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Day to Day Politics: The things that pass us by; No. 2

Tuesday 23 January 2018

1 By the time you have read this Donald Trump will have been President of the United States of America for a year. To my knowledge there has never been a more divisive man in the world’s top job. A “do it my way or go to hell” sort of guy who has, despite all the evidence to the contrary, declared to the world that he is a genius.

In the many articles I have read I am yet to come across any writing that adequately explains just what it is in the American psychology that has led them to commit the most licentious act of electing Donald Trump as their president.

Where else in the world would people deliberately elect as their President a man who is an acknowledged racist, sexist, a sexual predator, a homophobe, a xenophobe, a conspiracy theorist, a bully, an imposter, con man and would-be dictator?

Only in America would there be a president without precedence.

An observation

”It seems to me that the wisest people I know are the ones that apply reason, and logic and leave room for doubt. The most unwise are the fools and fanatics who don’t.”

2 Last week the press, in its usual tiresome, lifeless reporting announced that the last four years had been the hottest ever recorded. There is one island in the Indian Ocean with a population of 100,000 that is succumbing to the waves that will eventually take its life and those who inhabit her because no one really cares much.

On top of that, Josh Frydenberg after being asked about several times, finally admitted that Australia’s greenhouse gas pollution continued to soar last year.

After bickering and ignoring the needs of the planet and its inhabitants for more than a decade, the SMH reports that:

“Official data shows Australia’s annual emissions have risen for the fourth year running. They were up by 0.7 per cent in the year to June 2017, to 550 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.”

Fairdinkum, Abbott, Turnbull, Hunt and Frydenberg have a lot to answer for.

2017 was the third hottest ever recorded and without the aid of any El Nino. “Wow,” is all I can think.

An observation

“In terms of the environment. I wonder what price the people of tomorrow will pay for the stupidity of today.”

Meanwhile the Genius in the Oval Office moves to open new areas for oil drilling and rolls back regulations that sought to reduce global warming, most prominently by moving to repeal the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan. And of course they withdrew from the Paris agreement last year.

A genius indeed!

3 It was said on the news last night that the Turnbull government is the highest job-producing government in 40 years. That maybe so but there are still 14 people looking for every job because they are not keeping up with the growth in population. And you can add to this the fact that they are mostly part-time jobs. Plus the methodology for acquiring the data is very sus.

4 My friend Alan Austin tells me that Donald Trump promised Americans he would fix the ailing economy and make life better for Americans, but he is achieving the opposite. All but the richest 10% are now worse off than they were.

5 Essential started polling again last week and nothing changed during our hiatus. Labor still leads the Coalition by 6 percentage points. Because of the residue of pathetic performance I expect that up to and including the next election.

6 I have thought about it a lot and I cannot but think that if the situation was reversed I too would be offended by having my land unilaterally taken by another race.

It is also true however, that instead of worrying about Australia Day we might also think about the high rates of Aboriginal youth suicide. It needs to be put in some perspective.

7 I just knew this would happen. Last year (I think it was France) 200,000 electric cars were produced in Europe. They will be a major industry in China and many other countries over the next few years. Josh Freydenberg opens his mouth to suggest that we might like to join the party sooner rather than later and he gets howled down by those conservative members of his party who deny the existence of the future. Just dumber than dumb.

8 I’m almost exhausted by how much I have written about the genius POTUS but here is a little more:

“One year after taking the oath of office, President Donald Trump has made 2140 false or misleading claims, according to The Washington Post’s The Fact Checker database that analyses, categorises and tracks every suspect statement uttered by the President. That’s an average of nearly 5.9 claims a day. We started this project as part of our coverage of the President’s first 100 days, largely because we could not possibly keep up with the pace and volume of the President’s misstatements. Readers demanded we keep it going for another year. The database has proved so useful – and even sparked the interest of academicians – that we now plan to keep it going for the rest of Trump’s presidency.”

An observation.

”The rise of the right has brought with it a new political language. One that has not yet been classified because it defies any normal understanding of what the word truth means”.

9 The Member for my own electorate of Gippsland, former Turnbull Minister, National Party member Darren Chester has decided to throw some mud back at Barnaby Joyce over his lack of transparency when distributing hundreds of millions of dollars to marginal electorates while safe seats miss out. When Chester became infrastructure Minister, Traralgon got funding for a new theatre and swimming pool almost overnight.

Known as a nice guy in the electorate he probably has more brains than 10 Barnaby Joyce’s. Anyway, he gave the “Community Development Grants” program a proper serve on Saturday over its opaque funding allocations. They are not at all happy within the National Party.

The dumped Turnbull government minster had previously denounced a lack of national leadership on curbing the road toll and regrets not being more “aggressive” on road safety during his time in the infrastructure and transport portfolio.

10 For all who continually knock Bill Shorten, remember this: He could be Australia’s next Prime Minister by next September.

11 The fact that Treasury documents showed that Labor’s negative gearing and capital gains tax policies would probably have a “small” impact on property prices means that the Government was blatantly lying. Just another example of not being able to trust them. Or another instance of how poorly we have been governed.

And with all that education? Obviously no ethics included.

12 “He should have left at the last election and I think he realises that now,” another Labor source said. “It’s time for new blood. We know it, he knows it. It’s just taken a little longer for him to let go.”

Will he sing his final swan song. Who is it?

13 Two articles make it clear just how bad the implementation of our NBN has been. The Minister thinks (rather like Tony Abbott thought it was all about porn) that the internet is only an aid to Netflix.

How many times have I said “yet another example of poor governance?

14 I don’t think I’m normally this long-winded. Some even cause me of being negative so if you read all of this you will know why. The only thing to be positive about is the fact that there is an election in the air and this awful government might finally get what it so rightly deserves.

Labor is on campaign footing and prepared for an early election. Indeed, it plans to “hit the ground running” no matter when Malcolm Turnbull calls the election.

My thought for the day

“I know of no other comparable democracy whose politicians so regularly debase themselves and their own country as much as ours do. To their shame they continue their campaigns against minorities.

Turnbull, once proudly stood above it all but is now so paralysed he feels obliged to join in”


  1. corvus boreus

    John Lord,
    Half a decade ago concentrations of atmospheric co2 were still under 400ppm, a level that was first passed by a sample taken at Mauna Loa, Hawaii, on 9/5/2013.
    5 years on, the readings of co2 taken at Mauna Loa now fluctuate in the low 400s, and a reading of over 410ppm was first registered on 4/4/2017.
    Meanwhile, after a 3 year hiatus in growth of emissions, it looks like we collectively managed to top all previous efforts in annual global co2 outputs (not to mention the methane).
    Like you say, “wow”.

  2. corvus boreus

    Re point number 12;
    Personally, I don’t actually think that Wayne Swan is either past his best usage for Labor or anything like an albatross necklace.
    Can’t say the same for this bloke;

  3. Terry2

    In a cynical display of outright lies and spin, the Trump administration have again sought to wreck the legacy of the Obama administration, for purely political reasons and in the process they have placed the future of the so called “Dreamers” in jeopardy.

    The Trump administration ended President Obama’s executive order that created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that was meant to add protections from deportation for the hundreds of thousands of people who entered the United States illegally as children with their parents.

    President Obama said he executed the DACA order in 2012 because Congress refused to act on this issue with a comprehensive immigration policy. In his speech explaining his actions, Obama noted that his executive order would ensure that “The “Dreamers” are protected from deportation if they entered the United States before age 16 and continuously resided in the United States from 2007 to 2012. They have to have a clean criminal record with no felony conviction, no major misdemeanors, and no more than three petty misdemeanors. And they must have graduated from high school, or be currently enrolled in school, or have gained honorable discharge from the armed forces.

    To Obama this was a reasonable and sensible approach to a problem that the US Congress refused to address for years due largely to Republican resistance.

    Trump has now thrown the whole issue up in the air and left if to Congress to sort out and that’s why the Democrats tried to force the Republicans to the table rather than see the “Dreamers” placed in a situation where they could be deported to countries they have never lived in and have never visited.

    The compromise achieved overnight, apparently averting the government shut-down, would seem to have gained a commitment from the Republicans to at least bring on debate on this pressing problem. But whether they are prepared to legislate is another matter.

  4. Chris

    I don’t know whether you caught these two stories John

    “‘Global embarrassment’: Critics deride plan to stop plant and animal extinctions ”

    “”Future generations will probably have an adjusted expectation of what’s acceptable. I think there will be future generations who have just never known that you could actually have that rich a level [of biodiversity] and won’t have a reference point,” he said.” (Senior research scientist at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Mark Stafford Smith)
    We are already there and I guess he doesn’t realize either….

    And this one you probably did see

  5. wam

    selamat pagi, Lord, hari yang indah

    I got this post last night and reflected on the chance of you admitting that trump has had positive effects on America over the last 12 months far far far in advance of the rabbott’s first 12 months and arguably ahead of their achievements since 2013.

    Think back to the election 6 candidates but two main parties:
    A man of mammon with the normal redneck tendencies of american society(and ours??) and a woman of politics. Normally there would be no contest but the man is so outlandish that the woman nearly wins.
    Consider the rabbott’s aim to destroy that which gillard achieved? Trump was no different.

    Sorry, Lord, trump sounds awful but he is hitting the spot.

    swan and gillard are not usable in elections until billy attacks the economic lies of the rabbott and trumbles sad but billy has not the stomach for a fight he is a ‘hoper’ and they are usually ‘no’.

  6. crypt0

    “I know of no other comparable democracy whose politicians so regularly debase themselves and their own country as much as ours do.”
    Thank you, John.
    I was beginning to think it was just me !
    But it ain’t … no, not by a long shot.

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