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Day to Day Politics: Nothing to rejoyce about at all

Tuesday 13 February 2018

I first posted this piece on February 11 2016, and again on February 12 2017. Seriously, how do you think it’s turned out?

1 The day has finally arrived. Barnaby Joyce has become Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. Now we have a Prime Minister who firmly believes in a Republic, equality in marriage and the science of Climate Change and a deputy who does not. The intellectual gap between them is of sagacious proportion.

It is said of Barnaby that he is the best retail salesman in Australia. I would suggest the public sees him as a person of mockery. It’s not so much his ocker image. After all, Hawke and Keating had colourful turns of phrase. It’s the depth of comprehension. The understanding of things beyond politics.

It seems incredible that a man who was one of the principle instigators in 2009 of the downfall of the then opposition leader can now be his deputy. It also seems implausible that a Senator who has crossed the floor to vote against his party on 19 occasions can now lead it.

Remember what Joyce said about mining Antarctica in 2006? He went there for a month and came back spruiking the beauty of it. “The vastness of nature itself,”  he said.

We staked a claim to a large part of it and signed an agreement not to mine it. Then he suggested on the ABC that we should.

“We can really realise that [mining’s] the game … or we can stick our head in the snow.”

“Do I turn my head and allow another country to exploit my resource … or do I position myself in such a way as I’m going to exploit it myself before they get there,” said Barnaby.

In the same year Barnaby opposed the new wonder drug Gardasil for the treatment of cervical cancer. The drug is now common place and is administered to boys and girls in their first year of high school.

Barnaby opposed it because of:

“The psychological implications or the social implications.”

“There might be an overwhelming (public) backlash from people saying ‘don’t you dare put something out there that gives my 12-year-old daughter a license to be promiscuous.”

It gets worse. On Climate Change. When he was a Senator he said, despite all the science, that he had,

“Serious doubt about our ability to change the climate” and that “the climate change debate is an ongoing debate”

In 2010 he said he didn’t believe that global warming is as bad as everyone says.

“Why do I say that … not because I have the factual premise to debunk them on the science,” Barnaby explained.

Then he said that Climate Change was…

“An indulgent and irrelevant debate because, even if climate changes turns out to exist one day, we will have absolutely no impact on it whatsoever”

It doesn’t finish there. When he was asked about being identified as a climate denier he answered.

“The whole terms repugnant. Climate change denier, like Holocaust denier”

On the subject of abortion he tends to lecture women. Whatever your view on the subject in Australia the topic is generally treated with caution by politicians.

In 2004 speaking to Mark Colvin he said. He’s …

“Pro-life, unashamedly pro-life” and that his “personal philosophy is anti-abortion” (link unavailable).

In 2005 he said that his greatest achievement would be to … “Stop abortion … The slavery debate of our time” and he was “philosophically opposed” to Medicare paying for abortions. He said that using the RU486 drug was like an act of murder.

“So if I shoot a woman in the abdomen and do not kill her but kill the baby, I have not actually committed a crime.”

Barnaby argued before the Community Affairs Legislation committee. The absurdity of this statement was pointed out at the time by Women’s Electoral Lobby ACT convener Rosyln Dundas who commented.

“No, you actually have committed a crime by shooting a woman”

He also gloated about rolling the then opposition leader.

Leadership demands more than just a “retail” personality. It requires, in the sense of leading a country, a deep insightful world view. Anyone who has seen Joyce on a Q&A panel with guests who present an understanding of life in all its variances will acknowledge that he has not the capacity to appreciate life beyond politics.

He is like Abbott, caught in a world that the rest of us have left far behind. And so we have as Deputy PM the man who said a roast would cost $100 under Labor’s Carbon tax and who, when Finance Minister said Australia would default on its debt. The then Reserve bank Governor at the time said he was unfit for the job. We deserve better. To think he will be the acting Prime Minister of this country next week.

This is also worthy of a repeat

2 The news that Greg Hunt has received an award as ‘Best Minister in the World’ will be received with much scepticism by many Australians. Even hilarity. Mr Hunt told Fairfax Media he was “genuinely humbled” by the prize, but noted “this is really an award for Australia”.

The criteria for winning the award, according to the organisers, is that the minister should lead quality successful initiatives that serve the needs of citizens.

Any economist, environmentalist or climate scientist or journalist specialising in the subject would be aghast that a person who has done so much harm to environmental policy could be honoured with an award.

Politics in this country is rapidly turning to farce. First we make Philip Ruddock our Human Rights Envoy and now this!

Internationally, in environmental gatherings Hunt is referred to as the man for all seasons. He has long been admired for his ability to put the case for Direct Action without ever explaining exactly how it might work. Or how it might be paid for.

He gained a masters with honours in 1990 with a brilliantly argued thesis for a carbon tax to reduce carbon emissions. Then he did an about turn when Abbott gained power supporting Direct Action. It was then that he lost all credibility and has been ridiculed ever since.

There is an award at every climate summit called “The Fossil of the Day.” The award is given by the international Climate Action Network to the country which has done the most to block progress at the climate change negotiations.”

My thought for the day

“Be generous with your praise and considerate with your criticism.”


  1. johno

    Stupidity reigns supreme. (and that’s an understatement)

  2. Jan

    But why O why a baby ? Has there been any thoughts about the babies life? No would be the answer from these 2 vacuous souls.

  3. Peter F

    @Jan : It would appear that only SOME of the Church’s teachings were considered sacrosanct.

  4. 245179

    Where’s the gov gen…….hello, we have a mob of clowns in canberra, enough of this rubbish. Time and money is being wasted as this LNP squirms and worms on a daily basis all trying to protect “their jobs”…….enough of “their”, what about “us”. I’m begging you to call enough.

  5. Terry2

    The Prime Minister has decided to treat the electorate with contempt. He has decided to define his own code of conduct to suit political imperatives and cast aside common sense and the clear intent of the code, to suit himself and support his hapless coalition mate.

    The code of conduct says :

    Employment of family members
    Ministers’ close relatives and partners are not to be appointed to positions in their
    ministerial or electorate offices, and must not be employed in the offices of other
    members of the Executive Government without the Prime Minister’s express approval.
    A close relative or partner of a Minister is not to be appointed to any position in an
    agency in the Minister’s own portfolio if the appointment is subject to the agreement of
    the Minister or Cabinet.

    You are being told, according to the Prime Minister, that as a Minister, you cannot employ your spouse, your mother, uncle, brother or even your Dad without the the express approval of the Prime Minister.
    But, according to Turnbull there is nothing wrong with a Minister employing his/her girl friend, lover, mistress, toy-boy or sexual partner provided this person is not a partner as defined by the Prime Minister.

    This is nonsense, emanating from a warped and corrupted administration who will employ any devious, dishonest, unprincipled, and hypocritical, device to cling to office and support a National Party leader who has well and truly passed his use by date .

    Clearly the intent of the code of conduct, to any reasonable person, is to prevent nepotism within government appointments and to avoid precisely the situation that the Joyce/Campion affair has brought about.

  6. Jan

    Peter” And when was this old book written ? Quite some time ago wasn’t it ? And some of these people lead us ? I’m going to name this child Patience; because they are going to need it.

  7. Keith

    About debate in climate science; in a way Joyce is right; except, not in the way he has suggested. The debate is about whether the impacts of climate change will be grim or dire. It was in 2014 that the first craters were discovered due to exploding pingos. Pingos explode through pressures builting up under the pingos by methane. Originally, there were a handful of pingos discovered where such explosions had occurred, a couple of years later there were 7,000 pingos that had methane building up which could potentially explode. The issue being permafrost thawing allowing mounds (pingos) to form. Dr Jason Box, a glaciologist used an expletive when the first exploded pingos were discovered, stating we are all “f….d”, he was admonished by his seniors afterwards. Scientists have the capacity to debate climate science, lay people only have the capacity to form opinions; either supportive of science, or otherwise.

    Already, millions of people die, or become quite ill annually through aerosols in the atmosphere. Aerosols being a by product of using fossil fuels.


    “But there’s a catch. Our surplus of aerosols is a huge problem for those of us who like to breathe air. At high concentrations, these tiny particles are one of the deadliest substances in existence, burrowing deep into our bodies where they can damage hearts and lungs.”


    So, Joyce’s emotive words in relation to “denier” try to hide untold misery for millions of people living in polluted cities mainly found in Asia.
    While aerosols reduce warming; the irony is, by clearing them through reducing the emissions from fossil fuels the atmosphere will initially become warmer. To do nothing only creates further warming in the future, a bargain with the devil.

  8. James Cook

    Are “New Idea”, “Womans Day” and “Womens Weekly” fighting to get the first “exclusive” baby snaps?

  9. yahoo mail

    Please just give us all another Federal Election & get rid of these morons who are ruining this great country.

  10. Glenn Barry

    They could perhaps get bootleg copies of an ultrasound, that would be quite scoop – let’s see how well connected they are…

  11. Chris

    Well this is all a bit weird (even the fact that the world today story is from 2010 and still on the internet is possibly odd).

    Sounds dodgey all round….

    Morwell Power Station, riddled with asbestos, granted heritage protection in ‘failure of common sense’

    Disendorsed Green dumps on party

  12. Jaquix

    In this day and age of extremely successful and freely available methods of contraception available to women, you really have to wonder if Ms Campion’s pregnancy was an accident, or perhaps deliberate? Whichever, its certainly living proof that Barnaby Joyce is a serial liar, and deceiver of his loving wife and 4 daughters, his party, his electorate, and the wider public of Australia. For what I estimate to be 18 months. Including through the recent by-election and very likely the 2016 federal election. Dishonest, deceitful, very self serving. The “special jobs: and travel expenses may be what finishes him off, but the main word to describe him is deceitful, liar and cheat. Our acting Prime Minister next week.

  13. Frank Smith

    The old Queensland Nats warhorse Senator Barry O’Sullivan addresses Barnaby’s problems in equine terms:

    “I don’t want to lose one of the best politicians we’ve had in my lifetime. Are you going to shoot your best horse because he jumped the fence and was found in the neighbour’s paddock?”

    But, Barry you should know that is exactly what the vet does when the horse injures its leg whilst jumping the fence and ends up as lame as Barnaby obviously is. Besides Barry, Barnaby has already turned himself “out to stud” so just let him go.

    For those who don’t closely follow Qld politics, O’Sullivan ruled the Qld Nats with an iron fist for many years and just happened to be rocketed into the Senate by being appointed (no, not elected) to Barnaby’s Senate seat when Barnaby defected from being a Qld Senator to run in the House of Reps seat of New England. He also has a huge portfilio of negatively geared properties among which a “bolthole” for an old mate might be found.

  14. pierre wilkinson

    we will have a serial philanderer, a lying hypocrite and an adulterer as acting PM….
    and I thought we were not a state of the US of A


    “So if I shoot a woman in the abdomen and do not kill her but kill the baby, I have not actually committed a crime.”

    this is just to morose for words

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