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Day to Day Politics: Peter, Peter, think more deeply.

Monday March 20 2017.

1 The Minister for Immigration and noted homophobic non-thinking leader of conservative opinion in the Coalition must wake up every morning thinking what he can do to tweak his nasty disposition.

I said immediately after the election that the issue of Same-sex Marriage would never go away, that it would continue to burn like a gas fire that you could never put out.

Like Pyne, Dutton is a Coalition go-to man when gutter politics and exaggeration or just plain lying are needed to douse the flames of public discontent.

So some 30 CEOs of major companies using their democratic right to support their customers on the subject of Gay Marriage express it publicly with an open letter asking the government to get the matter resolved. It’s called free speech but attack dog Dutton takes an exception in the belief that free speech should only be available to those who support conservative policies.

Last Friday he told shock jock Ray Hadley that big corporations including Qantas were afraid of being targeted online by activist groups. Really, what a load of codswallop. Playing the man he gave outed gay Qantas chief Alan Joyce a big serve, accusing him of using the company’s brand to push his personal view on equality.

An observation.

“Love has no gender.”

Come Sunday the few moderates left in the Coalition had been pulled into line and any chance of a free vote was taken from them by a Prime Minister who supports marriage equality. Work that out.

But Dutton in giving 30 of our most influential businesses a serve about marriage equality showed just what an ignoramus he is.

Dutton said:

“Some of these businesses are concerned that if they don’t sign up that they will be subject to a campaign which will be run online by GetUp! and others… and that is going to impact on their business.”

He suggested that all the businesses should pay more attention to their bottom line. By that he means profit. Had he done any research he would have realised that gays as a cohort have the largest disposable income of any group in society. The pink dollar, as it is known, is much sort after and business knows it. They are looking after their bottom line. Thank God he isn’t the Finance Minister … or the Prime Minister.

Bloody dunderhead suffers, like many government ministers from foot in mouth disease.

An observation

“When you express your right to free speech you also reveal your personal inner morality.”

2. ‘In short’: A selection of responses, emails etc that I get from various online sources.

i) The Prime Minister has finally come out in support for the decision made by the Fair Work Commission.

“It is important to remember this was not a decision from the government, it was an independent considered decision of the independent umpire of the Fair Work Commission, every member of which was appointed by a Labor government, three of who were appointed by Bill Shorten.”

Life is about perception, not what is but what we perceive it to be. No matter which way you look at it he will be the PM who reduced the wages of the poor while cutting the taxes of the rich. A hard one to sell.

ii) A leaked document revealed the Turnbull government costed how much would be saved by stopping all welfare payments below $20 a fortnight. Energy supplement etc.

From the PM – A report today that the government is cutting the aged pension is false and we outright reject it. I can assure all aged pensioners the measure reported will NOT be in the Budget.

We assured the journalist too, but she insisted on writing the story. And sadly, I can also assure you that you can always rely on Bill Shorten to lie.

What has Bill Shorten to do with it?

iii) True. Dutton is seeking conservative votes in the party room.

iv) Hasluck, Pearce, Stirling, Canning and Swan. would all change? Become Labor seats.

v) Unsure. Every issue the Turnbull government has can be traced back to the Howard government.

vi) Maybe. There is no real difference between democrats and republicans. Both controlled by the elites.

vii) The liberal party preselected 38 female candidates for the lower house in the federal election. 92 per cent of them in marginal seats. So you wonder how serious they are re getting women into parliament.

viii) Minor parties polled 23 percent House of reps last election. Tipped to be 25 percent next election. Could be heading for a period of political instability.

ix) Interesting thought. Hanson fields candidates knowing they won’t win. But they will get over the threshold. So the party will earn some public funding.

x) I think so. Ban all donations over $5000. All foreign donations.

xi) I think so. Abbott could well be challenged by a moderate for liberal pre-selection in his seat. And lose.

xii) Maybe. The carbon tax and the NBN were the two worst decisions ever by an Australian government.

How do you mean?

Open re NBN. Carbon tax made little environmental impact.

xiii) The liberal party preselected 38 female candidates for the lower house in the federal election. 92 per cent of them in marginal seats. So you wonder how serious they are re getting women into parliament.

ixv) GST is 12 per cent of our tax revenue. Personal income tax about 40 per cent.

xv) Optional preferential is better but the major parties won’t touch it. For a number of reasons.

xvi) If company tax was at 22 per cent of our tax revenue it would go a long way towards paying off our debt

xvii) Greens are stuck on 10 per cent. Since shorten became Labor leader unions have donated $25 million to the party

xviii) Agree with Richo. Australians have moved to the right over the last 20 years. So the Greens are becoming more of a fringe party

ixx) The snowy mountains hydro scheme was really a Labor project. Although implemented by Menzies.

xx) The hydro project is 5 years away at best.

More like 8.

xxi) Interesting. If there was a federal election on Saturday Julie bishop would be the only liberal in WA to hold their seat.

xxii) Conflict of interest? “Malcolm Turnbull’s wife Lucy Turnbull is Chairman of Prima Biomed.

Prior to Malcolm Turnbull becoming PM of Australia, Lucy’s shares were valued at $750,000 then her share of the company according to reports grew to $5.5million. Prima Biomed is partners with GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis which both develop vaccines. Vaccine Makers have benefited greatly from the introduction of the No Jab, No Pay under Turnbull.

xxiii) John Alexander likely to retire at the election. After 3 terms. Something odd going on there. Risks a preselection battle if decides to stay.

Note: I cannot vouch for the veracity of all the comments I get via different sources, but they always make for interesting reading.

My Thought for the day.

“Are you really doing what is important? What you believe in, or have you just adjusted to what you are doing.”


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  1. Jaquix

    Tsunami coming and a lot of Libs will be swept away. WA paves the way. Barely mentioned in Murdoch world, of course.

  2. richard grant

    The morality of Dutton is non existent.

  3. Terry2

    Interesting that Barnaby Joyce say that the government has no room in its busy agenda to discuss marriage equality.

    So what are their priorities : for the last two sitting weeks before Parliament rises, the Coalition is set to focus on its plan to cut company tax, pass the omnibus savings bill and debate changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

    The 18C matter was, just a few weeks ago, way down the prime minister’s list, indeed he accused the ABC of being the only people talking about 18C and of being elitist : now it’s a national priority.

  4. keerti

    Interesting to note that gina reinhart can suggest that workers are paid too much, murdoch through his various mouth pieces can deny climate change etc without a word from any liberal, but not okay if opinion is against the fascist party!

  5. leighton8

    Me thinkith the LNP talk with more than one forked tongue …..

  6. Kaye Lee

    Back in 2015, one of Malcolm’s first trips as leader was to Germany. On stage, he praised the work of the Australia-Germany Advisory Group “and not least, mein liebe frau Lucy” – Lucy was on the committee and also president of the German-Australian Cham­ber of ­Industry and ­Commerce..

    While they were there promoting business co-operation, coincidentally (or not), Prima BioMed, in which Lucy owns 20 million shares, gave a presentation at a meeting of experts from a variety of established and emerging pharma companies.

    I said at the time it would be worth investing in.–2sw

    Lucy Turnbull has made at least one decision after “reassessing” her board roles and investment portfolio following hubby Mal’s putsch last month: she’s staying on at cancer treatment biotech Prima Biomed.

    Last month Turnbull said she didn’t want to keep any board roles that involved a conflict of interest, but happily that seems resolved as she yesterday put herself forward for re-election at Prima’s AGM next month.

    The company’s annual report, also filed yesterday, shows she trousered $150,000 for her role in the big chair.

    Her 5.5 per cent of Prima, worth a touch under $250,000, is part of a family portfolio

    One wonders if Prima Biomed will benefit from the medical research fund?

  7. Kaye Lee

    Treasurer Scott Morrison will launch a fresh attack on tax avoidance this week in Parliament in a bid to get the so-called “Google Tax” pushed through and shift public attention towards the Coalition’s record on multinational tax crackdowns.

    Mr Morrison told Fairfax Media the Diverted Profits Tax would close major loopholes in the system. The tax is expected to raise $100 million in revenue per year from 2018.

    “We are demonstrating our preparedness to take on taxpayers and their advisers who are not transparent, unco-operative or who engage in aggressive game-playing and egregious behaviour,” he said.

    “This message is precisely what the majority of the community needs to hear.”

    This was announced in last year’s budget.

    How many times can you announce the same “message”?

  8. auntyuta

    “free speech should only be available to those who support conservative policies.”
    How odd, or is it?

  9. Kronomex

    When your mind is the equivalent of a small puddle with a depth of two millimetres you aren’t to get much in the way of deep thinking.

    When the “fake news” and “liar, liar, pants on fire” tweets from our PM appeared my bullshit meter went to “Crap, we’ve been sprung.” I’ll do a Donald, that’ll fool everyone.

    I get the feeling they are desperate to push the $50 billion tax cuts to the corporations and 1% before they have a champagne and caviar break until the budget because the magic accounting cape has factored the cut into their budget bottom line for the next x number of years.

    Kaye, I think Morrison means the little tax payer who might be trying to cheat an extra $10.00 out of their tax and not the big end of town, who are as pure as the driven snow in the eyes of the LNP.

    “This message is precisely what the majority of the community needs to hear.” should be changed to “This message is precisely what we tell the little person to believe.”

  10. helvityni

    The Budget is due soon; Mal, Peter, Scottie and the rest, you better better get innovative, not much time left..

    The cigar smoking comes after the event…

  11. Maeve Carney

    In order to think more deeply, you have to at least be thinking first.

  12. Harry.V.Dirchy

    Dutton (aka Frank Speaker) think more deeply – an oxymoron if I ever heard one. Well just moron, really.

  13. Michael

    Human Tormentor in Chief or is it Chief Human Tormentor or Dutton’s School of Human Torment – Australians stand tall and proud – all in our name and there is sweet-fa that can be done – how come?

  14. silkworm

    A lot of pro-Trump and pro-racism tweets being let through on Q&A tonight.

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