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Day to Day Politics: Talk about a Circus

Saturday March 18 2017

“Just because we are governed by clowns it doesn’t mean we have to laugh.”

The unedifying, undiluted, unplugged Jay and Josh press conference, or more appropriately called circus SA, between two monkeys on steroids showed Australians just why our politics has degenerated into a three-ring circus. In this instance, however, my sympathies are with Weatherill. Over the past few months he has had to accept much horse shit thrown from the conservative donkeys on the right who are brilliant at blaming the opposition for the circus’s unpopularity. He was just throwing a bit back.

A day after pretending he was a decent ring leader by getting gas companies to guarantee our future supply, (what choice did they have and why did the Government allow such a deal with no national interest test in the first place?) he cracks the whip by announcing a 2 billion upgrade to Snowy Mountain Hydro.

“She’ll be right” shouted the men of the Snowy when it seemed their work would never end or became too arduous. It wasn’t the negative quote we have interpreted it to be. It meant that regardless of the hardship, the work would be done. “She’ll be right, mate.”

It’s a quote unsuited to a do nothing Government. A bunch of clowns without the balls to juggle anything.

If nothing else the press conference highlighted just how broken our political system is. It demonstrated that in the big tent of politics, the circus is just full of under-performing jugglers who constantly drop the ball. A state government fails to brief the federal government on what it intends announcing and the federal government does the same. Not a thought about options or  solutions. Just gratuitous slurs hurled like knives at each other.

Weatherill wasn’t wrong when he said it was “galling” that the Commonwealth had endlessly “bagged” the state and now said “we want to work together”.

Mind you I have some sympathy for the Premier who since the lights out storm has copped a barrage of lies and insults that would make a trapeze artist reconsider a safety net.

Weatherill was probably responsible for instigating the confrontation but we have to consider that his ‘ENTITLED ANGER’ had been boiling away for six months so he had a lot of steam to let off.

Weatherill said the Snowy initiative was a “$2 billion admission that the national energy market has broken and there needs to be public investments to actually fix it up” adding that the government was “in a white-knuckled panic about national energy policy”.

Frydenberg not to be outdone said Weatherill had delivered a “$550 million admission of failure” two days earlier, and had a big job to do explaining why the lights went out in South Australia “not once, not twice, not three times, but four times”.

At the end of it Turnbull trotted in like the head clown in the three-ring circus to say:

I understand that the Premier’s conduct spoke volumes about the Premier’s state of mind at the moment.”

Low blow clowning at its best.

This was somewhat unfair as the federal government would have blamed the three dwarfs if it could. What the boots and all 20 minute press conference did tell us was just how little cooperation exists between the states and the commonwealth. It is now toxic. Turnbull has been saying for months now that any increase in energy prices would be the fault of the states. By stepping into the gas crisis he must now take ownership of the problem.

Now let’s look at Turnbull’s proposal in isolation.

It is not new. It has been around a long time. As to the cost they seemed to have plucked 2 billion dollars out of a magician’s hat. Like most projects of this type the cost seems to get out of hand and the time doubles so it could cost 6 billion and take a decade to compete. As yet it is only in feasibility stage which is to be completed prior to Christmas and the work to commence shortly afterwards. However, some say that it will never see the light of day. The major shareholders Victoria and NSW know precious little about it yet have been asked to dob in their share. If they don’t/won’t then with slight of hand dexterity the government will. Remarkable how they can find a few lazy billion when it doesn’t exist. Circus life does have its advantages.

Now it well maybe an excellent proposal, this Snowy scheme, but the question that needs to be asked is just how does it, and Weatherill’s proposal fit into the Finkel National Energy Policy that he is due to report on mid year.

The Coalition has had four years to come up with an energy plan, and all we have had is a lump of coal being handed around in the bullpit with accompanied bullshit. Pathetic I hear you say. The circus band plays on.

Finkel of course has been asked to come up with a plan that excludes the solution. Strange I hear you say. Well the Government has ruled out any  consideration of the approach considered by the National Farmers Federation, Energy Networks Australia, the retailer Energy Australia, the electricity provider AGL, the Climate Change Authority, the Business Council of Australia and the CSIRO who all agree that a form of an emissions intensity trading scheme is the best way forward. In their submissions all of the aforementioned have included consideration of an ‘EIS’. Finkel can hardly dismiss them out of hand.if he does the opposition will do an extra matinee for free.

The reason why Turnbull has forbidden this approach is that it is a tax and it be seen as an admission of guilt in axing Labor’s carbon tax. He values his job as ring master of the three-ring circus more highly than what’s best for Australia’s energy needs and a moral approach to our carbon emissions. It’s an ideology over common sense approach. It’s just amazing how much clout the clowns of the right-wing circus have.

What our readers say.

Terry 2

“The prime minister has ordered a feasibility study by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) into increasing the capacity of the Snowy Hydro scheme by up to 50% by the use of pumped-hydro technology. It is a “feasibility study” and should be completed by the end of the year. ARENA, which provides financial grants for 40 per cent of the CSIRO’s energy research, was set to be stripped of $1.3 billion in funding as part of the government’s Omnibus Savings Bill still before the parliament.”

“By the way, I think that SA’s reserve gas power facility is good risk management particularly as it will be publicly owned; Weatherill deserves our support for tackling a problem that the federal government is only now belatedly acknowledging.”

Peter F

“Within the last hour Fran Kelly was told by someone who has worked on the Snowy Hydro scheme that the PM’s idea is nothing new, it was always part of the original proposal, but that it will take YEARS to get agreement between all of the parties before anything can happen.”

“Yes, it should have been part of any government plan. But that is exactly the point: there was no plan before Weatherill’s announcement.”

“Ok, so, in response to the proposal for a battery system in SA ( one proponent says it could be up and running in 100 days) our wonderful PM drags out a $2bn Snowy Mtns scheme expansion (ARENA says it could have a 7 year lead time), while denigrating the battery proposal.”


“As it stands SA and now the Commonwealth are up for heavy costs to remedy the fossil fuels oriented neglect of the previous decade, along with the hiving off of control of resources and infrastructures for ideological and political reasons with probably even graft involved.”

Whatever you make of all this one thing is abundantly clear. The Government led by Turnbull must be the most incompetent ever to have served the nation. In spite of all their collective education they can’t, after four years, even come up with decent policies on Energy and the Environment. Shame, shame, shame. And many other policies. Shame, shame, shame.

”This three ring circus needs to get its act together. At the moment it seems to have no energy at all”

On this day in 2016 I wrote the following:

I have always believed Greg Hunt to be the second biggest liar, behind Abbott, in Australian Politics.

On Tuesday morning while driving my grandsons to school he was being interviewed on AM. The previous day it was announced that the average global surface temperature for February was 1.35°C warmer than the global average for the month between 1951-1980—a margin that shattered the previous record of 1.14°C, which was set just one month earlier—and exceeded preliminary figures released earlier this month.

“NASA dropped a bombshell of a climate report,” wrote meteorologists Bob Henson and Dr. Jeff Masters, founder of the Weather Underground. February 2016 has soared past all rivals as the warmest seasonally adjusted month in more than a century of global record keeping.

On Q&A on Monday night Australia’s Chief Scientist empathized the seriousness of the latest data more or less suggesting that the battle is being lost.

Seemingly oblivious to the situation Hunt in his interview told repeated lies about our commitment to reducing emissions giving the impression that Australia is on top of everything when the fact we are not.

“My best estimate is that we are unlikely as a nation ever to surpass [2005 levels] … In my best judgment, the advice, the information from the department, we reached peak emissions in 2005-06 … and the course of history to come for Australia is that we will continue to be below that figure.”

In saying this he is assuming that his monumentally condemned Direct Action will work.

There is not an economist, environmentalist, climate scientist or serious science writer who thinks that ‘Direct Action’ is the answer.

Lenore Taylor in the Guardian said:

“Independent experts predict Australia’s emissions will almost certainly rise over that decade under current policies, which do not put limits on emission increases from industry, electricity generation or land-clearing. They were deeply sceptical of Hunt’s peak emissions in 2005 claim.”

Hugh Grossman, the executive director of Reputex, said his company’s analysis of the government’s own data showed Australia’s emissions would continue to grow and that ‘there is no peak in sight’.

Malcolm Turnbull said this:

“Now I think those are arguments that some of the supporters of the scheme take, but it obviously – if you want to have a long-term solution to abating carbon emissions and to achieve – if you want to have a long-term technique of cutting carbon emissions, you know, in a very substantial way to the levels that the scientists are telling us we need to do by mid-century to avoid dangerous climate change, then a direct action policy where the Government – where industry was able to freely pollute, if you like, and the Government was just spending more and more taxpayers’ money to offset it, that would become a very expensive charge on the budget in the years ahead.”

Donald Trump said this:

“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”

My thought for the day.

“Just because we are governed by clowns it doesn’t mean we have to laugh.”



  1. Keith

    Little detail has been given in relation to the Snowy proposal, it appears as though water is to be recycled by pumping it back into the reservoirs once power has been generated. The question arises will renewable energy be used to pump back water into reservoirs?
    If renewable energy sources are to be used, are there reasons why they cannot be used independently of the Snowy scheme?
    Will the scheme be providing just enough energy for an increasing population , or will the scheme provide a surplus of energy well into the future?

    Is the scheme a thought bubble to ward off current poor publicity in relation to energy?

    I thought Premier Weatherill provided the tongue lashing that the Federal government deserved.
    The NBN roll out provides a good example of why we should be concerned about the capacity of the LNP to manage huge capital works.

  2. Kaye Lee

    March 2015

    Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has entered the fray over Australia’s superannuation system, declaring any attempt to allow first home buyers to use their super savings for a deposit to be a “thoroughly bad idea”.

    “That is not what the superannuation system is designed to achieve,” Mr Turnbull said following a speech in Brisbane on Wednesday.


    March 2017

    Malcolm Turnbull is refusing to rule out allowing first-time home buyers to dip into their superannuation to help pay for a deposit, saying he won’t discuss issues under consideration for the budget.


  3. Peter F

    Our great leader on behalf of the 13% minority holder, makes an announcement about a 50% increase in the Snowy Hydro capacity without any notice to the second biggest holder. The majority holder was informed by telephone the night before the announcement.

    Negotiation should be a doddle with this as a starting point.

    I expect there wasn’t time .

  4. Arthur Baker

    “On Tuesday morning while driving my grandsons to school he was being interviewed on AM.”

    I don’t get it. Why was Tony Abbott driving your grandsons to school? And why would anyone trust him to do so? I wouldn’t trust the imbecile to run a chook raffle – and he’s my member of parliament.

  5. Arthur Baker

    Sorry, now I see it. It was Greg Hunt driving your grandsons to school. That’s OK, then.

  6. 1petermcc

    John, I find it odd that the MSM think Jay had a dummy spit when all the FaceBook posts I saw (and there was a mass of them) celebrated Josh getting hammered for the pretence. Even the few commentators I respect are signed on to the dummy spit theory.

    Maybe my circle of friends is too limited but even my on-line antagonists kept out of it.

    The number of people sick of pollies seems to be growing and it’s not helped when we see the walking nightmare of Trump sticking it to his supporter base in the US.

    Even though he is not in our politics, he is hitting the headlines supporting greed is good and that is reflecting on a Liberal party that is ramping up the class war.

    Perhaps I’m wrong but it seems to me folk are finally realising they have a role to play in politics and it’s time to get out the big stick.

  7. OzHike

    Snowy 2.0 reminds me of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.
    Every thinking person knows this was a back of the envelope reaction to South Australia’s announcement. Even the owners weren’t consulted, finding out only when it hit the airwaves. Yet nobody want’s to say it!
    Whilst acknowledging it’s suitability as a medium term contribution to resolving the problem, I foresee a big problem for the LNP’s instigation.
    Once the body of LNP supporters come to the realization that this opens the renewable energy floodgates in NSW and Victoria, the backlash could split the parties. The intermittency argument has now evaporated and the base-load case withered. In short, no clean coal or nuclear.
    Any thoughts that by adding storage and not renewable generation would give them a pass with their voters simply won’t wash.
    Let’s face it. A decade of supercoal narrative to the faithful has achieved it’s programming objective and asking them to now do a 180° turn will probably take just as long.

    It’s a dilemma of the LNP’s own creation which leaves them caught between a sooty black rock and a hard about-face.

  8. Terry2

    Jay Weatherill was awake to the coalition campaign strategy to go through to the next election with the slogan


    A powerful statement that would send shivers throughout the Australian community and, of course, they would point to South Australia to bolster their campaign of misinformation.

    The cynicism of this has now been exposed by Weatherill and we saw this when the Prime Minister had to quickly convene a meeting with Gas producers and make an announcement about a feasibility study on pumped-hydro : the first time that this government had made any attempt whatsoever to address energy security.

  9. Harquebus

    Again with the “emissions intensity trading scheme”. It ain’t gonna work. No market solution will. Our problems stem from geophysical limitations and can not be solved with current political nor economic ideology.

    “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” — Albert Einstein

    For over twenty years I have been harping on about energy, growth and resource scarcity and depletion and have been mostly ignored or ridiculed. The all destroying economy has always taken precedence. I am not hearing much laughter now that we face the consequences of decades of economic incompetence, environmental abuse and over exploitation of resources and we will just now just have to wear it. We can now look forward to high unemployment, rations and quotas, infrastructure decay, loss of services and shortages of everything. Get ready.

    To whom can I attribute the quote at the beginning of this article?


  10. Pappinbarra Fox

    Greg hunt interviewed while driving your grandson to school is a vey dangerous practice. Greg hunt being interviewed even if not driving is still a very dangerous practice.

  11. Pappinbarra Fox

    I get that politicians (especially lawyers) don’t have a clue about the first and second laws of thermodynamics but surely the Snowie engineers have heard of them. Which makes me think they were not involved in this brain fart. The whole idea is suss. Pumping water uphill to bring it back down to generate electricity to pump it back up suggests a perpetual motion machine. Hmmmm. Now why hasn’t that been thought of before.

  12. Tina Clausen

    I’ve said before and will repeat. Privatising essential services such as power, telecommunications, public transport etc was only ever going to benefit big companies and shareholders. It was NEVER going to result in cheaper or more affordable options for ordinary citizens. All utilities and essential services must be state owned and controlled, costs can then be kept to what it needs for running the service, maintenance and some extra kept aside for emergencies caused by eg natural disasters. Once you start wanting to make big profits to siphon out for the benefit of companies and fat cat shareholders it is only ever going to end one way. Disaster and unaffordability for ordinary people. Mandatory fees and charges not related to usage are also a huge issue with electricity cost. I try to use as little electricity as possible and yet still get a huge bill. That’s the problem with privatisation, they’ll get you any way they can.

  13. keerti

    Considering the rate of increase in average global temperature, the consequent melting of the planet’s ice (there is already enough heat to melt all of it) and relating to the speed at which governments (particularly this government) get things done, it is likely that the Snowy river will have become tidal in it’s upper reaches before the first work is done!

  14. John Lord

    H. All the quotes used in my writing are from my own head.

  15. Terry2

    The downside of pumped-hydro is the cost of getting the water back up the hill as inevitably this pushes up the cost of electricity produced. Cheeky boy Turnbull said that perhaps the pumped-hydro could be driven by wind energy implying that it would be free.

    Of course the up hill pumping will not be free, it will cost even if using off-peak power.

    Whether the economics will work out, now depends on the feasibility study being conducted by ARENA.

    As we all know, the coalition were committed to destroying ARENA when they came into office and in the meantime they have robbed them of resources. I just hope that they have enough resources left to do an objective assessment of the viability of this brain-fart : we should also look to see what the Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel has to say about all this.

  16. Vikingduk

    “The cost of snowy hydro upgrade could double once network upgrades are included.” Industry experts warned, however, that the cost of the power station could be dwarfed by the expense of the upgrades to the electricity grid, which are needed to ensure the extra output can reach both Sydney & melbourne.

    “But to deliver the energy to consumers, it needs inter-regional transmission constraints to be removed — otherwise it is a waste of money.”

    Initial work on pumped storage units was done in the 1960’s, and was refined in the 1980’s, identifying 4 possible sites . . .

    Grid upgrades north to Canberra & Sydney, coupled with upgrades south to Melbourne, plus whatever was needed to upgrade links into SA, would cost considerably more than 2 billion.

    “If you add 2000Mw of generation capacity then you will need to build new 330KV lines to Yass . . . For example, on Feb. 10, Snowy was flat out keeping the power on in nsw.

    SMH, March 17, from a story by Brian Robins.

    Via NASA and MIT comes new research telling us fuqwits that even if we stopped all fossil fuel burning now, completely, we will be suffering the consequences of our actions for several hundred years into the future with the bad shit increasing as the centuries fly past. This seems mainly to the problems of the relatively short lived gases, e.g., methane, CFC’s and HFC’s, which, when compared to CO2, don’t linger as long but make up for their brief lifespan, by doing more bad shit. Apparently, if we hadn’t banned CFC’s, the rate of climate change would be twice what it is now.

    Great idea, eh, let’s all keep playing silly buggers, let’s just keep being brain dead effwits, let’s all just sit back in our air con comfort and watch this most beautiful planet burn. Sound like a plan?

  17. Vikingduk

    According to SumOfUs.org, Westpac are considering financing Adani, they are looking for donations to fund ad campaign against Westpac.

    Oh joy, oh joy, another coal mine.

    Perhaps, in these desperate times, it maybe time to follow Shepard Fairey . .

    Make Art Not War. This planet has seen more than enough of our destructive ways and now, it seems, it is time to pay the piper.

  18. Ross

    Found Malcolm’s private, updated plan on the web.
    Malcolm Turnbull Snowy Hydro 2.0 Plan, V02: (Classified Top Secret. For your eyes only, & Rupert)
    This is a plan we aim to have on standby if our feasibility study says we need to come with a plan;
    1) Build a conventional coal fired power station, at taxpayers’ expense, to provide power to run the water transfer pumps. (Cost a couple of Billion AUD, pfft, take it out the petty cash jar).
    2) Project to be untended, uncosted, and sold/gifted to mates/backers/international government owned conglomerate. (Note to self; have old Arfur negotiate adequate ”donation” to parakeelia for awarding contracts)
    3) No time line to be mandated for project delivery. (Anytime in the next twenty or so years is OK by us).
    4) Source coal from Adani. (Note to self; Remit payments to Adani Cayman Island account).(See Note in item 2)
    5) Loan, or gift, Adani the dosh to build and own rail transport line from Queensland.(See Note in item 2)
    6) Sell power station to mates/backers/international government owned conglomerate ASAP. ( Note to self; use the dosh to upgrade parliament house office air con, the old one can’t handle the summer heat)
    7) Mandate completely unregulated market control of station power prices charged by mates/backers/international government owned conglomerate.
    8) Make the poles and wires from power station to pump house a PTN (power to the node) system and sell/gift to mates/backers/international government owned conglomerate ASAP. (refer note in item 2)
    9) Mandate completely unregulated market control of PTN prices charged by mates/backers/international government owned conglomerate.
    10) When no snow falls and water levels get dangerously low due to climate change, divert all water from Snowy River to pump inlets, Vic (Labor) and SA (labor) get none. Ha, that’ll teach them. Forget NSW (Liberal gov).(Note to self; Don’t forget to tell Barney J, at the very last minute if possible)
    11) Reserve seats on all boards for ex LNP Federal Government Energy Ministers (whoever they are/were).
    There, sorted. Utopia, n’est-ce pas. (Note to self; best run it past Rupert first just to be on the safe side)

  19. crypt0

    Harquebus said … “we will just now just have to wear it”
    ‘Fraid so, H.
    I know people like to say “If we act now etc. we can limit/beat/whatever climate change and stay positive etc, …
    We been saying that for a very long time now ….

  20. guest

    John Lord,

    perhaps you could expand on the idea of the ‘circus SA” and the ‘two monkeys’. Are your political leanings showing?

    I am with Keith @6.32am. It is time someone stood up in public to the machinations of the Coalition, instead of allowing them to pass by to the next question. Freydenberg deserved a roasting.

    Then we have a problem with paragraph 2 in your post. Paragraph 1 has just finished with discussing Weatherill and then paragraph 2 goes on to refer to ‘he’ – sounds like Weatherill again, but is in fact referring to Turnbull. Rather confusing.

    And while there is reference to grammatical matters here, why do people continue to use “it’s” as in “the dog chased it’s tail”? The abbreviation “it’s” means ‘it is’ or ‘it has…” as in ‘It’s a problem’ or ‘It’s been a problem for a long time’.

    As for the dog, it bites its tail.

  21. kerri

    It wasn’t Wetherill who started the stoush! It was in fact a journalist who asked a highly provocative question, after a number of other provocative questions from journos, that left Jay with no option but to react the way he did. Frydenberg had been toeing the party line up to the question in point. Frankly I think Jay handled the situation well and the way he held Josh to account was long overdue. I fervently hope all other Labor Premiers do the same and expose the Federal Government for their lies and misleading stories. With the exeception of Anastacia Palaczuk who has crossed over to the dark side getting into bed with Adani.
    This video shows the questions leading up to the fractious confrontation.

  22. kerri

    Peter F I suspect the largest shareholder, NSW, was only told because it is under LNP governance.
    Both Turnbull and Frydenberg are unashamedly using the issue to bag out Labor state Governments.
    I hope other Premiers respind as awell as Jay did.
    Did anyone else notice Josh trying to pick the BS frombetween his teeth?

  23. Steve Laing

    When your sole objective is “keep Labor out”, everything the Coalition do must be interpreted through this context. It would be nice to believe the objective was to govern for the benefit of all Australians, but there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that might be the case. Everything they do is politics, not policy.

  24. helvityni

    Spot on, Steve Laing.

  25. helvityni

    Josh might be a monkey, Jay certainly isn’t.

  26. Roswell

    Can’t say I liked Jay being called a monkey either. So as not to be a hypocrite, I must then not like Josh being called a monkey either.

    But sadly – in this regard – I’m a hypocrite.

  27. Pete Petrass

    Has anyone else ever done this pumped hydro thing before? Successfully? Or are the LNP just being innovative and agile again like with the NBN rolling out a copper network?

  28. Terry2

    In the U.S., the existing 38 pumped hydroelectric facilities can store just over 2 percent of the country’s electrical generating capacity. That share is small compared with Europe’s (nearly 5%) and Japan’s (about 10%). China has significant pumped-hydro, this gives a global picture :


    So it’s not new but Turnbull heard about it on Tuesday !

  29. silkworm

    The government does not need pumped hydro to refill the dams. It could refill them at virtually no cost using Turnball’s rain-making machine. (On second thought, why would Turnball provide this service for free when he could charge a motza for it?)


  30. townsvilleblog

    This is a government hell bent on robbing ordinary people because they say they can’t afford pensions, yet today I find that in 2014 the fossil fuel industry was given $550Billion in corporate welfare. They must think Australians are mugs, these foreign multinationals come over here take our minerals for FREE make huge billions in profit and income tax is FREE but wait there’s more we (our LNP govt) give them an extra $550 Billion in corporate welfare, how disgusting when our pensioners are being threatened with debt5 notices for debt they don’t owe. The bloody yanks must be laughing all the way back to yankee land.

  31. Möbius Ecko

    Just saw a Smith Family ad to sponsor a child.

    Nothing remarkable you say, they and other charities have been asking the people of wealthy countries like Australia to sponsor third world children for decades now. Only this ad featured a white Western child and they’re asking us to sponsor Australian children.

    Has this country really come to this, where we require third world like sponsorships for our children?

  32. Kaye Lee

    Sadly that is not new ME.

    “data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics Income and Expenditure surveys for 2013-14 and previous years. It found that 731,300 or 17.4% of all children were living in poverty in Australia.”


    “One in seven Australian children and young people are growing up in poverty

    read more about the 34,000 Australian children that The Smith Family sponsorship program helped last year.”


  33. Terry2

    The so called Omnibus Bill will hit the Senate in the next parliamentary session. The bill includes increases to child-day-care subsidies, and cuts to family tax benefits and paid parental leave.

    The government are using the omnibus approach to get through aspects of the 2014 budget’s ‘zombie’ measures which got rejected in the Senate together with a sprinkling of rose petals on the top so that it doesn’t look or smell too bad.

    The problem for Labor and the cross-benches is not so much this particular Bill but the whole idea of omnibus legislation which, by its very nature, is designed to be voluminous , complex and hard to digest : that’s why they put all the bad things in with a few carrots to lure the likes of One Nation who have already swallowed the bait even though they probably have no idea what the are voting on.

    Labor are campaigning to have the Bill split into manageable segments but the coalition know that if this were done, they would not get all their cuts to family benefits through. The government are budgeting for savings of between $4 and $6 billion if this Bill goes through so don’t tell there won’t be some pain for those on lower incomes.

    As a matter of principle we should resist omnibus legislation in this country as it makes governments lazy and encourages them to pull the wool over the electorate’s eyes : I wonder how many of our politicians, let alone the public actually understand what’s in the Bill ?

  34. cartoonmick

    Quote > All the quotes used in my writing are from my own head.< John, you have a great head muscle, which produces great quotes. Keep them coming.

    Meanwhile, we're stuck with those clowns who appear to believe in themselves and everything they say.
    If only we could power this country with political spin. The lights would never be out.

    Jay certainly took the points in the garage that day. Josh was all at sea, and so he should have been. He didn't have a leg to float on. Wisdom and determination will beat political spin and ignorance every time.

    Following the garage scene, (and other political thought balloons), I was motivated to create a 45 second animation thingy which is a bit of a satire on and the coalitions approach to energy supply. The message is there, but it confirmed a long held suspicion "Cartoonists can't sing", and nor should they.

    You'll find it here on YouTube . . . https://youtu.be/BXrtvM8zI9o


  35. David Bruce

    Regrettably I have come to the conclusion that corporations are more important to politicians than people. Aside from the tax-free benefits, changes to re-zoning laws, slack EPA enforcement, insider trading and many other perks, the entire legal system in the Western world is geared towards corporations. Under Admiralty Law (or law of the sea), corporations take precedence and people are treated as cargo, or merchandise, or commodities, or assets. I began to realize this when I was at the Utapao air base at Sattahip in Thailand, during the Vietnam War. With 90 B52’s operating around the clock targeting Haiphong Harbour, I saw first hand how corporations benefit from US-style wars. I have also come to the conclusion that our politicians couldn’t organise a “piss-up” in a brewery!

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