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Day to Day Politics: The saint of New England

So, Barnaby Joyce has committed adultery and his new partner is expecting a baby. The Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister, according to The Daily Telegraph, will be the father of his 5th child in March.

The lady involved is Ms Vikki Campion, 33, a former journalist and Deputy Chief of Staff of The Daily Telegraph. She left Mr Joyce’s office in April last year.

She has reportedly moved in with Mr Joyce. There will be many and varied opinions about this liaison ranging from “it’s nobody’s business but theirs,” to “you reap what you sow.” In normal circumstances I would be of the view that it is indeed their own business. I would also argue that if his behaviour speaks to the character of the Deputy Prime Minister of the country then it is in the public interest.

After all, people do make errors in life and it’s a mistake that many thousands of men and women have made in their own weakness, often destroying the lives of the innocents they love, and the marriage bonds they committed to.

It can often be circumstantial, a spur of the moment decision or a planned infidelity with sad consequences. Often it can happen when no intent occupied the mind. Absence from home can play a big part. However, it all ends up with the suffering of many. And it’s the grieving for something lost that is so hard to cope with.

Having a true friend requires the experience of their pain as well as their joy.

Mrs Joyce for the first time went public yesterday (firewalled):

“I am deeply saddened by the news that my husband has been having an affair and is now having a child with a former staff member. I understand that this affair has been going on for many months and started when she was a paid employee.

This situation is devastating on many fronts. For my girls who are affected by the family breakdown and for me as a wife of 24 years, who placed my own career on hold to support Barnaby through his political life.

Our family life has had to be shared during Barnaby’s political career and it was with trust that we let campaign and office staff into our homes and into our lives. Naturally we also feel deceived and hurt by the actions of Barnaby and the staff member involved.

The situation for myself and the girls will be made worse by the fact that this will all be played out in public so at this time, I would ask that the girls and I are given some privacy and time to come to terms with the consequences and take steps to plan our future.”

“The situation is devastating, for my girls who are affected by the family breakdown and for me as a wife of 24 years who placed my own career on hold to support Barnaby through his political life,” she told the Telegraph.

When the flame of love has become but an ember and the candle no longer burns. Is it to late to strike another match?

One of my friends described the front page of The Telegraph like this:

“It’s despicable that Murdoch tabloids ran a front-page paparazzi snap of a pregnant woman just because the father happens to be Barnaby Joyce. I’m no fan of Barnaby, and he’s a hypocrite for opposing equal marriage on the basis of ‘family values’ and putting the LGBTI community through the wringer while leading a different life himself, but this isn’t about him, it’s about her. She hasn’t chosen to be a public figure and she has the right to a private life, especially while pregnant.”

Greens MP Adam Brant tweeted:

“Front page of the Tele is despicable. There’s an argument Barnaby is fair game after he put LGBTI community under such awful scrutiny b/c ‘family values’, but leave her out of it. She’s not a public figure.”

Undoubtedly, Barnaby will be presented as the victim by the obnoxious Murdoch press and Mrs Joyce as the wife who should have paid her husband much more attention.

As for me, well, I find myself in many camps. On the one hand I feel immensely sorry for the real victims, Mrs Joyce and the children, and on the other I have no compassion for Barnaby who I consider to be among the biggest fools to have ever walked the carpeted halls of Parliament House.

I recall the night when Penny Wong and Barnaby Joyce were on QandA together. They were discussing Marriage Equality, and Barnaby was spruiking the virtues of his Catholicism, putting Wong down for her immorality in the process.

A transcript of the program no longer exists but I recall Barnaby making a derogatory remark about Wong’s sexuality and her rebuttal, referring to her family, was absolutely priceless.

If you have ever witnessed his cringing appearances on QandA when surrounded by people of sagacious knowledge, you will understand where I’m coming from.

For me, Mrs Joyce should be given all the sympathy we can muster and Barnaby Joyce is a disgrace to his family, his party, the electorate he represents and the people of Australia. Fancy giving him the distinction of the title Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

As deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce relentlessly, during the marriage equality debate, questioned the morality of thousands of our citizens as relating to his own particular Catholic beliefs. He can hardly complain if others question his.

My thought for the day

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  1. Florence nee Fedup

    One must treat & his ilk as they treat others. Not revenge but the only way they will learn.

  2. Merrilyn Wasson

    A liar and a cheat in life and politics.

  3. Topenda

    In regard to the pregnant ex-staffer, while she herself was not a public figure, she’s a mature, apparently intelligent woman, not a naive high school graduate. She chose to screw around with a married politician who’s a public figure, and then have his child.

    While I don’t think she be harassed, there’s no way she could have realistically thought she and the situation would manage to stay out of public view. Such are the consequences of one’s actions. If you don’t want the consequences, don’t do what brings them on. It’s not rocket science.

  4. Kaye Lee

    Remember the Nationals election campaign in New England? This is from June 2016

    In the Nationals advertisement which went to air last week, two women are drinking coffee at a cafe when one purportedly receives a text message from Mr Windsor, imploring “Hey New England, how about another chance?”

    Appearing unimpressed, the woman says to her friend: “He wants me to take him back”.

    “Well, it was ok for a time, I guess,” she continues, before the friend replies “yeah, but then he ran off with Julia”

    The woman says her last experience with Mr Windsor ended “badly”, then texts him back to say: “Not this time, Tony”.

    In a statement, Mr Windsor said the advertisement implied he was having an affair and had left his wife Lyn “deeply upset”

    He called on Mr Joyce and Mr Treloar, his campaign manager, to apologise to his wife, adding “these two should be the last to raise this issue” – an apparent suggestion that those men were philanderers.

    Mr Quigley said he “would not dignify that [suggestion] with a response”. A spokesman for Mr Joyce also declined to comment.

    So obviously Barnaby’s philandering started a long time before this pregnancy.

  5. Deknarf

    Should we be privy to such as this in a public figure holding a substantial position in Govt? Seeing that it gives insight into the honesty, morality and integrity of the person I’d say “yes, definitely”! I prefer not to vote for the likes of people such as Joyce! New England knew & still voted for the scunbag. What does it say about those voters?

  6. jagman48

    I would love to hear from the electors who voted for him what they think now.

  7. Pappinbarra Fox

    It is arse not ass. Don’t make a donkey of Australian slang.

  8. wam

    Religion has little influence of men and women with juices fired by alcohol and the need to breed.

    The church is particularly understanding of gene deposits by its attitude to contraceptives, ease of confession and the joy at the formation of another lamb to the fold.
    Joyce is unsuitable for the job as a politician not for being a normal dick controlled man but for the ease of his support for water thieves and tax avoiders.
    Imagine if joyce had put his wife up the duff at uni and she had an unpaid hecs debt? The divorce judge would assess his liability for payment of the debt?

  9. helvityni

    Topenda, why would any INTELLIGENT woman get involved with Barnaby…???

  10. Anomander

    @jagmn48 – this may be news to the mainstream press, but the matter was widely circulating throughout the new England electorate weeks and months prior to the by-election. Yet still they voted for this obnoxious, despicable hypocrite with an increased vote.

  11. Terry2

    The National party media managers decided to cover up this matter during the campaign to secure New England for Joyce in the December 2017 by-election.

    At that time the lady in question was five months pregnant so rather than coming clean and making the matter public they dismissed rumuours as muck-raking and suppressed the matter to avoid any electoral back-lash against Joyce.

    The media managers knew that this matter would eventually be aired in the public domain but their priority was to get Barnaby re-elected : job done !

    Interesting little side-bar : Vikki Campion the lady in question used to work for the Daily Telegraph and the media exposure yesterday was the work of her former colleague, Sharri Markson at the Tele.

    PS: the media keep on talking about Barnaby impregnating this lady. Can we find a better word for this ? It sounds as if Barnaby is a breeding stallion standing at stud – not a nice image.

  12. johno

    Terry2.. the barnaby probably sees himself as bit of a stud.

  13. Meg

    Craig Thomson’s life was ruined by horrid allegations, yet this bumbling buffoon was returned by the corrupt racist country bumpkins in Tamworth. We should DEMAND that Tony Windsor run against him at the next election. Why is he happy to sit on the sidelines every other election? The country needs Tony, and he could be at the centre of another hug parliament.

  14. townsvilleblog

    For all Australians who are reading this story, the correct spelling is “arsehole” which needs an adjective “hypocritical arsehole” now I agree with your story John.

  15. townsvilleblog

    I am still astounded that this ugly kiwi has found two women in Australia to have sex with him, his best likeness is to the Queensland cane toad!

  16. 245179

    Joyce the grub, was attacking the personal life of julia gillard, he was venomous at times, alluded to her and her male partners true “sexuality” preferences. He was disgusting. Now this grub has shown his hypocracy, he’s lied and cheated on his wife and children, he more than likely used public monies to swoon this “lady”, this grub being a member of parliament, is entitled to be called “the honorable” member of ***. We indeed have allowed politics to become gutter entrenched.

  17. Ricardo29

    Ah, another child for Barnaby to not pay enough attention to. Sad.

  18. PjNicholls

    SHOCKING! Australia’s Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce alleged to have ‘stalked’ & ‘molested’ teen girl and young woman
    True Crime News Weekly can now reveal that Mr Joyce is at the centre of serious sexual harassment and molestation claims dating back to 2012 and involving multiple women, including a 17-year-old teenage girl.
    “Who was the drunk politician who chased a young women [sic] into a toilet & molested another after the 2012 Rural Women Awards?” Mr Windsor posted on Twitter late on Tuesday, October 24.

  19. Pilot

    Barnaby is a grub! The people of New England are grubs, born and bred. They look after their own. We used to do a lot of shopping in Tamworth & other townships in the electorate. Rusted on fascists, we don’t support them anymore, not worth it. The voters in NE “vote Country Party because their grandfathers and fathers voted for them”. No brains in that electorate, absolutely none. A disgraceful area of Australia.

  20. New England Cocky

    John Lord,you are an unapologetic romantic …. this is realpolitik!!!

    Was it a male “mid-life crisis” or a female miscount to obtain a comfortable post-journalism career as a cocky’s wife living off the spoils of ripping off the Parliamentary allowances scheme reportedly over $1 MILLION in 2015 and the income from two “grazing properties” within the Santos Pilliga Scrub CSG leases, and a likely foreign political appointment?

    This hypocrisy following the the 2016 political advertising by the Notional Party in New England defaming Tony Windsor and his wife shows the depths to which these unelected political hacks of the Notional Party who control pre-selection will stoop to keep their snouts in the public finance trough.

    There is only one honourable course of action …. resign immediately!!!! … and pass into the political obscurity that is well deserved!!!

    But Barnyard does to understand “honour” … nor does he understand that Australian voters can have no faith in his promise to represent the best interests of Australians.

  21. Judith W

    As one of the many in our government who call themselves Catholic, Barnaby has shown us the measure of their conviction to their stated beliefs. Second to self interest!

  22. Diane Larsen

    Barnaby’s actions are his own responsibility but it his hypocrisy that grates his use of sermons to the electorate on morals, religious morality and the denigration of others not following his chosen path while being deceitful to not only the electorate but his immediate family that has inflamed many of the voting public. In other words do what I say not what I do cause thats private well judgement is upon you Barnaby and it’s not pretty.

  23. kerri

    Sorry I don’t buy the argument that the mistress is an innocent victim.
    1/ She knew he was a public figure.
    2/ She knew he was married and that this would cause a scandal.
    3/ She knew the Canberra Press hacks would protect her and I wonder how that made Mrs Joyce and her daughters feel about the press gallery and their efforts to enable the situation.
    When you are a private figure, and especially when you are second in line to lead the country, your private life is VERY much a measure of your integrity as the peoples representative.

  24. Topenda

    Helvitnyi, perhaps I should have said “presumably educated” (given her professional background), but I decided to err on the side of the benefit of the doubt. However, I hear you loud and clear – it boggles my mind, too!

  25. johnF

    The mainstream press avoided this story before the New England by-election, even failing to report “Joyce’s daughters had toured Tamworth with a loud hailer, warning that if he could breach trust with his family then none of his political promises could be trusted either”, and, failing to report it, it was no more than gossip with no discernible effect on the outcome.

    Pages are devoted to Weinstein and metoo et al, but Australian politicians’ personal abuse of power and position are treated with kid gloves. This hypocrisy of the press further diminishes those we expect to report without fear of favour,

    Another nail in the coffin of Trumbull’s opportunistic government.

  26. kerri

    Sorry that should have been public figure.

  27. Blair

    “Ms Vikki Campion, 33, a former journalist and Deputy Chief of Staff of The Daily Telegraph.”
    “it’s about her. She hasn’t chosen to be a public figure and she has the right to a private life”
    This whole thing stinks!
    If, as a former Deputy Chief of a newspaper and a “Media advisor?” to Baa-naby she would have been well aware of the potential fallout of this.
    If her judgement is so poor, as to actually have a relationship with the Beetroot. Then they get what they deserve.

    The ex-kiwi has betrayed his wife and family, betrayed his own “so-called” religious beliefs??? and deserves no mercy, Ms Campion has also betrayed her spouse, and is equally to blame, although ,maybe the poor dear should get her eyesight and mental faculties checked.

  28. helvityni

    Many politicians form both side of politics were quick to point out it’s none of our business, it concerns only the ones involved in this sorry affair…
    I wondered what have they to hide…who knows… Only Di Natale came up with something different….

  29. Apocalypso

    They say that Banana Boy Juice’s private life isn’t our business, but I suspect that if there were a mass orgy taking place after hours in HoR on any given day they would still say the same. And what about serial killers? Do they get to carry on in private too?

    The character of our representatives should always be our business.

  30. bearbrooke

    I know it is an integrity issue. Like the abysmal treatment of Julia Gillard (remember Joyce’s reaction to that?) – yes, like you, I was sickened and ashamed. Integrity and the lack of it besmirches this government and the opposition. While we continue spluttering with our moral highground opinions about such small instances as Joyce’s morality we miss what’s most important. Everyone has known, since he first appeared as a politician, that Joyce is an amoral opportunist – what’s new? What Joyce is seems to go with the job. We have a secretive government that is intent on trashing the environment, that acts principally for the good of two percent of the population, that lies to us repeatedly, that is inhumane in it’s treatment of refugees and aboriginal peoples, that has a mendacious prime minister … d’you really think a non-entity like Joyce deserves headlines to the exclusion of all else that is pressing? I will not buy into this kind of trivial crap that is bit by bit destroying our democracy. Crap like the citizenship spat that’s wasting parliamentary time – which could be fixed easily in an instant – that is happening because it’s a point scoring exercise, nothing to do with ethics or propriety. Of course Joyce is a hypocrite, like many of our politicians, and whilst we waste time huffing and puffing about their nonsense we miss the main game (which suits them grandly) which is, that many of them shouldn’t be there, that we have to devise a way to get rid of them and their ilk permanently. I see politicians like Turnbull, wielding considerable power, who knowingly sacrifices all decent principles for the sake of personal and political gain, which is indeed cause for headlines and indignation and rage. An effwit like Joyce, I’d not waste a byline on him.

  31. Aortic

    Something about there not being enough alcohol in the world?

  32. paul walter

    Re Vikki Campion, let also the illusions disperse.

    This was not some innocent virgin staffer seduced by a wicked old man. She was married also (Source: IA). Perhaps she thought contraaceptive pills worked by putting them between her knees?

  33. Chris

    Wow I’ve been IP blocked by the guardian ! I wish I could show you the screen shot.

    If your interested I’m Dr MacTomjim….. 😉

    I got pre-moderated on the basis of making the reeeeee joke to someone who asked if millenials even knew what a test pattern was…..which is an appropriate kind of joke (if you get it).

    …and when I said “did I get premoderated for making the reeeee joke ?” an IP ban. Noooo shiiiiit !

  34. Chris

    I do say some hilarious and extremely clever things though. 😉

    i blame happy hardcore and afro trap music.

  35. Phil

    This Joyce matter is definitely in the public interest because it involves the deputy prime minister who is responsible for making, or contributing to the making of extremely high level decisions on trade, security, foreign policy, agriculture and so much more.

    Joyce says he is now hurting, and feeling ashamed, and terribly sorry for the hurt he has caused to his now former family.

    Well, well – after presumably a wonderful time enjoying the secret fruits of his out of home behaviour he’s finally reached the consequences stage of his personal life decisions and its turned ugly for all concerned.

    Now, move this behaviour pattern into the realm of his public office and ask, given this is his way of operating i.e. ill disciplined poorly thought through behaviour now, and then worry about consequences later, then how many secret ‘affairs’ has he been having with key players in the corporate and business world where his decisions stand to cause significant gain for himself and a small but powerful elite, and enormous pain and grief for millions of Australians and the environment.

    If Joyce was in anyway truthful in his stated regrets at the grief and pain he has caused his family, he would resign immediately and thus remove his family and his new partner from the public gaze – no one would be interested anymore. Its really that simple but he won’t do this because he is lying. It is power and the exercise of power that drives Barnaby and if that means interminably prolonging the pain of those close to him, then so be it. Barnaby is a fraud, always was, always will be.

  36. Kaye Lee

    Politicians should set an ethical standard for the people to emulate.

  37. Zathras

    When will the media tell us about the rest of the Canberra story, like the OTHER staffer he was having an affair with or the 17-year old he had cornered in a public toilet or the other molested while he was drunk at a rural fair back in 2012?

    Maybe somebody high up in the media has decided Joyce is no longer useful and may be preparing the way for a big rearrangement of the Federal Government, starting at the top.

    Once he’s no longer useful to Gina Reinhart she’ll cut him loose too.

    No matter, he and his new family can retire to that land holding in Gwabegar he still has listed as a pecuniary asset, despite his public assurance back in 2013 that he was going to sell it to avoid the perception of a conflict of interest. It was originally about Coal Seam Gas but now it may be very conveniently close to the proposed inland railway – another conflict of interest waiting in the wings?

    He seems to say and do a lot of things that simply don’t apply to him.

  38. Chris

    They even removed some previous posts that had been quite fine for several hours…. Hard not to see that as politically motivated censorship (of whatever sort they think they have).

    Slightly funnier is that the day before I posted a fair bit of an actual speech by an actual nazi on George Monbiot’s latest……bear with me now….;)…and that is still there. From Robert Ley head of the German Labour Front, anti-semite, twat, et al.

    I obviously posted it as a joke. it is extremely silly. But it is about re-directing the national focus similarly to the article suggesting “As robots take our jobs, we need something else. I know what that is ”

    I don’t think GM is a nazi but these issues of social focus were pioneered (?) by the nazis and there is generally some bad in all of them [social engineering ideas] that people need to recognize…..and obviously don’t because you can post speeches by nazis in the guardian and no one says anything or notices apparently.

    Big lols. 😉

    I’ll just leave you all to not talking to me then…

  39. Terry2

    Evidently the coalition are standing by Barnaby during his time of personal pain , I even saw him getting back-slaps from his supporters in the parliament.

    Helloooo ! Is anybody thinking of Mrs Joyce and her daughters who must be undergoing unimaginable agony ?

    I’m not sure how it works in the Catholic church but I assume that adultery isn’t encouraged and you probably get a few ‘hail Marys’ when confessing, but if you refrain from using contraception does that work in your favour ?

  40. Trevor

    Gina’s Gimp Barnyard entered Parliament as a habitual drunkard, fully paid for by Rhiehart dollars, the Empress of $2a day labour.

    That Joyce now finds himself deep in a pickle of his own sermonising is a rich metaphor for the sickness that imperils Australia’s experiment in 2 Party preferred Parliamentary Representative democracy of a Politoxic class of crass treasonous opportunists held in the sway of Global Corporate Capital.

    Joyce now enters Australian history as changing his nickname from Barnyard the Knockabout legend in his own lunchtime to Barynard the Knockemup Legend of nightmares.

  41. Chris

    spineless baby boomers

  42. jimhaz

    [spineless baby boomers]

    Although I think you are an Ice addict – it is the young whom are spineless. I mean all the economic greed of the baby boomers is falling on the young and what do we hear – crap like Metoo, where revisionist history seems to reign supreme. The young are a sign of the 1984 scenario to follow.

    We have caused you to become politically weak.

    Global warming = selfishness of older people ,
    Casual Labour and non-unionisation = Selfishness of older people
    Unaffordable housing = Selfishness of older people
    Massive decrease in taxation and fair distribution = Selfishness of older people
    Weak spirits = the downside of older mothering type people of the left and the technology we developed to make money.

  43. Kronomex

    Chris, how about expanding on your Mad Monk and Trembles sytle three word slogan.

    I think the title of the the piece should have been “Day to Day Politics: The sanctimonius anus of New England.”

  44. Chris

    @jimhaz Well that is slanderous dribbling nonsense. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    @Krononex I actually didn’t read it this time because….well….is not something i want to have input into particularly. But yes “sanctimonious” is all he has got. A bit like Jim…..

  45. helvityni

    “Although I think you are an Ice addict…”

    Chris, I thought that the Moderators would have deleted jimhaz’s post…pretty rough…

  46. Chris

    @helvityni I certainly felt obliged to respond….and I just realized, today, with him saying that….my partner and i will have been together 20 years by summer next year. So it really made me think something that makes me happy….. 🙂
    Thank you for your concern though I do appreciate it.

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