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Day to Day Politics: Good to see a bit of biffo from Bill

1 Facing a Q&A audience on a cold winter’s night with a referee of the calibre of Tony Jones would, I imagine, be a daunting prospect. And so it was on Monday night. Shorten and Jones were in peak condition and the verbal brawling went the distance. I gave it to Shorten on points. As a counter puncher his jabs were on the mark with each question from an enthusiastic audience.

Shorten was often bemused with Jones presenting his own interpretation of the question and let the referee know it. His jab “I’m sorry to interrupt the question with an answer” was greeted with applause from the audience.

It went from moderate sparring to genuine biffo at times.

Answering a question about our right to be informed about conditions on Nauru and Manus Shorten was immediately criticised by Government Ministers Cormann and Morrison.

Morrison said:

“Nauru and Papua New Guinea are sovereign governments, they’re the ones who actually ultimately decide what happens”.

Really? Pull the other one.

Shorten said:

“If I was prime minister it would have to be an amazing set of circumstances where we’re not prepared to tell you what’s going on,” Mr Shorten said. “As a general rule this nation operates best if you treat people as smart and intelligent and tell them what’s going on, full stop”.

Neil McMahon put it this way in the SMH:

“A leader needs to be on song in this setting, a departure from Q&A’s normal format in which government and opposition representatives are there to keep the other honest. In the absence of this theoretical check and balance, the role of Devil’s advocate falls entirely on the host – and from early on in Monday’s proceedings, Bill Shorten wasn’t entirely happy about the host’s interpretation of his role. Nor were many on social media, where Jones’ entanglements with the Labor leader were taken as evidence that a program most commonly derided as a weekly massage for the indulgences of the left is in fact a vehicle for promoting the predilections of the right”.

Next week the Prime Minister and current champion will enter the ring with Jones and what is sure to be a lively audience looking for a bit of blood. One can only hope that Turnbull will make a contest of it and not just avoid Jones with his usual side stepping and jabbing.

Last night’s contest was a scrappy event with a few blows below the belt. Both fighters landed a few good punches and Turnbull will have a fight on his hands next Monday. What he needs to do is not avoid the questions but a bit of serious, but honest biffo into his punches.

2 How is it possible that the Government is advocating as one of its major platforms the idea that innovation will be the chief driving force of our economy yet thinks it can be achieved with internet speeds ranked 60th in the world?

3 Realistically those on the left need to remind themselves that the ALP is chasing a 4.4 % swing to gain the 231 seats it needs to govern. That’s 51% of the vote. If you look at all the polls right now its 49% and the bookies have Labor drifting.

4 The blatant murder of 50 gay people in Orlando USA once again brings into focus America’s preoccupation with guns and we find it difficult to understand why anyone would need a weapon of war to defend oneself. Sane people try to sort through the complexities in order to find answers and the insane like Trump take whatever political advantage the can in the pursuit of power and supremacy.

Here is the proof of his insanity:

“Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism,” Trump tweeted, though he modestly added that “I don’t want congrats.” Trump also tweeted, “I called it,” and reiterated his support for a ban on Muslims. And Trump called on Obama to “resign in disgrace” because he won’t use the words “radical Islamic terrorism”.

An observation. In memorandum.

“In the cycle of life people we care most about are taken from us too soon. We struggle to come to terms with the why of it and there is no answer. It is only by the way we conduct our living that we salute the legacy they leave behind”.

5 Tasmanian ‘’Family First’’ (linked to the Assemblies of God Church) Senate candidate Peter Madden tweeted that ‘’though Orlando is abhorrent, it doesn’t change the real present dangers of the gay marriage agenda to Aus children.’’

A fact check.

Bill Shorten says that the Coalition has added $100 billion to the National Debt. Is this correct?


Bill Shorten is correct that Australian government net debt has grown by about $100 billion under the Coalition government. But net debt to GDP remains low by international standards. It is getting high by Australian historical standards, which underlines the need to solve the structural budget deficit problem.


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  1. Terry2

    The attempt by Tony Jones – not one of his best efforts – on Q&A to wedge Bill Shorten on “invasion” versus “settlement” was clearly an attempted gotcha moment and Shorten handled it well ;

    Host Mr Jones interjected, asking: “Would you describe this … as an invasion?”
    Mr Shorten: “If I was Aboriginal, I wouldn’t exactly call it a welcome, would you?”
    Mr Jones: “I want to hear an answer to whether you regard the British coming to this country as an invasion”.
    Mr Shorten: “If I was an Indigenous person, yes I would.”
    Mr Jones: “If you were you…”
    Mr Shorten: “Well my ancestors came out as convicts so I don’t feel the convicts were part of the invading force if that’s any good. They didn’t have any choice coming here either.” ZINGER !

    Jones also tried to corner Shorten on whether we should be discussing a treaty with aboriginal Australians :

    Shorten : “Do I think that there should be a separate Aboriginal state?” “No”
    Do I think that we should have our First Australians mentioned in our national birth certificate, the constitution? Yes.
    Do I think we need to move beyond just constitutional recognition to talking about what a post-constitutional recognition settlement with Indigenous people looks like? Yes I do,” Mr Shorten said.

    Jones :”Could it look like a treaty?”

    Shorten :”Yes.”

    Now we have Turnbull saying : “To introduce another element, a treaty, the terms of which is unknown, the nature of which is unknown, adds a level of uncertainty that puts at risk the constitutional recognition process,”

    I think Turnbull has dug himself into a hole on this one as he is saying that we can’t walk and chew gum at the same time and he completely distorts what Shorten said of a “post-constitutional recognition settlement with Indigenous people”.

    Whether you are in favour fo a treaty or not, surely to block discussion helps none of us.

  2. Freethinker

    I do not have much hope that Tony will be as aggressive with his questions like he was with Bill.
    IMO, the ABC have change in the way that they are asking questions to the members of the government.
    I hope that I am wrong

  3. Jaquix

    Bill Shorten was impressive, he answered every question, he knows his subject, understands the concerns of the questioners and you could tell he was listening to them with interest. I noticed that all the tweet were very positive, even from Liberal voters. Turnbull is sounding more and more ridiculous every day. Whats the bet his QandA session will feature the words jobs and growth, economic leadership, innovation, technology, startups, let me just say, our national plan, our plan ad nauseum, and peppered liberally with negativity like Labor cant be trusted, chaos, Labor cant be trusted and so forth? (Bill Shorten doesnt do that, sometimes I wish he would!) There will be virtually no actual discussion of policies, because there are none, all the Coalition’s “plans” are only CUTS – to the advantage of the haves, and disadvantage of the have nots. Tony Jones will be under the spotlight too, will be interesting how good he is at interrupting Turnbull’s flow of obfuscating, longwinded spinnings.

  4. Jaquix

    Freethinker I agree absolutely the ABC has definitely changed their attitude – Ive complained to them about it twice lately. Turnbull has form at meddling, plus the new CEO is Murdoch tainted. The few Fact Checks they have put out lately all definitely favoured the government, only one does not. They give Turnbull 20 minutes in which to waffle, then claim technical difficulties mean they cant cover Bill Shortens latest big policy announcement. Even young announcers will introduce a segment about a Labor initiative then add “But how are they going to pay for it?” They never question the Libs that way.

  5. Carol Taylor

    Terry2, a treaty would only have an effect on Aboriginal recognition in the Constitution if Turnbull and cronies decided that it would. A treaty once and for all lays to rest the concept of terra nullius for unlike the Maori in NZ, Australia never proceeded with any treaties because you cannot enter into a treat with ‘no one’ or a non-person/non-human.

    I was most disgusted at Fairfax’s attempt at a ‘gotcha’..tee hee, Shorten wouldn’t say the I for Invasion word..tee hee. No Fairfax, he didn’t say it, but he explained it – but clearly explaining things doesn’t count when tee hee he didn’t say the ‘I’ word. I didn’t read the response from Turnbull (couldn’t be bothered), just noted the opportunism, the – Look at me, look at me, I can say the ‘I’ word.

    What Shorten did say was:

    “I actually think it is a disgrace of some mammoth proportions that a young Aboriginal man in this country who’s aged 18 is more likely to go to jail than to go to university,” he said.


    Was Turnbull then going to counter with the fact that his government has spent three years ripping the guts out of supportive services for Aboriginal people? Not a chance – but he did say the ‘I’ word…impressive? (definite sarcasm alert).

  6. Carol Taylor

    When Turnbull appears on Q&A I should imagine that Jones will ask him some VERY hard questions – such as why did you decide to stuff up the NBN? Didn’t you care that you were sending Australia to 3rd world standard and costing us untold millions in the process? Or – Why are you proceeding with Abbott’s plebiscite on gay marriage when you know that the issue is going to be set up for failure? Or – Do you think that it’s acceptable that woman and children are raped on Nauru, or are you still as disinterested in the issue as you’ve always been?

    Or will Jones ask Turnbull what it’s like to be ‘slumming’ at The Lodge and having to forego the harbor side view? Perhaps Jones will even do a few winks and nudges when he asks him some pretendie hard questions.

  7. wam

    great post today, lord.
    ABC heavies jones like cassidy is very careful not being ‘labor positive’. When in doubt go for the libs. (lightweights like the morning pair and uhlmann are ruled by the faceless producers)

    I love the debt doubling it shows the lie to the libs as economic managers. It may be better to tie his words to the lies of 2013. (especially hockey/the rabbott greek references??

    Wonder why darwin was chosen? Perhaps double purpose away from cold for jones and marginal for vaucluse battler.

    It is tragic when the xstian homophobes cannot see past sex but they only see love for women in the same sexual context.
    Yet their porn shows the anal sex in every film of course it is a woman’s anus that is being assaulted so that doesn’t count.
    But it counts as prepubescent boys regularly view porn, they are being desensitised to love.
    Any girl pressured for anal sex should do a myra breckinridge???
    Wonder if anyone will ask who will pay for his upgrade to fibre to his homes or any pollies investment houses??

  8. 2353NM

    @Carol Taylor – I hope you submit those questions in your first paragraph through the Q&A website.

    As for the ones in the second paragraph – pffft!

  9. Peter F

    @wam ‘Wonder if anyone will ask who will pay for his upgrade to fibre to his homes or any pollies investment houses??’

    The simple answer to your question is : the taxpayer will pay 30%(or more) because the cost of upgrade will be a tax deduction of a ‘business expense.’ There lies the pea and thimble trick of theNBN under the coalition.

  10. helvityni

    Why didn’t Turnbull go first, he’s the PM after all. Just asking…

  11. wam

    Sure peter but the taxpayer will pay the tax deduction for all negatively geared houses.
    My question was will we pay the full price for the upgrade to the turnball house? Yes it will be work related. Will we pay for politicians investment houses. ie O’Sullivan has 50 houses? Yes because they are owned by a pollie who may at some stage occupy them.
    helvityni it is an advantage to go second. Turnball has a week to prepare his answers and the audience real and virtual will contain many who did not see shorten.

  12. Terry2

    Carol , you’re right, the next Q&A with Turnbull will be a challenge for Tony Jones as much as it will be for the PM.

  13. terinmahsout

    European settlers arrived, invaded, moved in, took over, whatever you want to call it, OVER 200 YEARS AGO! Both blackfellas and white man need to GET OVER IT and move on! I’m sick to death of the squabbling and arguments and rubbish of the whole thing.
    The English took over the Hawaiian islands and the indigenous population there prospered. English took over native American Indian land and those peoples have modernised themselves. Why is it only a very small fraction of Aboriginals have made the effort to integrate themselves into the Australian culture, then pushed for their rights much earlier than now, instead of simply sitting back, blaming white man for their woes and demanding handouts? Yes, there’s been atrocities and persecutions thrown at blackfellas since Cook first saw the joint, and the English have a lot to answer for. Thing is, surely by now Aboriginal man has learned the only way to have your voice heard by a toff upper class Englishman is to smash it into their heads with a mud brick?
    Those New Australians from Europe, Eastern Bloc countries, the Middle East, the subcontinent and all parts of Asia have made themselves recognised here with a combination of civility, hard work and a willingness to effectively contribute to the betterment of the nation they call Home. Sadly, the English settlers to this country aren’t one for recognising those who haven’t exactly shown en masse such character traits. Sure, the English may have put a lot of road blocks in the paths of the blackfellas wanting to improve themselves over the past 228 years, but without the forward thinking and enginuity of non-Aboriginal settlers I have a strong sense that there’d be a hell of a lot more blackfellas on walkabout and living in bush huts than highrises, bricks and mortar homes, factories, highways and industry.
    Having worked personally for and with plenty of blackfellas over the last 30 years of my life, I’ve seen their good and bad people. So many of them still to this day blame white man for how their lives are right now, but also there are those willing to put in a hard day’s work to get fair and equal rights. Yes indeed, each nationality of the human race – Asians, Indians, Americans, English, German, Aboriginal etc. – have their good and bad people, but more often than not those who wish to succeed through trickery, subterfuge and deceptive conduct toward others (ie. wanting to take a shortcut to wealth and power) eventually fall. Those blackfellas who rest on the ways of The Dreaming will never prosper, while those who want to take part in a culturally diverse Australia will be welcomed with open arms. Enough of the bullshit! If you want to live as your ancestors did, then spend the rest of your days moaning about the white man ‘invading’ Your Land, then piss off and stop your whingeing bludging demands for freebies! By all means embrace and respect your heritage, but instead of sitting back and hoping for a handout get off your ass, offer intelligent and workable solutions to the issues that face every Australian, and help build a future for this country we ALL can be proud of!
    In closing, all I’d like to say is, Give it a bloody rest, will ya? Instead of searching for blame amongst our nation’s history to find out the levels of compensation blackfellas seem to be constantly expecting from European settlers who came to ‘their’ land, how’s about we move forward and look at ways we can all work together in future for the betterment of the nation as a whole? Stop wasting money on stupid pointless inquiries and studies, but instead bring in the brightest Aboriginal minds to a think tank that includes representatives from all nationalities that now call Australia home. Let the finger pointing stop, so progress toward a united and prosperous future for us all can begin!
    With thanks to Hairy…

  14. Wayne Turner

    Tony Jones is a right wing hack.Watch him next week be soft on Turnbul,with no tough questions. The ABC yet again campaigning for these Libs re-election ie: the 2013 election.

    Hopefully the audience will be tough on Turnbull.

    Tony Jones thinks it’s all about him – Hence he should have been sacked as host years ago.

  15. David1

    John writes….”One can only hope that Turnbull will make a contest of it and not just avoid Jones with his usual side stepping and jabbing.”….John I doubt you will have to worry about that for one second (not that I think you are). Since the arrival of the former Murdoch employee as ABC Managing Director, Miss M Guthrie the emphasis on anti ALP rhetoric has gone up 110%. The shackles are off, the pretense of abiding by a useless, meaningless Charter of honesty and balance ditched….we now know the ABC will fight tooth and nail for the re-election of the Turnbull Govt.
    So Turnbull can expect a fairly easy ride next Monday night, particularly from Jones. Not blatantly so, even Jones is aware of the power and reaction of Social Media. However as the No1 6 figured staff earner, second only to Guthrie, Mr ‘Look at Me’ Jones rules his domain unchallenged, answerable only to Guthrie. Thankfully one ABC employee is not afraid of owning a whistle and sharing a tune, be it cautiously and so it should be…for now..

    Here’s a thought. Should this Government be returned with a working majority, will Jones want to see out another 3 years in a job he has performed for many years enjoining an excellent remuneration? Will there be a reward for ‘loyalty’. extended to him by this Prime Minister.
    It happened for a certain Mr Tim Wilson

  16. Freethinker

    David1 the same applies to Malcolm Turnbull, do as been told by the extreme right on the party or lose the leadership.
    In both cases there is no pride IMO.

  17. Möbius Ecko


    The English took over the Hawaiian islands and the indigenous population there prospered. English took over native American Indian land and those peoples have modernised themselves.

    I think you should re-read history, including modern history, and rethink those two sentences.

    Also by that same thinking, if Indonesia, China or someone else invaded us and took over our land then it should be OK and we should immediately get over it as in a half century or so after the killing and oppression, we will be prosperous.

  18. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    In answer to John Lord’s No.3 above, think ALLiance between Labor, Greens and other progressives.

    Be seen to be working towards a universally beneficial partnership which means for the benefit of the Australian public, the environment and progressive parties. Such a show of strength will breathe fresh air into the campaign to annihilate the tenuous hold of the LNP on continued mis-government.

    Labor’s drift will also stop, if Labor joins the Greens and calls for a fully enforceable Federal ICAC.

    Hear, hear Carol Taylor @ 8.13am.

    Put the spotlight on Malcolm Muck, Tony Jones!

  19. guest

    terinmahsout, I am not a spokesperson for Aboriginal people, but I find your writing here to be disturbing.

    First of all, I would remind you that Aboriginal people were not recognised as people who could vote until 1967.Just 50 years ago. Prior to that they were regarded as merely part of the flora and fauna of Australia.

    You say: “Thing is, surely by now Aboriginal people have learned the only way to have your voice heard by a tuff upper class Englishman is to smash it into their heads with a mud brick?”

    Really? Violence is the way to be heard? And why by an Englishman? Are you suggesting this was the way they should have behaved in 1788? But they did try to fight, of course, but were beaten by guns, poisoned waterholes and sheer treachery.

    Then you want a “think tank” of the “brightest Aboriginal minds and representatives from all nationalities which call Australia home” and at the same time you criticise “pointless inquiries and studies”

    Not very practical, given the number of nations represented in Oz society. It is more complex than you suggest, but you are right to say the Aboriginal voice must be heard.

    You also say that without help from early settlers there would be “a lot more blackfellas.on walkabout and living in bush huts than highrises, bricks and mortar homes, factories, highways and industry.”

    There are some Aboriginal people who reject the kind of modern world you describe, Just as there are third generation white people whom some would describe as “leaners”. There are people not well served by our society, such as the unemployed, the homeless, the people with disabilities, the aged. And there are those who are questioning the very bases of the modern world which seem to be destroying the planet. See the fuss about climate change, the economic failures around the world, destruction of the environment…

    There is a book recently published which won the Indigenous Writers’ Prize for 2016. It is called “Dark Emu” by Bruce Pascoe. In it, Pascoe talks about the culture which existed for tens of thousands of years before Cook. “Aboriginal democracy created ‘the Great Australian Peace’ on a continent which was extensively farmed, skilfully managed and deeply loved.”

    Judges’ comments go on to say:” Pascoe builds a picture of a shared future in Australia based on the tradition which sustained the Aboriginal Nations or so long: respectful human co-operation across political borders and knowledgeable, sustainable care of the natural world.”

    Something to think about.

  20. guest

    With regard to censorship in the ABC. I had read somewhere that Janet Albrechtsen had written in The Australian that we should take Trump seriously.

    I wrote as comment to an article about Trump in The Drum that, Yes,we do take Trump seriously, Janet. Trump is seriously barking mad.


    Because of course Janet Albrechtsen is/has been(?) on a Board of the ABC.

    Perhaps that is not the reason for the censorship, but I wonder.

    The ABC is under great pressure with the threat of further cuts to its revenue (and that of the SBS)

    In a country so dominated by the one media empire, so rabidly biased as it proudly boasts, this is an insufferable situation.

  21. Freethinker

    Jennifer, as far as the ALP it is concern in Tasmania there is not such alliance with the Greens.
    The ALP put the Marijuana (HEMP) Party before the Greens.

  22. diannaart

    Many thanks to John for this update – did not see Q&A, also appreciate Terry2’s contribution.

    I sometimes wonder at the discussions over the kitchen table between Tony Jones and Sarah Ferguson – Tony has clearly been watching his master’s (Coalition/Murdoch) preferences, whereas Sarah does not take ANY prisoners from either side of our binary government.

    Well, we’ll find out for sure if Jones gives Turnbull an easy run next week.

  23. Kevin Brewer

    Möbius Ecko, if the Indonesians take over this country, in 50 years we will all be dead. They are busy with a genocide in West Papua about 50 years after they got carte blanche from the Americans to take over West Papua, and no one in our Government seems particularly bothered that they are participating in crimes against humanity by ordering the Australian army and fed cops to train the Indonesians in mass murder..

    As for the term invasion, that is one description of it, but it is ahistorical, that is casting our set of beliefs onto our predecessors who had an equally valid, and other, descriptive for what they were doing. And if we want to cast modernity into the past, how come I can’t get treaties with countries that invaded the homelands of my ancestors, starting with the Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, the Scots, Welsh, Russians, Swedes, Poles, French, Austrians, French again, and, going back into prehistory, the Celts, Visigoths, yada yada yada, until we get to the Neanderthals and the Denisovians. And as for the Denisovians, they have a treaty outstanding with the Aborigines for their invasion of Denisovian homelands, on their way to Sahul. Perhaps they should settle that while we are in such a frame of mind.

  24. guest

    Kevin, your story about West Papua is disheartening. We do not hear much about it, but it all sounds like some kind of genocide. There are those here who think if the West Papuans fight hard enough they might get a treaty.

    As for having a treaty with the ancient Romans, good luck with that – and any other invaders you name.

    What the British thought they were doing in 1788 is probably something to do with taking possession of an unoccupied land before anybody else did, such as the French.

    The Aboriginal people might have thought they were being visited by ghostly ancestors. Then they might have had some sympathy when they realised that these British visitors were apparently homeless. But when the British got to work, perhaps even earlier, they must have realised they were being invaded. What other word for it is there?

  25. Gangey1959

    Maybe a re-read of the history books is in order. ”Took over” is just another term for slaughtered their way through.
    The march of ”civilisation” was much assisted by the use of guns against peoples armed only with variations on pointy sticks, but would have failed miserably without them.
    I think the major difference between the Australian Indigenous populations and the rest of the world is that they were in general NOT very warlike, and chose if they could to just walk away.
    The American Indians on the other hand, fought back quite well, if Little Big Horn is any example. They were still outgunned (literally) in the end, and if you ever get the chance, ask one if they are happy on their ”reservation”?
    In my humble opinion, Heaven should have used the iceberg on the Mayflower instead of waiting for the Titanic.
    Earth would be a much happier place.

  26. totaram

    No point complaining about the ABC. I just heard Chris Uhlmann reporting that the coalition is on track to win the next election! Too hard for the ALP he reckons. Can anyone tell me how this works?

  27. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Uhlmann shouldn’t gloat. Won’t look good when he’s out on the street in the cold himself.

  28. paul walter

    He is an authentic dog in the manger, a miserable bastard.

  29. David1

    Uhlmann doing the only thing he is extremely competent at ….crawling on his belly, to obviously Murdochs latest plant in the MD chair and any Tory that’s interested.
    How I despise that bastard

  30. Jack Russell

    The worst government in our history absolutely deserves the most humiliating defeat in our history at this election. They’ve worked so hard for it since 2013 it would be very disappointing if the voters didn’t generously deliver their just reward, on time, and in full.

    I hope for extinction event but perhaps that’s just my over-active imagination.

  31. Snow

    Tony Jones acted exactly right, seems someone setup, no matter what Shoryen said, start clap, we want hear what Shorten say, it is waste time if we only heard handclap. why Shorten’s people want to complain ABC, this is threatIng freedom speech of ABC. Another funny business, why Shorten’ people start worry what kind questions to Prime Minister, everyone just use their knowledges to judge who will be a good Prime. Shorten’ supporters should allow Australia free to vote.

  32. David1

    Snow what’s your favoured color? My guess is blue, a bright standout blue.

  33. Jaquix

    Nobody will know how the country has voted until all the votes are counted, BUT the fact that polling in the seat of Higgins shows Kelly O’Dwyer down 10%, that is a massive swing for a Federal election. And she has Toorak in her electorate, I believe. The pundits are all saying Labor is highly likely to take back Eden-Monaro, seemingly without remembering that that seat has always gone to the government that gets in, right back I believe to to 1972. Give ’em plenty of biffo now Bill, they deserve it and its what voters want to hear. Biffo and NBN.

  34. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    …and Bill needs to promise a Fed ICAC on top of biffo about NBN and vastly improved conditions for vulnerable people on Welfare and asylum seekers.
    Moral high ground, Bill!

  35. cornlegend

    Albo doing politics in the pub last night in Nowra, big crowd and Albo wowed them. He is a class act dealing with ordinary everyday voters

  36. diannaart

    I have printed out my senate voting spreadsheet and am off to vote today – I always vote early now as my health is so unpredictable.

    For help with senate voting there are website such as https://www.clueyvoter.com/

    Why should a government which has yet to pass completely its first budget, dumped its leader, yet has made no improvements to its policies, be returned?

    A returned LNP will be more of the same old business as usual.

    I believe people want change, while Labor has made a few changes, we need more.

    A united stand of progressives appears remote, however, it will be a step closer when the LNP is kicked out as it surely deserves.

  37. cornlegend

    Lots are getting in early and 40% are predicted to vote early
    A shame in some ways if some big political crisis blows up next week that could change voters opinions {LNP voters that is}
    because, as pointed out in John Lords article yesterday and internal polling Labor aren’t getting swings in the seats they need and the swings they are getting is in safe seats
    Looks, at this stage unless something drastic happens Malcolm will be back off to the Lodge with a majority somewhere between 5 and 9

    Still, that won’t be a bad effort on Labors behalf to drag back 15 or so seats in 1 election

  38. diannaart


    Hoping for an upset to your predictions – the damage a returned coalition will do to Australia will be beyond repairable.

  39. Freethinker

    diannaart, that link it is superb, Thank you.
    I will cast my vote next Monday

  40. diannaart

    You are welcome


  41. Athena

    I really don’t see the point in asking a question about British invasion. Yes they invaded. What does anyone expect current Australians of British descent to do about it? My British ancestors came here 5 and 6 generations ago. Like it or not I’m an Australian citizen and so are all of my other living relatives. We didn’t ask to come here and we don’t have the freedom to simply go wherever we please to live elsewhere. Instead of reflecting on what happened 200+ years ago we need to be focusing on how we can live in harmony now, for the benefit of all present.

    I’m so over all of the election nonsense. Now eagerly awaiting to see whether or not Pyne gets the boot. Let’s see how much BS the electorate is prepared to tolerate.

  42. cornlegend

    I’m bloody hoping for an upset too, but reality comes and bites us on the arse sometimes.
    From what I saw of the internal polling some people aren’t looking at the big picture and are turning from Labor on single issues
    When asked, for one reason why , 3 examples I saw were ,
    1 Not a strong enough policy on coal,
    2 Not enough for Childcare,
    3 Asylum
    I guess they are willing to sacrifice Medicare, NBN, Welfare , etc but hey, what can you do ?

  43. Terry2

    i think the Q&A question Tony Jones was pushing Shorten on was a red herring designed to wedge Shorten bu he handled it very well.

    I agree with you, it is purely an academic argument or discussion and really has no bearing on our situation today.

    Having said that, I got a bit worried the other day when an aboriginal spokesperson was arguing that invasion was important from the perspective of compensation.

  44. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear diannaart.

    if the LNP do win b

  45. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    My apologies for keeping you in suspense, cornlegend, but my usual form of computer communication was not available and my phone is frustrating and wouldn’t let me complete it.

    I was trying to say: if the LNP win with a few spare extra seats this time, that will make the job much easier to thrash them next time.

    It will also give us on the ‘other’ side the time to get our acts together and form the Alliance that will make the next win, a win worth winning!

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