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Day to Day Politics: Letter to the Editor, From Morrie Moneyweather

Author’s note: At The AIMN we take people’s criticisms seriously and although we think Morrie Moneyweather conveys little of interest it is The AIMN’s policy to publish other points of view. We don’t in the least think we have an ownership of righteousness.

To the editor of The AIMN

January 3 2018

I swore I would never write to this blog again again after the way I was treated last year but I have to lodge a protest. That old fprickJohn Lord needs another kick up the arse. He really has become embrassassing. This time I’m going to forget my breading, my manners, my education and tell the prick what I think of him. I mean there is just no limit to how far he will skoop, no gutter to low to slide into, no sewer to murky for him to loose himself in. For all of 2017 he hounded me. Everyone knows why. Its as well I did
t take it personally.

I mean I’m not sure what’s the biggest. His immature heart he wares on his sleeve or the log he has on his shoulder.

All Lord does is criticise. Ask yourself this question:

Has Australia ever, so wisely, elected a man so positive about the countries future and exprecced it so clearly.? A person with such truth and transparency. A leader in every respect. So sensitive to those who cannot help themselves. Remember he was going to give that old chap five dollars. So willing to endorse and foster equality. So knoweggible of technology and science. So aware to the needs of women. That’s why women like his ass there Prime Sinister. So adeptt at policy formation and its implementation. Did ya notice my use of diplomatic language words.

(That’s what a private education gives you) So on top of good communication. So diplomatic, so ambassadorial, so sensitive, in his attitude toward oth…ers. So accomdating of those who desire equality. And in touch with a modern pluralist society. A man so sophisticated in deep worldly acumen and discernment, yet religiously motivated.

Look what he did for the marriage industries this year. The car hire, cake makers, dressers and condom suppliers. Capitalism mate, it has the answer to everything. There was a lot of support fo gay marriage at The AIMN WHICH IS A BIT SUS IF YOU ask me but I agree with Miles on this. they would have been stiff not to get up. Oh, I forgot the candle sticks.

What Lord wrote LAST year was just unadulterated crap and the editor should censor him. That’s the word Tony used to describe Climate Change. Malcolm agrees with him that it’s all a socialist plot. So much so that he intends to impliment the Direct Action plan that Tony invented.

Just like the NBN. Malcolm invented that too. I can’t work out what people are complaining about. It’s fast enough for me to follow and I’m pretty bright. You would reckon people would be grateful for all the education the Internet provides. I know my son Miles and his classmates in year 12 at Melbourne Grammar are. I mean the amount of homework Miles does every night with his mates with bedroom door locked is astonishing.

Now another thing. All this talk about Peta and Tony has got to stop. She was never into Foreign Affairs anyway. That Nikki Savva has a lot to answer for starting all those rumours about Barnaby.

John Lord just keeps hurling insults every day. Never a fact to back up his lying. Just wild claims about anything that suits him. I mean he he thinks he has some sort of influenza over people. Fancy saying that Malcolm doesn’t have a plan. His words have a wiff of effluence about them. His plan is to stay in power so that the rich can support the poor with whatever is left over after all our expenses are catered for. After all there are a lot of costs in being rich. I mean what’s wrong with that.

M m, don’t let me get started on that bloody safe schools program. If the kids can’t take a bit of bullying then they should just change schools. Miles gets bullied about our family wealth every day. It Doesn’t worry him so what’s the problem.

And that Kaye Wees is so rude to that fellow Harquas that it’s a wonder he doesn’t retaliate. No guts thats the problem.

Now when Peter Dutton says if Labor is elected the stock market will crash and the economy will collapse and we will have a recession you have to believe him. After all he was a have to feel safe with him in a cabinet. I don’t mind telling you that with that sort of insight he should be treasurer.

At least the press admitted at the end of play that the teem had performed brilliantly for the whole year with total cohesion. So whoever manages the AIMN had better pull up their jocks next year. All this fake news is a bit teedus.

so all I can suggest is that the editor rain in his writers and incest they start to give the Coalition the credit they deserve for the state of our nation

Yours Faithfully.

Morris Moneyweather. Toorak

PS. My thanks to my son Miles and his year 12 friends at Melbourne Gramma for proofreading my letter. Yes Miles decided to do year 12 again.

I also enclose 12 bottles of 1964 ($3750 A BOTTLE) Grange in the hope that you might find more FAIRNESS IN YER WRITING.


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  1. Ella miller

    Mr. Lord,
    Reading M. Moneyweather’s letter I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! I think she needs to get her son to look up the meaning of unbiased reporting and perhaps edit her piece again.
    Perhaps he could also help his mother to take off her rose coloured glasses, in order to help her see reality….through the eyes of the rest of society, not only through the eyes of the residents of Toorak.
    Thank you for your informative pieces…

  2. dickybirdwp

    AAAwww. Is it April 1 already?

  3. Jon Chesterson

    OMG – What unbelievable ignorant rubbish this is. ‘I can’t work out what people are complaining about’ apart from the gross spelling, grammar, misguided opinions, prejudice, totally unsupported statements, misinformation, and incoherent rant, when we are living through the most grotesque and corrupt government Australia has ever seen since Federation in 1901, probably ever including Governor Bligh, who was subject to the only successful rebellion in Australian history to date for his wanton abuse, corruption and incompetence. Not surprising Malcolm admires this tyrant. The rest speaks for itself… Shameful as is the partisan politic blindly, madly followed that is destroying all things decent one could once say about this country other than our wide open plains and the climate. But even this Malcolm could destroy too. Never let ignorance rule the heart otherwise we are left with nothing.

  4. stuff me

    Lol Lol &Lol! Your very safe Mr Lord!

  5. John Kelly

    I’m notifying the Dept of Social Welfare immediately. We have to get Miles out of that pernicious environment.

  6. Chris

    thank you John. Morris must’ve been on the piss to write such drivel. So incoherent, I can’t even parse anything other than bad grammar. Seems to have carried onto his offspring

  7. Bruce Stephenson

    Won of the best seritypikal peeces I have red in a long tyme! Xcelkent!

  8. Brian

    4 days into the year and already Morris is odds-on favourite to take out the AIM Creative Trolling award for 2018.
    But comedian or no, Morri has a point.
    Rather than being swept in the latest outage of common sense in the Halls of Parliament, this site might serve a more practical purpose by lending itself to constructive critique. For example, yesterday’s article on private school funding was brilliant and it’s only one step further for the author or someone with the free time to summarize potential solutions to that problem and have that linked in the header on this page, eg Policy Solutions. The Opposition of the day or even the current incumbents (as unlikely as that seems) could use such a resource.

  9. wam

    At last some truth for the mulling over during the morning exercise in the pool.

    Sorry Lord, all that I could come up with is that a ‘predominately boy’s school with a motto
    ora et labia
    is probably not strong on spelling and the few girl borders are chosen for top and bottom sizes???

  10. Jack Russell

    Bet that took a little longer to write than usual John!

    … chuckle …

  11. Freethinker

    Is this for real? Morris is real or just a fiction?
    If it is real if she really exist is a worry that she is in the electorate only an individual with unpleasant excrement personality can write something like that.

  12. jim

    I cannot believe this Morris went to school at all.
    In July of 2016 Malcolm Turnbull did not attend 100th anniversary commemorations of the first and most deadly battles involving Australians on the Western Front during World War One.

    The Australian newspaper called him a “disgrace” with Associate Editor Cameron Stewart writing:

    “This was not just another war commemoration, it was the biggest anniversary of the worst part of the most devastating war Australia has been involved in. Yet the Prime Minister chose not to prioritise his schedule to pay his respects on these battlefields to the 46,000 soldiers who gave their lives on the Western Front.

    The LNP voters would have us all think Turdball is sooo great.
    In February 2016 it was revealed that the Turnbull Government had abolished the ANZAC Day ceremony at Lone Pine, absurdly citing ‘rough terrain’ in the area. After pressure from the Returned Services League (RSL) and, of all people, Bill Shorten, a compromise was agreed.
    “This man turdball is Australia′s consummate chameleon. It brings to mind the saying that politics is like rowing, because you can face one way and go the other. Ausflag is awarding Malcolm Turnbull Olympic gold in single political sculling.

  13. MikeW

    Thanks for that Mr. lord. Made me laugh and calmed me down after a morning trying to get my internet working. You know that NBN thingy that Malcolm invented. I was just about ready to throw my computer and modem into the creek out the back, then realised I would be as bad as all the other polluters. Then all of a sudden the internet started working again. Thanks Malcolm.

  14. roaminruin

    “At The AIMN we take people’s criticisms seriously… is The AIMN’s policy to publish other points of view. We don’t in the least think we have an ownership of righteousness.”

    Blown your credibility right there.

  15. david hollyfield

    M.Moneyweather. Maybe because of your passion you wrote this piece in haste, but your spelling is all over theplace

  16. aravis1

    The funniest thing about this clever piece of satire is the people who seem to believe it. Loved it, John!

  17. Freethinker

    aravis1 if you think that people like Morris do not exist then you do not read many comments in blogs and news papers.
    Even in the Guardian you come across with individuals worse than the real or not.Morris.
    Just wonder how many voters of ON are like that……….

  18. Pappinbarra Fox

    This isn’t satire. You find the same letters in the Australian every single day. Without the spelling errors because a troop of volunteers from Denman High School correct them using a Rupert spell checker

  19. Bill Morris

    Morris’ letter gives an insight to explaining why we have the government we have today. Simply put, the Morrie Moneyweather’s outnumber the John Lords.

  20. Tina Clausen

    Believed it when I started reading, then realised it was satire, hehe. Sad thing is though that these attitudes exist everywhere.

  21. Rob

    Morrie or benneworth, same person or one of many LNP pot stirrers. Expect to see more of them until the next federal election. Their grubby, smelly, smear campaigns have already started in Victoria and Sth Australia (both ALP State Governments)

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