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Day to Day Politics: I told you so. They have been lying.

Monday June 20

1 Central to the campaigns of both sides has been the Labor Party’s policy on Negative Gearing and the Coalition’s repudiation of it. I don’t think anyone would argue with that. Yesterday I wrote about the ABC’s revelation about the Treasury’s advice to the government. This is what I wrote:

Rather than Labor running out of steam I would suggest that the mainstream media hasn’t done, and isn’t doing, its job. If in the last election a political donations scandal like ‘Parakeelia’ had risen then, we would have had endless commentary. However the Liberals seems to be immune from investigative journalism. Yesterday we had the ABC revealing that three months ago Treasury had advised the Government that more than half of the negative gearing tax benefits go to the top 20 per cent of incomes in Australia. This completely repudiates the Prime Minister’s and the Treasurer’s assertion that Australia’s mums and dads benefited the most. “Negative gearing benefits high-income families,” Treasury said”.

Now you would think that a story that revealed that the Government had been ‘telling lies’ might attract the attention of the other media outlets, but no it didn’t.

Not even a follow-up from the ABC. I hate to say it but I told you so. The fourth estate is not doing their job.

An observation.

Truth is pure yet fragile and requires delicacy in delivery. There are however times when it needs some diplomatic force to make it register“.

2 For the first 20 minutes of ABC Insiders yesterday I was saying to myself “Is that all you have to offer?” then the panellists came up with a few snippets of information worthy of some consideration.

Firstly, Turnbull’s constant reference to “your vote being the one that might win or lose the election” can only mean that the Conservatives are concerned that the marginal seats are tighter than they have been letting on. Secondly, that the Labor Party polling in the marginals shows a different picture. Thirdly, Newspoll relies on preferences of the previous election and things have changed since then.

3 Another thing that has received little attention is the willful breaking of convention by NBN boss Ziggy Switkowski. Breaking caretaker convention during an election is a big NO, particularly when you have been advised by the nation’s top public servant not to do so.

4 Some things go unnoticed and it’s remarkable how many times donations to the Liberal Party hit the headlines. This time it has been revealed that the Exclusive Brethren Christian sect continue donating to the Liberal Party. Malcolm Turnbull says he is happy to accept donations from the extremist anti-gay group. Goodness, it seems the Free Enterprise Foundation, the Liberal Party’s alleged slush fund accept donations from the weirdest people.

5 And we even had a touch of human nature when 17-year-old Christian Cedergren, who has autism, confronted Bill Shorten at the East Maitland shopping centre to tell the Opposition Leader about both he, and more particularly his sister’s problems dealing with autism. The lad was in tears and it brought a touch of humanity to the campaign.

An observation.

“When we go out of our way to help someone less fortunate we cannot avoid helping ourselves”.

6 In the time Malcolm Turnbull has been Prime Minister he has lost much support and many suggest he isn’t the man they first thought he was.

He reckons he hasn’t changed “one iota”, however you cannot deny the fact that he has lost 3.3 million voters in six months. Or 18, 000 a day. That’s popularity shedding on ice. Far from looking like the Messiah who would fix everything he is looking like the Judas the betrayer.

An observation.

“We all toy with the idea of changing the world but never consider changing ourselves”.

7 Currently digesting Labor’s campaign launch and I will cover it tomorrow but the one thing that did impress me was Bill Shorten’s improved speech making. Together with his obvious compassion his speech was delivered with a great deal of authority.

My thought for the day.

“It is far better to form your own your own independent opinions relative to your life experience and reason than to allow yourself to be blindly led by others”.

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  1. Jaquix

    Thank goodness for independent online publications like TheAIM. These, and social media, are allowing people to connect and find out what is really going on. For far too long Murdoch has set the “information agenda” with full blown manipulation and breathtaking hypocrisy. The headlines today berating Labor for “fearmongering” in its campaigning is incredible. Turnbull and his lot have been doing nothing but bag Labor (“same old Labor”, Morrisons advert on Labor/Greens horror etc) for the last few weeks, yet have the hide to call foul when Shorten gives them a small and well-deserved dose of their own medicine. Niki Savva droning on in same vein on Insiders. She just brushed the Parakeelia scandal aside as irrelevant. Imagine the fuss if Labor was doing that. They do get a free ride, including Labor policy and initiatives being ignored so many people dont know about them. Yet another blatant manipulation going on is polling by Newspoll, using suspect/out of date methodology to come up with misleading poll figures. But back to my original point, thank goodness for The AIM and online information. (Note to self: time to make another donation!)

  2. Oscar

    There needs to be a Royal Commission into the Housing Issue. It’s the greatest scandal perpetuated on the Australian people. Self interest and too many snouts in the trough and and too many making money on this gravy train .Especially politicians.

  3. Oscar

    Malcolm Turnball was never the man we thought he was.That’s why he is so uncomfortable in public with the average person.Turnball is more at ease pontificating his pompous enormous ego on a bunch of sycophants at the Old Boys Club. There are so many devious people in the Liberals.He is But one of them.

  4. Michael Taylor

    I saw a headline this morning – too depressing to read – that polling shows Barnaby Joyce is likely to retain his seat in a tight race. How can this be possible?

  5. Michael Taylor

    Jaquix, thank you for those kind words.

    The rest of your comment made a lot of sense too. ?

  6. Pappinbarra Fox

    GST- we will never have a GST said a leader of the coalition. And bingo bango bongo we have a GST

    Medicare – we will never ever privatise Medicare. And bingo bango bongo- trust us? Really?

  7. cornlegend

    Michael Taylor
    And just to make your day Michael, I saw some figures that suggest you will end up with a National Party fool in Indi

  8. Kaye Lee

    The Nationals candidate in Indi doesn’t believe evolution is true. How could they possibly vote for him? He’s a whacko.

  9. John Richardson

    “It’s so easy to believe someone when they’re telling you exactly what you want to hear”, which doubtless explain why we always wind-up with the governments we deserve.

  10. Michael Taylor

    Cathy is doing a good job in Indi, it would be a pity to lose her.

    And speaking of Cathy, she actually gave The AIMN an interview. Best I pull my finger out and write it up.

  11. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, if the Nationals candidate wins then there will indeed be a strong argument against evolution. It will show beyond all doubt that many here have not evolved beyond Homo erectus.

  12. cornlegend

    Michael Taylor
    I was just looking at the Darwin Evolution charts
    Is that Abbott 3rd from the right?

  13. Leep

    Malcolm turn Bulls speeches remind of the days when I was a high pressure salesman, when the manager got up before his sales team and he spruced on about selling the product and reving up the sales team, but usually the speech had no substance just a means selling the product as a pretend advantage to the customer.

  14. David1

    I am taking no notice of the MSM’s sudden blanket interest in Labor not polling well enough in marginals to win the election. We are being told day by day and specific seat by seat this is the situation. I don’t believe it, in fact find it just another media beat up as they realise odds are the result is heading for a hung Parliament not an LNP win. In fact Labor are in a better position if there is to be a small majority,than the Coalition.
    Newspoll working for Murdoch’s biased gutter media continue to show 50/50, others similar or favouring Labor by one or two points.No definitive polling in the marginals but still saying Labor is losing them. Sky News repeats it in screen sliding banners, headlines and nudge nudge comments.

    Take the bellwether seat Eden Monaro, its no secret the Lib sitting member Peter Hendy is rarely seen, refused a debate and Mike Kelly is out and about as he was as the sitting member. before losing narrowly in the 2013 wipe out. Bookies have Kelly ahead and internal polling from Labor I have seen shows Mike holding a narrow but steady lead.

    I ask myself, why would the media remind Labor voters across the nation they need to ensure they get out and vote, especially in the marginals if they want the Labor candidate to get up. Alternatively why remind their own Coalition support, jobs right we have these marginals in the bag, its done and dusted.
    Nope its all too smelly, but then I am sure there will be some who see it otherwise….always is 🙂

  15. Gangey1959

    Those headlines were in the ”Orstayleeun”, if they were the same ones I read at the petrol station. They were a reprint or voldemurdoch’s morning dunny paper.
    And if joyce beats Windsor it will only be because the nationals managed to get hold of the actual votes on their way to the tally room and remove Tony’s ones.
    The lnp have a new tv ad with some straaaaange builder looking bloke telling us about a war on things. His bank, and a spare house and a few other things. No substance, but just, ”Let’s stick with the current mob because they haven’t screwed us completely yet solet’s give them another 3 years to do that properly.” Weird. It’s not like his house, or job, or business is under threat from anyone. Not until July 2 if turdbott gets back in, then he’s in deeper shit than he’ll ever have imagined.
    I had a BIG win on the way to my other half’s work this morning though. I have a HUGE ”Dont Vote Liberal” on the back window of the dunnydore, and she hates it, ”cos it makes me look like a red-neck.”. Damn. We’ve fought about it since the election was announced.
    Anyway. on the radio there was an ad about weekend penalty rates being cut if the lnp get back in, and she said she though that was just a Victorian issue, but if it was everyone everywhere, then she wasn’t going to vote for the liberals either.
    (I’ve printed out the ipa agenda for her to read when she gets home just so she doesn’t change her mind.)
    So all is not lost Michael.
    One day and one person at a time, reason will prevail.
    @Cornlegend. the mad monk fits between 1 and 2 from the left. Standing upright(ish), but still dragging his knuckles on the gound. 3 is more turnbullshitartist.

  16. Michael

    Democracy consists of choosing your dictators after they
    have told you what you think it is you want to hear. – Alan Corenk

    If that is so, what are we going to do about it?

  17. vicki

    On Insiders yesterday Laura Tingle mentioned the Parakeelia scam and I thought: right, here we go at last. A discussion centred on this LNP scam – but no-one else seemed interested in picking up the baton. Nikki Sava changed the subject and off we went down a different hole. Disappointing, ABC.

  18. You can't be serious?

    Cornlegend, the figures you saw were they political party internal polling about Indi?
    The Australian has this article, today, that says a Reachtel poll gives McGowan a small lead.

    It states an astounding fact “Of those undecided (being 7.6% of those polled), 24 per cent say they have a slight leaning to Ms McGowan and 27 per cent could opt for Ms Mirabella.”

    Unbelievable that anyone who knows anything about Mirabella could vote for that nasty piece of work.

  19. cornlegend

    You can’t be serious?
    internal polling
    And it was based on the close preferencing of Mirrabella and Corboy
    They had McGowan a whisker behind
    Depending on the first count you could end up with Sophie, and anyone on line that I know, would know my love with Soph.
    Geez I even sent her a copy of Ginas poem trying to win favour and I regularly buy Lotto as I know she likes them old demented and rich. I think I pass the first 2 and working on the 3rd . come on Lotto!!

  20. cornlegend

    I’m not all that adverse to a decent benevolent Dictator

  21. Michael

    cornlegend, that is what LNP trolls are saying.

  22. cornlegend

    Well, after all these decades the LNP trolls and I agree on something 😀
    You are reading a wee bit too much into the comment, it was a one liner

  23. Trish Corry

    Vicki – On Insiders yesterday Laura Tingle mentioned the Parakeelia scam

    Oh yes, I got all excited. Tingle looked very uncomfortable, looking at her hands, then Savva changed the topic. It was like “Okay, Okay, we have ‘mentioned’ it for that pesky leftist brigade on twitter bombarding @ABC – but we didn’t say we would ‘talk’ about it.

  24. Trish Corry

    John some really great points and love the quotes as usual. I have felt very invigorated after the launch. I spoke to someone today who is quite indifferent and they said “I don’t like either one of them, but in the last few weeks, Shorten really seems like he has his finger on the pulse.” I have seen people online with the schools disability funding video with the hugs and tears exchange and people have commented that, that alone has decided their vote. I still have confidence that Labor will win this. Shorten is just coming down the outside and heading into the straight and soon to be leading by six lengths.

  25. Michael

    cornlegend, not my best today, I would like to understand what you mean and hate to say it, p*e*s* e*p*a*n?

  26. cornlegend

    A benevolent dictatorship is a theoretical form of government in which an authoritarian leader exercises absolute political power over the state but is seen to do so for the benefit of the population as a whole
    A benevolent dictator, for example, may focus government priorities on matters of public importance, such as healthcare, education, population control, or general city infrastructure.

    usually only a discussion point, and sometimes a throwaway line when pissed of with Government

    A bit pros and cons here

  27. Michael

    With you – thanks – interesting website – comrade(?)

  28. cornlegend

    you don’t need that

  29. wam

    parakeelia? Wonder if labor has a krapialeekthanu? The greens must have their own ‘main chewshag in’.
    Hitler was a benevolent dictator to the majority of the population. As was dear old Joe.
    The copperman has a croaky throat? There is a chance billy go the economy and make him defend his spending.

  30. Jexpat

    Word for the day for wam:


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