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Day to Day Politics: Dutton has alternative facts?

Monday 24 April 2017

As I said yesterday the Australian’s NewsPoll will be published today. The week started with a change to 457 Visa rule changes, then the rules pertaining to Citizenship. Then coincidently Peter Dutton turns up on Insiders. Will the weeks propaganda turn the tide of unpopularity.

Those who follow politics would understand that this was all calculated to effect the polling result. It is also premeditated propaganda to speak to the conservative heartland and to those with racist inclinations.

Only a political party in its death throes would lower itself to the point of trying to deliberately inluence political polls.

On insiders Dutton went through his usual boring script of blaming Labor for everything. When it came to the truth of what happened on Manus Island with a 10-year-old boy he decided on the American defence of I have alternative facts”.

He couldn’t or wouldn’t use any to defend or support his view.

An observation.

”The rise of the right has brought with it a new political language. One that has not yet been classified because it defies any normal understanding of what the word truth means”.

It is patently clear that his words on the matter are cast in such a way as to suggest that the asylum seekers involved were paedophiles intent on using the boy in some nefarious manner. In doing so he was attempting to infer that there was a connection between this incident and one that occurred two weeks later.

Now lest it be suggested that I am only opining about this matter let me point out that it is true that opinion forms some of what I write. In the first instance what I write is subjected to the truth of it. Then I resort to over 60 years of life experience. As in this instance when people like Dutton are repeat offenders of demonising asylum seekers I take that into consideration when forming my opinion.

So according to the SMH Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said fears about the safety of a five-year-old boy may have sparked last week’s rampage on Manus Island, in which gunshots were allegedly fired into the Australian-run detention centre.

Mr Dutton told Sky News ”asylum seekers had been spotted leading the Papua New Guinean boy into the regional processing centre,” which could have led to tensions escalating before the fracas on Good Friday.

Members of the PNG Defence Force, who were apparently drunk, allegedly discharged their weapons, threw stones and assaulted refugees, guards and local police officers in the clash.

Peter Dutton was falsely intending to draw a link between the two events. They were two weeks apart and the boy was 10 not 5.

There was a lot of angst around that within the local PNG community. There was concern about why, or for what purpose, the boy was being led away back into the regional processing centre.

“I think it’s fair to say the mood had elevated quite quickly. I think some of the local residents were quite angry about this particular incident and another alleged sexual assault [by a refugee on Manus Island].”

Dutton keeps repeating that it is ”indisputable” that the two incidents were related. Be that the case then he should be transparent and offer some evidence that the shooting on the Manus Island detention centre and the young boy was connected.

The PNG Defence Force contradicted Dutton’s version of events saying that the incident was triggered by an altercation on a football field when asylum seekers refused to leave the ground as directed, which escalated after an officer was assaulted.

And the local police commander, Inspector David Yapu, blamed the incident on “drunken” soldiers’’ who he claimed had waged an unethical and unacceptable rampage.

The boy – aged 10 not five as claimed by Mr Dutton – was taken into the centre, given some fruit and then escorted out by security. He was returned to his parents unharmed, Mr Yapu said. It was all openly viewed by Australian and PNG officials.

But Mr Dutton on Sunday insisted the incident with the child – along with a separate sexual assault – had contributed to a volatile mood on the island.

Buzz Feed reported that.

But Manus province police commander David Yapu said Dutton was referring to an unrelated incident earlier in the week when a 10-year-old boy came into the centre.

“He was given some fruits by the residents in the centre and then he was taken out again,” he said.

“So there was nothing done to him and also there was no official complaint by the parents of that small boy.”

In all my reading I can find nothing that supports Dutton’s view that the incident with the boy was responsible for the event two weeks later with the fight and break out on Friday night.

An observation.

”The pedlars of verbal violence and dishonesty are the most vigorous defenders of free speech because it gives their vitriolic nonsense legitimacy. With the use of free speech, the bigots and hate-mongers seek to influence those in the community who are susceptible or like-minded.”

There is no substance to Dutton’s claim and it’s obvious that he is just trying to cast aspersions on asylum seekers and refuges. His words arise from a deep well of hatred within the Coalition of all things Muslim.

As one asylum seeker said.

“There are Australian guards who monitor every single activity upon entry, which makes the claim that Mr Dutton made impossible.”

I await the evidence of Mr Dutton’s alternative facts.

”At another time in our political history he would not have lasted the weekend”.

My thought for the day.

‘’Have we reached the point in politics where TRUTH is something that politicians have convinced us to believe, “like alternative facts” rather than TRUTH based on factual evidence, arguments and assertions.”

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  1. iggy648

    I so want him to be the next leader of the Liberal Party.

  2. Alistair

    Had very little impact on the polls. This from today’s Newspoll reported at

    ‘Courtesy of The Australian, the latest result from Newspoll records Labor with a two-party lead of 52-48, down from 53-47 in the last poll (which was three weeks ago rather than the usual two, owing to Easter).’

  3. Mick Byron

    All the while the polls bounce along Bill Shorten is chipping away by meeting ordinary voters on their turf.
    Bill came to my region on the 20th for a Town Hall meeting and got a really good turnout.I was pleased to know that the Big Red Bus has been on the road for weeks now and is covering a huge part of the country and Bill came over as a genuinely decent bloke and MP Stephen Jones and ALP candidate for Gilmore Fiona Phillips were a good support act.
    A few hundred attended this meeting and coming away from it I know of 3 people personally who were so impressed they joined the ALP
    Needless to say even though the meeting was well attended and Bill had an important message to convey local media ignored the event
    As for polls I don’t think they bother polling the Shoalhaven-ever

  4. Frank Smith

    Thank You, John. If I were to vilify and demean another person or group of people by publicly announcing and repeating scurrilous “alternative facts” about them, I would quite correctly expect to be sued for libel. Surely there is some smart QC out there who could bring a charge of this type against the vile Dutton. If not, rather than watering down 18C perhaps we should actually be strengthening its provisions to ensure pollies and other agencies can’t engage in this sort of reprehensible conduct.

  5. Jaquix

    Dutton is despicable. I watched Barrie Cassidy interview and have to say Barrie was excellent – not letting him drone on, pulling him and trying to break that implacable moon face wall hiding an inveterate liar and manipulator. Every court case on which he gave evidence as a copper, should be reviewed. I checked the 2016 election results for his seat of Dickson. He scraped in at 51.5 to the Labor candidates 48.5, on a 2PP basis. So he is sitting on a knifes edge. The Newspoll of 52-48 will have the Libs rubbing their hands with self-satisfied glee. Last weeks Essential poll, however had them 54-46. Its a funny way of governing isn’t it, when you come up with ad hoc “policy” announcements aimed at improving the fortnightly polls. Not because of thoughtful research and consultation. Already companies and universities (and individuals) are dismayed and pointing out serious flaws and unintended results of this scrappy stuff.

  6. billshaw2013

    Let me fantasise now. How about a independent standing commission with the powers to identify political lies and apply penalties such as:

    1. First proven lie a warning.
    2. Second lie a suspension from parliament of one month.
    3. Third strike, out and exclusion from standing in further elections.

    Exceptions can be allowed for valid national security reasons where the truth may harm the electorate. The commissioners must have the power to judge this without political interference.

    Fantasy I know but something has to happen as the electorate keeps returning liars. The politicians know lying has become an acceptable tool.

  7. wam

    hahaha thanks lord for a good start to the day. Although it is worrying that you have hinted that your opinion may not be based on truth but on some casual life experience memory.

    As for dutton he is every bit as intelligent as pauline and the rabbott. His life experience with crooks and his natural pragmatic political beliefs, make him a good candidate for PM for several commonwealth countries or President of Amfruzim.

    The bottom line is he represents the values of the people of dickson both those who selected him and those who elected him.

    Do you think many of your readers are selectors???

  8. John Lord

    wam. It meads added to the facts is observing his actions over a long period. He has form which legitimises the opinions I form.

  9. helvityni

    billshaw2013, that’s a good start…something has to happen.

    wam, you are right, we forget that people like Dutton and Hanson are valued by many Oz citizens, and are elected to high positions.

    As I said the other day; if it was possible for Hanson to rise from the ashes, it’s equally possible for Dutton to become our PM. Well, Abbott happened to my great surprise.

  10. Frank Smith

    I think it was GetUp that mounted a pretty effective campaign against Dutton in Dickson in the 2016 election. That campaign was quite effective in significantly reducing his vote, but didn’t quite manage to tip the balance. Let us hope that GetUp continues to target this vile creature in the future.…dutton…/time-to-ditch-dutton

  11. Ella Miller

    Mr. Lord, I read your articles with great sadness. I despair because I as a refugee realise what we are putting at risk.
    My dear father would turn in his grave if he knew what is being done to his beloved DEMOCRACY. He was prepared to risk his life in the political fight against what we are seeing in politics today.

    So why are we so apathetic, why are we so blaze and believe it will be OK when it will only be OK if we make it OK.
    I see no answer … having just read Animal Farm to my grandson …I realise that the young get it …if given the FACTS.
    But when our Government is allowed to get away with lies …what hope is there?
    What can we do?

  12. helvityni

    Ella, you are not the only one despairing about what’s happening is Oz today. Why is Dutton allowed to spout his lies on the National TV, where are the protests, where are the PM and the opposition leader in all this. Do they find it acceptable?

  13. Freethinker

    If, I do not, will take into account the improvement on the poll by the coalition after the week attacking the immigrants with new rules, the result can be a reflexion of the Australian values.
    I will wait for the next polls but I am pessimistic on that.

  14. helvityni

    Maybe his Lordship welcomes the lies of the ex-cop from Queensland ; let the riff-raff dirty their hands, so his own can stay unstained…

  15. stephengb2014

    The history of Dutton is littered with misinformation iniendo and downright lies. I do not understand hpw the folk in Dickson could have voted this person back in!

    Does he have a wife, children, mother, father and extended family – are they ashamed to be related to this nasty piece of work, this excuse for a human being – does he rationalise by saying to them, “it’s my job”?

  16. stephengb2014

    A government that allows this sort of behavior has got to be, at best ‘lost’ or at worse ‘facist’
    There I said it – never thought I would, but this latest Dutton deed is just to much.

    Surely there is a shred of decency in Turnbull to sack him. If not we have to assume that Turnbull is of similar mind and heart!

  17. Kronomex

    Dutton is the Cenobite that even Pinhead didn’t want around in Hell.

    Turnedcoward isn’t game enough to get rid of him because he’s one the main LNP pollies that helped him stab Abbott in the back.

  18. cartoonmick

    Sick to death of their continued deception. Its almost seems as if it’s compulsory for frontline pollies to avoid the truth.
    Being a pollie is a job, it’s a form of employment.

    I could be wrong but, I don’t think there’s any other area of employment in Australia where the employee would not be dismissed if they deceived their employer as much as our pollies deceive us.

    I created this cartoon a while back but, it remains relevant today and unless things change for the better, it may never go out of relevance.

    Editorial / Political


  19. halfbreeder

    Dutton peddles alternate facts because he lives in an alternate universe unknown to other normal life forms

  20. halfbreeder

    according to the latest news poll turnbull would likely be re-elected on one nation preferences

  21. Ella Miller

    cartoonmick, after watching Q&A…thank you, I needed a smile.

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