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Day to Day Politics: ‘Laughably incompetent’

Tuesday 23 august 2016

1 Over the weekend the subject of Marriage Equality once again reared its head. Surely enough is enough. If ever a government was laughably incompetent on legislating the will of the people it has to be Turnbull’s. Reports on the weekend suggested that a plebiscite would be held in February. This was later denied.

An “unnecessary” plebiscite was promised by the Prime Minister this year. If it can’t, for whatever reason, then Turnbull should come out and say so. Surely a government two months into its term can make a simple decision about an election promise, come up with the question, and name a date. And inform us. If the AEC cannot cope then just say so.

Their incompetence is breathtaking. The most educated government in our history can’t come up with simple legislation that would make the marriage act representative of equality.

The longer it is delayed the more Australians will prick their ears to the “sounds sus” position. The current position unequivocally suggests that the conservative right of the party are well and truly in charge of the decision-making process.

As a leader who has just won an election, claiming a mandate, with a promise of marriage equality he could have named the date immediately.

Their incompetence is demonstrated by the fact that Australians have for many years supported gay marriage. It could, if the Prime Minister had the guts, be over in the first week of the Parliament sitting. There are 150 members of both houses. All they have to do is take a vote. But intestinal fortitude is not one of Turnbull’s strengths. And bear in mind that he is against the plebiscite.

Bill Shorten’s response to the ‘non-announcement’:

“Mr Turnbull is willing to waste taxpayers’ money and provide a platform for hate campaigns, all because he doesn’t have the guts to put a vote to Parliament.”

He is correct. Just imagine giving the Australian Christian Lobby many millions of dollars to spend on a negative campaign. So because of the Government’s ineptness the debate will continue to fester with increasingly inflamed rhetoric for the remainder of the year. And into next.

I also have doubts that the rumoured question, ‘Do you approve of a law to permit people of the same-sex to marry’’ will be ambiguous enough for the extreme right of the party.

The vote on recognition of our indigenous folk in the constitution is due in May. Where does the plebiscite fit in? They are so incompetent you wouldn’t trust them to put together a football seasons fixture.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale said he was unsurprised by the “delay tactic”, calling the plebiscite a “pointless” sham that would be costly, divisive and ignored by some Coalition MPs anyway:

“Delays are the entire point of the Liberals’ plebiscite ploy. They don’t want to end discrimination in the law, they want to push it off to the never-never.”

Former respected International jurist Justice Kirby made the point that Australia’s record on passing referenda was not good and a plebiscite might turn out the same.

Justice Kirby, who served on the High Court from 1996 until 2009, said plebiscite votes were “alien” to Australia’s system of representative democracy and the campaign would drive hatred and abuse towards gay and lesbian Australians.

“It’s time Parliament did address itself to the issue of marriage equality and giving it out to a plebiscite is simply an endeavour to delay or defeat the measure.

‘Our Parliament, our parliamentary institutions in Australia and elsewhere are really not working all that well at the moment and what we should be doing is strengthening parliament and ensuring it gets on with the job” Justice Kirby told ABC radio.

To prove the public’s support I have borrowed some stats from ‘’Marriage Equality. Org’’ that demonstrably show Australia’s support. You would have to be some sort of bungling government to ignore them.

Go here for further statistical information to support the case for gay marriage.


Galaxy Research polling (2009-2012) shows:

An observation.

It’s only in the mysterious equations of love that true reason can be found.”

2 Bill Shorten’s proposal for a Royal Commission into the financial sector continues to be a thorn in the Prime Minister’s side. Research by the Parliamentary Library shows complaints about banks to the Financial Ombudsman Service have risen 60 per cent between 2008 and 2015, from 19,107 to 31,895 a year.

It seems that not only have the profits of banks increases exponentially but the complaints have also. The research questions the adequacy of “cop-out” bodies to keep financial institutions in check.

The Parliamentary Library also points to a 145 per cent increase in credit card complaints from 6731 a year in 2008-09 to 16,458 in 2014-15 and notes the booming profits in the industry, including the Commonwealth Bank’s $9.1 billion in 2015-16, Westpac’s $8.2 billion, ANZ’s $7.8 billion and NAB’s $5.8 billion.

It all goes to strengthen Shorten’s argument and reinforce Turnbull’s incompetence in not being able to come up with an effective substitute to a Royal Commission. Meanwhile the banks will continue to plunder the people’s pockets in search of higher profits.

My thought for the day.

“When we go out of our way to help someone less fortunate we cannot avoid helping ourselves.”



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  1. Terry2

    A week ago the prime Minister said that he wanted to reach out across the aisle and work co-operatively with Labor on ‘Budget Repair’ and his omnibus legislation.

    Well, obviously that message didn’t get through to his troops or they completely ignored it. Since then we have had Morrison, O’Dwyer and Cormann blatantly refuse to work with Labor and in the case of Cormann he has refused to even meet with his Labor counterparts to smooth the way for this omnibus Bill.

    Cormann is demanding Shorten’s support even before the omnibus Bill has been provided to the parliament ; he even goes as far as personal name calling, accusing Shorten of being a jelly fish and “wibble Wobbling” on legislation that has yet to be made public, and all this through the media.

    I really did believe that Turnbull was being genuine when he offered to reach out across the aisle and work with the opposition but, even after years of watching politics in this country, I got sucked in and with a mere one seat majority in the lower House and an unpredictable Senate it still seems that Turnbull’s troops want to play hard ball – go figure, is this a sensible tactic ?

  2. NFP.

    John Lord.
    I agree with your sentiments exactly, I have also wrote a piece in bit’s n Pieces on this very subject of marriage equality over the years
    in various forums, publications and stories, I believe since Tony Abbott came up with the suggestion of a plebiscite, it was his creation &
    his cronies that are the force delaying the marriage equality vote in Parliament. Malcolm Turnbull though is a different kettle of fish.
    He not only is gutless, a coward, incompetent, and a ridiculous example of an Australian Prime Minister, he is also hugely a soft piece
    of excrement when it comes to leadership skills……..What were his words one day on mainstream media tv??? “Im not a Dictator”

    This is just a prime example of how incompetent this government is with a leader like that that makes statements like that to Tv Stations.
    Im still waiting for “Good Government” to start.

    When you have homophobic imbeciles like Lyle Shelton, Corrie Bernadi, George christenson, and Scomo, trying to run the country instead of the prime minister, you can imagine, just how incompetent they really are, I liken this to Cat’s Ruling Over Dogs”
    small little timid creatures running big nasty man biting beasts.

    Also on the subject of incompetent Governance we have Scomo, a so called man that is a weasel that should be dragged out by his very small hair follicles from any sort of position in government because he is just as seriously incapable of getting this country back on it’s heels financially………As much if not more so than our “EX BANKING So Called King Malcolm Tunrbull” Prime Minister.

    As for crying foul over how labor are treating them, they better pull their heads out of their butts and remember the atrocities they committed whilst labor was in power and shoot themselves in the mouth or brain, whichever happens to happen first does not worry me.
    Liberals and not excluding the Prime minister and his lapdogs are just seriously so dumb they most likely shoot themselves up the butthole instead.

    If our Prime minister was any sort of “MAN” he would call his party and the Nationals and lay the law down to them and stand up for
    himself instead of being the incompetent, idiotic, dumbass, Imbecile he is.
    If he refuses to stand up to them, then he should resign, and hand the government to Bill Shorten with a big boot made just for the TURNBULL ARSE as target practice.

    Yours Sincerely
    One Pissed Off Aussie Citizen.

  3. Möbius Ecko

    If you want to see this government’s incompetency in action, then watch this train wreck of an interview from Michaelia Cash or read the Guardian piece on it.

    Then as Terry2 points out have a listen to Cormann waffling on, demanding that Shorten support the savings measures legislation outright now without looking at it because Shorten supposedly fully supported it during he election campaign. Nothing more proves that this $6.5b in savings is only wedge against Labor and that the L-NP have not learnt a single thing from the election.

    If you want to see more of this in action have a look at the current Country Liberal government in action leading up to the election in the NT. Everything I’ve heard from the Country Liberals so far have consisted of attacks on Labor, even on things the Country Liberals have done and Labor is now doing the same.

  4. Terry2


    Just heard Cash being interviewed by Fran Kelly.

    As a matter of fundamental human rights I don’t think that Michaelia Cash should be allowed on radio until the nation has finished its breakfast.

  5. Michael Taylor

    Mobius, I just watched the video. Cash came across more like a junior public servant than a government minister.

  6. Matters Not

    I want more of Michaelia Cash. She deserves a Logie. Go Michaelia! ? ?

    While it’s common for Ministers to repeat the ‘message’ a dozen different ways, it’s crucial to understand what the ‘message’ is. That video will be used as an example of what NOT to do.

  7. stephengb2014

    Have you noticed how from the Prime Minister down are using rhetoric and hyperbole in answer, turning every question every interview every comment into an attack on Labor.

    Even the Right wing facebook warriors have started to use the same tactic.

    None of the Right wing supporters whomI have tried to engage, in rational discourse, have been able to move off of the Lefty, Labor blame game message.

    They are playing to the dumb and dumber, bogans who believe the rhetoric, the misinformation and propaganda.

    Either the Right has chosen this as a winning formula, or they are desperate!

    I have no idea which?

  8. billshaw2013

    I agree with you Michael. Having experience in meetings and negotiations over many years once the paper shuffling and searching for particular clauses commences the argument is lost. It merely indicates the proponent is ill prepared or pursuing a lost cause.

  9. helvityni

    I thought that Mal takes Michaelia with him because you just never know when the microphones might be failing.

    She can be Mal’s very own fog-horn…

  10. Jaquix

    Laughable watching Cormann describe Labor as “Wibble wobbling all over the place”. Actually its the Coalition government which is the wibble wobbler! Cormann is demonstrating “projection”, an unconscious psychological device used by people, whereby they project onto others their own shortcomings.

  11. Kaye Lee

    Watching several interviews with the aforementioned Cash, Cormann, O’Dwyer and Scomo was excruciating. Every single one of them said on the same day “If Bill Shorten wants to crab walk away…” How unusual that those four very intelligent (cough) people would come up with exactly the same phrase.

    Take away their printed script and they’ve got nothing as the interview with Cash so ably demonstrated. They are a bunch of dolls with strings in their backs who just repeat the same phrases over and over regardless of what they are asked. Critical evaluation is not encouraged in the Coalition. repeat after me….Hail malcolm full of grace.

  12. Michael Taylor

    The sad thing about that interview was that Cash appeared to be enjoying herself.

  13. silkworm

    It’s the shaky ride on the omnibus that makes the jelly wibble wobble.

  14. Carol Taylor

    Justice Kirby (who I had the pleasure of meeting a number of years ago) also stated that having a gay marriage plebiscite sets a dangerous precedent for Australian democracy, that governments are elected to govern and if in the future any ‘difficult decisions’ need to be made, how easy to fob these off onto a Popularity Contest aka a plebiscite.

    A concern of mine is how easily the public are swayed by the msm. At one stage the Australian public supported (around 78%) action on climate change. However by the time the Murdoch media had done it’s job running article after article about how the country was going to hell if a price on carbon was enacted, support for climate change action had plummeted to about 48%. Brushes hands..job done.

    Therefore *what if* the Murdoch media decides that it, or he-Murdoch does not want marriage equality in Australia? What sort of stories will the DT decide to run? For all the assurances from Turnbull in that a plebiscite will succeed, if it doesn’t, then I cannot imagine Turnbull doing anything except shrugging his shoulders and walking away – and that folks, will be it for another 3-5 years.

  15. David1

    I have the greatest respect for Justice Kirby and his words summed up for me the weak puppet Turnbull and his right wing homophobes who run the Govt. “It’s time Parliament did address itself to the issue of marriage equality and giving it out to a plebiscite is simply an endeavour to delay or defeat the measure.”

  16. Jaquix

    Yes, Justice Kirby’s words were a breath of fresh air and show just how low our government/political system has sunk when we need a retired Judge to remind us of how things should be.

  17. jim

    IMO the $160million plebiscite and 18C is a god send for the LNP in that it helps stop the issue being turned to the economy, dragging these issues out is what they are now doing ,all the while we have,
    We have the worst government . since 1949 and it’s this LNP,……As the Australia Institute’s research in June found – across a broad range of economic measures, the Abbott/Turnbull government has performed the worst of any Australian government since 1949. Economist Jim Stanford’s report examines economic performance across 12 indicators – including GDP per capita, the unemployment rate, employment growth and the growth of real business investment and intellectual property investment …

  18. John Lord

    Carrol. I place Kirby in my 10 most admired men.

  19. Max Gross

    Laughingly incompetent the Turnbott government surely is but just remember good Germans once chortled at the silly antics of parading Brown Shirts

  20. Aortic

    Are they prevaricating so they can convolute the thing just as that mendacious little war mongrel Howard did with the one on the republic. Save our money you gutless wonder and put it to a Parliamentary vote and stop pandering to the nutcases on the far right.

  21. John

    Eduardo Galeano on the essence of contemporary “democracies:”

    “The other day, I heard about a cook who organized a meeting of birds—chickens, geese, turkeys, peasants, and ducks. And I heard what the cook told them. The cook asked them with what sauce they would like to be cooked. One of the birds, I think it was a humble chicken, said: ‘We don’t want to be cooked in whichever way.’ And the cook explained that ‘this topic was not on the agenda.’ It seems to me interesting, that meeting, for it is a metaphor for the world. The world is organized in such a way that we have the right to choose the sauce in which we shall be eaten.”

  22. Kyran

    Their incompetence is immeasurable. Pick a portfolio, any portfolio at all, and make an argument to the contrary. Add to that equation that this is not a new government. These messers have been ‘in charge’ for nigh on three years, and they are still blaming everyone else.
    At what point in time does their incompetence (inability to do something successfully; ineptitude.) become negligence (failure to take proper care over something.)?
    They will not be held liable for their incompetence, or their negligence. Those in ‘their care’, as scummo announced today, are in for a beating. Their incompetence, their negligence, is every one else’s fault. Thankfully, a corporation is not a person. In their view, a person is owed no duty of care, Apparently, corporations will be our saviour. Therefore they must be afforded all the protections that ‘mere people’ don’t warrant. It’s not like corporations are a legal construct, made up of ‘mere people’.
    Thank you Mr Lord. Take care

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