fedup

    Many called for demise of Gillard. Supposed that is different.

  30. helvityni

    Michael, I think darryl nay has already generated traffic here; many have responded to his posts; keeping the site’s latest troll alive… 🙂

  31. darrel nay

    reply to Zathras,

    You present one side of the story – fine. You don’t mention that Jones’ Jewish ex-wife accepts $43000 per month in alimony (I only mention her religion as Alex Jones is constantly accused of being an anti-semite). You also fail to provide the context of his claims or acknowledge that Hillary Clinton and Obama were caught in lies countless times (eg. IRS scandal,fast and furious gun-running scandal,Benghasi, etc. etc.etc. etc. etc.) or the fact that you have no way of knowing the truth about their sexual preferences, other than what you’ve read. As for allegations of the Clintons being involved in murders, then you ought to do some research into what Arkancide means – there have been questionable deaths surrounding the clintons for decades including the recent death of Seth Rich, a case which the MSM ignores.


  32. Michael Taylor

    If Alex Jones gets a million times the traffic this site does then he would be getting 10 billion hits a day. Me thinks he doesn’t.

  33. helvityni

    Florence, when you are a mere female and from the Left, you are not suitable for the top job…especially if you speak like an Australian and have red hair etc etc…. It’s funny how eagerly the Liberals accept Hanson’s hair colour and her way of speaking… Wonder why.

    I wish you were here, Julia.

  34. Michael Taylor

    helvityni, the sad reality is that people like darrel nay do not generate traffic. In fact, it’s the opposite: they keep people. They generate responses to their insane comments, but that’s all.

    I’d rather that this site caters, for example, for one helvityni that a hundred darrel nays.

  35. Michael Taylor

    You also fail to provide the context of his claims or acknowledge that Hillary Clinton and Obama were caught in lies countless times …

    Ah, the old “look over there” trick.

    Maybe they did. Maybe they didn’t. But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about the current President of the USA. Not the former or the losing candidate. Nor the kid who stole my tennis ball in grade 7.

  36. darrel nay

    reply for michael taylor,
    it sounds like you’d prefer an echo chamber, mate. How will you ever test your views if you only want to listen to people who agree with you?

  37. wam

    Flo and hel,
    in the west political women are selected when a party/country is in turmoil. It is most encouraging that the pomms have two women as reference.
    It was devastatingly unlucky in 2010 that a QLD idiot sullivan lost to roy and a darwin slime released an AVO accusation resulting in another lost labor seat that kept the lemon souring gillard or we might still have her in charge and whoopee to that thought.

  38. helvityni

    …. this site can definitely not survive without the calming presence of Michael Taylor… 🙂

  39. helvityni

    wam, I hoped that Kristina Kenneally would have gone to Canberra, and be by now our second female Labor PM…..even all my male Liberal voting neighbours agreed with me….

  40. Michael Taylor

    it sounds like you’d prefer an echo chamber, mate. How will you ever test your views if you only want to listen to people who agree with you?

    Quite the contrary. We appreciate alternate opinions and if you’d care to go through our articles and comments you’d also see that we encourage debate.

    People aren’t responding to you because they dislike your opinions – it’s just that they just dislike you. People here tend to dislike loony conspiracy theorists or extreme left-wing or right-wing nutjobs.

    Which leads me to something else: when the left agree with each other the right mock them for living in an “echo chamber,” but when the right agree with each other they pride themselves on having a consensus.

    If you want to see a real echo chamber, take a good look at some of the sites you admire. Try too, to leave a contrary comment on Andrew Bolt’s blog. Chances are it won’t get published. Yet we publish yours.

    So much for this place being an echo chamber.

  41. Michael Taylor

    … this site can definitely not survive without the calming presence of Michael Taylor …

    Thank you, helvityni, but you haven’t seen me when I’m totally pissed off. ?

  42. Zathras

    The basis of Jones’ claims against Clinton was the Pizzagate conspiracy he was happy to spruik, until somebody shot up the Pizza shop and the owner threatened to sue him and then he made a half-assed apology and public retraction.

    Listen to his claims for yourself –

    His claim that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax using fake child actors is just one other example of his grasp on reality.

    He’s just not wrapped tight, like most of his admirers.

  43. darrel nay

    hey Michael, you say you don’t like extremists on this site so I am looking forward to your response to freefall852 pushing for “stalinizing” the political opposition this morning on this blog. The lefties love to jump on my comments about smaller government I wonder if they’ll have an issue with freefall852’s suggestion which amounts to democide.


  44. Michael Taylor

    Freefall an extremist! I hardly think so. But do I have to agree with everything he or other authors write about? No. Does he or other authors have the freedom to write about whatever they want? Yes.

    And if you want to talk about “stalinizing” cast your mind back to the Murdoch media’s “stalinization” of Senator Conroy.

  45. darrel nay

    I have no time for Murdoch either mate but Stalin killed tens of millions including homosexuals, jews, blacks and academics, so I, for one, won’t be putting Stalin and Murdoch on the same level.


    ps. wasn’t conroy on the bolt report last night – maybe bolt report isn’t quite the echo-chamber you posited.

  46. Michael Taylor

    I said Bolt’s blog, not the Bolt Report.

  47. darrel nay

    If you can’t see that “stalinising” people who disagree with your partisan views isn’t extremist then what is?


  48. economicreform

    Trump is not a politician at all, actually. He does not have the background, political experience,intellectual resources or cunning that are necessary requirements for survival in the dirty rotten business of politics. His ignorance of how the real world operates is his undoing. The Democrat machine, still reeling and traumatised from its unexpected election loss to Trump, has grasped at the phony case being made by Trump’s many enemies within the deep state for (alleged) Russian collusion with Trump and members of his administration in regard to influencing the election results. And notwithstanding that not a shred of evidence has been produced by any of the U.S. intelligence agencies in support of this conspiracy theory. It is clearly a political beat-up. But in any case, destroying Trump will not help the Democrats to win the forthcoming congressional and presidential elections in 2018 and 2020. Better to keep Trump in office until then. President Pence would be a harder candidate to defeat.

  49. Halfbreeder

    on the murdered seth richards. if it is indeed true that seth was the leaker of clintons emails and not ‘the russians’ as it now seems likely, then hillary clinton would know this and yet is persisting in the allegations that it was the ruskies. why? because she still coverts the top job and because her backers want war with russia. she is a crazed warmongering luneball and usa voters elected the only alternative to her lunacy.

  50. Halfbreeder

    feminists should realise that clinton wanted to and still wants to send their sons and daughters to war. they need a reality check and to consider if that is consistent with their values and beliefs. Thank you seth and rip.

  51. Halfbreeder

    since being on office. trump has not commenced one new war. unlike obama and unlike what clinton intended.

  52. Terry2

    If Trump is able to get his 15% corporate tax rate through Congress we will really see the economies of the world in free-fall as the USA becomes a tax-haven and offshore money starts flooding in. This will undoubtedly give the US economy a boost and the Wall Street casino will take off. But it spells disaster for many of us as our governments join the race to the bottom on company tax.

    This will suit corporations of course and put a temporary shiny veneer on the Trump Presidency but it will only be a veneer as inevitably government borrowing will increase as community services and infrastructure will still need to be funded or alternatively those services we rely will solely be funded from personal income and consumption taxes or be cut back or handed over to the private sector.

    We are sailing into uncharted water, folks !

  53. Michael Taylor

    If you can’t see that “stalinising” people who disagree with your partisan views isn’t extremist then what is?

    What a pathetic and presumptuous comment.

    I really am growing bored with you.

  54. stephengb2014

    Well what a read, and the subsequent commentary, what next?

    Back to the article, Trump makes my day, he manages to show himself as totally laughable on a daily if not hourly, basis (could even tweet by tweet). I wouldnt miss his show it reminds of the ‘Rowan and Martin Laugh inn’ a series of bizarre, totally idiotic skits.

    Oh and Darrel Nay (if thats your real name)I happy to see that AIMN publishes comments from you, it demonstrates clearly the ‘I’ in AIMN

  55. Terry2

    Adam Cranston, the 30-year-old son of deputy tax commissioner Michael Cranston is among nine people arrested over an alleged $165-million fraud syndicate following 30 AFP raids across Sydney on Wednesday.

    Turnbull’s comments on the midday news : ” it shows the system is working”

    Not clear for whom the system is working for though.

  56. Florence nee Fedup

    A company moves into any country taking much more than level company taxes into consideration. As for the present President, I suspect he has no understanding of collusion and similar words.

    He presents as a man who has no understanding of barriers.

    They are correct when they say her is being played by Putin. Suspect many others including Merkle. Add Chinese leader, even North Korea.

    This weekend should be interesting with his trip out of the US

  57. Florence nee Fedup

    Trump working hard at starting war with North Korea.

  58. Freethinker

    Terry2 Malcolm’s system is working so good that the management of NBN expended $250000 in coffee including espresso machines and $82000 in maintenance of them.

  59. halfbreeder

    Freethinker. ….and Dutton spends quarter of a billion on building refurbishment. Anyone know who owns the building? Would it be a liberal donor perhaps?

  60. Kyran

    With respect, Mr Lord, I tend to agree with Stephen @ 7.19, Arthur Tarry @ 8.01, stephengb2014 @ 12.07 and some others.
    We did it first.
    “Where else in the world would people deliberately elect as their President a man who is an acknowledged racist, sexist, a sexual predator, a homophobe, a xenophobe, a conspiracy theorist, a bully, an imposter, con man and would-be dictator?”
    For years, Australian’s woke up with the question “What will the git do today?”, only to have their wildest dreams, or nightmares, realized. The oxygen thief eventually got replaced by talcum.
    “Paul Keating once described Malcolm Turnbull as a dodgy bunger on cracker night: “You light him up, there’s a bit of a fizz, but then nothing… nothing.” That sense of disappointment has been felt across the electorate since the Member for Wentworth was elevated to PM – only to follow in the footsteps of the man he knifed.”
    The only discernible difference between talcum and tiny is that talcum is far more willing to share the ‘stupid’ around. We now have an endless parade, on a daily basis, of stupid ministers advocating stupid (if not criminal) ideas. All under the jaundiced, myopic eye of talcum. How is that going for us? We now have a ‘shiver’, looking for a ‘spine’ to run up. Goodness knows, he will never have one of his own. Apologies to Mr Keating for the plagiarism.
    It has become of little solace to note that ‘duct tape’, for all of its fantastic attributes, won’t fix ‘stupid’. The only consolation is that ‘duct tape’ will muffle the sound.
    From Freethinker’s post @ 10.00;
    “Billionaires caught out by market rout
    Bloomberg News reported the world’s richest people lost $US35 billion because of the political turmoil in the US.”

    “Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was hardest hit by the share market rout, losing $US2 billion from his net worth when shares in the social media company dropped 3.3 per cent.
    Mr Zuckerberg is the fifth richest person in the world with a net worth of $US62.3 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires index, which ranks the world’s 500 richest people.”

    “Bloomberg notes that Mr Trump has a net worth of $US3 billion and is not in the Bloomberg index.”
    Has anyone seen trump’s tax returns yet? I certainly wouldn’t value him at $3bill.
    Terry2’s reference to the ‘Wall Street Casino’ and Stephentardrew’s caution ‘if it were not for the nukes’ are equally foreboding. In either event, we, the people, lose.
    Ok, we copped talcum as a replacement for tiny. Ok, America will cop pence.
    Surely, the heel of the hunt is ‘Be careful what you wish for’. Despite the naysayers.
    Thank you Mr Lord and commenters. Take care

  61. helvityni

    Yes Kyran, no Tones or Trump, but Mal and Pence…WOW !

  62. Matters Not

    Has anyone seen trump’s tax returns yet?

    I suspect that former FBI Director Robert Mueller, now ‘special prosecutor’ will want to investigate, (among other connections), monies invested by Russians in some of Trump’s ventures. Looking at his ‘tax returns’ would have to be on the list.

    Remember Kenneth Starr and what he uncovered re the Clintons. Very, very messy.

    But Trump supporters will ‘believe’. And stick.

  63. Freethinker

    Just look at the combination of Trump or Pence (with Ryan waiting in a near branch like a vulture) and the new “Iron Lady” in Uk.
    Reminds me Regan and Thatcher.
    It is a worry………

  64. Michael Taylor

    Has anyone seen trump’s tax returns yet?

    My uneducated guess is the primary reason he keeps them under lock and key is not because they might reveal incriminating evidence of financial obligations to Russia or Putin, but because they reveal his true net worth. My other uneducated guess is that they reveal a net worth far, far less than he’d have us all believe.

    It’s the same reason why I don’t go waving around my bank statements. ?

  65. John Lord

    Ego Michael.

  66. Kaye Lee

    Says RonaldR who has been shamelessly piggybacking on John’s articles for some time now.

    Ronald’s party believe that climate change is crap.

    See (or not) “Global Warming is a Fraud” complete with “Interview: Lord Christopher Monckton”


    Back off Ronald.

  67. Michael Taylor

    RonaldR’s comment has been deleted. He’s a rude, obnoxious pig and that comment was uncalled for.

  68. Kaye Lee

    ^^^^ Better plan.

  69. darrel nay

    AIMN ,michael taylor et.al. still won’t disavow freefall852’s comments about stalinising the right – I will be letting everyone know about this hypocrisy. How can the same people who foam at the mouth pushing hate speech garbage keep their mouths closed when one of their own pushes stalinising political opposition. I bet these people will flip-out if anyone on the right were to suggest the ‘stalinising’ of the left.

    I am challenging any of the rabid lefties on this site to stand-up and be counted on this issue – shame on those who are silent in the face of freefall852’s comments about ‘stalinising’ political opposition.


  70. Michael Taylor

    AIMN ,michael taylor et.al. still won’t disavow freefall852’s comments about stalinising the right – I will be letting everyone know about this hypocrisy.

    1. Nobody here has to justify what anybody else said in a comment. And just because we don’t have to justify it, does not mean we all approve of it. Full stop.

    2. If it is your intention to denigrate this site elsewhere, then I can see no reason why you should be welcome here.

  71. darrel nay

    Michael you said yesterday that you appreciate dissenting opinions so deal with it mate. I disagree occasionally, but I just hope that you won’t try to “Stalinize” me.


  72. Michael Taylor

    darrel, there’s no fear of me doing that. It’s not my style.

  73. darrel nay

    Thanks Michael, I respect that.


  74. Halfbreeder

    trump did not collude with russians or in the release of clintons emails. the democrat’s own member, the now deceased Seth Richards (murdered like so many other clinton opponents) released the emails to wiki leaks not the russians. its a neo con banking cartell beat up accusing Trump of this. they want their girl hiliary in the white house to oppress russia and stop the russians nationalising their central bank and to force them to trade in us dollars rather than yuan, rubbles , euros or gold.

  75. Florence nee Fedup

    Has one not noticed, our guest is talking to and arguing with himself. Not interested in what any has to say.

  76. Florence nee Fedup

    It is now a criminal investigation by justice department, by a man he appointed.

  77. Florence nee Fedup

    Michael, you and others here don’t have to justify themselves to anyone.

  78. darrel nay

    reply for halfbreeder,
    Now they’ll call you a tin-foil hat wearer, when in fact you are merely questioning the proven liars who Shovel the status quo (ie.chaos) at us.

    Make Australia Great Again

  79. Kaye Lee

    Well that’s that then. Call off the investigations. halfbreeder has the real news. It amazes me that people sitting in their homes in Australia think they know what’s going in the world of espionage. The sources for their information are laughable. Michelle Obama is a man? Okaaayyyy….backing away slowly.

  80. darrel nay

    reply for Kaye Lee,
    You don’t like it when people question the Obamas – fair enough, but are you equally concerned when the MSM calls Trump a Nazi?


  81. Michael Taylor

    reply for Kaye Lee,
    You don’t like it when people question the Obamas …

    And where is the evidence of that?

  82. Kaye Lee

    I question everyone, particularly politicians. I also question conspiracy theories that some people just love to believe.

    I wouldn’t call Trump a Nazi. Infantile is the word that most comes to my mind.

  83. Michael Taylor

    I don’t have time to watch the video, but can I assume it is evidence that Kaye doesn’t like it when people question the Obamas?

  84. Zathras

    Who cares about the Obamas and Clintons anyway?

    It’s all Trump’s show now and the Obamas and Clintons are now irrelevant except for Trump’s opinion of them as an example of his personal integrity.

    Wasn’t he one of the original “birthers” and has supporters who claim (secret Muslim) Barack was gay-married to his University flat mate and that his wife was really a transgender man, not to mention Obama’s secret plans to take away guns and build detention camps?

    Then there was the child-raping-and-murdering, terminally ill and demon-possessed witch Hillary plus at least one assassination in the corrupt White House itself under Bill’s watch.

    All this while he bleats and whines about the unfairness of “fake news” and any media criticism?

    I think his potato has been baking too long, like many of his unquestioning supporters.

  85. Florence nee Fedup

    One thing for sure, no one can deny Trump is not a expert on fake news. producing it anyway.

  86. Halfbreeder

    obama was a war monger. the only two term president in history during whose entire period in office the usa was at war. the majority of which were of his making. he is now a fully fledged member of the neo con elite and has earned his stripes by diverting trillions to the banking cartell and weapons manufacturers. nothing but a two face ah and they come in any colour and gender u like.

  87. Sarah

    I must stress that Trump is NOT a right wing leader. Trump will use any party in order to get the power and headlines for himself. He has no belief in right wing politics (or any other politics) and is simply using the Republican’s desperation for power, to further his own fame and fortune.

    The sooner everyone comes to realise this, the less damage he will have done by the time he is unseated – though I suspect it will still be substantial!!

  88. corvus boreus

    darrel nay,
    You issued your ‘grand challenge for all lefties to publicly refute freefall852’ on this thread, despite the offending comments occurring on another thread entirely, but I shall also post my response upon this, the less relevant one (that’s how i roll).

    “freefall852 (18/5, 10:05am),
    Despite the fact that you quantified your statement by clarifying that you (personally) spoke only for yourself, and epilogiously added a facetious smiley-face ( ? ), I, as an informal member of the ‘left’ (albeit one with a corresponding, if somewhat atrophied, right-wing and a flight-balancing array of tail-feathers), am morally obliged to chastise you rather robustly for your round recommendation of the ‘Stalinizing’ of the ‘Right’.
    Josef Stalin was a rabid (yet cynical) ideologue who instituted, through a murderous and repressive regime based around a cult of personality, a completely corrupt and militantly extremist version of Lenin’s revolutionary form of Marxist communism (the collectivization and redistribution of resources and production), itself an extreme form of Socialism’ (conduct of governance with the common good of society as the the broadest aim and goal).
    I cast my deepest frown ( ? ) upon your smiley-face.
    corvus boreus”

    Now, darrel nay, will you , in return, willingly admit that;

    A); ‘just grabbing them by the pussy’ (as espoused by Donald Trump) constitutes a serious form of sexual assault (?),

    B): people like Alex Jones (@ ‘infowars’), who repeatedly make very serious but provably false claims, should (despite their apparent street-cred in having ‘non-MSM’ status), be regarded as (at best) entirely dubious sources of evidential information (?), and

    C); the worldwide actions of an ever-expanding number of humans conducting exponentially increasing levels of the broad-clearing of Earth’s canopy vegetation, and the concurrent massive-scale excavation and burning of fossil-fuels, are manifesting major consequential repercussions in the form of significantly alterations of the planetary weather and climate (?)

    Cheers (in anticipation of your considered response).

  89. LOVO

    Wow, isn’t it amazing how true conspiracy theories are……no really ?
    …..and isn’t it amazing how Halfbreeder has such an command of the ‘pulse’ of such things…. (a sorta darrel nay-lite) ..if you will……….jest sayin’ ?
    Oh, and what Corvus said… Cheers

  90. Freethinker

    This is sound familiar, just wonder if Joe Hockey have giving some ideas for the Trump’s budget.
    Quote from Alhazeera
    POOR PEOPLE: If you fall into the lowest 10 percent of the income bracket, this budget is tough on you. Over the next 10 years, the president wants to cut more than $610bn from Medicaid, a programme that helps low-income Americans pay for medical expenses. The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), which is a food subsidy, will be re-tooled or, in administration speak, “reformed” over the next two years and cut by roughly $7.6bn. The proposal also includes the reduction in funding for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), a programme that helps poor families find work.

    There are more “trendy” policies here: http://www.aljazeera.com/blogs/americas/2017/05/donald-trump-budget-losers-170525011824094.html

    Make you really sick !!!

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