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Day to Day Politics: Please just go, Barnaby

Thursday 17 August 2017

When The Australian publishes headlines like those listed below (all behind a paywall, sadly), you know you are in deep trouble. We are being governed by clowns but it’s no laughing matter. The Government has found itself in an agonizing muddle over Joyce’s actual citizenship status and sought to ensnare Australia’s trusted security Five Eyes partner, New Zealand.

“Was there a cover-up on Joyce?” (Greg Brown)

Cory Bernardi asks if government knew about Barnaby Joyce’s dual citizenship and tried to cover it up.

“Mad mad days in Canberra” (Paul Kelly)

Labor outsmarts the government at almost every step — and it’s not just good luck.

“Barnaby only has self to blame” (Simon Benson)

Barnaby Joyce – and others – have only themselves to blame for the predicament they are in. It is no fault of the law.

“Coalition Response a Disaster” (Dennis Shanahan)

Julie Bishop has thrown petrol on the flames and damaged our closest relationship.

“Jokes on Turnbull in this mess” (David Crow)

The Prime Minister not only strolled toward a trap set by the Opposition, he leapt the final steps.

“Payback as Labor senses blood” (Dennis Shanahan)

Barnaby Joyce will have to step aside at least as a cabinet minister or have the government face ongoing chaos.

Making a fool of Australia

Julie Bishop is well remembered for her remark when representing a mining company “why workers should be entitled to jump court queues just because they were dying.”

She is also known for overreach.

Her actions on Tuesday when she decided that New Zealand and Bill Shorten had colluded to bring down the Australian Government bordered on being unhinged. As Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said she might not be able to trust a New Zealand Labor government.

When you boil it all down and rid all the talk of its conspiracy nonsense it would seem that Penny Wong’s Chief of Staff who happened to be a New Zealander made some enquiries about citizenship and found that indeed Joyce was a dual citizen. It’s politics. The Coalition would do the same and as I write is probably trying to unearth anything they can on those Labor MPs alleged to be doubtful.

The problem for Turnbull and Bishop and others is that a superior opponent is politically outplaying them.

For example, Turnbull is being played like a puppet on a string. He is threatening to name up to 9 Labor MPs as having dual citizenship. He is only threatening because he knows that he would be condemned by all and sundry if they were found to be squeaky clean.

And it would amaze everyone if Labor had not done due diligence on the matter from day one.

Bishop has once again made a fool of herself. The government’s near hysterical campaign about traitors has not gone down well.

Tuesday 15 August might well go down in Australian political history as the day a conservative party accused our close neighbour, friend and sporting foe as treacherous. Christopher (the fixer) Pyne gets the gong for using the ‘T’ word. Mind you have used the ‘C’ to describe Bill Shorten previously I suppose the ‘T’ word was a little less offensive to New Zealand.

Then in keeping with the dastardly conduct of the Government (if you can call it that) the Prime Minister motivated his party room by repeating that Bill Shorten wanted to steal government by entering into a conspiracy with a foreign power, Turnbull told colleagues.

Everyone had treated the matter with a bit of good old Australia V New Zealand competitiveness to this point but when Julie Bishop high heeled her way into the mural hall to suggest she would struggle to trust a Labor government in New Zealand the mood changed.

It was a Trumpish press conference from Australia’s normally highly professional foreign minister. She looked uncertain and nervous and as soon as she cottoned onto the fact that she was making a fool of herself she walked out.

When the clowns of the circus moved to Question Time the acrobatics were in full swing. Those responsible for the questions, required backbenchers, with forlorn looks on their faces, to ask questions about foreign state interference in Australian political matters. And with a straight face. Was war about to break out between two friends?

The Dorothy Dixers would have you believe a cold war had erupted across the Tasman and New Zealand was now some axis of evil.

And all this time Barnaby Joyce sat dejected like a man accused of a great wrong but was really innocent. As I watched I was reminded of how he wasted millions of taxpayer’s dollars moving a department into his own electorate and his pub confession of stealing water from the Murray to give to farmers.

He breaks the law with gay abandonment but pleads ignorance when confronted by his own ignorance. I have no sympathy for his dejection. He plays the game hard and what goes around comes around.

The bear pit known as Question Time descended into a government fiasco, excruciating in its capacity for reducing otherwise intelligent people into moronic imbeciles.

The government spent Question TIme painting pictures of New Zealand as an enemy of Australia conspiring with the Labor Party to bring down the Government. How ridiculous, how ludicrous, how silly, how absurd, how preposterous and how typical of this government and its leader.

Labor had outsmarted them and used ridicule to embarrass the Government.

Other than just being downright offensive this government is worthless. It is not fit to hold office. It’s desperation, panic and recklessness is there for all to see.

My thought for the day:

Current experience would suggest that the Australian people need to take more care when electing its leaders.


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  1. townsvilleblog

    Baarnaby always struck me as being unAustralian.

  2. bobrafto

    Form by the LNP suggest that a Fix is in, the judges have been bought, hark back to Heydon and the RC.

    Here is another clue Turnbull said the constitution shouldn’t be taken literally as though they ‘conspired with a judge’ to give s.44 a different spin.

    Brough/Ashby walked from a serious crime they committed and confessed to.

    The LNP make a complaint against Slipper to the AFP, Slipper gets charged.

    The ALP make a complaint against B Bishop to the AFP under the same circumstances as Slipper. Bishop walks.

    There is no doubt that the AFP and some Judges are in the pockets of the LNP.

    There are instances of Labor politicians being jailed and deservedly so, however can anyone remember when an LNP politician was jailed.

    There is one law for them and one for us.

    Good read, John.

  3. Kaye Lee

    There is no dignity in the way the Coalition handles anything. Any perceived criticism, any accusation of wrongdoing, sends them into a tizzy.

    The Forgotten Children Report was met with furious attacks on the messenger. Instead of addressing energy policy, and despite having been in government for four years, they blame Labor for rising electricity prices and blackouts caused by storms. Their decision to put Australia through this emotional divisive turmoil over marriage equality, which we all know is inevitable, is somehow Bill Shorten’s fault.

    Read all of the reports about how Peter Dutton’s department has been opearting. They are scathing, particularly about the leadership and accountability, and there are at least three that I know of – all bad. Was the same with his previous portfolio of health – worst health minister ever the doctors said.

    So what happens? They promote him to warlord.

    Everything is about politics for the Coalition so they go on the attack, using deflection, all repeating the lines from today’s script.

    When Barnaby should have, the moment the inquiries were made by the media, rung the kiwis himself and then apologised to the parliament and the people and quietly stood aside pending a legal ruling. But no….they turn it into a circus….like they do with everything.

    The last ten years has seen the demise of any form of rational discourse in parliament. Look what they spend all their time on. They are becoming irrelevant – an impediment to the changes we must, and will eventually, have.

  4. Terry2

    Jacqui Lambie on radio this morning saying that all those whose dual citizenship is in doubt should stand down, not be permitted to vote until their status under the Constitution has been clarified by the High Court : that includes Barnaby Joyce.

    Very sensible assessment in the current situation.

  5. Kronomex

    Turnbull’s very political existence is at stake at the moment, therefore he cannot and will not allow Joyce to step down (not that Barnacle Barnaby would go anyway)or be removed. The end of Malcolm is nigh no matter which way this goes.

  6. Kaye Lee

    Just ask them to provide proof – if they can’t then stand aside until they can. Malcolm Roberts says he has it but won’t show it until he goes to court. If you have proof, why would you let the speculation continue? And I don’t consider Tony Abbott’s conveniently timed letter proof. On what evidence was it based? Why does it look so different to Alan Tudge’s letter? Why was it done by an underling when Tudge’s was from the Vice Consul?

  7. EcoMan

    Although I don’t normally abide the words “very sensible assessment” and “Jacqui Lambie” too close together I think this time it works Terry2.

  8. Terry2

    The British High Commission state on their website :

    You can apply to give up (renounce) your British citizenship or status. If accepted you’ll get a ‘declaration of renunciation’ that you can use to show that you’re no longer British.

    All Malcolm Roberts, or Tony Abbott needed do was submit the declaration of renunciation it’s not rocket science !

  9. Kaye Lee

    Tony Magrathea wrote to the Home Office requesting a copy of the RN and receipt as it was no longer covered by privacy laws as Abbott himself had tweeted about it.

    “Could I please request a copy of the form RN he submitted and a copy of the receipt for fee payment please.”

    On 24 July 2017, the Home Office replied to Magrathea, thanking him for his email of 14 July 2017 and advising him that they could

    ‘… confirm that the Home Office does not hold this information.’

    As for Roberts, he said he never was a British citizen so why would he renounce it?

  10. bobrafto

    If one checks the High Court Judges, 3 of them (7 altogether) have been appointed since 2015 and maybe in lockstep with the LNP and if one of those judges are appointed to hear the matter, Joyce could remain.

    If someone can push for the full bench to hear the case, maybe justice can be seen to be done.

  11. Henry Rodrigues

    As leader of the coalition, in and out of parliament, how can anyone not wonder at the blatant flouting of the rules and regulations by Mr Turnbull, who was once a practicing barrister in the Supreme Court of NSW ? How does he stand at the dispatch box, day after day, making an utter fool of himself, by implying that Bill Shorten is somehow to blame for Barnaby Joyce being such a craven liar. Turnbull is often referred to, by the sympathetic media, that he is “the smartest man in the coalition room”. Was that just wishful thinking or just sycophantic yearning ?

  12. Kaye Lee

    Why did Canavan have to give up his ministry and abstain from voting? What’s the difference?

  13. Frank Smith

    Turnbull’s rants and displays of enraged fury suggest that he is becoming completely unhinged. Similarly with Bishop – what a disgusting arrogant rant she has put on over the past two days – overreach in the extreme. A shame on her and an embarrassment to all Australians. And we can throw Prlssy Pyne and the evil Potato Head Dutton into the pot with Bishop and Turnbull.

    As an aside, my 15 year old grandson on glancing at Bishop in full rant in her new designer jump suit yesterday, asked me if that was a trailer for Catwoman. Not a bad observation!

  14. Matters Not


    have to give up his ministry and abstain from voting

    have to – was it his decision, made by him alone? (Probably not.) Was the decision forced upon him? And if so by whom – Turnbull? Joyce? Cabinet?

    I suspect that Canavan is now having some regrets as perhaps are Ludlam and Waters. While I don’t think anyone found ‘guilty’ should have to repay ALL the monies, I think there should be some penalty imposed from the time their illegality became apparent. Otherwise – just stay. What about super? And so on.

  15. Möbius Ecko

    Joyce has now stated words to the effect that he will fight this and remain in government, he doesn’t give in on anything. If the High Court finds him ineligible then Joyce has stated he will recontest his seat.

    The choice is for the second on the ticket to take the seat, in this case Windsor, or for the government to hold a by-election. The first is simple, quick and inexpensive. The second will cost millions. Then again this government has a lot of trouble affording money to those who genuinely need it and would be good for the country, but has never had an iota of trouble giving large amounts of government money at the drop of a hat to feather its own nest, destroy any opposition, for political gain and to give to wealthy party donors or supporters.

  16. Kaye Lee

    And now Michael Keenan is refusing to produce documents verifying he renounced his UK citzenship which he got by descent. This morning, Mr Keenan took to Twitter to say he renounced his British citizenship 13 years ago. Uh huh….show us the forms.

  17. Kaye Lee

    This is ridiculous. There should be a genuine process rather than the honesty system which patently doesn’t work. Whilst the law stands as it is, all candidates should disclose on their nomination form to the AEC their own birthplace and that of their parents and grandparents. It would be easy enough to check if citizenship is conferred by descent or place of birth and those who cannot provide appropriate documentation of renunciation or a genuine attempt to do so (and not just a letter from an underling who is not allowed to answer any questions) should be ruled out at the nomination stage until they can.

  18. Will Proofread for Money

    I take no issue with what you’re saying, but you could use the services of a grammar nerd (??) to proofread before (or even after) you publish.

    Setting aside the commas and apostrophes, could you please work out that it’s duAl citizenship that’s causing the verbal duEls in the floor of Parliament and in the press… ?

  19. helvityni

    Just reading and hearing about that lot , makes me feel dirty….

    Frank Smith, thank your grandson for ‘Catwoman’… 🙂

    My then four year old grandson had run himself ragged chasing Butcher Birds out of our chicken run, so when watching SBS evening news, he shouted enthusiastically: She looks like one…

  20. Harry.v.Dirchy

    John he is indeed a “duel” citizen. Unfortunately for Barnham someone always loses in a duel – in this case him. Couldn’t happen to a nicer fella.

  21. Harry.v.Dirchy

    p.s. Would have thought Derryn Hynch’s suggestion would be the way to go. And I agree with you, surely the opposition would have checked ALL of their members eligibility as soon as this became an issue. I can only assume that they (the opposition) simply want to keep this on drip feed so that the government cannot move on to anything else.

  22. Terry2


    The High Court will be more concerned with the broader application of section 44 (i) and, of course, they will in due course provide their reasons in detailed judgements so it is not just a question of giving Barnaby a tick and moving on. Their findings will set the standard for future political aspirants just as the case with Heather Hill established – much to the amazement of many – that despite us sharing a common head of state, Britain was considered a foreign power.

    I have a great deal of respect for our High Court and I feel that they will probably look at a literal and narrow interpretation of 44(i) . They certainly won’t be interested in what Matt Canavan’s Mum may or may not have done or the I didn’t know defence of some of the others. I believe it will come down to the words in the Constitution and what efforts the individuals took to check on their citizenship(s) and the steps they took to renounce a dual citizenship when discovered.

    In Barnaby’s case, the fact that the New Zealand authorities recognise him as a Kiwi would be quite influential and it’s then a question of what a reasonable person would have done on what is an important Constitutional qualification.

    One way or the other the High Court will sort this mess out and it doesn’t help in the meantime for Turnbull, Bishop and now Morrison to be muddying the waters and implying that Barnaby’s situation should never have been queried.

  23. helvityni

    To me are all like headless chucks, they don’t know where they are going…

    If all and everything is Labor’s fault…what do we then need the Coalition for…

  24. Möbius Ecko

    Not just Labor (Oz) helvityni, but now Labour (Kiwi) as well.

    Seems to be that to the L-NP, anything that spells or sounds like “ley-bu(r)” is to blame for all the L-NP failures, missteps and idiocy. If it’s not “ley-bu(r)“, then it’s the unions fault and it steps down from there until it ends up with the victims of bad L-NP policy being to blame.


    Kaye Lee. ‘This is ridiculous. There should be a genuine process rather than the honesty system which patently doesn’t work.’ Agreed. the problem is not with the restriction on dual citizenship or with the definition of citizenship but with the nomination process. candidates nominating should prove their eligibility at nomination. none of this would arise if the self regulating ‘honesty system’ were not in place and the AEC had greater authority and resources to scrutinise eligibility at the nomination stage before an election.

  26. Terry2

    When submitting their applications to the AEC there should be a signed declaration along the lines of :

    After reasonable enquiry have you satisfied yourself that you are a sole Australian citizen and that you do not hold any other citizenship with any other country or foreign power in accordance with the provisions of section 44(i) of the Constitution of Australia and should you at a later date be found to be a dual citizen and owe allegiance to a foreign power that you understand that you will be subjected to the discretionary powers of P Duddy (The Enforcer) which could mean indefinite banishment to a small island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean ?**

    Signed…………………. > Dated……/……/……

  27. helvityni

    Möbius Ecko, no sweet dreams are made of this, as the Eurythmics (?) sing, but well nightmares for some, and plenty of fodder for the comedians….

    Thanks for “ley-bu(r)” 🙂


    Terry2. When submitting their applications to the AEC there should be a signed declaration …

    dont think that would solve the problen because it would not stop an ambitious or reckless person from lying if they thought they could conceal documents relating to their citizenship or efforts to renounce. there would still be the problem of proving they lied on the declartion and you would need documents or evidence contradicting their statement on the declaration. the simplest solution is to require documents confirming eligibility at nomination for scrutiny by aec. otherwise we would still face convoluted situations such as we are in now and the high courts time would still be taken up with hearing these stupid and unnecessary claims that arise thru an inadequacy in the administration of the system.

  29. Keitha Granville

    I don’t see how any of them can have NOT thought to check, given they had one of both parents born overseas.
    I know that my 4 children, born since 1983, have the right to register as British citizens since their father was born there. (He is now an Aussie too) They are also able to hold a British passport.
    I have known this since they were born – how is it even remotely possible that anyone aspiring to political fortunes didn’t know ? and they had to tick a box saying so ?
    Does not pass any pub test you can come up with.

    (Jacquie makes a good point – she doesn’t always do it, but she gets a brownie point for this one)

  30. Barry

    There is a chance that I would be able to seek Irish citizenship due to ancestry. Been thinking about it….

  31. Harquebus

    Neither side has the vision nor the policies required to manage the coming transition. (High energy to low energy economy) The Labor Party will be just as bad when they are elected to office. The same shit but from different pile.

    Should be a lot of fun ’round ‘ere when Labor fails just as miserably. Can’t hardly wait.

  32. wam

    Another tilt at ‘truth’, Lord?
    Surely the australian people did not elect joyce, trumball, the rabbott or little billy as leaders??
    Indeed, to my memory, the only input we had was NOT to elect little billy?

  33. Max Gross

    Is Trumpism infectious?

  34. Max Gross

    Kaye Lee nails it: “The last ten years has seen the demise of any form of rational discourse in parliament. Look what they spend all their time on. They are becoming irrelevant – an impediment to the changes we must, and will eventually, have.”

  35. Ross

    Watching this latest government fiasco unfold is like watching the Labor AFL senior premiership side playing the Coalition country under 16 bottom side. In AFL parlance the coalition is getting flogged.

  36. Michael Taylor

    Yes indeed, Ross, but even so, the Murdoch media would tell us that Team Liberal is ten goals up well into the last quarter.


    re Barnaby. although i hate having to admit it i think the gov does have an arguable point. a candidate is only required to take reasonable steps to renounce other citizenship. if the candidate did not believe they were foreign then what steps are reasonable? however, in Barnacles case he has known for most of his life that his father was a kiwi and therefore should have taken steps to investigate and if necessary renounce his foreign citizenship. on that latter point i think he will be declared ineligible so the question is why doesn’t he just resign now and stop displaying his contempt and disloyalty to australia and its constitution by continuing to sit AND VOTE in parliament.

  38. David1

    Absolutely enthralling read John and the comments also, thanks. May I add, this week has for me shown a side of Tony BurKe, the Manager of Opposition Business in the HOR, I knew was there but don’t see often enough. He is not only knowledgeable he is one of, if not Labor’s best speaker. Forceful, deliberate, intelligent, easily understood and knows what he is about. This week he has been at the top of his game and unlike his opposite in the Govt Pyne, uses humour to hit home a point. Bishop and Turnbull know that well.
    Dare I say Burke looked very Prime Ministerial.

  39. helvityni

    David1, I have always liked Tony Burke, he has many good qualities, including a good sense of humour as well….

  40. Möbius Ecko

    The desperation of this government is plain to see as they resort to base personal attacks against Shorten whilst the right wing MSM attempts to sling as much mole hill out of mountain mud as possible.

    For stuff’s sake, Morrison called Shorten snaky and sneaky in question time yesterday. The sad thing about this water off a duck’s back is that Morrison thought he was being astute in his attacks on Shorten. As mentioned above, Morrison needs to listen to Burke to what being astute really is.

  41. kerri

    David1 totally agree on Burke. Cluey. Eloquent. Knowledgable and intelligent. Future PM for sure.

  42. Harquebus

    Tony Burke is just another idiot. Aptly named. Should he become Prime Minister, he will worsen our situation just like all those before him.

  43. Terry2

    Remember how the government quietly gave Fox Sports $30 million recently – $7.5million each year over the four year forward estimates – and then when questioned they were rather coy and said it had something to do with promoting women’s and niche sports? That was WRONG

    Then they said that as free to air broadcasters were having their licence fees scrapped and as Fox Sports were a subscription service who didn’t pay any licence fee, it was some sort of handout to recognize that Fox were not getting the concession that was being given to the FTA broadcasters : try and get your head around that one ! That was also WRONG

    Today, in the Senate we learn after questioning that the $30million handout to Fox is in recognition of the tighter restrictions on gambling advertisements during sports and in children’s viewing times. It was being acknowledged by the government that Fox would take a revenue hit with these restrictions so the good old taxpayer slipped Rupert a cool $30 million so that the pain will not be too great .

    I kid you not and this all happened without parliamentary approval by a corrupt government part owned by the Murdoch media empire.

  44. Kronomex

    Strangely, I agree with Bernardi that the circus that is parliament should be suspended until the damned dual citizenship crap has been settled.

  45. stephengb2014

    As I have indicated to another person on facebook.

    Joyce as an MP must have at some point been required to seek a passport and probably a Diplomatic Passport, the later of which is needed for travelling overseas in his official capacity.

    As an ex public servant exercising delegations to issue permits licences and certificates (a passport is no different). I am aware that the person issuing the Passport must be given power by the government to be that issuing officer (given a Delegation) to actually issue that Passport.
    I am also aware that issueing any official document requires due process, and that there will be a specified form of application, and specified evidence to go with that application (criteria to be met). Its not rocket science, but the delegated officer is required to apply due dilligence in asessing the application.
    Due dilligence means the care exercised in reviewing evidence to ensure the criteria is met and that would inevitable go to looking at the persons right to hold a passport (imagine the due dilligence needed to hold a Diplomatic Passport).

    So my point is that Joyce must have at the point of applying for a passport supplied a birth certificate, that he knew his certificate showed his Father as being a Kiwi, indeed he knew he was at least half Kiwi. (I note that a Diplomatic passport has to be reapplied for each 5 years.)

    I cannot believe that a Delegate in DFAT Passport office is not aware that a person with a parent as a foreigner would probably be subject to decent rights of that forign citizenship. Nor can I believe that when an applicant is an MP or Senator that the Delegate, does not flag this fact in the relevant file. And that there is not some sort of due dilligence reporting process about this to the head of the Passport Office, as a minimum.

    I can however accept that a Delegate an MP or a Senator making application for a passport especially a Diplomatic Passport, might assume that an MP or a Senator, would not lie!!!!!!!!

    S G B

  46. David1

    Ah Harquebus, a subject you would have a very good personal knowledge of I suspect, well observed 🙂

  47. John Lord

    And kicking with a gale behind them Michael.


    Terry2. thanks thats great info about the real purpose of the 30 mill. do you think i can claim similar compo for not wearing fag or grog logos on my t shirt?

  49. Shutterbug

    Barnaby’s barely Cro-Magnon let alone Australian. Maybe we can make some coin from the Kiwis by adopting him as our ‘Pro Beetroot in Hamburgers’ Ambassador?

  50. Pete Petrass

    Section 44 may not be perfect but it is what it is until there is legislation to change it. If Labor has done their due diligence then so should everyone else, no excuses. And if you are ineligible you are gone until things are sorted, with integrity just like the Greens. Mr 77 votes surely has no entitlement to sit there and demand that he produce his documents to no less than the High Court at massive cost to the taxpayer. And Turnbull should not be allowed to keep his own ineligible members in parliament as a matter of convenience.

  51. stephengb2014

    Yes I am Dual citizen. NO I do not want section 44 changed.

    S G B

  52. Joe

    When the hell is TONY ABBOTT going to be referred? Why does he seem so protected? Why is Labor not asking questions of him? We have had referrals for Dual citizens, referrals for officers under the crown, referrals for gaining an economic benefit, even bankrupts. WHY NOT ABBOTT????

  53. Roswell

    For some reason he seems off limit, Joe. Got me stumped, too.

  54. bobrafto

    Terry 2

    I’ve been to the High Court and from first hand experience Judge Gummow now retired was bought by the BCC to dismiss my claim.

    Now in case you think I’m a sore loser, consider this actual scenario:

    I have a development approval, I also have a letter from Lord Mayor Newman in which he states in black and white that there are errors in the approval.

    In the IPA legislation it states that I’m Entitled to compensation if there are errors in the DA.

    In the P&E court and court of appeal, Council argued that a DA and a development certificate were 2 different things
    and I was dismissed becos I didn’t have a certificate even though a DA and development certificate is one and the same.

    Judge Gummow in the High Court rules that the DA and certificate is one and the same, he dismissed me as he deemed there was no errors even though Newman’s letter in a form of a sworn affidavit stating in black and white that the DA contained errors.

    We all thought that it stunk to high heaven when the AFP let Brough walk, my gut feeling is that the presiding judge will find some spin to allow Joyce and others to keep their seats, pissing us off at the injustice is of no consequence to the LNP, banking that we will forget come next election time.

    And believe me judges are good at spin or least some of them are.

    One not very good one was justice Chesterman in the court of appeal he tried to cover up one condition of extortion with further extortion, have to laugh, he reasoned that I didn’t have to build new retaining walls for my neighbours at a cost of about $50K all I had to do was provide structural engineering plans for the walls at a cost of about $10K. The quantum is of no consequence whether it’s $50K, $10K or even one dollar, folks are obtaining an illegal benefit.

    And one error in the DA was a term that had no legal standing and Judge Chesterman and Judge Gummow completely ignored it as they couldn’t come up with any spin to counter it.

    By the way the P&E court found that there was 4 errors with 2 being unlawful or Council had no right to impose them but dismissed me becos I didn’t have a certificate being a copy of my development approval.

    I would like to see the full bench hear this matter.


    the Act of Aust brought in by hawke made the high court the last crt of appeal in aust by prohibiting appeals to the privy court. the fears about this change that the high court would become a puppet of the executive arm of gov have been realised.

    the seperation of powers doctrine is a shambles in this country due to the system of appointment of judges by politicians. nearly every decision involving a gov in the high crt or federal crt goes in the gov’s favour. the high crt and fed crt are in effect acting as lawyers for and protectors of gov and the judiciary will find some reason in a mesh of contradictory legal principles to protect the gov and dismiss a citizens claim ( with costs).

    this whole system is an archaic provincial monstrosity that imposes the status of subject not citizen upon the population.

    we live in a sham of a democracy. a dictatorship of parliament masquerading as a democracy with minimal accountability. the inherent weaknesses in the system are now evident. invalidly elected politicians and gov continuing to make laws that people must live under. that is a dictatorship not a democracy. what a disgrace. what a shit hole of a nation. and if you try to change it…your a revolutionary or a socialist or a terrorist. fck them!

  56. Bec Brown

    Terry 2, if we are serious about making sure candidates are eligible, and constitutionally legal then we need to institute the Centerlink system of vetting. First, you need to produce your original documentation in person to an officer of the Parliament, the document has to be copied, stamped and officially witnessed, as well as associated paperwork submitted to show that this process has been successfully undertaken. They will contact you in a month to let you know that some documentation was missing from your application, and you will need to provide it asap or you may face criminal prosecution. Then after waiting for three months or so, the department will get back to you to tell you to stuff off, your paperwork was insufficient to prove your identity, and you need to undergo the process over again, including an intrusive interview with a panel of sour faced bureacrats, who want to know the ins and outs of your underpants drawer. After this demoralising outrage, your application will promptly be shredded, and you will be told that there was no such application in the first place. That should discourage the more dishonest and foolhardy from trying to enter our hallowed halls of government.

  57. Patricia

    “OPPOSE THE MAJOUR PARTIESAugust 17, 2017 at 9:39 am
    Kaye Lee. ‘This is ridiculous. There should be a genuine process rather than the honesty system which patently doesn’t work.’ Agreed. the problem is not with the restriction on dual citizenship or with the definition of citizenship but with the nomination process. candidates nominating should prove their eligibility at nomination. none of this would arise if the self regulating ‘honesty system’ were not in place and the AEC had greater authority and resources to scrutinise eligibility at the nomination stage before an election.”

    Oppose the majour parties. These are supposed to be adults that put themselves forward to represent the people of Australia both within Australia and Overseas.

    The Labor party vetts every candidate, puts them through their lawyers and ensures that they hold no other citizenship than Australian. This is what adults do.

    The LNP, Greens and Others by not going through this process leave themselves open to what is happening now.
    It would be nice to think that those people who aspire to represent the people of Australia were all of good character and honest but we know that this is not the case. They are people whose first and main interest is in themselves and gaining power and influence which they can use to promote themselves and climb whatever ladder they have set their eyes on.

    A small matter of dual citizenship, and making a false statement when nominating, is obviously not an impediment to many of the people who are trusted to act honestly, impartially and to the highest moral code.

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