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Day to Day Politics: A serious letter to the editor.

Tuesday 18 July 2017

A letter to the editor of The AIMN.

I really don’t know where to start. Everyday there is a constant stream of pissweek comantary from writers with little to say and all the time in the world to say it.

I’m sick and tied of mean spirited poor looser attitude of the writers of this blog. The bias is just remakeable. I mean cant yoy get it thrugh your skulls that we won.

The bloody Coalition won with a majority and a mandate. I reckon the editor is a few gallons short of a full pool.

Might I suggest that the writers on this blog try a bit less bias otherwise they will end up like the ABC. Christ don’t start me on them. I have no malcontent toward anyone. Just try to be more fair and give credit where credits dew. Try to be objective and nondiscriminatory. Then we con have some real intercourse. Fair bloody dinkum your crap blog is getting worser

All the writing is just what I would have expected from the left wing latte sipping loonies of the proletariat. You chardonnay drinking Bolsheviks without any intelligence. All you did the last time I wrote was criticise a few grammamatical errors. Nothing better to do.And most of the comments had to be a joke – no-one can be that stupid and arrogant, unless they are members of the Greens.

The thing is, you commies don’t understand the fundamentals of conservatism. The free market and capitalism. Conservatives (LNP) believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty and traditional values. We believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals unhindered by government regulations.

Now just before I go on. I read that piece by John Lord about the Donald.

He really has become embrassassing. I mean that article criticizing Americia’s great white hope, Donald Trump was pretty crook but this time I’m going to forget my breading, my manners, and my education and tell the old prick what I think of him.

I mean there is just no limit to how far he will stoop, no gutter to low to slide into, no sewer to murky for him to loose himself in

Fair dinkum. He wouldn’t know shit from clay. I’d suggest he gets himself a manager. It’s obvious he’s been handing himself too long. The Donald has more intregrity in his enormous intelligence than the Lord has in his small mindedness..

Doesn’t he realize that in the Donald we have a man intent on saving the world from socialism. Sure he has made a few mistakes but at least he tells the truth. And hes write about people like you who don’t realize his inate honesty.

Has America ever, so wisely, elected a man so positive about the countries future and exprecced it so clearly.? A person with such truth and transparency. What he says he does and no one effuences him.

He iso sensitive to those who cannot help themselves. So willing to endorse and foster equality.

So knoweggible of technology So aware to the needs of women. That’s why women like him. So adeptt at policy formation and its implementation.

So diplomatic, so ambassadorial, so sensitive, in his attitude toward oth…ers. So accomdating of those who desire equality. And in touch with a modern pluralist society. A man so sophisticated in deep worldly acumen and discernment, yet religiously motivated.

He is the only leader who is willing to put his foot in it and say that Climate Change is crap.

He understands that we need to be free to pursue wealth. I mean I needed the freedom to accept my inheritance. The same with Gina. There will always be haves and have nots. Even Jesus said that the poor will always be with us..

And that great President Ronald Regan said. If we keep giving more money to the rich, everyone will have more money. It’s called tickle down economics. The poor will just have to wait a little longer to see it work.

Conservatives were born to control capitol. Labour comes after capital. Not everyone can be effluent. Had we had less regulation and let market forces have their way we wouldn’t have had a Global Financial Crisis. Now look at the mess the Donald has to get the world out of

Oh and another thing.

I didn’t appreciate all the sarcastic remarks from the knowalls who comment on my writing.. I can only say that good manners is a basic tenant of conservatism. So they needn’t worry about what people think of them if they only knew how little they did.

Now where was I? Yes? There is no inequity in our society. It’s just that some deserve more than others.

What you people on the left don’t appreciate is that if you want the best educated ministry then someone has to pay.The one we have now is the best ever and it shows in all the ideas and policies it has.produced over the last three years. Ya just don’t appreciate what these fine men have done for our country.

Fairdinkum I was talking to me mate Blind Freddy the other day and he reckoned the country would have gone to the dogs if Turnbull wasn’t elected.What the country needed most was a refinement that Tony didn’t have..

We were born to rule. If we don’t have poor people who’s going to do the work.

That’s why I admire Malcolm Turnbull. It talks a lot of courage to change one’s mind and do what’s best for the country. The audacity to suggest that he tells lies, I mean two many educated people can be dangerous for society. They might all want to be wealthy.

Well I don’t mind wealthy people so long as they aren’t as wealthy as me. If that makes sense.

In Tony Abbott we have just what this country needs. An undoer. And there’s so much to undo that there will be little time left for doing anything else. That’s what conservatives value most. At this point in time we need an undoer, not a doer. That’s what Tony is. He just needs to learn how to work with Malcolm.

Anyway all you chardonnay drinking Bolsheviks without any intelligence should wake up to yourselves. You’re disrespect is just revolting. I think you’re that dumb that you must be three bricks short of a load or not the full two bobs worth. Either that or your three sanwhiches short of a picnic. See I can throw shit tooo.

And all his bullshit about work. I mean everyone knows that theirs plenty of work. All my sons at Melbourne Gramma got jobs this year. My son Erwin is doing year 12 vagain but that’s another story.

Fancy saying that Malcolm doesn’t have a plan for for energy. He is the only leader who understands just how long it takes to do these things that’s why its imperative that we get more of it. Time that is. After all the clean coald industry needs to be protected.

His words have a wiff of effluence about them. His plan is to stay in power so that we can build more coald plants and keep the energy energised. Now where was I? Yes? There is no inequity in society. After all everyone gets the same internet that Malcolm invented. First class. The best in the modern world. No complaints from me but then I was born with the gift of patients.

Internet provides. I know my son Miles and his classmates in year 12 at Melbourne Grammar do. I mean the amount of homework Miles does every night with his bedroom door locked is astonishing.

In delusion allow me to finish wit a few comments.

I wont be writing again because I get the impression I am not welcome on this blog. I am at a loss to understand why because all I bring is wisdom and unbiased opinion.

A special thanks to my son and the year 12 English class at Melbourne High for proof reading. Greatly apreciated.

We had a great leader in Tony Abbott. If you don’t think so look at these remarkable insights.

‘There is a place for everything and it’s not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia.’

‘Bad bosses, like bad fathers and husbands, should be tolerated because they do more good than harm.’

‘We have to get this straight: euthanasia is not about the right to die, it is about the right to kill.’

‘Abortion is the easy way out. It’s hardly surprising that people should choose the most convenient exit from awkward situations.’

‘We just can’t stop people from being homeless if that’s their choice.’

What a remakable man he was.

How fortunate the country was when the opportunity arose to give a better man a chance to lead.And all Lord does is criticise. Ask yourself this question.

Malcolm is a person with truth and transparency. So sensitive to those who cannot help themselves. So willing to endorse and foster equality. So knoweggible of technology and science. So aware to the needs of women.

That’s why women like him as there Prime minster.

What Lord wrote yesterday was just unadulterated crap. That’s the word Tony used to describe Climate Change. Malcolm agrees with him that it’s all a socialist plot. So much so that he intends to impliment the Direct Action plan that Tony invented. It’s just the best plan ever and we all share the cost. Why should business pay all the time? They have enough tax to pay.

As usual me piece was proof read by Miles mates in the Melbourne Gramma final year English class.

Morrie Moneyweather. Toorak

My thought for the day

‘There’s nothing like the certainty of a closed mind.’

And another thought

‘Good grammar is vitality important but is secondary to the expression of a valid well-constructed point of view.’



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  1. Pilot

    This letter has to be a joke. Either that or this was written by a LNP parliamentarian. Geez louize, what an illiterate moron. Thank goodness I’m not a conservative, I could be so stupid if I tried.

  2. babyjewels10

    “Individual liberty?” Is this satire?

  3. Stephen

    Why have the party not offered this chap a safe seat selection. We need voices with this depth of knowledge and wisdom tempered by life experience gained in the real Australia to awaken the nation. To remind us of our glorious past, and awaken us to the noble future that the Liberal party can lead us to.

    His voice should be a beacon to us “A light on the Hill” to coin a phrase. Bloody Lefties Greenies Unionists are traitors to the glorious future we see ahead of us, dragging us back to mediocrity.

  4. Keith

    Ya, shoulda mentined Dutto, probobly the most sensitiv Parliamentry blok Australia has ever sean. Looks lik he will get a big promotun.

  5. Keith

    Geez, Im feelin sorry for ya already Morrie, peopal ar alreedy attacking ya.
    Ya hav spent lotsa tim riting this, lotsa fort gone inta what ya wrot and ya not takin seriusly.

  6. John Kelly

    I hear ya, bro. Bin thinkin’ the same for ages now.

  7. Keith

    Tak notic of that Stephen bloke, he can cee ya talants, I recon ya cood be Prim Minuster matearial.

  8. Möbius Ecko

    Keith at 7:02 am

    Dutton, the man being offered a position more powerful than the PM himself, just so the PM can keep his facade of being Head of State. After all Turnbull did pay $1.75 million to get the job and he’s going to do anything to keep it, including giving an idiot fascist as much power as he wants with no oversight or accountability.

    Just some of the areas Dutton will have complete control over, including investigations into other departments, which should be independent of government. I also gather that means the PM’s department.

    No matter how much you juggle this to find sound reasons for it, you can’t. Trying to compare it to the British Home Affairs doesn’t wash as they have oversight and are constitutionally constrained, as several lawsuits and investigations into wrongful arrests have found. That won’t be the case with Dutton, who has already implemented legislation that annuls him of all responsibility for any decision he makes or order he gives, even if that costs an innocent life.

  9. Freethinker

    The type of letter that you expect from havanaliedown or read in The Australian.
    The sad part is out there are few people that can write a letter like this..

  10. Keith

    Möbius Ecko

    Of all the LNP parliamentarians, Dutton is the one who worries me most. He showed no flare when Health Minister; and showed no sensitivity, or provided no confidence in his position as Immigration Minister. The announcement yesterday was over the top with military paraphernalia and personnel used as a backdrop.
    The appointment is probably seen by mongrel terrorists as a dream come true; if the position is poorly handled then it can lead to alienated young Moslems wanting to join terrorist groups.

    While Q & A was somewhat of a ruckus last night; many good points were made about terrorism, and the general peaceful nature of those involved with the Moslum faith.
    As an aside, in my opinion the best Q & A panels are those that do not have politicians.

  11. Terry2

    We are a bit unfair when it comes to P Dutton, he was an exemplary Health Minister and has handled the Nauru/Manus resettlement program in an orderly and competent manner.

    He has told Malcolm that, if he isn’t made security El Supremo with lots of leather and boots, he could switch allegiance to Tony Abbott.

    That’s how it’s done in the Liberal Party !

  12. Harquebus

    “The reasons were simple and compelling- it did not cost anything to run. Water flow was free. Any fuel that burned, be it wood or coal, had a cost associated with it and factory owners did not want to pay when water was readily available and free for the taking.
    Water was clean, reusable, quiet, and put forth no emissions. And it was cheap. So why then would anyone want to abandon this cheap and abundant energy source and switch to the dirtier, and far more expensive coal?”
    “ownership of steam engines, and the resulting adoption of coal to feed these engines, was specific to a very small class of people, namely, wealthy white guys involved in the Capitalist mode of production.”
    “The Capitalist class acted directly to divert an organic economy that was already successful and underway with renewable hydro power to an economy that relied on fossil fuels, specifically to avoid the untenable social relations present in using a collective energy resource like water power. The Capitalist must own not just the means of production, but the fuel sources as well.”
    “blame the working class and the poor for societies woes, and for good measure be sure to inflict the greatest amount of retribution and payback amongst those least responsible.
    This is a time honored strategy unique to class structure.”

    “So it is not surprising then that we see similar characteristics in our current bourgeoisie government in the persona of Trump. We see the ascension of energy moguls to the levers of power for exactly the same reasons, with exactly the same objectives that were there in 19th century Britain.”
    Sic Transit Imperium

    “Whatever else one hears about Venezuela, it is all about the oil.”
    “Most of the violence one sees and hears about is from the anti-government protesters, but mums the word about that from the mainstream corporate media. The mainstream corporate media is the Fake News, it is the propaganda horn for the U.S. Empire and those that really control most of what happens in the world.”
    “Scene two of this deadly serious mini play opens in a boardroom behind closed doors, somewhere in Washington, D.C. Politicians, generals, spies, and oil company executives are meeting. They are talking in hushed voices about Venezuela. They are talking about the oil. Who has it? How do they get it? How can they control it? How do they keep others from controlling it? Who are the forces against them? Who are the forces for them? How can they create more chaos to destabilize the government? How do they pull off a coup d’e’tat? The plot thickens.
    It is about the oil. ”
    The rich and upper middle class want a regime change and an end to socialism. They want lower taxes, and ending social programs for the have-nots, and they want the privatization of vital government enterprises so they can loot the country. And most of all, they want the privatization of the oil in their hands. They want to be billionaire oligarchs just like in other oil-rich countries.”
    “One important Empire foreign policy objective is the profits of corporations, not democracy and human rights.”
    “If one understands how important oil is for the U.S. dollar, then one can understand why half a million dead babies is “worth it”; or a million dead babies, or ten million dead babies; especially if they are brown dead babies and as long as their mangled little corpses are kept out of sight.”
    “Democracy and human rights are only important if they serve a propaganda purpose, no matter how democratic the government is or what its human rights record. The Fake News is the Empire’s best and faithful propaganda horn that will toot that the marked country is not democratic-enough and violates it peoples human rights. ”

    John Lord
    I think that is a website that suits your attitude and opinions. Not so much with mine. You might find it interesting.

  13. Dave

    turdball is rooted now, his got to, er too, er, 2 chal, um shall, ah, chalances, eh, his got 2 poples aftah his job……..bit like the real world ey, 15 people after one vacancy?

  14. helvityni

    Beware of boys doing their ‘homework’ behind closed doors…

    Beware of Dutton as El Supremo: where the hell is this government taking Oz…

    Keith, agree, Q&A is better without politicians.

  15. Florence nee Fedup

    It appears that Rudd promised same thing. After research and investigations was pressured to drop the plan. PM says it is working well. If that is true, why the need for change. After all Border Force hasn’t been a great success.

  16. paulwalter

    Malcolm DOES have a plan for the future. It is called internet decryption policy.

  17. George McAulay

    I’m assuming that this is a clever send up but I can’t be sure

  18. stephentardrew

    “Then we con have some real intercourse.” Darling you are not my type!

  19. paulwalter

    Of course. Barry Humphries and “A Night’s Intercourse”…

  20. paulwalter

    Am game if someone else is (puts in false teeth).

  21. perpleius

    Strewth, the spell-check must of got the vapers from this epissle!

  22. paulwalter

    He is another right wing crank, ignorant in his arrogance; arrogant in his ignorance.

  23. wam

    When billy and tanya realise it is the votes of the men and women lampooned in this piece, penned by the Lord, which put the rabbott and trumbles into government, the better his and her chances will be of success.
    As recompense there is no truth anywhere!

  24. nurses1968

    Larissa Waters has resigned from the Senate after revealing she holds dual citizenship with Canada.

  25. jimhaz

    Pretty sad what has happened to the Greens over this dual citizenship issue. it seems unfair in both cases, but the rule of law must prevail i suppose.

  26. Freethinker

    It is now unfair, is lack of responsibility , how they are going to offer themselves to be a candidate in the Australian Parliament when even do not bother to find their own position regarding the country laws.
    I am not impressed.

  27. David1

    Terry2…was that ‘your’ satirical offering for he day? At least it was shorter than the article itself 🙂

  28. jimhaz

    The article reminded me of this old Redgum song. Beaumont Rag

  29. Terry2

    To lose one Senator may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two in one week looks like carelessness.

    Apologies to Oscar Wilde

  30. The Truth

    It is a lot better than what we normall get in Day to Day Polatics , he must not have been able to find any new Bullshit about Trump in the mass media

  31. Zoltan Balint

    Dear Mr Lord, you are almost there. I guess to fight the enemy you must learn to think like the enemy.

  32. wam

    Nurses 1968: – in 2011 craig thompson got a rabbottian bashing and one aspect was eligibility – heather hill’s case was prominently displayed.
    Ludlum and Larissa may have forgotten they were not born here. But the hint was loud and clear so no excuse should be possible.

    Many here have suspected the rabbott is not an Australian but I think he was born in a window when an aussie mum gave automatic Aussie citizenship so unless he has a pommie passport he should be safe but how beautifuk would it be if he was outed,

    Here are the names of the federal politicians listed as being born overseas: Plenty to chase???
    In the House of Representatives: Tony Abbott, Liberal Party (born in London, England)
    Bob Baldwin, Liberal Party (born in Gloucester, England)
    Darren Cheeseman, Labor Party (born in Christchurch, New Zealand)
    Paul Fletcher, Liberal Party (born in Devizes, Wiltshire, England)
    Joanna Gash, Liberal Party (born in Groningen, Netherlands)
    Julia Gillard, Labor Party (born in Barry, Wales)
    Gary Gray, Labor Party (born in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England)
    Dennis Jensen, Liberal Party (born in Johannesburg, South Africa)
    Sussan Ley, Liberal Party (born in Kano, Nigeria)
    Brendan O’Connor, Labor Party (born in London, England)
    Bernie Ripoll, Labor Party (born in Pézenas, France)
    Laura Smyth, Labor Party (born in Belfast, Northern Ireland)
    Alex Somlyay, Liberal Party (born in Budapest, Hungary)
    Craig Thomson, Labor Party (born in Wellington, New Zealand)
    Maria Vamvakinou, Labor Party (born in Lefkada, Greece)
    Tony Zappia, Labor Party (born in Platì, Reggio Calabria, Calabria, Italy)

    In the Senate:
    Eric Abetz, Liberal Party (born in Stuttgart, West Germany)
    Judith Adams, Liberal Party (born in Picton, New Zealand)
    Doug Cameron, Labor Party (born in Bellshill, Scotland)
    Stephen Conroy, Labor Party (born in Ely, Cambridgeshire, England)
    Mathias Cormann, Liberal Party (born in Eupen, Belgium) Chris Evans, Labor Party (born in Cuckfield, England)
    Alex Gallacher, Labor Party (born in New Cumnock, Scotland)

    Scott Ludlam, Greens Party (born in Palmerston North, New Zealand)

    Nigel Scullion, Country Liberal Party (born in London, England)
    Nick Sherry, Labor Party (born in Kingston-on-Thames, England)
    Ursula Stephens, Labor Party (born in Wicklow, Republic of Ireland)

    Larissa Waters, Greens Party (born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
    Ying-yen Wong, Labor Party (born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia)
    nice conundrum zoltan but the libs believe not all dumb people vote labor so we need how to vote cards and the lord knows dumb people vote libs not much thinking needed.

  33. Zoltan Balint

    Dear Wam the libs don’t believe they know that the uneducated mostly vote for the libs. There has been a lot of studies done on voting patterns and the evidence is that the higher the education a person has the more social they are and they either vote labor or the greens. Why do you think the LNP is trying to make education out of the reach of the poor.

  34. Zoltan Balint

    I have become an Australian citizen in the 70’s and it was critical to raise your hand … swear allegiance to the Queen of Australia who is the head of state (not to Australia and yeh the old biddi but to the Queen and abide to the laws of HER land) … the same head of state as for Canadia and Kiwi Land. So what’s the problem. The country that I come from no longer exists so which country would I have to tell to stick it.

  35. corvus boreus

    Whilst I can look at Scott Ludlum’s case and see evidence of procedural slackness (serv-u-ritis), in the case of Larissa Waters, both the legal investigation and her subsequent resignation were undertaken of the senators own volition, and her ineligibility was purely due to the technicality of a weeks discrepancy between her birth and the enactment of a change in Canadian dual-citizenship legislation.

    “Senator Waters, who was born to Australian parents studying in Winnipeg, said she had been assured as a teenager that she needed to “opt-in” for Canadian citizenship by her 21st birthday, an option she declined after not visiting the country since she was 11 months old.
    But her lawyers this week revealed that while Canada had changed its citizenship laws to the opt-in model in 1977, the year Senator Waters was born, it did not take effect until the week after her birth and she was automatically a citizen.”

  36. Zoltan Balint

    If you purchase a new car and on driving it from the point of purchase speed indicator tells you you are doing 60 BUT the police pulls you over and tells you your speed was 70 corvus boreus … how much money do you expect to make arguing the case in cort against the defendant. Or is it a open and shut thingy in your mind.

  37. corvus boreus

    Zoltan B,
    I completely fail to see any valid comparison between the specifics of the senator-citizenship cases that I have mentioned and the parameters of your (not-so-open-and-shut) hypothetical of an alleged road-traffic speeding offense in a newly purchased car.
    As for my guess on any potential fees earned for the attempted prosecution of your fictitious speeding offense, I have no real frame of reference to provide you with any near-accurate estimate of such sums (I suggest googling DPP salaries).

  38. Zoltan Balint

    OK now we’re talking. How much do you want to see the relevance. I offered a hypothetical and you proposed a terms of reference.

  39. Matters Not

    Clearly, in Australia, the technical definition of citizenship matters. (As does technical religious affiliation in many countries. In many Muslim countries, for example, it is assumed that all children will be adherents to Islam.) That both (citizenship and religious affiliation) are not always a matter of choice but notionally ascribed is problematic.

    In some instances, citizenship endures until an individual formally rejects same. That is citizenship terminates when an individual swears allegiance elsewhere. To complicate matters, sometimes the timing becomes crucial. Even days, weeks, months or years can matter. Just ask Larissa.

    Indeed one might consider the (outrageous) possibility, that a particular Nation might decide that a termination, while once legal, is now no longer valid. (Once a Citizen – always a Citizen.) And therefore, retrospectively, making any number of Australians dual citizens once again.

    That the local law takes no account of an individual’s demonstrated allegiance – via word and deed – is a technical nonsense.

    Time to challenge deontological interpretations with teleological outcomes.

  40. Zoltan Balint

    It appears to me that the law here in Australia is you can say you cross your heart and you will give your life and blood to Australian BUT AS A LOW LIFE PIECE OF …unless you go back to the place you come from and you piss on them by telling the officials they can go get fuc $ – YOU ARE NOT AN AUSTRALIAN. Try that with Indonesia. Or ask potato head … sorry Mr. Potato head. You know
    … Dutton only dremth of getting back at the people he worked with and told him he is a d $#@k and promised his teddy bear he will teach them one day you’ll see Ted I’ll will be the saviour of this world and rule over them you’ll see Ted … my darling Ted …

  41. Zoltan Balint

    Sorry according to the transcript the last thing was something like (can not be positive due to the high pitched voice) ‘YES … YES ted …’ .

  42. Zoltan Balint

    Did intend to use a golliwog not a ted but thought that might be politically incorrect.

  43. wam

    Zoltan, I was referring to a woman’s speech at a libs conference when she said not all dumb people vote labor.

    It is not hard to look at one’s circle of smart, graduate men and women to see those with money are lib/nats those without are labor. The former ‘fibre is a waste of money for the poor will never need the capacity so copper is adequate’ or hockey’s petrol revelation(they are also skin deep tolerant a little scratch and they bleed white supremacy. The latter show empathy with humanity and the world’s woes.
    I know many unschooled men and women of my generation who left school at grade 9/10 they are not dumb/slow but the vast majority of those and those who are dumb vote libs.
    The arrogant libs may believe all dumb people vote labor but the reality is ironic that the libs rule the roost in the left of the curve and labor rules the right. The libs rule the poor and the rich and labor rules the middle.
    Ergo, to win government some of the poor and/or rich must leak to labor

  44. Zoltan Balint

    Intelligence and education does not indicate wealth and wealth does not indicate intelligence and education BUT what was found is that educating individuals will make them more socially aware and likely to vote for greens or labor. The other finding was as people get older they tend to vote for LNP. One other finding is that as workers get promoted from the factory floor to a managerial job they change from ALP to LNP. Yes there are individuals that don’t fit this but the tendency to the above was observed.

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