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The first glimpse of the diplomatic style of Donald Trump reveals the well known ugliness of the President of the United States. Not that his offensive personality is unknown. However, this time he has chosen a friend of long standing to spray his vitriolic abuse at.

I imagine the full text of what was said will never be known however, according to Turnbull, Trump agreed to the deal arranged with the Obama administration. This is hard to follow given Trumps stance on immigration.

Naturally Turnbull wanted a deal given his dilemma at domestic level. He will be in crisis mode if he doesn’t cut the it.
There can be no excuse for Trump to treat a friend as he has and every Australian should feel affronted. Equally though every Australian should feel let down by the fact that Turnbull allowed him to do so.

America has never enjoyed a good international reputation and needs every friend she can get. Trump should behave accordingly. They have always been the only country in the world to believe in their own bullshit. Stand up to the groper Malcolm.



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  1. Ricardo29

    I’m not affronted by Trump’s appparent dealings with Turnbull. We all knew, and know, what Trump is like. I am affronted by Turnbull trying to palm off Australia’s refugee problem to the US. I don’t know why Obama acceoted it, but its only a partial solution to what is really only Australia’s problem.

  2. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, John. I’m just home from a lovely day out. No news, no internet – just lunch and a little harmless gallivanting. Now I’m reading your post and I’m back to the real world with a thud!

    I don’t think it’s all that surprising that Trump might not want to honour the deal made with President Obama. How can he, in view of his Muslim immigration ban? He can, of course, modify the deal and accept people who are not from the 7 countries he has stipulated, but it does seem highly unlikely that he’ll accept anyone from the Big 7.

    The big surprise for me has been that Mr. Turnbull has kept on and on about the agreement.

    Just one thing – You say, ‘There can be no excuse for Trump to treat a friend as he has and every Australian SHOULD feel affronted. Equally though every Australian SHOULD feel let down by the fact that Turnbull allowed him to do so.’ (My caps.) I can’t see how it can be helpful to tell people what they SHOULD feel. We feel what we DO feel, and lots of Australians, sadly, don’t feel the way the rest of us would like them to about Mr Trump, and indeed about many other matters. We need to convince them, I suppose.

    Having said that, I for one do understand and share your outrage.

  3. Freethinker

    Trump is a very serious worry, the US embassy in Canberra confirm the deal would go ahead, also Trump contradict Spicer’s comments
    How Australia is going to deal with this man it is beyond any hope, no to mention many European countries.

    IMHO if Australia or any other country will put pride before any diplomatic policies they will break relations with USA as long as Trump is in power

  4. Deanna Jones

    Why would I feel affronted because one of my oppressors snubbed another of my oppressors?

  5. Gangey1959

    In my honest opinion, it has nothing to do with the refugees. They are and always were Australia’s problem, and are one that is easy to resolve. Just let them settle themselves on Manus/Nauru and live like humans, and stop wasting money incarcerating them.
    Potus needs to be taught how international diplomacy works. Just send him a message telling him to remove his septic personnel from pine gap and the other dual control security bases. (Or we should just round them up and put them on a boat back home.)
    ”Trust us donald, we’ll tell you what you need to know”.
    Fluck him.
    As far as our pm is concerned, why hasn’t talcum come up with this plan on his own? It’s not that hard to have a knee jerk reaction mentality.

  6. Lifesaga

    Australia has the potential to provide leadership to the world, if corporate excess and economic greed were not the main pillars of our obedience, we could set an example for others to follow. We must overcome our fears, make our vote count and make a stand. President Trump is a symptom of a failing community and our changing of our Prime Ministers in so few years should be an embarrassment to us all. Is this really the best that we can do?

  7. economicreform

    Whatever persuaded Malcolm to believe that a deal made with Trump, whether written or verbal, would be worth anything?

  8. longwhitekid

    Whomever does his hair, literally gets his ear hair and combs it and utilizes it. UUUUGH.

  9. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    If Trump’s people monitor Trump’s twitter responses, they’ll see I stuck up for Australia. Pathetic maybe; little ole me against POTUS!

    However, I see it another way. POTUS has been reduced in status and can be understood as Pretentious Offensive Tyrant of the United States.

  10. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    pity it’s not his nose hair. Then we wouldn’t have to see his ugly mug.

  11. wam

    In modern times diplomacy is an affront to everything you have written, Lord.
    The diplomatic society. is almost NEVER trusted with the truth.
    This man is transparent in his style of blustering diplomacy. Does he speak a truth??
    On the other hand Aust is exemplified by our treatment of timor leste, gillard and women, in general.

  12. Steve Laing

    This was always the inevitable outcome of two politicians who have painted themselves into corners in their desire to race to the bottom, to try and delight the voters whom they need to court there. Both of these fluckers deserve all the abuse they receive for this inevitable conclusion.

  13. Barry Thompson

    Bring Hockey home and replace him with a career Diplomat.

    Hockey does not have the training and skills required of an Ambassador. It may not necessarily improve matters, but it may help.

  14. Peter F

    Hockey – now which country did his family come from? If we call him home to report to the government, would he be allowed back into the US?

  15. helvityni

    …yes but, we are so hurt now because we are finding out that we do not have that very special place in America’s heart after all….

    Let’s stop being childish and demand that our leaders work for us, keep us happy..

    Trump does not even know where Australia is.

  16. Davidius

    What possessed Mal to think the deal done with Obama wouldn’t be reversed as soon as possible by this brat in the White House, given his hatred of non-white, non-rich, non-western people? If poor quaking Mal, grinning awkwardly through his faecal focaccia lunch, is to redeem himself even slightly, he must withdraw from ANZUS, and tell little Donny to remove his troops, planes and bases and take them home. One day Mal will realise that he really MUST begin to stand for something other than just being prime minister. I suspect we’re f*cked and far from home on that score, unfortunately.

  17. Keitha Granville

    Just because POTUS is behaving like a spoiled child, or a tyrannical dictator (whichever you prefer) does not mean that we follow suit. Why do we need to desert our dignity and return fire ? Malcolm unfortunately has no idea how to handle this, apart from saying ” it’s all fine, nothing to see here ” and carrying on as though nothing has happened. Once again, we need a PM with balls to stick up for Australia, instead of trying to appease the USA.

  18. townsvilleblog

    We all know three things about this bloke:
    1. He is an extreme conservative
    2. He is an arrogant rich pig
    3. he has lived a spoiled life and is used to getting whatever he wants
    Those three factors taken into consideration, he may very well start WW3 because only 43% of the irresponsible US population voted, and he can’t be blamed for the refugees on Manus or Naru this LNP govt had a responsibility to re-home them for 3 years, we need to direct the blame to where the blame should lie.

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