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Day to Day Politics: A Nutt case at the Press Club.

Saturday 25 September 2016

Thinking things were a little quiet politically, I thought I would take some time off to write a series about the ‘Demise of Australian Democracy’. But as they say, “a week is a long time in politics” and all manner of things crept up on me. I will return to that on Sunday.

1 A Nutt case spoke at the National Press Club on Thursday and argued that Labor’s scare campaign on Medicare at the tail of the last election was a lie. In fact he described it as a complete lie, a cold-blooded lie and more. He actually made the point 16 times.

However, when confronted with a barrage of questions about the Liberal Party’s history of scare campaigns it appeared they were as white as snow.

He was asked about the $100 price tag of a leg of lamb, the wiping out of Whyalla, the smearing of Labor MP Anne Aly, asylum seekers, a budget crisis, ‘children overboard’ and of course the carbon tax. Have I missed any?

He said there were no lies in any of these and he said so with great conviction.

“Isn’t the broader lesson from this election that lying in Australian politics can win you votes, seats and almost win you an election?” a journalist asked.

“Are we really saying that taking an absolute lie, a cold-blooded lie, and shoving it down the throat of vulnerable people in their 70s and 80s who are scared to death that their Medicare might be pulled back is acceptable. Is there no standard? Is there no tactic unacceptable?”

Mr Nutt was almost in tears. The things that come back to haunt you. He had made a complete fool of himself in front of the nation and its most senior journalists.

An observation.

“Memories of Tony Abbott came back to me standing on a football field the night before an election and I was also moved to tears”.

2 Education Minister Simon Birmingham bounced onto our screens telling us that David Gonski’s original vision for education was inequitable. What he didn’t say was that it was so, because Christopher Pyne signed many separate and different deals with the states when he was Education Minister. He blamed Labor for everything but really what he is trying to do is cut education funding.

An observation.

“If Gonski is dead then someone is guilty of murder”.

3 In what can only be described as a monumental diplomatic dummy spit Malcolm Turnbull described Kevin Rudd’s Manus Island agreement as the worst policy failure in Australian history, citing that 1200 people had drowned at sea. All this while consigning 2000 people to life imprisonment having not committed any crime. And all just to set an example to others.

Of course it was all just a spat between two ultra-egos.

An observation.

“I would suggest the both acquire a manager. They have been handling themselves too long”.

4 FOI documents suggest Attorney-General George Brandis misled parliament. The short of it is this. Under changes made days before the federal election, no minister – including the prime minister – can seek advice from Mr Gleeson “except with the consent of the Attorney-General”.

If that sounds ridiculous you are absolutely right. Even unlawful. This of course restricts the independence of the Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson who has released documents that cast doubt on Senator Brandis’ claims in Parliament that he was consulted about the move.

An observation.

“Brandis has always been a law unto himself”.

5 Labor is considering a proposal that all parliamentarians sign a code of race ethics. The code would require parliamentarians to adhere to a set of principles, including respect for religious and cultural diversity, supporting tolerance and justice within a multicultural society, and “to speak and write in a manner which provides factual commentary on a foundation of truth about all issues being debated in the community and the parliament”.

An observation.

“The idealist in me loves it but I couldn’t imagine the likes of Bernardi and Christensen signing it”.

6 The NSW Liberal Party has lost its dispute with the Electoral Commission. Bottom line is they lose $586,992 but will get $4.3 million in public funding when it finally revealed the source of its donations.

The commission’s inquiry drew on the ICAC investigations that it said found there were “significant breaches” of donation laws, and found that it should have declared a series of donations from the source of those who provided them to the Free Enterprise Foundation.

An observation.

“Any charges. Probably not, but had it been Labor we would have had a supplement in the Murdoch tabloids”.

7 The Productivity Commission has recommended reforms in the following areas. By reform they mean private enterprise.

  1. Social housing
  2. Services at public hospitals
  3. Specialist palliative care
  4. Public dental services
  5. Services in remote Indigenous communities
  6. Grant-based family and community services

An observation.

“Because Privatisation of Vocational Education went soooo well the PC suggesting health & housing next” (Richard Dennis).

8 Successive government’s inability to look further than the next election is an ingrown fault of our political system so it was pleasing to see that Labor Shadow Treasurer, Chris Bowen make the point that we are “a nation that can no longer house its own children”. Bowen has warned that our children and grand children with soaring home prices that young people will be prevented from entering the market and that a generation will face a crisis in affordability.

He also added that the growing wealth of the super-rich one per cent together with a relative decline in middle-class incomes had given rise to the popularity of parties like the Nick Xenophon Team and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, Donald Trump in the United States and the success of the “Brexit” campaign.

9 Lastly, we have the Essential Poll that seemingly shows that half the population doesn’t want Muslim refugees. It is fair to say that events around the world by ISIS and others has placed fear in the hearts and minds of people.

But it also stems from misunderstanding, misinformation and blatant propaganda. The contribution to the ongoing cause of the demonising and the vilification of Muslims can be laid with those in the media who seek to profit from the exploitation of these people’s misery.

You know who they are. And those in the body politic who have victimized them from day one in search of a phony power.

An observation.

“When people start a sentence with. I’m not a racist but. Rest assured that they are”.

My thought for the day.

Doubt be not our fear

Truth be our desire

Critics don’t condone us

Our contradictory thought

Doubt makes us wise

To question not a sin

Doubt be our journey

Enlightenment within

Questions be inspired

Answers revelation

Integrity walk beside us

Truth will always win

Reason be our companion

Doubt our inner voice

Truth be the search

That doubt alone can bring



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  1. Terry2

    For several years now, the government have been telling us that the camps on Manus and Nauru act as a significant deterrent to people smuggling clearly demonstrating to asylum seekers that if their boat is not turned back on the high seas,and it gets through to Australian waters they will quickly be dispatched to offshore islands and held indefinitely.

    We may not have been impressed with the logic but, that was the policy and those poor folk would be used as a graphic and visual deterrent to others contemplating the voyage.

    Abbott still goes around the world crowing how he stopped the boats and how offshore detention was a major factor in his policy triumph : but then we get this from Turnbull to the New York assembled media :

    “And you ask about the people on Manus Island and Nauru? Kevin Rudd put them there, the Labor Party put them there. We have been dealing with Labor’s legacy, their legacy of shame. ”

    So, it was all Kevin Rudd’s fault. The Labor Party actually stopped the boats and created the detention centres that have acted as such an important deterrent. ‘Nothing to do with Tony Abbott or Scott Morrison or Peter Dutton or Malcolm Turnbull or the coalition – who have been in office for over three years and are now into their second term – it was all Kevin Rudd.

    So, does that mean that we can now, finally, abandon Rudd’s policy and act with compassion by resettling these people in Australia or are we still bound by Labor’s “legacy of shame” ?

    Back to you Mr Turnbull.

  2. michael lacey

    The Coalition have hated Universal Health Care since its inception that’s the simple truth and all their actions since then have been to oppose or undermine its effectiveness so they can create a policy more appealing to their mantra! Conservatives believe in social hierarchy and privilege, so the only prosperity they want is limited to them. They want to see absolutely nothing that benefits those who work for an hourly wage, or allows them greater control over their lives!

  3. Kaye Lee

    This continual blaming of others by conservatives is really aggravating. I never accepted it from my children and I won’t accept it from my politicians who are in a place to do something to fix it. If they aren’t up to the job after three years then move aside and let in someone who can. Piss or get off the pot. The fact that they take this domestic blame game to the international stage is humiliating.

    And it’s not just blaming Labor – it’s the unions’ fault, or the Muslims’ fault, or the unemployed’s fault, or the environmentalists’ fault, or the ABC’s fault, or the teacher’s fault, or the gays’ fault ……instead of offering positive solutions, they must always have a scapegoat to blame for their own circumstances.

  4. helvityni

    ..they have all been listening to Corman, who’s always talking about ‘Laibor’, and now it’s their favourite word. I feel like sending them all to a far-away labour-camp, let them do a bit of labouring, and grow up and finally own up their own mistakes and failures.

    If Labor is doing EVERYTHING, we don’t need Liberals…?

  5. lawrencewinder

    Could someone please point me toward the parallel universe Mr Nutt inhabits?
    Like a dog owner replicating their pooches looks, Nutt by name and nutter by character.

    “No man is exempt from saying silly things; the mischief is to say them deliberately.” Michel de Montaigne.

  6. Mark Needham

    Facts, diluted, misinterpreted or distorted, are great to use in any discussion.
    Admission of the distortions is a way forward, if that is the way we want to go.
    ” scare campaign on Medicare at the tail of the last election was a lie.”
    “Piss or get off the pot. ”
    It still is a lovely world we live in, even with the hypocrisy, distortion ect.
    Mark Needham

  7. Mark Needham

    And to think I nearly missed this one.
    How pertinent.
    ““No man is exempt from saying silly things; the mischief is to say them deliberately.” Michel de Montaigne.””
    I really, must read all of the stuff, before making a comment, but sometimes I see an ankle, and “I just gots to bite”
    Sorry about that, must be the Corgi in me.
    Mark Needham

  8. Sir ScotchMistery

    If four “self-servatives” stood in a line, and someone from the Paralympics, or just someone with a skill to do so, threw a javelin that got the first self-servative in the forehead, is it beyond possibility that the same javelin, in the same throw, may be able to take out all four?

    Alternatively, would that be wishful thinking?

    Who could possibly be in the line?

  9. Michael Taylor

    Not only is the blaming of someone else aggravating, Kaye, but they have the gall to keep doing it. There are two reasons for that: they take us for complete idiots (true, there are some amongst us), and the media lets them get away with it day after day. So much for the mainstream media’s promise to hold governments to account.

  10. wam

    labor lies were ‘gross’ but liberal lies were not actually lies. Only ‘gross’ lies should be ‘outlawed’. The libs spread beliefs while shorten and labor ‘consider’ one side does crap disguised as ‘action’ the other??? has anyone see bill recently???
    As for the slimey birminham(definate alabama not west midlands) commonwealth to fund the indoctrination schools and the states to look after the public. Instead of the end of state education departments and the duplication of curriculum by 6 states and 2 territories it is the end of national curriculum.
    ps sorry Sir the skin and skull of these people are so thick no javelin could penetrate. I would like to see an aide with a plastic bag as compulsory at news conferences.

  11. Ian Parfrey

    The ALP really need to piss off their so-called media relations department as their attempts at-:
    1 / Getting their messages across
    2/ Addressing the lies attributed to them
    is really pathetic. All the great intentions and policies in the world will do exactly zero if the populace knows nothing about them.
    So unless they start screaming blue bloody murder, we can expect all the issues mentioned in John’s article to be forgotten by dinner time.

    FFS. Get a voice ALP! Start screaming your heads off and get your corrections out there and do it quick.

  12. helvityni

    I tend to agree, Ian, one hardly knows they exist. Get out there, and often ,and shout out your plans and policies, be factual, truthful and inspiring…

  13. JeffJL

    I third you Ian.

    Again well written John.

  14. jane

    If the gulags on Manus, Nauru and Christmas Island are all Kevin Rudd’s fault, why have the Liars taken no steps to close them down? Why have they ramped up Human Rights abuses, including denial of medical treatment of seriously ill people including children as young as two? Why have they ignored the many reports of physical, psychological and sexual abuse of children?

    They have been in power for three years now, yet have done absolutely nothing about ending the cruel treatment of the refugees in their concentration camps. The Liars are beyond disgusting.

  15. jane

    All very well, Ian, but who is going to listen and honestly and accurately report what they have to say? The msm? The ABC?

  16. Rezblah

    +1 Ian parfrey, the ALPs media relations campaign is an absolute disgrace, if you can’t smack the lolly pops the LNP serves up on a daily basis back straight back in their faces or out of the park then piss off and let a professional do the job FFS

  17. townsvilleblog


  18. townsvilleblog

    Please pardon my unintended use of Capitals, my apology.

  19. townsvilleblog

    RezblahSeptember 25, 2016 at 8:26 am, mate, if only we had a ‘like’ button. There is ample ammunition to be attacking the LNP government every day of the week, yet the Shadow Ministers don’t seem to be ‘on their game.’

  20. Sir ScotchMistery

    @Townsvilleblog – he looks like a bore pig on the verge of crying because another liberal took his crayons.

    Fat red-faced fluck-knuckle.

  21. Mark Needham

    “I tend to agree, Ian, one hardly knows they exist. Get out there, and often ,and shout out your plans and policies, be factual, truthful and inspiring…”
    helvityni, above.
    Yes, mate. I agree with you entirely.
    But, Truth is the singular component, that always seems to be missing in any conversation.
    Further…If Truth is spoken, the rest follows, ie, inspiration, fact and supposedly followers of your words.
    Hopefully, one day, from somewhere.
    Mark Needham

  22. win

    But even if Labor OR the greens shouted the truth would the poor apologies for news media even whisper it on the middle pages ? I think not! The ABC is accused of being left wing, but that is only because they are left of the extreme right that is daily inflicted on us. Our Bell curve is sadly skewed.

  23. guest

    An interesting article comes from Piers Akerman: Left’s gender views defy Darwinian logic – in The Daily Telegraph today.

    He wonders why the Left is so “obsessed with sex” when we have the larger problem of millions of people involved in mass migration.

    We might ask the same question of Akerman himself and his merry members of the Right. Why is it they rabbit on about SSM and “identity politics” and “political correctness” and how any problem is Labor’s fault.

    Akerman says the Left is crying about “the inability of homosexuals to access the term ‘marriage’ when homosexual couples already enjoy every other benefit already enjoyed by every other couple in the same relationship – ie, a de facto relationship.” “They’re embarked, he says, on an extraordinary social engineering exercise which denies and defies science.”

    He goes on to say that the Left is “turning its back to entertain psychological fantasies.”

    So, thank you very much, Mr Akerman, for exhibiting your egregious ignorance.

    First of all, if the big problem is migration, why are you so “obsessed” with sex?

    You say it is a Left obsession. Are there no homosexuals on the Right? I know there are.

    Then you speak of Darwinian science and DNA and the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment knew nothing about Darwinian science – and neither do you. To say that a male is a male and a female is a female is to ignore the changing of gender in the animal world. You need to find out about it. For your friend Tim Smith to say that it is “an uncontroversial truth – for instance, gender is not fluid” is a falsehood. And yes, it is retrograde and bigoted, based on ignorance.

    So when we have Dr David van Gend writing about “stealing from children” and destroying the “traditional and basic structures such as family” there are some further questions we can ask.

    Why are the anti-SSM advocates denying homosexuals from forming a family based on marriage?

    If marriage is so important, why do you advocate couples – non-homosexual or homosexual – can enjoy a de facto relationship?.

    And looking more closely at the “traditional” definition, it says it is “for ever” or “until death doth us part”. So, why so many people who are divorced? What are you saying about that?

    I see the attitude of Akerman and his friends in this article to be holding beliefs which are discriminatory and lacking in ethical understanding or empathy. Bigotry comes to mind. Certainly retrograde, especially as the attitude must harm people they know.

    There are people who have changed gender and people who live in a same sex relationship. I fail to see how any of that affects the authors mentioned here or anywhere else who are anti-SSM. In fact, given events in other parts of the world, Akerman et al are on the wrong side of history.

  24. Terry2

    There is a lot of curious and troubling media manipulation going on, guest.

    Brandis has come out overnight and said that Labor’s failure to support the plebiscite on marriage equality would set back any change for many years.

    What he is actually saying is that the coalition government, while in power, will use every tactic, every ploy, every device at their disposal to prevent a Bill to amend the Marriage Act from being brought to a vote in our parliament.

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