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Day to Day Politics: A letter to the editor of The AIMN

Saturday 30 July 2016.

From Morrie Moneyweather.

I have refrained from writing to this blog for over a year now but it has gottin to much for me. I’m sick and tied of mean spirited poor looser attitude of the writers of this blog. The bias is just remakeable. I mean cant yoy get it thrugh your skulls that we won. The bloody Coalition won with a majority and a mandate.

I really don’t know where to start. Everyday there is a constant stream of pissweek comantary from writers with little to say and all the time in the world to say it.

Take the attacks on our Prime Minister. Totality unwarranted if you ask me. He ran the best campaign with the best policies. I have told Shorten on a number of occasions that he needs a a dose of charisma not all these policies that con people into thinking they are in the countries best interests

And now they are critising Malcolm because he jumps (well not litrally but I bet he could with enough pressor) to the right. Everyone knows hes of the left and sometime in the futurs hell shows yous.How bloody stupid yous are. The people get it right all the time. How on earth do you expect the best possible government if they don’t have enough money that’s why we have donations ya stupid twats. I mean some of yous are so feral ya just cant reason with yous.

Some of our ministers like Pyne, Dutton and Morrison deserves a meddle for what they puts up with.

What you people on the left don’t appreciate is that if you want the best educated ministry then someone has to pay.The one we have now is the best ever and it shows in all the ideas and policies it produced over the last three years. Ya just don’t appreciate what these fine men have done for our country.

Fairdinkum I was talking to me mate Blind Freddy the other day and he reckoned the country would have gone to the dogs if Turnbull wasn’t elected.What the country needed most was a refinement that Tony didn’t have..

Giving the rich discounts on Super was just what was needed to give us more effulence. After all it’s the rich that support the poor. Everyone knows that. That’s our plan. Build up the wealth of those rightfully privalaged and they can then support the poor. We have always done that. They don’t appreciate it though. I mean look at all the jobs n growth we are providing. I meam theres a job for everyone if they would just get off their arses and look.

Take all the things Scott wants to do for the Country. No one understands his motives. Well Labor doesn’t. All they do is critic. I was talking to my Financial Adviser the other day and he reckons they are all just jealous.I know I inherited mine and I had the best of education. Well I will say it again.All they have to do is get off their collective arses and get a job. God only knows sCOTT is providing enough of them.

And what about the climate. I mean have we ever had a prime minister so on top of the sciences. He knows more about everythink. You ask him.

While Im at it and this is the mane reason I have written is to comment on the stuppiddy of that fellow John Lord. I told him last time that he needs a manager because hes been handling himself to long. Then he emailed bak to say he was to old to handel anything.I have no idea what he meant. Jees he pisses me of. Stupid old bald headed bastard ought to get a grip of himself. Now look ask yourself the question.

Has Australia ever, so wisely, elected a man so positive about the countries future and exprecced it so clearly.? A person with such truth and transparency. What he says he does and no one effuences him. So sensitive to those who cannot help themselves. So willing to endorse and foster equality. So knoweggible of technology (the inventer of the internet)and science. So aware to the needs of women. That’s why women like him. So adeptt at policy formation and its implementation. (note the good spelling.

That’s what a private education gives you) So on top of good communication. So diplomatic, so ambassadorial, so sensitive, in his attitude toward oth…ers. So accomdating of those who desire equality.

And in touch with a modern pluralist society. A man so sophisticated in deep worldly acumen and discernment, yet religiously motivated.

Glad I got that of me chest actually.

Might I suggest that the writers on this blog try a bit less bias otherwise they will end up like the ABC. Christ don’t start me on them. I have no malcontent toward anyone. Just try to be more fair and give credit where credits dew. Try to be objective and nondiscriminatory. Did ya like the big word? .

Then we con have some real intercourse.

Thanks again to my son Miles and his mates from Melbourne Gramma year 12 english class for all there help with the composition and proof reading.

Its testimy of what Commonwealth investment in private schools can achieve.

Morrie Moneyweather. Malvern.

PS Say hello to Kaye. She is the only one at the blog who apprecuates my intellect and ability to see through all the shit.

Yours Faithfully

Morrie from Malvern.


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  1. Don A Kelly

    This is a joke……right?

  2. Deidre Zanker


  3. Cath O'Conoor

    pinned the morons down nicely John even to their poor command of the Australian language and their idea that 1 extra vote is a mandate!

  4. lawrencesroberts

    Agree that Kaye is outstanding: She should be in Parliament or even The Lodge.

  5. Rich

    Excellent peace of writing…

  6. Freethinker

    I am not going to debate with him, not even the best educator will be able to penetrate in his brain. Not wonder we have politicians with not respect to human rights and compassion with people in the electorate like him
    I going to say one thing only, I and the majority of the voters in this election have voted in the senate in a way to make sure that in the event that if the Coalition win in the HorR they will NOT HAVE A MANDATE.

  7. Bob Yates

    Good onyas Morrie…as Meatlof once famously said, youse have taken the words right outa my mouth.

  8. Michael Taylor

    If Morrie lives in Malvern there’s a good chance that he’s a Hawthorn supporter. It sounds about right.

  9. jim

    This is why I like the AIMN cheers,ROTGL.

  10. Mark Needham

    Is ut troo that the some pollys have swarn on da Kooran.
    That won that says all Kafir shud be smitten and head scut off…?
    Muck Needham

  11. Jack Russell

    I bet that rant took twice as long to compose . . . LOL

  12. Möbius Ecko

    You missed the Liberals latest catchword, “threshold”.

    From Turnbull saying it multiple times in his presser on backstabbing Rudd, to Abetz and others today all getting in the word “threshold” as an excuse for doing what they are.

    So I gather that means the Liberals have learnt from the Federal election, they need different catchphrases and catchwords.

  13. John Lord

    Jack before I began writing for THE AIMN I was a fiction writer of short stories. It has been sometime since I have posted any.

  14. DisablednDesperate

    My laugh of the day but in all seriousness brilliant piece of writing. Don’t show it to Bolt. He will think it’s a love letter to him.

  15. mustchange

    Sounds like my brother in Glen Iris and his best mate. 🙁

  16. townsvilleblog

    Morrie, while you slept last night a stalker broke silently to your dong and has given you a brain transplant with a horse. If you can find who dis it you may be able to reverse the process, good luck mate. Shaun.

  17. David1

    Very poor attempt at satire, stick to your retirement and the remote.

  18. Annie B

    Priceless send up … well done, er …. “Morrie” !!

    p.s. so very glad to know you : “…… had the best of education. “

    🙂 🙂 😀

  19. wam

    sory, lord, you’re speling make it impossable tp understand.
    It is sertinly agree that the treasherer has providid a grate meny jobz but laburs dolebludgers just wont werk for $8 an hours like asians, even when yous uppt it to $10 we only got foreign students and backpackors.
    Stil we will cut the lazee barstards off aftar 6 munths and that will leve us only neading the 457 to brake the uniuns. (hahaha who cares abowt werk choisis???)
    I did jump to the end but and you thoughts:
    may be hollows with dusty cummings, lingiari-ing on that lyons dame with her hawke putting a banjo on bradman. You could be right about nancy for her wake the bet 5 million francs

  20. John Lord

    Morrie has promised to write again soon.

  21. Sir ScotchMistery

    OMGG David1 you are such a drelb. Now I don’t expect you to remember that word, but suffice it to say that the first one, Morgol, was around a humdred years ago, and he was much loved by tory’s whcih I spect you are.

  22. Sir ScotchMistery

    The opposite of to be loved is to be ignored.

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