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Day to Day Politics: The man with the cowboy walk.

Thursday 6 April 2017

1 Trump and Abbott are very much alike in so much as they are liars of the highest standard. What separates their uniquely nefarious qualities is that Abbott admits to it while Trump cannot see that he ever does.

That aside I wanted today to discuss the future of the former Prime Minister Abbott. What is it that makes him hang around? Is it that as a former PM he is still listened to. Does he still cling to the forlorn hope that he might regain the top job. I think it fair to say that he has no hope of doing so.

I give four reasons for his unsavoury uselessness in occupying space that someone else could usefully inhabit. First is the capacity to inflict wounds on one’s predecessor Two he is so deluded that he truly thinks that if Turnbull were to go his party would welcome him back. Thirdly, he is not trained to do anything else. And fourthly he just craves attention.

There is ample evidence that he is the greatest liar to have ever walked the floor coverings of the House of Representatives. Albeit with a “cowboy walk” more befitting an exit from a rodeo toilet. (Look it up).

After a gilt edged guarantee that there would be ”no wrecking, no undermining, and no sniping” when he lost the leadership to Malcolm Turnbull in September, 2015, we now find him deliriously discontent with the government’s Xenophon agreement to pass billions of dollars in company tax cuts.

”You should never agree to do something which is wrong to get something which is right.”

”We all want to be in the sensible centre but you’ve got to have things that you are fighting for.”

It was Abbott’s way of giving Turnbull a shirtfront after he implored the party, last Saturday, to make for the center of Australian Politics. It also comes after the Essential poll and Newspoll returned the Coalition to a 6 point disadvantage.

The comments of course are a follow-up to his February comment that the government was ”Labor-lite” and suggested it was ”drifting to defeat”.

Turnbull rather sarcastically responded by saying that Tony was an ”experienced politician” who ”knows exactly what he’s doing”.

A very angry and upset Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said:

”I am just saddened by what self-evidently is his decision to provide more and more destructive commentary. He is not helping our cause.”

So what will happen to the politician with the cowboy walk? It seems likely that if he decided to retire at the next election he would not do so without drawing both Colt 45s and hitting as many targets as possible.  He is untrained for anything other than politics and no one would employ a liar of his enormousness. I would suggest a Texas ranch where blue jeans, the appropriate boots, the cowboy swagger and a flair for the uncouth are much more appreciated.

If the Coalition happened to win there would be no future and if they lose, less so. No I think, either way Australian Politics will see the last of the liar with the John Wayne swagger.

Just to refresh your memory here is a list of Abbot’s critiques since the election.

September 22, 2015 In his first post-spill interview, Mr Abbott claims new Treasurer Scott Morrison ”badly misled people” after he’d suggested he had warned the former PM about the coup on his leadership.

September 29, 2015 Two weeks after the spill, Mr Abbott appears on Sydney talk radio with a cheeky swipe at the new government. ”If you listen to the Prime Minister and the Treasurer, they’re even using the exactly the same phrases that Joe Hockey and I were using just a fortnight ago,” he tells 2GB.

September 9, 2016 Malcolm Turnbull announces an inquiry into youth detention in the Northern Territory following revelations of alleged abuse by Four Corners. Soon after, Mr Abbott appears on Alan Jones’ show. ”But you’re right, Alan — normally governments should not respond in panic at TV programs,” he says.  October 18, 2016 The backbench MP is at the centre of controversy over speculation that the Turnbull government is considering a Senate deal on the Adler shotgun in return for passage of the ABCC.

February 24, 2017 On a Friday night in February, Mr Abbott sends Coalition ministers into a spin, labelling the government ”Labor-lite” and suggesting it was ”drifting to defeat” in two separate public appearances.

March 24, 2017 In the week Victoria’s Hazelwood power station is slated to close, Mr Abbott offers his successor some unsolicited advice. The PM should try to keep it open, he writes in a piece for the Herald Sun.

March 31, 2017 After helping to scuttle an extradition treaty with China being pushed by the government but opposed by some Coalition MPs, Mr Abbott lashes ”senior government sources” who had briefed against him.

“Plainly, the whole extradition treaty business was badly mishandled by senior members of the government,” he tells 2GB.

April 3, 2017 The government is overjoyed after it strikes a deal with crossbencher Nick Xenophon in the Senate to pass its company tax cuts. Later on Sky, Mr Abbott is less impressed.

2 Both Turnbull and Morrison in interviews over the past couple of days have been loath to say how many jobs will be created by the tax cuts for business.

In my daily reading I came across a piece by respected economics journalist Ross Gittens. In it he was discussing the credentials of the Tax Cuts for business. His summary was succinct

This is economic nonsense. ScoMo regards it as a self-evident truth that cutting taxes creates jobs whereas raising taxes destroys jobs. Unfortunately, no one’s told the Scandinavians.

In fact, there’s no empirical evidence of a relationship between countries’ level of taxation and their success in creating jobs.’”

ScoMo’s own Treasury modelling predicts that the full company tax cut would do almost nothing to increase employment.

Beware of politicians trying to sell propositions on the basis of all the jobs they’ll create. They just know which of your buttons to press.

3 So One Nation has made the decision to restructure its political Party. In doing so they have made federal leader Pauline Hanson President and her chief of staff, James Ashby secretary of a new incorporated body.

I’m interested as to how a shady character like Ashby is able to, despite confessing on National Television that he intended stealing the Speaker of the Hose of Representatives diary, could be appointed to such a post. There were more sinister allegations of bringing down the government of the day.

Not only that however. In 2016 he was alleged to have had sex with two 15-year-old boys.

Hear is part of an email used by 7.30.

7.30 has also seen Facebook messages that Mr Ashby sent to the young man confirming their relationship.

“I really never gave an explanation behind me f***ing off and not saying why,” Mr Ashby wrote.

“Strangely enough the reason was so pathetic but I thought I’d share it with you.

“Your mum freaked me out one night when she walked in on me in your bed. That did my head in for some strange reason.”

As I said it was all alleged and the Queensland Police cleared him regardless of the email. The same with the 60 minute interview.

Perhaps it’s just the standards that have slipped.

My thought for the day.

”Death is not the mystery it is made out to be. It is simply the reverse of the other mystery we call birth”.



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  1. DiverDan

    Abbott’s ludicrous swagger is one of his defining physical characteristics. It likely reflects his narcissistic, would-be macho-man self image and it has been captured by various descriptions – clown shoes, i-shat-myself strut, orangutan amble etc. but “an exit from a rodeo toilet” has to be one of the best.

  2. wam

    hahaha thanks. Lord, you have a skill. The image of trump and the rabbott sharing their versions of truth is delicious enough to eat.
    Wonder what is mysterious about death or birth? Life after death may get a run but eggs and sperm are pretty straight forward and with so much going on under the skin yes life is a mystery..

  3. bearbrooke

    In order to understand the kind like Donald Trump and Tony Abbott it is necessary to have an appreciation of magic. Magic belies reality and fact and truth. The imposition and perfection of truth kills the imaginativeness of our two heroes. Introducing the internalised declutter of magic, magic being their illusory reality, counters the beau ideal of objective reality, objective reality which bestows death by violence and old age and the interruptions of chaos. Magic is transcendental. Magic has an orderliness which parries the disorder of the world. Magic, for our heroes, is the breath of life. Trump and Abbott are wizards — they never ever tell lies. They cast spells, that’s what they do, and they bewitch us.

  4. Graeme Henchel

    Abbott and Trump are much the same
    Both liars, deluded and mediocre of brain
    Both misogynists dicks with simplistic slogans
    Both appealling to low IQ bogans
    Both tapping the dark underbelly of race
    Both devoid of empathy and lacking in grace
    Both vindictive and threatening towards their foe
    Both with no limit to how low they go
    Both incompetent without any plan
    Both like a schoolboy instead of a man
    Both unable to think on their feet.
    Both of them failures, hoist on conceit
    Both ego bent whilst abusing their nation
    Both destroying their parties for a generation.
    Abbott and Trump two of same mind
    Boorish buffoons who’ll find history unkind

    In Abbott’s world it’s quite routine
    To say black is white and brown is green
    In this world of deceit and distortion
    Words get twisted in all contortion

    The climate’s not changing
    The earth is flat
    Bronwyn’s not biased
    Joe is not fat

    Cuts are increases
    Co-payments aren’t tax
    Promises aren’t broken
    Who cares about facts

    Concoct a crisis where none exists
    Standard fare for lying sophists
    With polls all showing a deep malaise
    Give your ministers a bunch of A’s

    When the lying impact starts getting weaker
    Go and bash an asylum seeker
    If that doesn’t work pull out the flags
    Call in a favour from Murdoch’s rags

    Sink deeper into self delusion
    Tell more lies amongst the confusion
    Have a soft session with Jones or Bolt
    If all else fails, it’s Labor’s fault.

    When you finally get the arse
    Simply deny there was ever a farce
    No wrecking, no undermining, no sniping
    Just deluded attempts at historical re-writing

    When your usurper falls in the polls
    Send out your troup of nut job trolls
    A return to the Thug will likely unfold
    Revenge is a dish best served cold

  5. Glenn

    I would suggest part of the reason he hangs around is he cannot afford not to. Unlike his colleagues in LNP, he does not have any investment properties, or indeed any real investments, and his chances of getting a high paying job outside of parliament are pretty much f*ck all – other than as an “opinion mouthpiece” for the Murdoch rags…..
    In fact, it shows how stupid he is that he has so few investments (or indeed none at all), considering how long he has been pulling down a high paying pollie job sucking off the public teat. Of course, the pollie superannuation rort will probably take care of him.
    a true blue blood-sucker.

  6. oldfart

    ” liars of the highest standard”

    Sorry, disagree, if they were they would be believable. more like liars of the highest ineptitude

  7. Terry2

    A friend who lives in Abbott’s Warringah electorate reckons that he may have trouble in being pre-selected for the next election with a new generation of young political aspirants ready to take over and without the baggage that Abbott carries with him.

    For his own sake Abbott needs to recognise that his political career is over and he needs to get on with his life.

  8. Geoffrey England

    For his own sake Abbott needs to recognise that his political career is over and he needs to get on with his life…
    No I’d like him to reach the end of his career and only then realize he is simply unemployable and that, like voters, NO ONE F*CKING wants him.

  9. Roswell

    Geoffrey, Sky News would snap him up. Seriously.

    With him joining Bolt and Credlin they could have their own ‘Bash Malcolm Show’.

  10. Freethinker

    IMHO Abbott is a psychopath that shows his anger for being removed form his position of power.
    His agenda is to destroy those that are in his way in the same manner that Pauline act with those in her party that questioning her.
    He will continue with this behavior as long as those that are using him to achieve their agenda believe that he is useful.
    Remember that Abbott is not alone in the coalition, there are few more that agree more with him that with Malcolm.
    He do not need a job, his super is enough to make a living plus the fees that he charge when he is invited to spread hate.

  11. Roswell

    Freethinker, if it is ever proven that Abbott is still a British citizen and thus ineligible to be in parliament, then in my opinion he should lose his super.

    He could always get a job as a firefighter. He’s had practice apparently.

  12. paulwalter

    I don’t know how John Lord does this stuff day after day. I am so disillusioned with politics I can hardly bear to follow it just now.

  13. Freethinker

    I agree with you Paul, the constant bad news in the media started to affect my health and many times I thinking in go bush and isolate myself from the way that things are going in the world.
    I cannot find a respire, we get attack with bad news from every art of the world.
    Perhaps, if I was younger I will be again an activist but then again I being there and proved that it is impossible to defeat human greed that it is behind all this.

  14. Freethinker

    Roswell, for sure Abbott know so much dirt about other in the parliament that it stop others to stir the pot.
    He will finish in a nice embassy some were like Joe enjoying double dipping.

  15. Paolo Soprani

    Who’s Tony Abbott?

  16. david bruce

    IMO Abbott would be a contender for Joe Hockey’s job, or the court of St James, with his mate Phil? I am also forever thankful that Peter Costello had the foresight to leave politics to avoid being part of the Abbott and Costello (Australia) franchise. The only other option for Abbott would be ambassador of Australia to the Holy See in 2020? Scary thoughts?

  17. Zathras


    Actually Abbott isn’t a trained firefighter at all. He’s an assistant and never did the mandatory training to attend a fire front.
    All he is allowed to do is drive a truck and do some burning-off.

    He only joined the local brigade in his electorate when his personal polls were slipping and has been using it as a photo-opportunity ever since. During some fires on the South Coast before his big election win he flew in from his holidays for his photo with the team but left as soon as the cameras did and the media lapped it up without question.

    Despite the hot Summer since he lost to Turnbull, it’s been pretty quiet on the firefighter scene for Phoney Tony.

    At least his uniform is always spotless – unlike his soul.

  18. Freethinker

    Operation “legs Chopping” is under way
    Peter Dutton has accepted that the government’s continued poor performance in polls affects Malcolm Turnbull’s hold on the leadership, and that the prime minister would also accept the point.

  19. Michael Taylor

    Roswell, I think he’d excel as a model after his political career crashes. Let’s face it, for the last seven years he’s been continually posing for the camera, so he’s had ample practice.

    Perhaps he could model swimwear (tick – plenty of experience), or model work uniforms (tick – was often seen in clean, unwrinkled, spotless fire-fighting gear), or kissing babies (tick – plenty of experience there too), or gawking at women’s breasts (tick, tick, tick).

  20. Alan Jones

    Abbott will be leader again. I will do everything within my power to get him back there!

  21. Freethinker

    Mike, not was his daughter that was studying design courtesy of a $60000 grant that only her was aware of it?
    Team Abbott perhaps will be?

  22. 245179

    Abbott and jones, yea has a ring about it. ( 2 tossers )

  23. Alan Baird

    Yeah Alan, get him to do something about an award for the queen this time. To have a duchy conferred on her, nothin’ to do with you. You know he thinks Downton Abbey is non-fiction. That means true (ish). Make sure he’s got his riding instructions straight this time.

  24. Kyran

    “There is ample evidence that he is the greatest liar to have ever walked the floor coverings of the House of Representatives.”
    Given some of the competition for such an ‘honour’, that is a big call. His incredible stupidity truly sets him apart.
    There have been so many stupid, careless, thoughtless comments issued by this git over the years, his current inane comments are almost acceptable, only because the are less frequent.
    If you google ‘tony abbott quotes’ you are quickly reminded of how pathetic he was on so many issues. He is surely the only person who considers himself valid in any present tense.
    Mr Henchel has, again, defined the very essence of the git, or absence thereof.
    For what it’s worth, Roswell, Tony Magrathea has been fairly relentless in his pursuit of tiny’s papers. His most recent effort has been lodged with Senator Ryan, petition EN0038, and is due to be answered by the 20th May.
    His blog is always worth a look.

    Thank you Mr Lord and commenters. Take care

  25. Alan Jones

    Yes A B; My boy will fly right this time.

  26. Michael Taylor

    I might have to agree with you, Kyran. Abbott broke promises, but Turnbull is nothing but a two-faced liar.

  27. Kaye Lee

    I knew Tony back in the day. He was a cosseted young man with a hugely overinflated sense of his own ability. He was one of those private school rugby boys who viewed all women as potential ‘roots’ or not. He detested feminists. He was a hypocrite then just as he is now. And he hated being beaten even though it happened often because he just wasn’t that good at stuff. When he was first gifted a seat in politics I was flabbergasted. It very forcefully showed me that politics has absolutely nothing to do with ability. The fact that he is still there has only reinforced my cynicism about the political class.

  28. Jack Straw

    And he’s still f*ckwit Kaye.

  29. Kaye Lee

    Always has been Jack. I watched his rise with total incredulity. In the 70s we dismissed him as a pugnacious no-talent bully boy nobody. Nothing has changed.

  30. LOVO

    One wonders what the Lib’s will do when Waringah becomes an safe independent seat…. Go!! James Mathison ?
    One, also, wonders if’n Latham and Abbott will get together on fox (birds of a feather etc)….they could call it “Offsiders”… ?

  31. Roswell

    LOVO, James Mathison polled poorly in the election. I thought he was impressive during the campaign, but the good folk of Waringah would prefer to be represented by a clown.

  32. paulwalter

    Thanks, Freethinker.

  33. Peter Mitchell

    Just to elevate the debate, let’s go back to the “walk”. When Tony was somebody, I thought comedy sketch shows missed an opportunity. I was waiting for a comedy skit which spliced Tony’s walk with Vladimir Putin’s, as they swagger toward each other and stage the [shirtfront] gunfight at the Kremlin.

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