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Day to Day Politics: On the habits of Abbott

There are those who say he should just be ignored. I am not one of them. He is the proverbial gift that keeps on giving. The former Prime Minister is so full of egotistical compost that he can continuously replenish his own effluence.

And now every Monday he will be able to guild the lily to his heart’s content. He is the sort of person who craves the lights, the axiomatic attention seeker. No doubt Ray Hadley will feed him some questions reeking with the smell of blood and bone. But the truth is he shouldn’t have to worry about what people think of him if they knew how seldom they did.

But nevertheless let me take you on a journey back in time, to before he was disingenuously elected Prime Minister by the Australian people and eventually nominated as the worst leader in our history.

In a speech to the Western Australia Liberal Party Australia’s new Prime Minister Tony Abbott promised a “respectful” new parliament when it assembles for the first time on Tuesday 12 November 2013, promising the Labor years will soon fade like “a bad memory”.

Here are some other snippets from his speech:

Mr Abbott pledged a parliament that “discusses the issues, rather than abuses individuals”.

The prime minister said the parliament wouldn’t impugn the motives of opponents or trash their reputations.

If anyone tried to go over the top, new Speaker Bronwyn Bishop would sort them out.

“And I am confident that after just a few weeks of the new parliament – that parliament that diminished our policy and embarrassed our citizens over the last three years – will soon seem like just a bad dream’’.

“I want to say that we have made a good start, that the adults are back in charge and that strong, stable, methodical and purposeful government is once more the rule in our national capital.”

“I think all of you will have noticed that there is a new tone and a new style in Canberra.

“Yes, we will speak when we need to speak. But we won’t speak for the sake of speaking and we won’t bang on things for the purposes of a PR gesture.”

He is also on the record as saying this:

“We will restore accountability and improve transparency measures to be more accountable to the public’’.

But let’s backtrack to Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader.

During his tenure as opposition leader he used colourful aggressive language. He was bullish in his attitude to others, particularly to the female Prime Minister of the day. His negativity was legendary. He was a repetitive liar by evidence and by his own admission.

He held in contempt procedures of the House of Representatives and the conventions it upheld.

There has been no other Opposition Leader in my memory who held the institution of Parliament in contempt to the degree Abbott did. He was the leader intent on creating a sense of crisis, of disorder, fear and dysfunction. His sole aim was the forcing of an early election at which he failed miserably.

His appalling parliamentary behaviour was on show for all to see. The abuse of question time and the endless suspension of standing orders. The constant refusal of pairs. The over use of censure motions and calls for quorums were all designed to distract the minority Labor Government.

The demeanour of he and his parliamentary colleagues (particularly Christopher Pyne) over the period of the Gillard/Rudd Governments was disgraceful and a blight on our parliamentary democracy.

An observation.

”Just because we are governed by clowns it doesn’t mean we have to laugh”.

It is true that Abbott found a formula (or was the formula) in Opposition that was suited for the political circumstances of the time. The formula will probably never be repeated because it is unique to certain personalities.

There are not many who could play the unconscionable bastardy role that he did. Although his gutter mentality was profoundly suited to it.

And now he wants us to believe that after his attempt at the wilful destruction and exploitation of our Parliament, (including an attempt to overthrow it) he now expects us to believe all the bullshit that his ego manufactures.

There is something fundamentally wrong with the character of a person who behaves in such a belligerent manner in opposition and government and then sees no fault in it. Instead he placed all fault at the foot of his opponents. It takes a deluded personality to do so.

Despite holding the record as the most ejected politician in Parliamentary history Christopher Pyne as the new leader of the house indicated a more reasoned approach to debate. No one has ever feigned indignation better than the most disliked politician in Australia. It was a ridiculous thing to say because he had no intention of being reasonable. Speaker of the House Bronwyn Bishop presided over the Standing Orders she so often abused like an incubus witch.

If the first few weeks of the Abbott led Government Abbott displayed the contempt with which he held the Australian people. But we were not fools.

We knew that a politician whose grounding in politics was so adversarial cannot simply change from gutter politician to reasoned leader without taking some slime from the residue of his past with him.

If it’s one thing I dislike, its politicians who try to con me. Abbott’s attempt back then, and now, to eliminate facts, science and knowledge in the information age was ignorance that only a Luddite of Abbott’s technological illiteracy can display.

He showed a propensity to run from questions, avoid criticism, shut down debate and shut the mouths of ministers. He became confused by his own devious cleverness.

As PM he developed an elitist attitude born from his period as Opposition Leader where he believed his own bullshit. He was like a very bad actor in a performance of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He is not in control of what personality he wants to be and even now reverts from one to the other without thinking.

“We will restore accountability and improve transparency measures to be more accountable to the public’’.

“What utter crap”, to use a phrase he was fond of.

Tony Abbott should be judged by his own standards and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. He has often been described as a pain in the neck but I have a much lower opinion of him.

His Monday meetings with Mr Hadley should prove delightfully destructive for both he and the Coalition. I hope it goes wonderfully well for all concerned.

“No wrecking, no sniping and no undermining”.

Why is he playing this negative political game? Is he trying to destroy the man who replaced him or even the party that deserted him? More likely he wants the leadership back. In the process he is more likely to bring on his own demise.

But then to quote Alan Jones:

“Coalition deserves a thrashing at the next election because they need to learn”.

My thought for the day.

”There are those who are so dumb you can see it written all over their face. And even then they spell it wrong”

PS: Before the week is even done Trade Minister Steven Ciobo gets my gold medal award for the most laughable quote.

”Every backbencher has a right to put in their view, that’s exactly how our system works. I encourage every backbencher to keep contributing to the arsenal of policy ideas that the Coalition government has.”


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  1. David Bruce

    Karma is a wonderful background operator. Abbort seems to use more of the reptilian part of his brain than most and has very few redeeming qualities. Like the turd that never flushes, he keeps bobbing up and spreading the stench. I guess he appeals to some portion of the Australian Electorate, so as long as he maintains a public profile, we can monitor his activities. It may take another 10 years until the wheel turns, and when it does, I hope I am here to see his karmic feedback.

  2. Jack Straw

    All the Ocker Boys at 2GB are constantly praising Tony Abbott.lead ably by the great orator Allan Jones. From Steve Price to Chris Smith to Ray Hadley as they all want their white headed boy back in office.They might succeed.

  3. Johno

    The phrase ‘nasty piece of work’ comes to mind re the Tone’s.

  4. Graeme Henchel

    The Thug from Northern Beaches

    There was movement in the party, for the word had passed around
    The Thug from Northern Beaches could not stay
    He had told so many lies, that the punters had surmised
    They could not believe a thing, he had to say

    So the politicians plotted from locations near and far
    As the centre fought against the rabid right
    They all agreed the thug was becoming more bizarre
    but they knew he’d not go down without a fight

    Turnbull had made his score from banking and the law
    But he’d lost out to the thug some years ago
    His plan was just to wait, for the thug to meet his fate
    He did not quite have the numbers yet to show

    And Bishop from the west, played at sitting on the fence
    Though she thought to throw her own hat in the ring
    She was quick to take offence as the thug became more tense
    And with Malcolm she would stay on a good thing

    Some others liked their chance so they jockeyed to advance
    Scott Morrison and perfidious poodle Pyne
    They gave the Thug some space but in case he’d run his race
    They positioned to survive in Turnbull’s line

    Others from the right, thought the Thug must win the fight
    Andrews, Corman, Brandis, Hockey and Robb
    But by far their biggest fear was for their own career
    As Turnbull might relieve them of their job

    As the leaks came in a flood you could smell the scent of blood
    Even Murdoch’s mob were calling for the end
    The Thug was sticking fast but his fate it seemed was cast
    It was not a case of if, but only when

    The party had a spill but they couldn’t make the kill
    Though the Thug was nearly beaten by a chair
    With hand upon his heart good government would start
    But still the smell of failure filled the air

    As the time flew past the thug kept up the farce
    With help from Smokin Joe and his big mouth
    With a blunder every week they went further up shit creek
    And the polls just kept on trending further south

    When Bronwyn got caught out, the public had no doubt
    The Thug and all his crew were on the take
    They tried to drag in Bourke but it really didn’t work
    And another captains call was a mistake

    Then six months on the Thug looked to be gone
    As lies and bad decisions took their toll
    The public had concluded the Thug is quite deluded
    They knew that the Thug’s head was going to roll

    Did the party have the guts to remove someone who’s nuts
    Or would the Thug just take them to the grave
    disunity is death but then in the same breath
    to keep the Thug was surely crazy brave.

    As things came to pass, they gave the Thug the arse
    And the thug said he’d not snipe or undermine
    Turnbull got the vote but the right still held his scrote
    And the Thug set out to snipe and undermine

    Turnbull started high as the nation gave a sigh
    Of relief that the thug had now departed
    Turnbull seemed able, everything upon the table
    But it wasn’t long before the troubles started

    Turnbull had won the fight by sucking to the right
    and the public saw that nothing much had changed
    Even worse the ex banker was now seen as a wanker
    A snake oil man for a Thug had been exchanged

    Turnbull’s great solution was a double dissolution
    A master stroke the media said for sure
    They had a pyrrhic win as they only scraped back in
    With Senate now even worse than before

    Since the election Turnbull has given no direction
    And Jobs and growth are further out of sight
    Thanks to Ley and Centrelink, Turnbull moved closer to the brink
    As Hanson lured the looneys further right

    The party seemed bereft as that fool Bernardi left
    But most were glad to see him out the door
    Just as Bernardi jumped, Turnbull was being Trumped
    The polls continued going through the floor

    Turnbull was on the ropes so he tried to raise some hopes
    With a petulant attack on Labor’s Bill
    They rallied a few days before resuming the malaise
    And the Thug still an errand to fulfil

    Their energy security scare wasn’t going anywhere
    Mainly because it was so full of lies
    Soon the shit would hit the fan as the Thug released a plan
    Go further to the right. What a surprise.

    Now no-one can be sure quite what we have in store
    But one thing is easy to deduct
    The Thug will take out Mal and destroy himself as well
    And these pack of fools will finally be f*cked.

  5. Graeme Henchel

    Why did Abbott get the Arse?

    Was it justice, was it Karma?
    Was it Murdoch, was it Palmer?
    Was it lying and conceit?
    Was it backbenchers fear of defeat?
    Was it Mathias and Joe’s cigars?
    Was it because we’ve stopped making cars?
    Was it climate change denial?
    Was it putting Julia on trial?
    Was it the daughter’s scholarship prize?
    Was it debt and deficit lies?
    Was it removing the Carbon Tax?
    Was it trying to give the RET the axe?
    Was it cutting Foreign aid?
    Was it being so retrograde?
    Was it the Minister for Women joke?
    Was it all the promises broke?
    Was it Brandis’s bigots rights?
    Was it prancing around in lycra tights?
    Was it cutting the SBS and the ABC?
    Was it costing more for university?
    Was it imposing a GP tax?
    Was it the disregard of facts?
    Was it the ridiculous Dames and Knights?
    Was it the threats and talk of fights?
    Was it Joe’s “lifters and leaners”?
    Was it cutting the pay of parliament’s cleaners?
    Was it punishing pensioners and the unemployed?
    Was it the total moral void?
    Was it the embarrassing G20 address?
    Was it the ongoing budget mess?
    Was it the book-launch travel rort?
    Was it knighting the Queen’s consort?
    Was it use of the sham inquiry stunt?
    Was it the weasel words of Hunt?
    Was it the 800 Million given to News?
    Was it longer unemployment queues?
    Was it a budget most unfair?
    Was it too much body hair?
    Was it nobbling the NBN?
    Was it lying again and again?
    Was it exploiting terrorist threats?
    Was it job applications of Eric Abetz?
    Was it the sex worker wink?
    Was it being too slow to think?
    Was it Joe’s “poor people don’t drive”
    Was it the polls taking a dive?
    Was it the surprises and constant excuses?
    Was it asylum seeker abuses?
    Was it the work of Peta and the IPA?
    Was it repeating slogans day after day?
    Was it the dog whistle of “Team Australia”?
    Was it the pungent smell of failure?
    Was it wimping Putin’s shirt front?
    Was it because Christopher Pyne is a pain?
    Was it Arthur’s memory at ICAC?
    Was it giving Mr Burns the sack?
    Was it ever declining polls?
    Was it funding Internet trolls?
    Was it Newman’s election loss?
    Was it the submarine double cross?
    Was it saying the “Adults are in charge”?
    Was it making the deficit more large?
    Was it the whole damn useless crew?
    Was it the ties of bogus blue?
    Was it the hubris and the swagger?
    Was it Malcolm and Julie’s dagger?
    Was it saying he would change?
    Was it becoming even more deranged?
    Was it eating an onion raw?
    Was it the data-retention law?
    Was it exploiting Dr Karl?
    Was it frequent smirking snarls?
    Was it the daughter’s low rent at Kirribilli?
    Was it “Fixer” Pyne being silly?
    Was it acting like a bar room yob?
    Was it offering Bjorn Lomborg a job?
    Was it saying “I suppose we must grieve”
    Was it the constant attempts to deceive?
    Was it ditching his gold plated PPL mess?
    Was it then making Labor’s PPL less?
    Was it saying the deficit is no longer trouble?
    Was it increasing your own deficit double?
    Was it a second budget based on deception?
    Was it threatening to call an early election?
    Was it trying to get Gillian Triggs out?
    Was it Dutton acting like a Brussel sprout?
    Was it “get a good job that pays good money”
    Was it laughing at things that just weren’t funny?
    Was it all the talk of double dipping?
    Was it cabinet leaks a constant dripping?
    Was it denying marriage equality?
    Was it Brandis reading poetry ?
    Was it paying people smugglers to turn around?
    Was it the dead cat bounce the polls have found?
    Was it saying how much he hated wind farms?
    Was it lying each day without any qualms?
    Was it Brandis controlling the Arts?
    Was it the emission of smelly brain farts?
    Was it the false outrage at QandA?
    Was it telling ministers to stay away?
    Was it Bishop’s ride in a chopper?
    Was it cos Abbott did nothing to stop her?
    Was it Shorten’s conference revival?
    Was it party room fears for their own survival?
    Was it because we never got the 550 bucks?
    Was it that increasing the GST sucks?
    Was it Dyson being a party pooper?
    Was it trying to nobble industry super?
    Was it wanting to bomb in Syria?
    Was it the Border Force hysteria?
    Was it saying that Nazis are better than ISIS?
    Was it trying to score from the refugee crisis?
    Was it jobs threatened with China free trade?
    Was it leaving 7:30 viewers dismayed?
    Was it rumours of a cabinet reshuffle?
    Was it the Dutton sick joke kerfuffle?
    Was it putting a creationist nutter in Canning?
    Was it jumping the shark more often than Fanning?
    Was it using a slogan six words long?
    Was it getting everything consistently wrong?
    Was it all the renewed challenge talking?
    Was it a minister saying he’s a dead man walking?
    Was it cos Turnbull and Morrison colluded?
    Was it because he was incompetent and deluded?

    Why did Abbott get the shove?
    The answer is, all of the above.

  6. passum2013

    Is Tony gay like his broadcaster mates

  7. Kevin Michael

    He is a representative of the people of Waringah, he consistantly wins elections. He is a handy reminder how deplorable the Liberials are.

  8. Mick Byron

    I despair at sites continually giving Tony Abbott column inches.
    He is a dinosaur who should be relegated to the past and ignored
    On a different matter,and I know Bill shorten and Labor popular amongst IMN commenters but not being a member of any political party I was surprised to get an email from Bill Shorten inviting me to a Town Hall Meeting in Nowra {Shoalhaven NSW} for 20/4.I was impressed so rather than email an RSVP I phoned his office to accept.
    The staffer told me this was Bills 16th or 17th Town Hall meeting of 2017, none of which I had heard about anywhere.
    I did attend an Evening in the Pub when Albo came to town during the Election campaign however.{that was a fun night}
    As for our Federal Liberal member Ann Sudmalis the only time you hear from her is in election campaigns .
    I’m impressed with Bill going to the people and if he performs well I will join the Labor Party which will be a new experience as at 55 I have avoided such this far
    Also pleasing to note that on Facebook about 200 had RSVPed so far

  9. Jaquix

    I nominate Graeme Henchel for an Order of Australia – or whatever other high honour suits the contribution of his poetry to Australia!

  10. helvityni

    I was delighted to see not one , but two ‘Henchels’ here this morning. So much more uplifting than watching Mal and Dutton, or Leigh and Dutton, on ABC any night; I have to stop torturing myself…

  11. Johno

    Yes, good stuff Graeme. You deserve a knighthood.

  12. Terry2

    Theresa May has a twelve seat majority in the 650 seat British House of Commons and she’s going to a snap election to boost her margin and entrench a mandate for the exit from Europe.

    Malcolm Turnbull has a one seat majority in the 150 seat Australian House of Representatives and that, don’t forget, is a coalition with the National Party.

    As Tony Abbott said – and this is the only sensible thing he has said in recent times – the Australian people expect to see a Labor government in place after the next election ; on the numbers, it makes sense.

    Now, what do you reckon are the chances of Turnbull going to an early election to boost his numbers ?

  13. bilko

    the answer is ZERO

  14. Wayne Turner

    All self inflicted by the COALition,who if they had any standards,would NOT have ever elected such a lying hopeless hypocritical moron to be their leader.Let alone become the Prime Moron.He only become PM because the BIASED & UNDEMOCRATIC MSM PROVED they could take any idiot ie: Abbott. And get him to be PM.I will NEVER forget the appalling ABC starting political news stories with “The opposition leader says…..” (When Idiot boy Abbott was opposition leader).And ignoring what the then PM said (Gillard most of this time.).Abbott got in briefly because the MSM knew they could con and LIE to enough ignorant and gullible people to get the COALition in.It’s also how Turnbull won last year…

    The Australian Mediaocracy continues…. 🙁

  15. Aortic

    Thomas Homer – Dixon chair of global systems at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo Canada, when discussing the possible demise of western civilisation said this, ” Western civilisation is not a lost cause, however. Using reason and science to guide decisions, paired with extraordinary leadership and exceptional goodwill, human society can progress to higher and higher levels of well being and development.” Given this is the complete antithesis of the Abbott and LNP thinking where to from here? With few exceptions, when this criteria is applied to most Western governments they are found sadly wanting ergo I would say there is a good chance we are all doomed.

  16. Alan Baird

    O Lord, remind us not of the utterances of The Abbott! They smell of ordure yet! They smell of human and bovine as one, suggesting unclean thought that St Bernardi would quail at. The Abbott leans upon infamous radio pharisees of doubtful gender preferences abhorred by Erica Betz and The Abbott has a sister with unclean thoughts that Erica Betz would NOT approve of!
    Then again, he would be a wonderful match for Trump Time. Just as Mel Brooks came up with “Springtime for Hitler”, these are great times for dictator-types in Turkey, Russia, Philippines, Hungary, every second former member of the USSR, every second republic in Africa, (especially if the word “Republic” is preceded by the words, “People’s” and “Democratic”), not to mention Latin America. I have left out the cabals of generals running the show in many other People’s Democratic Republics. The Abbott has already joined hands with Pauline (well, not literally) in adulation of Donald T. Rump. We can see his recognition of this being a rebirth of the thirties when Benito and Adolf plus lesser thugs strode across the world like… The Abbott could if given a half-decent chance. He senses a kindred spirit! However, one of those radio pharisees should refuse if given command of the Brownshirts, especially if Erica is around on a weekend camp!

  17. jimhaz

    May reminds me far too much of Thatcher…and I found her sycophancy to Trump rather troubling.

    i doubt this has much to do with Brexit. Maybe all the cons want longer terms to implement their takeover of democracy. The “coalition of the willing” pretty much all smell rather fishy.

  18. Lance

    Does anyone remember
    Abbott’s close up– in his face– threatening gesture and stance against the WA-politician and wheelchair bound Vietnam Vet on the floor of the house of representatives ?
    Surely –Surely this dispicable over the top horrid behavior was enougth to to have the men in white coats take him away —
    -not only No–
    But the Cretin —with Credlin went on to become Prime Minister Of Australia —–go figure .

  19. Anomander

    In some ways I miss Tony.

    He was our very own homegrown, incompetent, vacuous, laughable version of Trump. And his very presence generated so much incredulity and anger.

  20. Roswell

    I think I miss Paul Keating more. ?

  21. Nato

    Wow! I never thought I’d read of Pyne MP’s record being disparaged.
    In my circles, it’s a venerable feat of awesomeness.

  22. Red Leaf

    Gild: to coat with gold leaf, or other gold coloured substance. Guild: an association of artisans or merchants.

  23. Max Gross

    Can anyone explain to me why Abbott – in all his preening mendacity and utter lack of moral scruple – is any worse than, say, Turnbull?

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