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Thursday 14 September

It only seems like yesterday that I wrote what follows. Indeed, It was Tuesday 13 September in the year 2016, one year ago. Tony Abbott had started the defence of his legacy and a bit of shit stirring.

As I read what I had written twelve months ago It occurred to me just how truly hopeless this government has been. I was writing about the plebiscite, or survey, as it turns out. What a bloody mess Turnbull had inherited from Abbott. Still, is I think to myself! Just like his energy policy. I get my wife her breakfast, make a cup of tea and open my iPad to read the morning news.

“Turnbull government is working on a major redesign of the clean energy target that will likely fall short of the plan for almost half of Australia’s electricity to be generated by renewables by 2030.”

Good Lord, I thought to myself they are going to do a makeover, change its name and use money from the renewable energy fund for coal.

I scratch whats left of the hair on my head and wonder if I’m going nuts.

I recover in time to watch the bear pit only to see our Prime Minister raving and ranting like a madman trying to prove that electricity was more expensive under Labor than the Coalition. I need a pill of some sort. Just do something, you idiot, my inner voice screams.

Tuesday 13 2016, in a speech Tony Abbott said of his own governance:

1 “There was a good two years followed by a good 12 months, an election win, and now we have got three years to get on with governing.”

When former Prime Minister Tony Abbott chooses words such as these to describe three years of prodigious failure you know they must be suffering from a mental illness.

I’m not qualified to diagnose so I will move on. Well, except to say that delusion might be a possibility.

Do you recall his government was that bad that there was a move to replace him? That’s when he said “good government starts tomorrow.”

2 Yesterday I turned the radio on and caught the last part of an interview with a right-wing politician talking about the Plebiscite. “We took it to the people we won the election with a majority and we have a mandate to go ahead.” More delusion.

There are a number of problems with that statement but let me make these points. It has been demonstrated that the majority is flimsy at best, it was hardly a resounding victory and talk of a mandate is somewhat ridiculous.

Now let me make this clear. I think as does the Prime Minister that a Plebiscite is just an opportunity to delay, obstruct and implement a negative campaign for the conservative extremists in the coalition.

So bad has the implementation for the Plebiscite been that little thought has been given to drawing up legislation for it.

After promising it for 2016 the government doesn’t even have a date. The question hasn’t been announced and worse still the funding is up in the air.

There are contradicting views on whether both sides of the debate will be funded or not.

Who is the no side and who are they led by. Is it the Australian Christian Lobby who only represents the Charismatic Churches that take a literal view of the Bible? Are they going to seriously fund a group of believers outside the mainstream?
Why do the Churches need to be funded?

The Anglican archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies, said on Sunday that Turnbull promised him in February taxpayer money would be forthcoming.

Lyle Shelton, head of the ACL, tweeted that he was at the February meeting and the archbishop’s recollection was correct.

Malcolm Turnbull says that’s not true. Take your pick on that.

Why is the ACL the self-appointed leader of the NO vote? Is there a YES vote group? If so, who is it? The Coalition is pulling itself apart on the issue of funding which further demonstrates the absurdity of their organisation skills.

The Government has made a complete mess of this and the cost seems to be of little consequence. Spending $200 million to find out something that is already conclusively known seems to me to be the pinnacle of stupidity. Unsurprising however, for this mob.

An observation

“People often argue from within the limitations of their understanding and when their factual evidence is scant, they revert to an expression of their feelings.”

3 I caught part of the Barnaby Joyce interview on Insiders on Sunday and to say the least I was angered by his demeanour. No, not the skin cancers that are being treated, but the flippant way he disposed with some of the questions.

His arrogance when asked about moving the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority to Armidale, in northern New South Wales, in the middle of his New England electorate was pitiful. His smug manner just came across as boorish in the true sense of the word. Turnbull promised transparency but Joyce acts on a need to know basis.

“I don’t think I will [release it] at this stage, because the decision’s been made by the Australian people.”

Last week on Skye News he said:

“If you’re going to premise it on the cost-benefit analysis, we wouldn’t’ do it.”

Really, someone needs to remind them that they just got in by the skin of their teeth and that the people were sending a loud and clear message.

Suggesting that because they won by a seat, that the people gave their blessing to every coalition policy is tantamount to looking with your ears and listening with one’s eyes. His appearance was that of a man with a bad headache and a sever hangover. Certainly not a deputy pm.

An observation

“At some time in the human narrative…in our history, man declared himself superior to women. It must have been an accident, or at least an act of gross stupidity. But that’s men for you.”

4 The Senate turns up for work on Monday and is told there is nothing to do. Really, this government couldn’t organise a chook raffle at the local pub.

Even their own MPs are joking about the Coalitions lack of a second term agenda. They have plans for the restoration of the construction watchdog and the establishment of a Registered Organisations Commission in the coming months – both of which are not guaranteed passage. That’s not going to keep them gainfully employed for the next three years at $200,000 PA plus perks.

As it stands the Abbott/Turnbull Governments don’t come within a bull’s roar of the legislative achievements of Gillard.

On top of last week’s debacle in the Lower House this is a major embarrassment.

Penny Wong summed it up rather well when she accused the government of having “no plans and no ideas…they’ve got literally nothing to talk about”.

5 Abbott is treating the media as though he is the leader, they acquiesce, and he is on the front foot with an opinion on anything and everything. It will have to come to a head at some time. The party cannot have two leaders.

Howard too seems to be hyping everything up, wanting changes to 18c and industrial relations.

My thought for the day

“We have so much to learn from people we disagree with that it’s a wonder we don’t do it more often.”

PS: Vote YES.

And some said this … “We might have accepted all of Finkel except the politics didn’t look right.”


  1. Barry

    It’s going to be interesting to see what effect the HC decision will have on Barnaby’s edicts

  2. Terry2

    It seems that this government have spent an inordinate amount of parliament’s time on pressing to get its media ownership laws through and even grovelled to Pauline Hanson with the promise of an enquiry into ABC/SBS bias just to get her vote : I mean, how low do you go in politics ?

    Hanson also wants the slogan used by and abused by FOX NEWS in the USA – Fair and Balanced – introduced into the ABC Charter. Sorry but that slogan has lost all meaning after the grubby mitts of FOX and Murdoch have been all over it.

    The core of the government’s proposal, which has been pursued since the Coalition took office in 2013, will involve the scrapping of the two-out-of-three rule, which means media moguls will be able to own television, newspapers and radio stations in the same market. Call me a cynic but this to me seems to benefit just one media organisation who have had an unhealthy influence on Australian politics for far too long and I really don’t think it encourages diversity to give the Murdoch family even more power.

    Having said that it is somewhat gratifying that [so far] the Murdochs have been gazumped by CBS on their scheme to buy Channel Ten cheaply from the Administrators. But Murdoch and WIN’s Gordon are trying to get the Administrator’s decision overturned, their chief argument being that they are the mighty NEWS Corp and it goes against the natural order of things for them to miss out.

    Bill Shorten got to the heart of this when the TEN acquisition was announced by noting that we don’t need this legislation as CBS was delivering this diversity.

    A Zinger from Bill !

  3. PeterStevenson

    He’s no TurnBULL he’s a mere STEER achives nothing.

  4. Jack Straw

    And by the way when are these bastards “The Churches” going to start paying taxes?

  5. John Lord

    Barnaby Joyce’s interview with Leigh Sales on 7.30 left me in no doubt as to who is running the country.

  6. Jagger

    You really have to wonder where this country is headed when we elect a narcissistic sociopath as PM and the town drunk as his deputy.

  7. Terry2

    Remember how, in opposition Barnaby went on and on about government debt and the interest we were paying on those debts : not much from Barnaby these days.

    Interest paid in Labor’s last financial year, 2012-13, was $8,285 million, or $22.7 million each day.
    Interest paid in the Coalition’s last financial year, 2016-17 was $12,248 million, or $33.7 million daily.

    That’s why it’s no longer on Barnaby’s talking points !

  8. johno

    LNP sum up for the term so far is looking somewhere in the effing useless category.

  9. helvityni

    That photo scares me, almost as scary as some of Dutton…

    Yet people talk about Mal’s charisma and charm, where is he hiding them…?

  10. seaworks

    If the neoconlibs ever get re elected, then the Australian voters will deserve all it gets and it will not be nice.

  11. wam

    Good read today, Lord. The point that might have an effect on gov outcome is the doubling of the debt. Money for pork is no problem. Billy doesn’t think it important sad???
    5 since kerry hit the rabbott on ignorance of the net and lying to avoid embarrassment,and was retired via 4 corners only sales has made one of the cuff assault before reverting to one question ‘would you like me to listen while you talk?
    Michaelia and hadgkiss shows how nasty this senator is making her an adequate replacement for the rabbott’s exceptional sophie.

    Did you notice trump did a deal with democrats to lift the debt ceiling? Remember the rabbott’s I will never deal with the economic fringe dwellers just before striking a deal with milne to increase the debt limit in dec 2013

  12. flohri1754

    John Lord and Terry2 …. good points all around ….

  13. helvityni

    Howard, your time has been and gone, no one is listening, be a good boy and go and play some indoor bowling, give Jeannette some time to do a spot of spring cleaning, and a chance to load the washer….

    Nice cup of tea together afterwards, relaxing to the soothing voice of Pat Boone…How about a trip to Tea Gardens…

  14. jim

    How frustrating it must be for Bill and co, to watch as these clowns ruck up our country?.

  15. Ian Joyner

    If those rusted on Liberal voters read this, they will be saying “OH, it could be worse, we could have Labor and Shorten”. They never get the message. The chaos started with Tony ‘no ideas’ Abbott.

  16. Kronomex

    Helvityni (8.56 am), that look on Turbull’s face says it all to me; he’s trying desperately to keep his brain (what’s left of it) from escaping through his arsehole. All the other exits are blocked.

  17. paul walter

    Like Abbott, Joyce has been unmasked, but not gotten rid of.

  18. helvityni

    🙂 Knonomex, those pictures reveal more of their characters than their words; their words more often than not, nothing but lies….

  19. Kronomex

    If it upsets anyone then tough luck: I wouldn’t piss on Nick Xenophon if he was on fire after the latest pathetic “deal” he got Turdball and Cronies Co. to sign off on for him to pass the changes to the media rules. Rupert (all hail the Murdoch) will be almost orgasmic (Viagra needed of course) at the new rules.

    No doubt the LNP will claim that this is a great thing for all Australians because it will open up new horizons in the overall media market. I feel very ill…urk…urg…must stop now…

  20. Nato

    Cool first observation. A tip for further research, if you are so inclined, is a man’s “finite capacity for cognitive processing” “working memory” “working memory capacity” “fluid vs crystallized intelligence” and “domain general resources”.
    It’ll be a fun few hours on the google machine, guaranteed.

  21. helvityni

    I have lost all respect for Xenophon, another self important ‘Liberal’, he has his concerns , but he always ends up going with the Coalition…
    I don’t trust him one bit….

  22. johno

    helvityni.. I am starting to agree with what you say about Xenophon.

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