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Day to Day Politics: Letter to the editor from Morrie Moneyweather. Toorak.

A letter to the editor.

All those comments pertaining to my last letter were just what I would have expected from the left wing latte sipping loonies of the proletariat. The chardonnay drinking Bolsheviks without any intelligence. All they could do was criticise a few grammamatical errors. Nothing better to do.

Barnaby was right just a lot of commies .The thing is, you commies don’t understand the fundamentals of conversation. The free market and capitalism. Conservatives (LNP) believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty and traditional values. We believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals unhindered by government regulations.

Just before I go on. I read that piece by John Lord abouy asylum seekers and really, he needs to take his hand of it.

Fair dinkum. He wouldn’t know shit from clay. I’d suggest he takesa hold of himself. Surely it’s clear to everyone that we need to tough. Personally I don’t think Peter went far enough. He should have banned you commies as well.

And all his bullshit about work. I mean everyone knows that theirs plenty of work. All my sons at Melbourne Gramma got jobs this year. My son Erwin is doing year 12 vagain but that’s another story.

And everyone noe’s we need to be free to pursue wealth. I mean I needed the freedom to accept my inheritance. The same with Gina. There will always be haves and have nots. Even Jesus said that. And Ronald Regan said. If we keep giving more money to the rich, everyone will have more money. It’s called tickle down economics.

Its always worked and always will. The poor will just have to wait a little longer to see it work. Conservatives were born to control capitol. Labour comes after capital. Not everyone can be effluent.

Had we had less regulation and let market forces have their way we wouldn’t have had a Global Financial Crisis THAY lABOUR wreckoned they handled so well.. Now look at the mess Scott has to get the world out of.

And that women Kaye Lee is still going on about consolten people that know what they are talking about. Fairdinkum you wouldn’t talk to those bastards with the red hankies. I can only say that good manners is a basic tenant of conservation. And women should be obscene and not heard.Some one should tell Kaye that.

Now where was I? Yes? There is no inequity in society. It’s just that some deserve more than others. We were born to rule. If we don’t have poor people who’s going to do the work.

That’s why I admire Christopher Pyne. It talks a lot of courage to fix things for the country. The audacity to suggest that he a bit over the top is ludicrous. He was the best education minster this country ever had. I mean two many educated people can be dangerous for society. They might all want to be wealthy.

And we don’t tell lies.

And talking about lies. How stupid people can be. Toney was one of the finest examples of honesty one could ever meat. I read this in the AGE.

”Some time back Tony Abbott told us that the best way to understand the truth of what he was saying was to have it in writing. Otherwise what he was saying was just idle chatter for an audience. So now I’m a little confused. You see now he is saying that what I thought he said is only a figment of my imagination. That what I think I thought he meant is not what he meant at all. That when he says something and I take it to mean one thing he has the option of saying that what I thought I heard was not what I heard at all. It was only my interpretation of what he meant.I mean, did he say what he meant or did he mean to say what he meant or was what he meant really what he meant’’

I know that I am 76 and I have the odd senior moment but usually I know what I mean and what is meant by what I say. I also know that people understand what I’m meaning.

Anyway I don’t mind wealthy people so long as they aren’t as wealthy as me. If that makes sense.

It’s like my friend Wyatt Roy (I’ve always loved his name. It gives me the erps) said.Remember he said that ‘’Baby Boomers should stay in work longer. We are sick and tired of our generation propping them up’’And he gets critizised for the bravery he displays going to Irak.

In Nalcolm Turnbull we have just what this country needs. An undoer. And there’s so much to undo that there is so little time left for doing anything else. That’s what conservatives value most. At this point in time we need an undoer, not a doer. That’s what Mal is. An undoer and a fixer. What a combo.

I will finish with a few comments about the nasty things said with regard to my last letter. I definitely wont be writing again because I get the impression I am not welcome on this blog. I am at a loss to understand why because all I bring is wisdom and unbiased opinion.

I agree with that annoying felbow whose name I can’t pronounce. There is a problem with over population so it would be a good idea if of the writers got on a boat with those muslims and jumped sgip. Does that make sence or do you want me to spell it out.

I can only speak the truth Michael Taylor.. There is no need to be so bloody cruel.I know there are loads of me letters you haven’t posted. No wonder 18c needs to be changed.

I have feelings you know. Even if I am wealthy. I think you are so mean that if I paid you a compliment you would probably ask for a receipt.

Speaking of reciets I must get one from Dam Murphys for that dozen bottles of 62 Grange.Bloody decent drop that one.

You’re disrespect is just revolting. I think you’re that dumb that you must be three bricks short of a load or not the full two bobs worth. Either that or your three sanwhiches short of a picnic. See I can throw shit tooo.

And most of the comments had to be a joke – no-one can be that stupid and arrogant, unless they are members of the Greens.

And Doiug (sorry ive had one or two today)or whatever your name is your name is. Your comment about me being a lesbeim was despickable. I could describe you as a pain in the neck but I have a much lower opinion of you.

There were so manny comments regarding my letter.. All of them in such poor taste that I feel I cannot avail myself to share my wisdom with you again. I can only hope and pray that someday the working classes will come to their senses and show their appreciation for the effluence we share.

Morrie Moneyworthy. Malvern

A special thanks to my son and the year 12 English class at Melbourne High for proof reading. Greatly apreciated.


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  1. Terry2

    Don’t worry John, the coalition of conservatives are spinning in their own poorly understood ideology. Maybe they need to have a degree course at the IPA before they are let loose so that right wingers can really understand what they actually stand for.

    I have just heard Matthias Cormann stumble and bumble as he failed to explain why it is alright for Andrew Robb to receive a government funded benefit in addition to a benefit from his Chinese employer but it is greedy ‘double dipping’ if a new mother receives the minimal government parental leave entitlement and a ‘top-up’ from her employer.

    He failed miserably, but perhaps if he had turned to George Orwell he would have found the words he was looking for, when the ruling pigs in Animal Farm explained the eternal political truth :

    ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.’

  2. wam

    Welcome back, morrie, how was Nungkari?? Congratulations on your use of the Lord’s daily thought process but I wish he had your insight.
    The extension of shame, shows the rabbott and his christian ilk are too frightened to seek learning in case their beliefs are challenged.
    In conclusion, could you see your way clear to explain to the host of the Lord that if your god allows you to lie for him the lie is truth. This means that those men of opus dei know they cannot lie and us who are brought up in the way of god accept the truth of their words.
    ps I believe you have been an advisor to the FBI? Very successfully by all accounts?

  3. Arthur Tarry

    You have wonderfully captured the sentiments of Morrie and his ilk, of whom there are many in my community, It’s very sad and regrettable.

  4. Pilot

    “Stupid is as stupid does…”

    Stupid people should not post their stupidity.

    “‘Tis better to keep your mouth shut and been thought an idiot, than to open it an remove all doubt.”

  5. John Kelly

    So much wisdom, Morrie. You might be the first letter the AIMN has received that found a way to put Jesus and Ronald Reagan in the same sentence. In a good way, I mean!

  6. totaram

    Morrie: No thanks to you again for slandering Melbourne High. The boys there would never do your proofreading for you. Not being sons of the wealthy, they have better things to do.

  7. Annie B

    Oh Morrie – what a dag you are. … Such a chuckle … and the other side of the coin, so neatly put –

    Your spelling needs a little attention, however. …. Maybe Mr. Lord might help you with that one day, if you are of the inclination to ask him ( LOL ). After all, he is a leftie – and perhaps you might not want to go so far !

    And ? … where DO you live Morrie – Toorak or Malvern ? … maybe on the border ? … you rather like sitting on fences, don’t you. 🙂 😉

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