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Day to Day Politics: The sooner they go the better.

Friday 10 November 2017

1 Yesterday’s interview with Karl Stefanovic, in my mind at least, left little doubt that the Prime Minister is losing his cool. Sure, Stefanovic was deliberately trying to bait him but there is little doubt that the pressure is showing. Mind you, he has a lot to put up with trying to control a party that is out of control.

At the heart of his frustration is the citizenship debacle and it’s not going to go away. Rightly or wrongly the government owns the problem. Shorten might be milking it for all it’s worth but having said that, it might take a decent dose of bipartisanship to get out of this one. Surely good government cannot survive a series of by-elections not knowing if government has a majority from one to the next.

It has to end with either the Governor General or the Prime Minister dissolving the Parliament and calling an election. Leaving the matter where it stands is dangerous and using it as a free pass into 2018 will only anger the public more.

The whole thing has arisen because we don’t have a standing constitutional tribunal that sits frequently and advise the government on reform.

2 The drums of the conservatives are already pounding to the tune of a defeat in the Marriage Equality Survey: making loud noises about freedom of speech and other matters. If the YES vote wins then it will be incumbent on the government to act quickly and fulfil its promise of legislation before Christmas. It should also be a time for the likes of Howard and Abbott to shut their mouths and admit defeat.

Why am I so confident, you well may ask. Well, this week’s Essential poll asked the following question:

Q. Did you answer yes or no to the question “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry? (Based on those who have voted).

Of those who have voted, 64% say they voted yes (up 4% from 2 weeks ago) and 31% no (down 3%). 5% did not give an answer.

Those most likely to have voted yes are Greens voters (92%), Labor voters (79%), people aged 18-34 (77%), and women (69%).

3 You can’t help being cynical when the press and the Government collude to get stuck into South Australia’s renewable energy policy. They have demonised the state for so long that most Australians think that the state is a major factor in our total energy problems. Then we read this headline:

“South Australia’s Stunning Transition to Consumer Power Grid”

“South Australia is already being hailed – or in some quarters demonised – for its leadership on renewable energy technology. But a new report from the Australian Energy Market Operator highlights how far out front it is in the tradition to a consumer-powered grid.

The new AEMO report highlights that 9.2 per cent of the electricity generated in the state over the last financial year came from small-scale (sub 100kW) of solar PV on the rooftops of households and businesses in the state.”

On the same subject the Canberra Times showed this headline:

Former Clean Energy finance chief Oliver Yates slams Turnbull government’s ‘immoral’ climate policies

A Liberal Party veteran and former head of the federal government’s green bank has unleashed on his party’s “immoral” climate change policies, saying they “knowingly and willingly inflict damage on others”.

My thought for the day

“We have now had 22 Newspolls with an eight per cent two-party-preferred deficit, a sustained and disastrous primary vote and a collapsed net satisfaction rating. Something has to give.”


  1. spiraledi1

    Go South Australia you are the future.The Cons are the past.

  2. Pilot

    Shallow Mal and his cohort of the DAMNED, their days are numbered and they know it. But do they care? IMO, no. They are there to disrupt, demean, accuse and lie. They are an utter disgrace. The LNP have no vision for Australia or its majority of citizens, they are there to push their IPA overload’s agenda, nothing more.
    To allow himself to be goaded by Stefanovic just shows how weak Shallow Mal truly is. The boots of leadership do not fit him at all. Time and time again he has shown his weaknesses and his ability to do nothing except buy his way out of trouble or capitulate to the raucous right. He and his party cannot work hard, they cannot hike the hard yards needed to protect ordinary Australian citizens. Their focus is purely on protecting the feathered nest of their overloads and the privileges of their greedy donors, and that is a disgrace and an insult to all Australians.

    Now is the time to turn the screws harder on these bigoted fascist mongrel bred losers!!!

  3. Terry2

    That Turnbull, despite his busy schedule, took the time to telephone cross bencher Rebekha Sharkie of the Xenophon team and, as she put it :

    During that conversation the Prime Minister asked me about the dates I sought to renounce my UK citizenship.”

    It tells you something about the mental state of our Prime Minister and how isolated he has become when he is acting as inquisitor in chief and grilling members of another party : he now seems to be in the political death zone and it is only a matter of time before he either falls on his sword, is the subject of a right wing coupe led by Peter Dutton or he calls a snap election.

    I say Dutton because he has been just too quiet in recent weeks, when he should have been answering questions about the mess he has created on Manus, he has been missing in action and probably conspiring with abbott for a coupe.

  4. Michael Fairweather

    Unfortunately the Governor General is owned by the Liberal Party, like the Liberals he has no interest in the “right thing” he will go along with any thing Turdbull tells him.

  5. Kronomex

    He is the great, really great, I mean terrific, Wonderful Wizard of Waffle and Weasel Words.
    The Governor General dissolving parliament? What a delightful and utterly futile dream.
    Terry2, Dutton as leader and PM is a horrifying thought. I’m going to be surprised if Truffles makes it to the middle of next year.

  6. Ricardo29

    I don’t think it would matter who replaced MT, the bow of the sinking ship is pointed firmly at the sea floor. As for his performance with Karl, the confused and blustering response gave the lie to his claim of being calm. Finally it is extraordinary, I would argue, for a PM to phone an independent in such circumstances and with such questions. I wonder which idiot in his office thought that was a good idea. What a relief it must be in Vietnam, though I wouldn’t be confident the country is in safe hands. JL, I can’t see the GG dissolving parliament after seeing how well that went for his predecessor.

  7. jim

    Again on Ch 9 we have Marky fn Lathbum citing ” the reason why Manus was set up was to stop the 1,200. deaths at sea caused by the Labor party”,
    The Pacific Solution (LNP initiated) consisted of three central strategies:
    Thousands of islands were excised ( by Howard) from Australia’s migration zone or Australian territory.

    The asylum seekers were removed ( from the mainland ) to detention centres in Nauru and Papua New Guinea while their refugee status was determined. ( way before the 1,200. Deaths at sea in a cyclonic conditions)
    The policy was developed by the Howard government in response to the Tampa affair or “keeping us safe” in August 2001, and was implemented by then Australian Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock on 28 September before the 2001 federal election of 24 November.
    Fed up with ML Lying.

    The policy was largely dismantled in 2008 by the Rudd government following the election of the Australian Labor Party; Chris Evans, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship described it as “a cynical, and very costly ($Billions) and ultimately an unsuccessful exercise.
    On 21 November 2012 Immigration Minister Chris Bowen announced the reopening the Pontville Detention Centre in Tasmania.
    Howard increased immigration 5 fold and spent none of the money from the GST, mining boom and the sale of assets and Telstra on any infrastructure to cope with the massive increase.

  8. Harquebus

    “Surely good government cannot survive a series of by-elections…”
    Good government? I don’t ever recall ever having one ‘n’ I ain’t young anymore.

  9. Ballarat

    You don’t understand Terry 2; Malcolm really cares.

  10. Peter F

    I am in the middle of reading ‘The Secret Country’ by John Pilger. In particular I am reading about the machinations of the right and the American spy system’s efforts to effect the removal of Whitlam. While I knew part of this at the time, the story as told by John Pilger leaves me in no doubt as to who controls us.

  11. Glenn Barry

    Karl’s prodding of Malcolm was hopefully the beginning, I am fed up, as I am sure are most credible journalists, with the jobs and growth waffle from all members of the LNP.

    At which point does it become acceptable to shut the LNP down when they consume the time in interviews NOT answering questions.

    Barnaby Joyce was given a free pas last night on 7:30, he cannot maintain a narrative, not unlike Joh Bjelke Petersen, and the similarities don’t end there.

    Now the threat from Malcolm is to refer as many members as possible from Labor and the cross benches to the High Court – Will this be yet another demonstration of his infamous complete lack of judgement?

  12. nurses1968

    Why rush?
    The LNP are daily digging their own graves and with several State elections coming,and at this stage Labor in trouble in a couple {Wetherill and Andrews,maybe Annastacia} every stuff up, gaff, error of judgement plays to Labors favor.even for the States
    Bill Shorten should be adopting the old Keating quote
    “Keating: The answer is, mate, because I want to do you slowly.”
    and if he can play them through to the next election Labor will romp in and likely to gain enough new seats to position them for several terms and who knows, maybe even control of the Senate

  13. wam

    What a pleasant read today, lord!!!

    I love the word ‘collude’

    How sad labor can but collude with themselves on the ABC and they are not that flash at that level.

    Perhaps bill could seek collusion on ‘witch hunting’ as skill of the rabbott was decried by turnbull.

    Another lovely word is bi-partisanship.
    The rabbott again set up the lnp definition of the action of bi-partanship as ‘labor agreeing to the proposal’.

    Trumball was in a rabbottian full cry blaming labor for not agreeing to his timeline and using bill’s inaction as the reason for the problem being compounded.

    To this simpleton a KISS is needed.
    A simple bi-partisan law removing the right of foreign governments to claim citizenship of Australians born in Australia will remove all the current problems, frees barnaby and all but the foreign born or anyone who has applied for and received foreign citizenship.
    ps Lord 90% of 10% is a long way short of of 79% of labor and should not be given such prominence.

  14. Terence

    Unfortunately John I don’t share your optimism in relation to the SSM legislation. I predicted it ages ago and now news reports today suggest my prediction is coming true. My prediction is that the LNP Rump will stall the legislation by bogging it down in procedural bullocks purely designed to frustrate. They will deploy salami tactics, demanding more and more exemptions and amendments until the legislation becomes unworkable and unacceptable to anyone who has a brain cell and an ounce of decency. Then they will turn around and blame Labor and the Greens who are nothing but a bunch of bed wetting Socialists who clearly don’t know that the Rump’s position on the greasy pole is just reflective of the natural order according to God.

    And of course Jelly Belly Mal will do 2/10’s of SFA. Because, you know, that’s how he rolls.

  15. Möbius Ecko

    Terence. I read yesterday that the moderates of the L-NP have anticipated the move by the far right to stall the same sex marriage legislation and will cut them off, only allowing Senator Dean Smith’s bill through.

    Now, if this is like all the other times Turnbull has cut off or overridden the right of his party, then as you suggest the legislation certainly will be bogged down.

    L-NP Right =1000+ vs. L-NP Left = 0

  16. paul walter

    Re Stefanovic, couldn’t get past the lies from Turnbull about helping the unemployed. These people lie in their sleep.

  17. srs21

    Albo was disappointing himself at that interview. Instead of waffling on about nothing he should have come in with both guns blazing….govt had 2 frontbenchers sitting beside him illegally since August, PM and Fryandburn are being looked into. Suddenly the govt are going rabid, trying to take people’s eyes off them, and rushing to do Labor with the H/C.
    Why is the H/C on Christmas break anyway. They shouldn’t be nor the full lower house till this crisis is over. Do not touch the constitution. Bump the GG out. He’s not doing his job.

  18. Terence

    Möbius Ecko

    Like a Petulant Child, the LNP Rump know that they have daddy wrapped round their finger.

    I honestly believed that I had seen the worst Australian PM when Tony Abbott took the job. Because let’s face it, he was like a lamb kebab at 3am. I know it’s bad, you will regret it in the morning but at 3am and no other viable options, you really don’t give a F because you’ve had enough and you just want it all to end.

    But then comes along Jelly Belly Mal. Not since Sepp Blatter has the world seen a leader who promised so much and delivered so little.

  19. Dyve

    What we need is for the Lib/Nats to hold on, barely keeping their heads above water, until there is no alternative but a general election. If the Opposition only land in government by default after a by-election or two, they’ll have to manage with the barest majority. A solid thumping at a general election should provide sufficient impetus for a new government to actually do something. (Mind you, we’ve been there before with the Ruddster so who knows?) A bonus in a general election would be if some party or other can find a genuinely impressive candidate for the seat of Warringah so we may finally be shot of Abbott, and perhaps the same for Wentworth. The two most recent imcumbents of the PM’s office have presided over the most incompetent, amateurish, heartless, visionless bunch of twerps in living memory. Even Billy McMahon looks good (but, admittedly, only by comparison with Truffles and the budgie-smuggler).

  20. Peregrine McCauley


  21. Peregrine McCauley

    The Greens put Abbott and his master into their rightfull position of power . Meanwhile , our last remaining animal habitats are , raped , plundered , pilliaged , with unabated , ravineous criminality .

  22. Mark Dynamix

    At least New Zealand has internet that allows me to read this page without buffering as it loads

  23. Wayne Turner

    1.Turnbull is GUTLESS and has no political judgement.After the two Greens got caught out for being dual citizens.Turnbull rushed in politically and couldn’t help himself,by uttering “The Greens are sloppy”.Of course that all blew up in his face,because the COALition ended having plenty of their own.Turnbull learnt nothing from Utegate,and continues to lack political judgement.Also,he’s gutless cause he gets annoyed at the MSM,when they ask him a question he doesn’t like.Yet he has continued on Abbott’s dud policies,and been too gutless to stand up to the ultra right.

    2.My bold prediction.If as expected the YES vote gets up.The ultra right won’t even allow a vote to get to parliament.Instead they will cause a leadership spill,and Turnbull will lose his job.He will never see it coming,because he’s arrogant and has no political judgement.Instead we will end up with PM Morrison (Wy else is he is in hiding,so he’s not tainted by this terrible mob.),who will be forced to call an early election.Their new excuse for NOT having a SSM vote in parliament will be; That public survey was a policy under the old Turnbull government,and this is a new government.Of course it’s political suicide,but the ultra right are into that…

  24. Glenn Barry

    @Wayne Turner – I like your prediction and it’s well within the realm of both possibility and probability that the right will sabotage the same sex marriage vote and hopefully get absolutely burned at the next election – the most deserved pyrrhic victory – let’s hope

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